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Nodes in natal chart

North and South Node Calculator: Your Natal Chart Guide

Natal chart is karmic. It reflects the previous incarnations of a soul and its experience. Karmic nodes in the natal chart allow understanding the major objectives of a person in their current incarnation and the direction they are going.

Karmic nodes in the natal chart

The majority of people can find retrograde lunar nodes in their natal charts. Retrograde north and south nodes in the natal chart are marked as R. If you can’t find that mark in your natal chart, it means that the lunar nodes in it are direct. This type of node is very special. They signify karmic maturity. This means that someone has spent a great deal of time in the physical world and gained a substantial amount of experience and insight.

Unlocking Destiny: Navigating Ascending and Descending Nodes in Your Natal Chart

Ascending and descending direct nodes in the natal chart are always positioned at a 180-degree angle to each other. The descending node (Ketu) indicates experience and knowledge received in previous incarnations. One can use them but multiplying them is undesirable and even dangerous. One should move towards the ascending node (Rahu) to get new experience and work on the traits of the sign in the House where the node is positioned.

Charting Your Path: Understanding Lunar Node Opposition in Natal Charts

The Opposition of lunar nodes in the natal chart can be found in every natal chart. One finds it easier to live according to the descending node while it’s recommended to live according to the ascending one. The former is where we come from; the latter is where we should go.

Harnessing the Power of Lunar Nodes in Your Natal Chart

When interpreting a natal chart, an astrologer pays special attention to the lunar nodes positioned in the Houses. The north node points out the qualities of signs one needs to work on. The south node sheds some light on the qualities that have already been developed. For example, Rahu positioned in the 2nd House indicates that someone needs to find an independent way of making money. The ascending node might also signify a person who can help with working certain qualities out. By ordering a natal chart from a professional astrologer, you’ll get a lot of useful information and understand which direction to choose from now on.