Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility (+Chart)

Let me ask you something. Have you ever noticed how you get attracted to a certain type of person? Is it someone with a vivid extravert personality that catches your eye? Or maybe you’d fancy someone on the quiet and reserved side? You get attracted to people of the same zodiac signs because they’ve got traits you find extremely appealing. Let’s admit it: perfect zodiac matches exist.

You know how it is when your relationship with someone is just budding. You feel the euphoria. It seems like your emotions and experiences are as bright as never before. But these strong feelings are never a guarantee of a happy future together. Time passes, you get to know each other better and your relationship is put to the test over and over again. More often than not, if your sun signs are incompatible, you are in for some hard times. Unfortunately, this frequently leads to a breakup.

The good news is you have a chance to learn who is the best partner for you! Who knows? Maybe that person who makes your heart beat faster now is meant to be with you forever?

On a side note

Now it should be noted that a regular compatibility horoscope isn’t the most accurate thing ever. Zodiac compatibility has too much to do with probabilities and less with certainties. Finding out just how compatible you are with your partner might be tricky. After all, each person is unique. And ways people build relationships and see them might be pretty different too.

This is why I ask that you don’t treat everything you find below as inevitable destiny. Your zodiac sign might define your personality type and some personal traits. But when two people come together as partners, the interaction of sun signs assumes new dimensions. So you might want to opt for the method of synastry – the comparison of two natal charts, yours and your partner’s.

That being said, following the general astrological guidelines to learn the basic specifics of relationships between zodiac signs helps a lot. So let’s look into zodiac matches horoscopes and see what they have to offer, shall we?

Aries ♈︎


These people are restless. If you are going to a party with an Aries, be prepared: it will most likely last till dawn. They like upbeat music and have quite an appetite both for good food and sex. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they love active sports as well.

An Aries woman likes to plan her life ahead. You can be sure that she will be extremely picky when it comes to choosing the father of her future children. In relationships, she prefers to rely on herself only. And truth be told, these women can be quite selfish and self-confident. Please don’t offer them help and sympathy no matter the situation. This might cause quite a conflict.

Anyone who tries to boss an Aries woman around will be shown the door. They are the type of women who like to conquer their men. They aren’t interested in worshippers who get down on their knees before them. To get an Aries woman interested, you might want to feign indifference.

These women tend to be rather straightforward and honest. And they often manage to be quite naive at the same time.

An Aries man will never be attracted to a woman who is afraid of any changes and prefers to just swim with the stream. He has this need for new experiences, feelings, emotions. These men value sincerity above all. So trying to avoid answering direct questions or beating about the bush is a bad idea.

To get an Aries man interested, women have to be versatile. They love women who are active, energetic, and spontaneous. Along with that, they appreciate femininity.

When it comes to relationships, there always has to be a goal to achieve. Aries men just need to conquer their women. Otherwise, it gets really boring for them.

But do take special care not to overreact if you are in a relationship with an Aries. When it’s just too over the top, you’ll get him tired. All he wants is to see a feminine woman he can care about and protect.

Aries people will always want to be on top of things, to have everything under their control. So if life brought you together, give them an opportunity to make important decisions. That’s how you’ll make them happy.

Who does Aries get along the best with?

1. Aries/Gemini

This is almost perfect. They have a lot in common, they both are free-spirited and impulsive. They both love learning something new and aren’t afraid of experimenting. They are more than just a loving couple. They are best friends and partners.

2. Aries/Leo

This relationship has a great chance to become a happy one. If Leo can overcome their pride and Aries doesn’t try to establish absolute control over their partner, of course. They can tease each other to keep the passion burning and look for something new with a lot of enthusiasm. The desire to care about their children together only makes their bond stronger. They just have to learn how to compromise.

3. Aries/Libra

A passionate romantic relationship is more than possible. However, it gets more complicated when it comes to marriage. They are too different, and their differences might cause conflicts. On the other hand, they can complete each other pretty well. They easily hit it off and are capable of coexisting amicably. They might argue frequently, but it rarely comes to big fights.

4. Aries/Scorpio

This is a kind of relationship to please someone who likes to spice it up. While Aries gives it energy, Scorpio gives it depth. It really can become a revelation, a union that incentivizes personal growth and self-improvement. Or it can turn into a hard test that leads to emotional trauma. They are both quite hot-headed and ambitious, but can easily adapt and respect each other.

5. Aries/Saggitarius

This might be a marriage made in heaven. They both are spontaneous and energetic and like being in the limelight. Saggitarius can win a straightforward Aries with cunning and affection and Aries can indulge all their partner’s desires. They are incredibly compatible in bed too, which brings even more colors to their relationship.

6. Aries/Aquarius

They just match. They might have a short-lived romantic relationship. Or they might have a healthy and long relationship that will grow into marriage. They both appreciate personal freedom and give their partner some space. They understand each other too well, which guarantees some quality time between the sheets.

Who does Aries get along the worst with?

1. Aries/Taurus

They are two very different creatures. Aries people like their freedom, while Taurus longs for stability and comfort. Aries isn’t thrilled by the fact Taurus is a bit too traditionalistic when it comes to intimacy. Taurus won’t be happy with Aries’ intensity.

2. Aries/Cancer

This relationship might even work at the start. For a short period of time, it will seem romantic and passionate. Unfortunately, this won’t last long. Aries’ inherent harshness that often turns into rudeness will hurt Cancer a great deal. Cancer’s propensity for romanticism and jealousy will quickly kill any feelings their partner might harbor.

3. Aries/Virgo

They see relationships way too different. Virgo prefers mystery and romance, Aries always requires something new. Aries often thinks that Virgo is too picky and sensitive. Virgo thinks that Aries is rude and untrustworthy. This all will be a constant source of irritation that will lead to a breakup rather soon.

4. Aries/Capricorn

It’s not that this relationship is completely impossible. But it’s not going to be easy for anyone. Misunderstandings and miscommunications will arise out of thin air. Capricorn is all about stability, reliability, and frugality. Aries is too inconsistent and is a bit too big on spending. And they both want to be a leader. Even if they go as far as marriage, it would be a great example of a match of convenience rather than anything else.

5. Aries/Pisces

There is so much conflict, complications, and negativity it’s hard to understand how these two can be together even for a day. From general disposition to life goals, there’s little they have in common. This kind of couple might exist only in case they have some serious obligations before one another.

Taurus ♉︎


Taurus women are faithful and dedicated to the things they love the most. They love beauty in all its forms. They are romantic, passionate lovers who like to be givers rather than takers. You have to be very careful if you want to change her opinion on something. And don’t even think of getting her cornered. She’ll just refuse to budge and you’ll never make her change her mind.

These women are often not as good-natured and careless as others might think. They definitely know what they want in life.

When it comes to love, they act like they do in all other areas of life. They take it slow, step confidently. If a Taurus woman wants to be loved, she’ll get the attention she needs.

Taurus women are faithful, dedicated partners, patient homemakers. From men, they expect comfort, security, and satisfaction with their considerable sexual needs.

Taurus men appreciate affection as much as they appreciate the comfort of home. They dislike discussing financial matters and issues and hate dishonesty. Any kind of deception might seriously hurt them, to the point you can forget about any warmth in your relationship.

Intimacy is extremely important to them. They need a lot of sex, and they are very good in bed. If you sometimes feel like they can’t live for a day without sex, you aren’t wrong. So if you are indifferent to the intimate side of the relationship, chances are it won’t work.

These men are ambitious and need motivation and support from their partners. They are picky when it comes to choosing a partner and might be somewhat nitpicky in a relationship. Yes, they have quite a few traits that might drive you mad. But if you marry a Taurus man, you’ll be as pampered and secure as possible.

Who does Taurus get along the best with?

1. Taurus/Taurus

All in all, this relationship has all the chances to be well-balanced and wholesome. It can last forever and be forever strong if they are willing to work out their differences. They can easily understand each other without words.

2. Taurus/Cancer

Common interests and views of life make this relationship quite a happy one. They both like spending time at home, they both are romantic and sensitive. They both love sex and are very careful when it comes to money. Each one wants to have a strong and reliable partner and this is exactly what they get.

3. Taurus/Virgo

This combination is nearly perfect. They both like spending their time with family, they are well-read and have a lot to talk about. Both Taurus and Virgo are mindful of their family budget, so there will hardly be any conflicts about that. They might have some issues in terms of intimacy, though. Taurus is quite intense while Virgo would prefer more affection and gentleness. But there is nothing two smart people can’t fix.

4. Taurus/Libra

Libra can certainly tempt Taurus with their natural charm, romanticism, and sensitivity. However, it’s possible that their mutual adoration will soon turn into disappointment. Libra’s disregard for love might be quite a painful blow to Taurus. And Libra might balk at Taurus’ desire to limit their freedom. And still, they both are more than capable of compromising and resolving all their arguments amicably.

5. Taurus/Scorpio

There is a chance for them to coexist peacefully. However, that will take a lot of energy and patience. This relationship is definitely not what you’d call perfect or unambivalent. Yes, they both are quite sensual and passionate, which makes sex so much better. But the fact they are both good in bed isn’t a guarantee they will stay together. However, in many cases, this combination proves to be successful. They know what teamwork is and can respect each other’s strengths.

6. Taurus/Capricorn

These two have all it takes to make them a happy couple. They don’t even have to adapt and change their mindset a lot because they have a lot in common. This relationship includes a healthy amount of sex. Both partners have the same goals: they strain after security and stability, creating a strong family with healthy children. Thanks to mutual respect and stable relationship this couple has a lot of potentials.

7. Taurus/Pisces

This relationship has a lot of promise because these people are just birds of a feather. Hard-working Taurus can change Pisces for better, make them more practical and less dramatic. Pisces love the feeling of security and strength that Taurus can give them. As a rule, there are no complicated long-standing arguments when these two are involved. No loud fights or tantrums. But peace and care they both need are definitely there. Thanks to the fact they are very considerate of each other’s feelings, it’s easy for them to reach perfect harmony in intimate life.

Who does Taurus get along the worst with?

1. Taurus/Aries

It’s hard to make this relationship successful. Yes, they may have a lighthearted fling but a marriage between Taurus and Aries can quickly turn into a nightmare. They might be good at satisfying each other’s sexual needs, but they are exceptionally bad at doing the same at an emotional level.

2. Taurus/Gemini

This relationship can even be quite productive. At the very start. They can even learn from each other quite a bit. But unfortunately, there can never be a strong and long-lived marriage between these two. Taurus will constantly demand that their partner is there showing their support. And Gemini will be too preoccupied with discovering new horizons and having fun. The boredom of everyday routine drives Gemini people mad, while Taurus will always find peace and comfort in it. These differences will most likely lead to a breakup rather sooner than later.

3. Taurus/Leo

They want the same things. And they are both too focused on their own needs. This doesn’t let them pay much attention to their partner’s desires and it hurts them. Leo can be all over the place. They want to try everything at the same time and become a leader in any group they are a part of. Taurus, on the other hand, will only appreciate the opinion of significant people and disregard all the rest. Besides, they are both trying to be the boss in this relationship and this rarely bodes well.

4. Taurus/Saggitarius

To become a happy couple, these two must completely reconsider their world view. And let’s admit it: people rarely succeed at something like that. There’s definitely a strong physical attraction between them, they can give each other crazy amounts of pleasure in bed. But nothing is that peachy when it comes to everyday life. The main reason for conflicts here is that Taurus always looks for stability and appreciates faithfulness and loyalty. At the same time, Saggitarius dislikes restricting themselves by any obligations.

5. Taurus/Aquarius

They are like night and day. Careless and highly spiritual Aquarius will hardly have a harmonious relationship with a down-to-earth Taurus. They just look at the world around them differently. There is a potential for strong partnership because they might both aim at the same goals. However, more often than not this partnership can turn into a competition.

Gemini ♊︎


When it comes to love, Gemini people put quantity before quality. They like playing romantic games to assert themselves and rarely have that feeling of true love. They see marriage rather as a union of two friends than anything else. A Gemini will accept you as you are but at the same time demand a lot of attention for themselves. One thing is for certain: Gemini people are very afraid of loneliness, so they usually get married later in life out of fear of staying alone.

Gemini women love spending quality time with family. They are quite tolerant by nature, but if they don’t think you are open-minded enough, they can stop talking to you altogether. They are romantic, sentimental, and very will-o’-the-wisp kind of people. Love is just a game for them, and the more complicated this game is the better.

Don’t think they are ungrateful though. They are thankful to their partners for everything they do for them and will never leave them during hard times. They are great mothers and tend to be unconventional when it comes to parenting. They seem to always manage both to spend time with kids and family and pay some attention to personal growth.

Gemini women appreciate an active lifestyle, they are seductive and mysterious.

Gemini men love thrilling stories. So if you have something to tell and are good at story-telling, you will probably get them interested. They really dislike arguments, leave alone fights. If you don’t let them express their point of view in a conversation, they might get offended and avoid talking to you in the future.

They are optimistic and like being around happy-go-lucky, easy-going people. But once they think there’s something they don’t like, they’ll leave and won’t come back. They’ll hardly get seriously preoccupied with your problems and making them do that might be a bad idea.

They are ambitious and always try to build a career. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out because of their lack of focus. Besides, they don’t always make the best decisions because of their impulsiveness. And yet they believe in themselves and are always confident about making a task work.

Who does Gemini get along the best with?

1. Gemini/Aries

They are a great couple of partners who just complete each other. They can become great friends, amazing lovers, and considerate spouses. They both love positivity and adventures and can totally be around a lot of people without letting anyone come between them. They easily get along, get to like each other, and more often than not, fall in love with each other in no time. However, it might be hard for them to keep their relationship going for a long time.

2. Gemini/Gemini

A couple of Gemini people can accomplish lots of remarkable feats together. They will always give each other positive vibes and a great mood. This relationship is full of harmony. Love is a pleasure and fun for them. This is a kind of partnership with no strings attached: they would never want to put any restrictions on each other.

3. Gemini/Leo

This relationship has the potential to become a happy one. It’s based on passionate sex that brings a lot of pleasure to both partners. Leo will love their partner’s flirty nature and they can play along to ignite quite some interest. Sometimes, Gemini might get annoyed by Leo’s egotism, but the feeling passes away quickly.

4. Gemini/Libra

They are a great couple that rarely goes through any conflicts. They both dislike squabbling and finger-pointing. Gemini and Libra will quickly find common ground and never get bored with each other, especially if it’s not about competition. No jealousy will ever dampen this relationship: both partners appreciate freedom and independence.

5. Gemini/Sagittarius

Gemini people just feel irresistible chemistry whenever they are around a Sagittarius. Both Gemini and Saggitarius love socializing. They will always find something to talk about. On the flip side, their sex life is not that amazing, even despite the powerful sexual attraction. It’s common for these couples to break up as soon as they face the first challenges.

6. Gemini/Aquarius

They can always reach mutual understanding. This is a highly productive relationship that has great chances to turn into a strong marriage. They just have a lot in common and share the same goals. Aquarius will feel their partner on a deeply emotional level. When it comes to family, they are rather partners and friends than passionate lovers. Their mutual attraction might have many forms but powerful passion is not one of them.

Who does Gemini get along the worst with?

1. Gemini/Taurus

This relationship is far from ideal and will always be full of all kinds of misunderstandings. It’s often about the way they see relationships with others. Gemini will always want to be free, including in love, and Taurus will always need peace and stability.

2. Gemini/Cancer

There’s at least one good side to this relationship: the sex is amazing. But no matter how great their intimate life is, they won’t last long as a couple. Gemini’s love for flirting might seriously offend Cancer. There is a chance for a quality relationship, but that’s rare.

3. Gemini/Virgo

There’s no future for this couple. They will get bored with one another way too quickly without any common ground. Gemini will think that their partner is too passive and boring. And Virgo will see their partner as a primitive and shallow creature incapable of deep feelings.

4. Gemini/Scorpio

The sex is good, but it’s where all the positives end. They just can’t be around each other for long periods of time. Their differences don’t let them get along and lead to too many arguments. Even if it goes as far as marriage, it will hardly be a happy one.

5. Gemini/Capricorn

Capricorn people are too steady and prudent to understand their reckless Gemini partners. Unfortunately, a relationship like this is doomed to fail. Capricorn will demand submission and Gemini will fight any attempts to restrict them. Disappointment on both sides is inevitable.

6. Gemini/Pisces

It’s not without some advantages. Unfortunately, their differences outweigh them all. Pisces people love communication but they really miss affection and meaningfulness. And that’s not what their Gemini partners can give them. Marriage between Gemini and Pisces can’t last long. They just find it almost impossibly hard to get along with each other.

Cancer ♋︎


Cancer women will do their best to find a partner who is no-nonsense, clever, and nice to talk to. No matter if she realizes it or not, she will always assess her new partners based on how eligible they are for creating a family and raising children.

They need strong and goal-oriented men. Someone who will take care of them and offer them a lot of love and affection. Once she loves this kind of man, she will repay him in faithfulness and endless love.

As a rule, Cancer women are sensual creatures; they are extremely good when it comes to intimacy. Maybe they might seem somewhat petulant and unapproachable but they are definitely worth the trouble. There is no man happier and more cared for than a Cancer’s partner.

Cancer men, on the other hand, like to lead in relationships. They want family and kids and they are quite prepared for the responsibility and obligations that go with it. At the start, they might be somewhat reserved, but don’t let it discourage you. That’s how they feel you out and make conclusions. That’s why it makes sense to be your best when you are with a man like this. A Cancer man will be smitten with a combination of great looks and a rich inner world.

They can appreciate a smart conversation partner with a good sense of humor. So if you are someone who’s good at starting interesting conversations, you might just win an invitation to a second date.

They are very kind and thoughtful partners you can rely on in any situation. If they fall in love, it’s a serious and lasting feeling. So do be honest with them if you don’t want to break their heart.

Who does Cancer get along the best with?

1. Cancer/Taurus

It’s an example of a harmonious relationship blessed by mutual understanding and support. They both long for spiritual closeness, they want to care for each other and don’t put their own needs above their partner’s. Cancers develop a strong attachment to their partners, so they can be more than happy with Taurus’ desire to stay close. Everything they do as partners, they do together.

2. Cancer/Cancer

This union might be quite successful, thanks to how similar they are by nature. But at the same time, this might also be a problem. After all, they know each other too well to hit home during a heated argument. And taking into account how vulnerable and easy to offend they are, consequences might be tragic. But they still are a great match for each other, either it’s everyday life or intimacy. They both need support no one but another Cancer can offer.

3. Cancer/Leo

This is the kind of relationship that has a roughly 50/50 chance to work (or not work). It all depends on how strong their feelings are and the desire to be together. On the one hand, Leo might be a perfect partner for Cancer. Their strength is what Cancers need so much. On the other hand, Cancers like to stay at home while Leos need to go out and be around people.

4. Cancer/Virgo

This relationship has great potential, even though they are quite different. They get along quite well and in time, turn into a wonderful tandem. If there is anyone who can stand Cancer’s uneven temper, it’s Virgo. They appreciate each other’s desire to make a home and raise children and are capable of forgiving many missteps.

5. Cancer/Scorpio

This is where love, attachment, dedication, and friendship are born. Calm and emotional, Cancer would always appreciate Scorpio’s strength of will. They both are very sensual, which brings quality to their sex life.

6. Cancer/Pisces

This is quite a well-balanced relationship. There are a lot of traits they share. They are sensual, romantic, long for comfort, and peaceful family life and want to raise children. And there’s a big chance they’ll get all that and more if they give each other the stability and peace they both need. Their marriage is going to be a happy one, with a lot of mutual understanding and trust.

Who does Cancer get along the worst with?

1. Cancer/Aries

This relationship is doomed to fail. They are two different people whose interests rarely match. Initially, Cancer might get interested in Aries’ impulsiveness, but they’ll soon start feeling very insecure.

2. Cancer/Gemini

This is one complicated relationship, with issues arising constantly. Their attitude to love and marriage is too different. You can’t always rely on Gemini, which will bring a great deal of frustration to Cancer. In time, Gemini’s propensity for independence will lead to a catastrophe. This has a chance to work only in case Cancer wants a lighthearted affair with no strings attached. But that doesn’t happen so often.

3. Cancer/Libra

They are so different one might think they come from different planets. They can’t understand each other’s habits and needs. Cancers are all about feelings and Libras are too much into pragmatism and intellectual closeness. Even when it comes to intimacy, their ability to feel and understand each other doesn’t get any better.

4. Cancer/Sagittarius

To avoid constant frustration and heartache, these two must never come together. With Sagittarius, Cancer will never have the level of stability and security they need. Saggitarius will never be okay with their Cancer partner’s desire to solve their problems for them. They should be friends only, in this case, they’ll be in for a much better relationship.

5. Cancer/Capricorn

There is a very insignificant chance for a happy relationship. While there might be a powerful sexual attraction at some point, there’s nothing else they’ve got in common. Cancer will always require a lot of attention, which Capricorn is unable to give. This can lead to many aggressive arguments and, subsequently, to a nasty breakup.

6. Cancer/Aquarius

They are like fire and ice; sometimes they can’t spend a day together without squabbling over some nonsense. Cancer always thinks about the future, Aquarius lives for a day. The only thing that can bring them together is sex, if not for long.

Leo ♌︎


Leo women require a great deal of adoration from their partners. Unfortunately, they can’t give much in return. They are very selfish and can rarely truly love someone but themselves. The best solution would be building a relationship with the biggest admirer. They at least will be ready to deal with every whim and each sign of displeasure.

They have a very, very big penchant for flattery. A single compliment will make their heart melt. This, however, doesn’t keep them from noticing insincerity.

Leo men represent an incredible combination of passion, manliness, and strength. In the long run, they might take so much space in your life you won’t need anyone else. They are the ones who can make their women feel loved and happy. It should be noted that they will always try to lead.

They are kings, and they want to see a queen by their side. Their women have to stand out, have a good education, great looks, a brilliant mind, and a rich inner world. To say that they have high standards is to say nothing at all. But on the other hand, he will always give his partner a lot in return. They are great givers and great takers and expect the same from their partners.

Who does Leo get along the best with?

1. Leo/Aries

They are both convinced of their own exceptional nature and believe than the Sun is there for them only. Surprisingly, this doesn’t keep them from getting along quite well. After all, they have common interests and tastes. They often share their admiration for art and are perfectly compatible in terms of sex. The only problem is each of them wants to be the center of everything. If they learn how to compromise, they might have a complicated, but colorful and long-standing relationship.

2. Leo/Gemini

They start getting along very quickly. There’s a lot in common: love for socializing, versatility, and entertainment. Energetic and independent Gemini can truly appreciate Leo’s generosity and rich character. Leo likes the lightheartedness of their partner, even though sometimes it leads to jealousy. They might be in for some hard times, but a strong relationship between these two isn’t impossible. Especially if Geminis refrain from cheating.

3. Leo/Libra

This is the perfect compatibility if there is one. Each one gives another what they lack. Libra is hesitant and Leo is purposeful. Leo’s creative nature will always perfectly match a Libra’s aesthetic needs. When it comes to intimacy, Leos lead and Libras are perfectly fine with it.

4. Leo/Saggitarius

These two are united by their free-thinking, love for adventures, and new acquaintances. Sagittarius will attract Leo with their optimistic attitude and Leo will charm their partner with their energetic nature and lust for life. Leo’s inherent need to lead will make Saggitarius develop a powerful feeling of dedication. Their marriage will be based on mutual respect, similar views, and shared activities.

Who does Leo get along the worst with?

1. Leo/Taurus

These two have it all: love and passion, but not for long. Sometimes sexual compatibility is all that unites them. Leo’s tendency to lead clashes with Taurus’ unwillingness to submit. Taurus is very practical, so Leo’s extravagance might seriously frustrate them. Taurus needs proof of loyalty and Leo’s selfishness doesn’t let them provide it to their partner. They even might get married, but this relationship will inevitably exhaust itself.

2. Leo/Cancer

They are a couple of romantic people, but each of them is romantic in their own way. Leos need colorful experiences and Cancers need a sense of quiet satisfaction. Cancer appreciates the comfort of home while Leo loves being in public. They might have quite a harmonious sex life, they might have some good time together. But they’ll hardly ever have a successful marriage.

3. Leo/Leo

They might get along rather well until it all comes down to competition. And that’s what it will always come down to in a relationship like this. This might work out only in rare cases when it concerns those who are not quite typical for their sun sign.

4. Leo/Virgo

These two just can’t understand each other. Leo might be attracted by Virgo’s intellectual potential, but Virgo won’t appreciate Leo’s passionate nature. Besides, Leo will always need to feel they are the boss, and Virgo will never let anyone control them. They will always feel like strangers and their many differences will poison their life together.

5. Leo/Scorpio

Far from perfect. Leo thinks that Scorpio is too picky and easy to annoy. Scorpio thinks that Leo is self-absorbed and braggy. And Scorpio would never let Leo take their rightful place in the limelight. Their relationship might start off with a powerful passion, but they won’t be able to stand the constant tension of it.

6. Leo/Capricorn

It’s complicated. Leo will always destroy every Capricorn’s attempt to take control of their passions. Capricorn is almost incapable of flattery. Each of them would prefer to lead and hate to be led.

7. Leo/Aquarius

These two signs are placed on the opposite ends of the zodiac wheel and it shows. Yes, the “opposites attract” rule still works but to a certain point. Once they meet each other, it might seem to them they’ve got much in common, but it’s just an illusion that fades away with time.

8. Leo/Pisces

Opposites attract: this maxim was created for these two. This lack of similarities is exactly what attracts them to each other. And it’s exactly what makes them incompatible in the long run. Pisces are perfectly happy being alone in the quiet, Leos seek attention from others. Leos aren’t thrilled by how sentimental their Pisces partners are and they don’t like their love for experiments in bed. If they do end up marrying, it will be more of a mutually beneficial partnership.

Virgo ♍︎


Virgo women tend to be extremely discerning when it comes to relationships. They can fall in love so hard. But they’ll hide it so deep inside that even the object of their love won’t know about it. They’ll analyze their feelings for a long time doubting if it’s really the perfect love they are looking for. If their partners are patient enough to wait until this period of hesitation ends, Virgo women will reward them with the passion they could only dream of. They might be quite sensual, but they are also very faithful and loyal and won’t cheat on their beloved partner.

Virgo men are as constant in relationships as Virgo women. They rarely have occasional flings, especially if they are older. They’d rather be alone than with just any random person. Once they find their true partner, they do their best to make their life better. They are attentive to the smallest things their partners deem important. They’ll never forget about their birthdays or their anniversaries. For them love is more about attachment than passion. To win their heart, one should be as reserved as they are. Excessive drama will scare them away.

Who does Virgo get along the best with?

1. Virgo/Taurus

Virgo and Taurus have a lot in common and this might become a great basis for a strong relationship. Taurus will find it easy to ignite passion in Virgo. In case they make it to the marriage, their family life will be very financially secure.

2. Virgo/Cancer

A wonderful, peaceful union that can easily grow into a marriage. They are very much alike and love comfort, peace, family life. They both can really appreciate their partner’s love and loyalty. This relationship is sensual and deep enough. Their sex life will hardly be very passionate, but they both are sensual enough to make it enjoyable.

3. Virgo/Virgo

An almost perfect combination. They will easily and quickly find what to talk about. Their sensitivity will add beautiful romantic notes to their relationship. In time they might come to the conclusion that sex isn’t the most important thing for them. Their spiritual kinship will be quite enough for them to make their marriage work.

4. Virgo/Scorpio

A solid and strong relationship. Scorpio can teach Virgo to experiment in bed which will undoubtedly make it even stronger. They complete each other on many levels. No wonder others often think they are a perfect couple.

5. Virgo/Capricorn

A well-balanced couple. They are both looking for a serious, stable relationship that would ignite the deepest emotions. They are both very loyal, they don’t look for romantic adventures elsewhere and are very proud of the fact they belong to each other.

Who does Virgo get along the worst with?

1. Virgo/Aries

This relationship will never get serious or deep enough to grow into a long-standing marriage. The interest they might feel for each other at the start will evaporate quickly. Aries will think that Virgo is too boring, Virgo will think their partner is too quick-tempered and disloyal.

2. Virgo/Gemini

They are both intellectually strong but it’s not enough to build a solid basis for a serious relationship. Virgo needs their partner to always be there for them, as close as possible. Freedom-loving Gemini is not okay with this.

3. Virgo/Leo

Leo can never be a perfect partner for Virgo. They just can’t satisfy each other’s most important needs. Virgo will never agree to become a prized possession and Leo will always be annoyed by Virgo’s lack of passion. A relationship like this will be short and pointless.

4. Virgo/Libra

They might feel a certain amount of attraction but this relationship won’t be stable and strong. Virgos don’t like showing their emotions and Libra might be offended by this. Virgo will try to change the ways of their partner but Libra doesn’t like being pushed.

5. Virgo/Sagittarius

This relationship rarely grows into marriage. Virgo and Sagittarius are polar opposites who attempt to change each other all the time. Even their sex life doesn’t bring them a lot of joy.

6. Virgo/Aquarius

They aren’t meant to be together. Their tempers and views are too different, which leads to misunderstandings. Aquarius likes daydreaming and this really annoys Virgo. In a relationship, they will do anything but improve it. They’ll never try to understand each other and can’t even be friends.

7. Virgo/Pisces

This relationship is far from perfect. Their expectations are just too different. Virgo will quickly get disappointed in Pisces with their propensity for drama and secrecy. This won’t let the relationship grow into something meaningful.

Libra ♎︎


Libra women are extremely selective when it comes to relationships. It’s because they love everything that’s pretty. When they meet a man, they pay attention to many traits at once. It’s important for them to see how he looks, behaves, what he does, and so on.

They try to choose a partner who will be a precious acquisition, like a diamond ring on her finger. But at the same time, they are rather self-critical. They like to take good care of how they look not for their partners but for themselves first of all.

When it comes to intimacy, these women like to take it slow. But their partners will definitely not be disappointed once they get there. In bed, Libra women are both givers and takers.

Libra men are one-woman men. They never cheat on their partners and never betray them. Even if there are issues, they won’t think of a divorce. These men are rather lazy, they are slow-starters and it’s hard for them to leave a comfy stop to start doing something. But if their partner asks them to do something, they will do it without hesitation.

They prefer affectionate, sensitive ladies. They can’t stand lies. In terms of sex, they are very considerate, gentle, and affectionate lovers who love giving a lot of pleasure to their partners.

Who does Libra get along the best with?

1. Libra/Gemini

A great couple. They love adventures and live for the now, trying not to think of what tomorrow will bring. This relationship is almost never dampened by jealousy or competition. Mutual understanding is much more important to them than personal ambitions.

2. Libra/Leo

These two have a lot in common and their relationship is meant to be successful. Libra will never try to hurt their partner’s ego and always meet them halfway when Leo needs to feel their superiority.

3. Libra/Libra

They love spending time together, love giving positive emotions to each other. Their sex life is quite intense and enjoyable. They can have a happy relationship together. But they will hardly find a reliable spouse in each other.

4. Libra/Sagittarius

This is a successful tandem that has all it takes to bring them both a lot of happiness. They just fit each other like two pieces of a puzzle. They are romantic, tactful, and can appreciate their partner’s love for freedom and independence.

5. Libra/Aquarius

A great productive relationship. Proactive and creative Aquarius completes timid Libra perfectly. They give each other lots of positive emotions and their common interests will bring them even closer to each other.

Who does Libra get along the worst with?

1. Libra/Aries

This is a relationship that almost always leads to a breakup. They see the world around them differently, they build relationships differently. This doesn’t mean they can’t be good friends, great business partners, or passionate lovers. But very soon frustration caused by their many differences will spill over the top.

2. Libra/Taurus

This is not a well-balanced relationship. Love for art is perhaps the only thing they might have in common. They deal with problems differently and sometimes Taurus can be taken aback by the drama that arises out of thin air.

3. Libra/Cancer

This relationship won’t have a happy ending. Even if they make it as far as marriage, they’ll soon drown each other in conflicts. They are capable of satisfying each other in bed, but their sex life definitely lacks sensuality.

4. Libra/Virgo

Libra and Virgo are too different to take their relationship as far as marriage. More often than not they get on the wrong side of each other because of differences in interests and dispositions.

5. Libra/Scorpio

This is an explosive combination that will often lead to all kinds of arguments and fights. Scorpio needs quality sex life and devotion. Libra doesn’t put sex or deeper attachment first. Most likely, Libra will end this relationship as soon as they realize they are not happy with it.

6. Libra/Capricorn

Libra is a dreamer, Capricorn is a pragmatist. There’s really no need to explain why they can’t coexist in a relationship for a long time. There might be quite a passionate romance between them, but it won’t last long.

7. Libra/Pisces

There’s an obvious lack of support. Libra and Pisces can’t satisfy each other’s needs in a strong partner. This relationship is too full of contradictions to be a happy one. It’s almost like they live in different dimensions.

Scorpio ♏︎


In case you want to build a relationship with a Scorpio man, be prepared for riotous arguments. When these men are angry, they rant and rage and can get quite aggressive. So the best decision would be not to provoke them into a fight and just wait until they calm down. A Scorpio man will be ready to hear all you have to say in a more peaceful situation.

If you managed to somehow offend them, you must seriously expect their revenge. They don’t forget insults easily, they hate being fooled and will never leave a blow to their ego without an answer.

Scorpio women are femmes fatale in any relationship. They will always get the man they want, with no exceptions. Once they choose their life partner, they can turn their life into a fairy-tale. They can be great homemakers, charming wives, attentive and careful mothers, desirable and versatile lovers. But once there is even the slightest hint of betrayal, they will raze their family happiness to the ground and there will be no turning back.

Who does Scorpio get along the best with?

1. Scorpio/Cancer

They fit each other emotionally. They both look for reliable and stable relationships, so a strong and long-lasting one is what they eventually get. Passionate Scorpio will easily ignite a fire in Cancer’s soul.

2. Scorpio/Leo

They could become a perfect match if sex was everything a relationship was about. They both are so passionate by nature they drive each other crazy and get maximum enjoyment from their intimacy. It’s a colorful, intense relationship. Pity there is no chance it will last long.

3. Scorpio/Virgo

Despite the difference in their tempers, they can become a great couple because they still have a lot in common. They both put family first and understand each other perfectly.

4. Scorpio/Capricorn

They make a nice tandem. They can create a balanced relationship where each partner completes another. Their marriage might be quite successful.

5. Scorpio/Pisces

A great couple that can really discover what true love is. Their sex life is quite intense. It has it all: depth, bright feelings, passion, and romance. Pisces finds support and protection and Scorpio gets a partner who will always be devoted and faithful.

Who does Scorpio get along the worst with?

1. Scorpio/Aries

There’s no future for this relationship. What could feel like a powerful attraction at the start will soon turn into a knot of misunderstandings. The main issue is they both try to boss each other around. They both are too selfish to compromise.

2. Scorpio/Taurus

These people will hardly become a great couple. They are absolutely incapable of compromising for the common good. Taurus will happily satisfy Scorpio’s sexual needs, but this is where their ability to meet each other halfway ends.

3. Scorpio/Gemini

They might have fun together but it will hardly grow into something long-lasting and meaningful. There is no hope of stability. Gemini is too volatile and inconsistent for Scorpio’s liking. Even their incredible chemistry in bed won’t save this relationship.

4. Scorpio/Libra

They are too different by nature to build a serious marriage. Scorpio looks for love, stability, and loyalty and Libra can’t care about any of that. Their meeting can sparkle quite a lot of interest, but eventually, it will lead to a great deal of misunderstanding and pain.

5. Scorpio/Scorpio

It’s really hard for two Scorpios to coexist in a relationship. Their strong will and demanding nature will sooner let them eat each other than reach understanding. When each of the partners is selfish, jealous, and demanding, nothing good will come out of it.

6. Scorpio/Sagittarius

This relationship is doomed to fail. Each of them has a different picture of what their partner and relationship must be like and this doesn’t let their relationship grow.

7. Scorpio/Aquarius

Scorpio is a leader, Aquarius is a wanderer. This is the root of all issues in this relationship. Scorpio tries to make Aquarius’ feelings serve their interests, to force their partner to make their every wish come true. However, that won’t work with Aquarius. They can only compromise when they see their partner is ready to make concessions.

Sagittarius ♐︎


Sagittarius women are reserved and calm. They are much more into serious relationships than one-time flings. At first, they might seem proud and haughty, so it’s not everyone who can approach them to start a relationship. But later they can open up and let you know them better.

They want a man they can control and manipulate. Even when they can’t do that directly, they will try to find more subtle ways to do so. They are treacherous, to a degree. They’ll follow the needs and interests first and then maybe think of others.

Sagittarius men like to woo their women like gentlemen. Sometimes ladies just don’t trust their words. Perhaps they are even right about that because many of Sagittarius men are real womanizers. They love women, they enjoy youth and beauty. That’s why they need a wise and strong-willed partner at their side. The one that will carefully and gently make them get down to earth.

Who does Sagittarius get along the best with?

1. Sagittarius/Aries

A passionate and happy match. It’s always full of life. Emotions, and joy. They can feel the chemistry from the very first sight and it will remain there for years and years. But even despite the happiness and love they feel, all is not so perfect. They both are impatient and opinionated, so there are arguments. However, they can resolve them fast.

2. Sagittarius/Taurus

These two get along perfectly well and each of them loves their partner with all their heart. Sometimes it feels like they live in different worlds. But they have similar dispositions and if they learn how to put up with their partner’s shortcomings, their relationship will last for years.

3. Sagittarius/Leo

This relationship is full of positive emotions. They both love freedoms and won’t put any restrictions on their partners. Thanks to powerful chemistry and passion they will never get bored with each other.

4. Sagittarius/Libra

Despite certain differences, there’s a chance this relationship will grow into a marriage. Libra is so charming and charismatic they can even turn Sagittarius to monogamy. Their sex life is almost idyllic.

5. Sagittarius/Sagittarius

A couple like this is meant to coexist in the most positive and light-hearted way. There’s no reason to quarrel when their interests match perfectly.

6. Sagittarius/Aquarius

Matching interests is the common ground they’ll build their relationship on. They both respect their partner’s independence and don’t try to bind one another with conformities. They can be very creative in bed, which pleasantly surprises them both.

Who does Sagittarius get along the worst with?

1. Sagittarius/Gemini

They have so much in common they always get a ton of positive emotions whenever they are with each other. But a string of joyful dates won’t last long. Gemini will soon find someone to substitute a straightforward and somewhat overbearing Sagittarius. Intimate relationships promise the brightest sensations, but they fade away quickly.

2. Sagittarius/Cancer

This relationship will never be a happy one. These people have different desires and emotions. Cancer wants warmth and affection but Sagittarius will never understand their romantic longings. Cancer’s frequent mood swings will anger Sagittarius.

3. Sagittarius/Virgo

These two are the opposites that don’t attract. They will never be able to feel the joy of a mutually pleasing relationship. Virgo looks for stability and Sagittarius looks for freedom. Not the best combination for creating a family.

4. Sagittarius/Scorpio

A tumultuous and even dangerous relationship that might end dramatically. Scorpio’s jealousy and accumulated anger can break loose and bring a lot of trouble to Sagittarius. They might be quite compatible in bed, but their everyday life together can turn into a nightmare.

5. Sagittarius/Capricorn

With this couple, serious and long-lasting relationship is impossible. Capricon who takes life seriously can’t accept Sagittarius’ careless attitude to love.

6. Sagittarius/Pisces

The differences they’ve got are glaringly massive. They might be good as business partners but when a marriage is concerned, they’ll suffer. Even if there’s a strong attachment between them.

Capricorn ♑︎


Men and women of this sign have quite different approaches to marriage and family.

Capricorn men start realizing that family is one of their biggest values quite early. They want their house to be full of children. They do believe they can meet a person they can call their own and spend the rest of their life with them. Sometimes their dreams get crushed by reality. It’s not easy for them to find a decent match.

On the other hand, Capricorn women are not in a hurry to get married. Even if there is an eligible candidate. They are so obstinate, egotistical, and independent they are ready to say goodbye to their freedom only under special circumstances. But even when they do get married, they don’t decide to have children straight away.

Who does Capricorn get along the best with?

1. Capricorn/Aries

This is the brightest example of a match of convenience. Each of the partners looks for the benefits of such a relationship. If they want to achieve mutual understanding and harmony, they’ll have to work hard. This doesn’t mean that this relationship is going to be unsuccessful, though. If they learn to compromise, it will be a great partnership of two strong-willed persons.

2. Capricorn/Taurus

It’s a very down-to-earth couple, but they look so great together! When they meet, they get a feeling they’ve been waiting for this all their life. Now they’ll do everything not to be apart ever again. And why would they? They fit each other perfectly.

3. Capricorn/Virgo

This relationship is both strong and promising. They both are rather rational, don’t like being in a loud company, love staying at home. There might be some issues in the intimate sphere, though. Virgo needs some excitement that Capricorn isn’t always ready to deliver. But children might make their union stronger.

4. Capricorn/Scorpio

These are strong sun signs that respect each other. Passionate Scorpio can ignite quite a fire in a reserved Capricorn. Their sex life will always be full of harmony.

5. Capricorn/Pisces

They are a great match for each other. They can feel each other’s needs on an emotional level and will always try to satisfy them. Their feelings and thoughts often match too. Thanks to this, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make this relationship work.

Who does Capricorn get along the worst with?

1. Capricorn/Gemini

This relationship won’t last long. Capricorn will want to win over Gemini but once they do that they’ll realize they’ve made a mistake. Their partner is too careless and out of touch with reality.

2. Capricorn/Cancer

These signs oppose each other so their relationship is rarely well-balanced. Capricorn will be indignant about Cancer’s complaints and Cancer will demand too much attention, warmth, and affection. Their intimate life can be quite satisfactory but it’s not enough to save the relationship.

3. Capricorn/Leo

It won’t last long, they are just too different. The only thing that unites them is an aspiration for leadership, but it’s exactly what complicates their relationship. They want to lead even in bed. This will drive them insane and make them break up.

4. Capricorn/Libra

This match is far from ideal. After all, it can’t give Capricorn what they need, a quiet family life. At first, Capricorn is fascinated by Libra but the longer it lasts the more they see traits they aren’t so happy about.

5. Capricorn/Sagittarius

They will have a lot of arguments; that’s what often happens with people as different as they are. Capricorn will be annoyed by their partner’s feather-headedness and Saggitarius doesn’t like to be controlled.

7. Capricorn/Capricorn

There will be no powerful emotions. They can respect each other, they can value the traits that mirror their own but this relationship will never bring the satisfaction they need. This is a type of relationship that can be called a union of two strangers.

8. Capricorn/Aquarius

The benefits and positives of this relationship are very dim at best. Capricorn is a conservative realist and pragmatist. Aquarius is an adventurer who longs for freedom. They can be good friends, but a closer relationship is doomed to fail.

Aquarius ♒︎


Aquarius women are extremely flexible and mobile in a manner of speaking. They can adapt to almost any situation or person. This makes their partners be suspicious about their sincerity. And they don’t really keep their love of material things secret.

Even when they are in a relationship, they manage to be outside it. Sometimes they get so focused on their inner world their partners can’t understand what’s wrong. But they all have to get used to it; it’s how Aquarius women relax.

Aquarius men are more diplomatic and accomodating when it comes to relationships. Their family values often make their partners happy too. They are ready to be fathers and breadwinners. But for this, they have to get maximum TLC from their partners.

Who does Aquarius get along the best with?

1. Aquarius/Aries

These two can have a fun time together and spend it productively and for their mutual pleasure. They don’t try to limit each other’s freedom and respect their partner’s personal space. The only thing that can hamper this relationship is their unwillingness to be led rather than to lead. But if Aquarius gives the leading position to Aries, they’ll be very happy together.

2. Aquarius/Taurus

This couple will always surprise everyone around. No one will understand how they can even be together. But it’s their differences that bind them together and let them complete each other on so many levels.

3. Aquarius/Gemini

Despite some differences in opinions, they will always find interesting subjects to discuss. They both are clever, smart, and inventive, which means this relationship will never get boring.

4. Aquarius/Leo

They might not always understand each other well, but they can be good friends, lovers, and even partners in marriage. Their differences allow them to give each other what their partner is lacking. This relationship is far from being uncomplicated but Aquarius and Leo can work things out pretty well.

5. Aquarius/Libra

This relationship will turn out to be quite healthy and successful. It’s because both partners feel just fine being equals and respecting each other’s strengths. If they learn to compromise, there’s a good chance they can spend years and years together.

6. Aquarius/Aquarius

Two Aquarius partners will like each other a lot and will be able to build a long-lasting and strong relationship. They spend much time together but feel just fine being apart. They rarely argue: these people can always compromise and come to an agreement that satisfies both.

Who does Aquarius get along the worst with?

1. Aquarius/Cancer.

Freedom-loving Aquarius can’t understand Cancer’s possessiveness and doesn’t intend to reassure their partner in their sincerity. As a result, Cancer feels rejected and unneeded. All attempts of Cancer to keep Aquarius close leads to Aquarius leaving, coming back, then leaving again. It can go on like this for a long time.

2. Aquarius/Virgo

Aquarius sees reality through the lens of positivity and Virgo prefers to see negative things only. Aquarius longs for changes and fun and Virgo prefers life to go on quietly as it is. They can be intellectually equal but a relationship like this can rarely be strong.

3. Aquarius/Scorpio

If this relationship doesn’t start with friendship, it can’t work. These people have too little in common and if there’s no solid basis for a closer relationship, it will be more of a torture and less of a union of two loving people.

4. Aquarius/Sagittarius

This relationship looks like a game where both participants are caught in an emotional whirlpool of unpredictable feelings. They can’t be happy with each other, but they are not particularly unhappy either. Aquarius can’t stand this duality and will end it sooner or later.

5. Aquarius/Capricorn

Both Aquarius and Capricon are very selfish and that’s what keeps them from building a balanced relationship. And even when they do manage to balance it out, it won’t last long. They will be together only as long as each of them feels lonely.

6. Aquarius/Pisces

This relationship is built on fantasies and illusions but as soon as it comes to marriage, all these illusions will turn into an unpleasant reality. They might be quite close, but Pisces will demand more than they can give. Once Aquarius realizes this, they’ll leave.

Pisces ♓︎


Pisces women like to control their partners. It’s not that they don’t trust them. They just feel easier this way. They like to care about their loved ones, want everything to go according to plan, and be just as they want it.

They are wise, far-sighted, and smart. The only thing you have to prove to them is that you as a partner are trustworthy enough. This will help her relax.

Pisces men can sometimes turn into little boys: immature, irresponsible, and infantile. They just want to get rid of all the restrictions obligations impose on them. This kind of behavior should not be encouraged. Otherwise, they might have a lot of regrets. So it would be great for them to have a strong and wise woman by their side.

Who does Pisces get along the best with?

1. Pisces/Taurus

Their love might be incredibly strong and long-lasting if they work on solving some issues. But in general, a relationship between these two people is quite well-balanced. They can understand each other without words.

2. Pisces/Cancer

Both Pisces and Cancer have a valuable trait that makes their relationship stronger: they know how to compromise. Thanks to this, they can be together forever. Even if their marriage doesn’t work, they will remain good friends who support each other.

3. Pisces/Leo

It will take a lot of work to turn this relationship into a happy marriage. But it’s far from impossible. Active and self-confident, Leo gives their partner passion and strength. And Pisces is good at compromising and don’t let strong emotions destroy their relationship.

4. Pisces/Scorpio

Scorpio loves leading and Pisces love to be led. Their sex life is nothing short of amazing. Their attachment to each other is incredibly strong. Being very different by nature, they can still give each other exactly what they need.

5. Pisces/Capricorn

A great tandem. They get each other interested very quickly and mutual interest will grow into a fully-fledged relationship just as rapidly. Sometimes it almost feels like they can read each other’s thoughts. Whatever goals they set for themselves, they will definitely achieve together.

6. Pisces/Pisces

Pisces get along easily and start seeing eye to eye with the same ease. This relationship might be quite chaotic and emotional but it doesn’t mean it can’t work. They just have to stop living in their fantasies and go back to reality.

Who does Pisces get along the worst with?

1. Pisces/Aries

This relationship is too complicated, so full of arguments it’s really mind-boggling. How were these people even able to get together? It’s unlikely they will stay together for a long time, but while they are in a relationship, it will be a constant source of annoyance and disappointment.

2. Pisces/Gemini

There are certain advantages to this relationship, but a great number of contradictions can kill it. Even if they do manage to get married, they won’t stay married for long.

3. Pisces/Virgo

Each partner in this relationship tends to see their partner’s flaws and turn a blind eye to their strengths. They can be quite close emotionally, but this doesn’t help them to understand each other much better.

4. Pisces/Libra

This match is too controversial to make their life together happy. It’s hard to understand what keeps them together. Sometimes it seems like they enjoy torturing each other and being unhappy together.

5. Pisces/Sagittarius

They can be great as intimate partners but their relationship won’t go further than that. Pisces can offer their partners support but Sagittarius won’t appreciate the gesture. They would rather shift important responsibilities to Pisces without any twangs of conscience.

6. Pisces/Aquarius

They are like two sides of a coin. Pisces love music, art, and everything that’s beautiful. Aquarius might have similar interests, but their tastes are more marginal. The attention to detail inherent to Pisces and their propensity for deep emotions and drama will constantly annoy Aquarius.

Zodiac Signs Compatibility Chart

Aries ♈︎Taurus ♉︎Gemini ♊︎Cancer ♋︎Leo ♌︎Virgo ♍︎Libra ♎︎Scorpio ♏︎Sagittarius ♐︎Capricorn ♑︎Aquarius ♒︎Pisces ♓︎
Aries ♈︎??❤️???????❤️?❤️?
Taurus ♉︎?❤️?❤️?❤️??????❤️??❤️
Gemini ♊︎❤️?❤️??❤️?❤️??❤️???
Cancer ♋︎?❤️??❤️?❤️?❤️????❤️
Leo ♌︎❤️??❤️???❤️??❤️????
Virgo ♍︎?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️??
Libra ♎︎????❤️?❤️?????❤️?❤️?
Scorpio ♏︎?????❤️??❤️???❤️?❤️
Sagittarius ♐︎❤️❤️???❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️?
Capricorn ♑︎❤️❤️???❤️?❤️????❤️
Aquarius ♒︎❤️❤️❤️?❤️?❤️???❤️?
Pisces ♓︎?❤️?❤️❤️??❤️??❤️?❤️
❤️- perfectly compatible; ? – compatible in sex; ?? – compatible in friendship; ??? – not compatible enough; ????- completely incompatible


Once again, I want to emphasize that what you see here is rather a general outline than a highly accurate compatibility horoscope. It’s doesn’t take into consideration all the numerous aspects and intricacies of human relationships. Only a personal horoscope will allow you to make more serious conclusions.

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