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Uranus in the natal chart

Uranus in the natal chart

Uranus in the natal chart is the epitome of originality, creative thinking, unexpected events, and extreme situations. It indicates sudden change, enlightenment, need for change. Uranus is the planet patron of scientists.

The meaning of Uranus in the natal chart

On an emotional level, Uranus means stubbornness, certain eccentricity, extravagance. On an intellectual level, it’s about discovery, ingenuity, certain inconsistency. The planet follows unpredictable events and is always there at times of revelation. Uranus always strives for everything that’s new.

People with a strong Uranus are extremely resourceful. They are clever and creative, sometimes even prodigious. People like this are in a constant search for themselves and capable of changing the world for the better. They can become successful in literally any area of life.

Women with a strong Uranus are confident and self-sufficient. They often apply their talents in arts and science. One has to pay special attention to the position of Uranus in the Houses of the birth chart. The planet is especially strong in the 1st House. Women like this usually look very different from others. Uranus Conjunctions are noteworthy as well. If they involve a weak Venus, it might mean relationship issues. But Uranus makes its contribution: a lady also doesn’t tend to lose her mind in love and suffers less in case of breakups.

In a man’s natal chart, the planet is responsible for unconventional thinking and originality. When positioned favorably, it allows revealing the best qualities and acting against convention. Uranus in retrograde inhibits creativity. These people are often afraid of displaying their abilities. Shying away from attention is important to them. Uranus in Opposition to the Sun makes an individual unusual with somewhat strange and eccentric behavior. Uranus in Opposition to the Moon means frequent changes and instability.

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