How to Read a Natal Chart?

Astrology is one of the oldest and most complex sciences in the history of mankind. The astrology origins are lost in centuries and its veracity is still under question. Some people call it art, others – mysticism, third – pseudoscience. From time immemorial, man has been seeking to know not only the secrets of nature and his surrounding but he has also been striving for understanding himself, his fate, and the future.

Nowadays, most people are familiar with daily and weekly horoscopes and here their interaction with astrology ends. Nevertheless, there are those who are ready to deepen their knowledge about selves and that is why they turn to a natal chart. It is very informative and may look incomprehensible enough. That’s why we have made an explanatory guide for you not to drown in the astrological ocean of different meanings and get to know your unique personality. Let’s make it out!

The Signs

astrological signs
It goes without saying that zodiac signs are important elements of the natal chart. Each from 12 signs has its own place, occupying a 30° area around the wheel. They can be easily recognized by appropriate symbols. A natal wheel is based on the date, time, and place of a person’s birth, that’s why the signs are arranged according to their location exactly on your birthday. To find out your zodiac sign, you need to determine the position of the Sun on your astral chart. Nowadays, everyone is likely to know the sign he was born under without appealing to the natal wheel due to the exact days that were defined by astrologers.

In the natal horoscope, the signs are characteristics, and all other indicators pass through the prism of one of them. Let’s get a glimpse of the basic features of each sign.

  • Aries is the possessor of hot temper, striving for holding the complete lead of everything.
  • Taurus is very patient and slow-moving but with strong internal strength.
  • Gemini is the Master of Sports when it comes to surprises. Very curious and sociable that’s why he leads an active and interesting life.
  • Cancer is thrifty and lives according to a plan. This is a true family man who adores taking care of his dearest people.
  • Leo is the king. Wise and powerful but at the same time, very sensitive and deep.
  • Virgo is a workaholic with a logical and practical attitude to life.
  • Libra strives for harmony in everything and has a good eye for detail.
  • Scorpio is sexually attractive with a deep inner world full of contradictions.
  • Sagittarius is very optimistic and has an adventurous lifestyle. He has the title of the most loving zodiac sign.
  • Capricorn is reserved and always keeps everything under control.
  • Aquarius is original and likes experiments to put the ideas in practice. Loves freedom and independence.
  • Pieces are very generous and artistically gifted. They are devoted caregivers and compassionate people.

Keep in mind: for a complete interpretation of the natal chart, you should trace the interaction of its other components, such as houses and planets. To do this, order a personal horoscope on

The Houses

the astrological houses
There are also 12 houses on the birth chart as well as 12 zodiac signs. Astrological Houses symbolize the main events in human life, and the interpretation of their meanings depends on the numbering of the House itself.
They are in a close connection with zodiac signs and planets when it comes to the explanation of specific aspects of your personality. Actually, a horoscope is considered a true one only when all twelve houses are marked in the chart. The Houses are always in the same location for everyone but the arrangement of the planets and the zodiac signs accordingly is constantly changing. Thus, each person is endowed with distinguishing features and his fate is completely different from other people.

First, you should find the Ascendant. This is the starting point for the chart and is considered the 1st House. If you imagine the natal wheel as a clock, the Ascendant will be located at 9 o’clock. Moving from here counterclockwise, you can pass over all 12 houses which have the shape of a triangle. The opposite point to the Ascendant is called the Descendant. It is the beginning of the 7th House of the horoscope. In a word, your natal chart is affected by the sign that governs this or that house.

Let’s see which aspects of life are each one responsible for.

  • The 1st House (Rising Sign) can be called “The Self Point”. It gives insight into your personality, attitude to life, dominating traits of character, and even determines the physical appearance.
  • The 2nd House is “The Point of Opportunities”. It shows which of individual talents can help you make money and the material resources that a person possesses during the birth based on the fate of his parents. The main characteristics of this house are income, budget, property and other components of financial well-being.
  • The 3d House is responsible for the relationship and interaction of a person with others as well for education, learning style, traveling.
  • The 4th House is about family and home. It reveals the roots, childhood, heredity, established traditions, and customs.
  • Children, art and all sorts of pleasures, and even whims are in the 5th House. It defines something that a person cannot imagine himself without, as well as the results of his activity during the lifetime that will be left after him on the Earth: physical descendants, works of art or legends about his actions.
  • The 6th House combines two subjects: work and health, and reveals overall physical well-being throughout life.
  • The 7th House represents partnerships, both spouse and business partner. It can also reveal your friends and enemies and explain what you need to maintain a successful relationship.
  • The 8th House is the house of rebirth, the cycle of life, the transformation of a person after the events he has experienced. Injuries and healing, and sex as well can be found in this house.
  • The 9th House defines intellectual life, religion, and travels, especially on long distances. The journeys, by the way, have both physical and metaphorical contexts.
  • The 10th House represents the aspirations, career ambitions of a person, and his vocation. It defines the social status in the community.
  • The 11th House is the house of friendship and the ability to form mutual interests with friends. It is also the House of the guardian angel.
  • The 12th House displays secrets and everything that a person hides deep inside. This house is also associated with isolation, which may be voluntary (life in the monastery, for example) and forced (hospitals, prisons, asylums).

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The Planets

the planets
The planets are presented in the form of special symbols and are scattered throughout the chart. They pass through the different houses and has a great impact on the interpretation of the natal chart. The more influence the luminary has on the house, the stronger some traits of character and behavior of a particular person are expressed.

There are two types of planets: personal and outer. The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are among the personal planets.

The Sun shows your self-expression, leadership qualities, self-confidence, aspirations, and ambitions.

The Moon represents your feelings, defines what you expect from love, and how you react to the events that happen in your life.

Mercury determines the intellectual characteristics of the person. It shows how you think and your desire for communication, exchange of information.

Venus illustrates your material needs, sexual desires, happiness. This planet is most closely associated with the emotional component of personality.

Mars shows how you act: your initiatives, will, independence.

The representatives of outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. They point to different aspects of the personality than the inner planets.

Jupiter is responsible for luck and defines a vision of opportunities and new perspectives. Saturn points to the difficulties and limitations in your life. It also symbolizes the maturity of a person, his hard work, stability, and longevity.
Uranus is about the acceptance of new and your abilities to become free from the old. Neptune embodies your imagination, capabilities to relax, and also presentiments. Pluto subjects to uncontrollable impulses, hidden processes, and secret plans. This planet also represents your capacity for changes and inner growth.

The Sun, of course, is considered the main exponent of human individuality but if one of the other planets is in its strong position, then it may overshadow the Sun and have the strongest influence on the person.

The Outer and The Inner Wheel

The outer wheel of the natal chart consists of 12 sections. Each of them hosts a particular zodiac sign. The inner circle of the natal chart is divided into 12 houses, each of them is indicated by its number. As it has been already mentioned, the beginning of the first house coincides with the Ascendant of the natal chart (the opposite point is Ds). Another important point on the wheel is Mc or Mid-Sky (the opposite point is IC).
The As-Ds and Mc-Ic lines represent the main axis of the natal wheel and are very important in its interpretation.

There are also planet symbols located inside the wheel of houses. First, you should find the circle with the dot in the center – the Sun, and also see the Zodiac sign it falls into to reveal your Sun Sign. Then do the same with the Moon symbol to find out your Moon Sign and AS – your Ascendant sign or Rising sign. Each planet is necessarily located in some zodiac signs. Hence the phrases: the Sun in Leo, the Moon in Scorpio, Saturn in Libra, the X-th House in Gemini, etc.

Inside the wheel, the degrees are also marked to determine more accurately which zodiac sign the planet is located in.

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The Chart Ruler

It has just been defined that every sign has its planetary ruler. The same thing goes for the houses. Astrologers consider the house and sign placement of the planet to be of great importance to form a person’s character. The first thing you should focus on is understanding what planet rules the sign your Ascendant is in. Once you found out your rising sun and its ruling planet, the house it is in and the sign it occupies, you know your chart ruler.

Interpreting it All Together

the natal chart
It is necessary to start the interpretation from the Sun, the Moon, your Ascendant, and Chart Ruler. These are the four most essential elements of the natal chart. Further, proceed to interpret other planets using your houses and signs. Each of them is responsible for its own aspect and is worth digging deeper to get the full picture of yourself.

Zodiac signs give a general psychological portrait of a person. Planets tell what you need to do in life and what motivates you. Houses reflect exactly how you are able to perform certain tasks. You should take into account the arrangement of planets from the point of view of the zodiac sign and the houses too. For example, having a look at your natal wheel, you see that Mercury is in Taurus. Such an arrangement endows a person with assiduity and interest in work, practical thinking, and a high level of culture in communication. Let’s suppose that your Mercury in Taurus is in the fourth house. The fourth house points to home, family, roots, property. This could mean that success in the professional field will be less important for you than family ties. What is more, the possessor of Mercury in the 4th house gladly invites friends and relatives to the house, who you can always exchange the latest news and interesting information with. Then you look at all other planets and analyze them with their house and sign placements.

Almost every horoscope has vulnerabilities: destroyed planets, problematic houses, and tense aspects.
They usually point to weak spots that a person needs to work with, his complexes and blocks. Always take them into account while interpreting the astrological chart.


The natal chart can give insights into a person’s career, health, relationship, strong and weak points, explain who you really are, and help to go through life easier using your full potential. The core of a happy and fulfilled life is inner peace and the natal wheel can shed some light upon how to reach it and change your life for the better.

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