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Connection in the natal chart

Connection in the natal chart

Conjunctions in the natal chart are an extremely important issue. And they are much harder to analyze than a single planet’s influence. The qualities of the planets positioned very close to one another get intertwined. And more often than not, there are more than two of these qualities, which makes the interpretation even more difficult.

The Meaning of the Conjunction aspect

The Conjunction is an aspect that implies that two planets are positioned very close to each other, often in the same sign. The angle between them varies from 0 to 8 degrees. This affects a person in a major way. The Conjunction motivates someone to act, unlock their potential, mobilize their strengths, and move forward.

There is also a possibility of multiple Conjunctions in a single House. The Conjunction area is always a high-activity area. Its character is determined not only by the planets involved in the aspect but also by the signs and Houses they are positioned in. If two planets with opposing characteristics (Venus and Pluto, for example) combine in a Conjunction, it means a strong internal conflict and planets manifest their characteristics perversely. If the Conjunction planets are not opposing, they complement one another and magnify each other’s influence.

The Conjunction of lunar nodes and planets in the natal chart is especially noteworthy. Lunar nodes are Rahu and Ketu. They signify one’s true nature, one’s ego. Conjunctions that involve Rahu opens great opportunities for the manifestation of the planet’s qualities. Ketu, on the other hand, inhibits them. However, the lunar node can’t block a planet’s influence completely. This inhibition is more about self-exploration and self-expression. While the north node (Rahu) contributes toward the external expression of ego, the south node (Ketu) destroys and punishes it.

There is a possibility of triple or multiple Conjunctions. In that case, the qualities of the planets are less pronounced than the characteristics of Houses and signs in which the Conjunction takes place. This makes interpretation extremely difficult. To get a detailed and accurate interpretation of Conjunctions in your natal chart, order a horoscope from a professional astrologer.