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Mars in 8th Houses

Mars in 8th Houses

What does Mars in the 8th house mean? Mars symbolizes energy, dynamism, aggression, activity. When the planet is in the 8th house, it's associated with risk, extreme activities, disease, and finance. It's improving these aspects. Mars in the 8th house in the natal chart indicates a person who likes to be on edge and those who constantly test their stamina and strength. They get better results by working with deadlines by activating all their resources. However, in everyday life, the native may be lazy and inert. Any need to act quickly and decisively awakens the native, and makes them move. Sometimes they get into difficult situations because of their own indiscretion and lack of commitment.

In finance, there can be both substantial profits and catastrophic losses. But people are willing to take risks. They often have a job to do with banking or business. Mars in the 8th house gives the native business acumen. They can skillfully hand over some of their responsibilities to other people, making a profit from it.

There's a tendency to superstition and mysticism. In tough situations, they sometimes turn to magicians for help or perform rituals themselves, believing in their effectiveness.

When Mars is in 8th house of a Man, he can face life's challenges with courage. He is known for his temper, courage, and determination. These qualities are visible to others who treat him with respect. In personal life, the man can be highly jealous, but doesn't show it. Accumulated grievances can burst out in the form of violent behavior.

When Mars in the 8th house effect is that a Woman has difficulties in her marriage. Her partners can be unreliable men with debts, unsuccessful job, poor health, and those prone to danger. In marriage, she will pay a great deal of attention to sexual relations and financial security. Due to lack of money, there may be bad arguments.

Mars in the 8th House in Synastry describes dynamic relationships with solid chemistry, sexual and spiritual attraction when everything else just goes away. Partners push each other forward and improve themselves. Together, they are better able to overcome obstacles and address critical issues.

Mars in the 8th house, in conjunction with a favorable planet, provides good health, strong spirit, vitality, energy, and long life. If there is a connection to an afflicted planet, then there may be health problems, and life expectancy is likely to be average.