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Saturn in the natal chart

Saturn in the natal chart

Saturn in the natal chart symbolizes responsibility, discipline, defined boundaries, and possible obstacles. It epitomizes time you can’t stop, hard work, maturity, stability, and long years of life.

A strong Saturn awards ambition and ability to use personal experience correctly, as well as the ability to think philosophically and inner freedom. A person like this can dedicate themselves to public service. Positive aspects of Saturn in the natal chart endue good health and long years of life.

A weak Saturn means a lack of vital power, weakness, apathy, lack of confidence. When in detriment, Saturn poses a great threat. It gives birth to cruel, vindictive people, as well as pathological losers. Another consequence of this is health issues.

Saturn in retrograde can make one hesitant, shy, restless. People like this often feel lonely and struggle to make others understand them.

Interpretation of a natal chart always involves paying special attention to the aspects of Saturn. The Square aspects of Saturn indicate the traits that need special attention to stabilize them. Saturn square Uranus means a conflict between freedom and duty. Saturn square Neptune means lack of confidence in one’s abilities and the necessity of having an opinion of your own as opposed to bowing to society. The Oppositions of Saturn in the natal chart are especially noteworthy. The least favorable aspects are Saturn square the Moon, Saturn square the Sun, or Saturn opposing the Moon or the Sun.

Saturn is the mentor planet. It gives us serious lessons we need to learn. By ordering a horoscope built by a professional astrologer, you’ll learn what kind of role Saturn plays in your birth chart.