20 Positive & Negative Capricorn Personality Traits and Characteristics

Could you think that it may be good to be the Goat? Though it may sound strange, the Sea-Goat has become a symbol of a resourceful and determined zodiac sign called Capricorn. Personalities born in the Sun of this sign always receive what they wish and were granted many wonderful qualities that help them in their achievements. You will agree that some people call Cap representatives stubborn, and unfortunately, it is not the only negative trait of theirs. Who knows though, maybe you personally will find that stubbornness (or some of other “negative” traits) a feature you love the most about a person? Life situations are countless and you never know what particular trick of other person’s mind will grab your attention and admiration.

Look: this article will focus on Capricorn personality traits and the way they build relationships with others. Moreover, it will give advice to representatives of this sign and other people on how to relate to these practical but disobedient personalities.

Capricorn Sign Overview

Would you like to know what Capricorn is? Being the 10th zodiac sign, it is depicted as the Sea-Goat symbol. People born between December 22 and January 20 belong to this zodiac. This is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn and associated with brown and khaki colors. It is the sign of leaders, ambitious and mature personalities who pave their way to success.

Capricorn Traits and Qualities

It is not a secret that stars and planets affect people greatly. One of the ways to do that is by giving people a certain number of qualities according to their zodiac sign. Characteristics of a capricorn male can (and usually are) be heavily dependent upon that particular person’s life circumstances, however, the basis usually stays unchanged. Capricorn is the last sign on the table that is often called the strongest and best one, but does it mean that these people have no negative traits? Unfortunately, Caps can boast both great positive and nasty behavioral peculiarities mentioned below.

Positive traits

The Goat can boast a lot of good traits it looks in other people too. Best capricorn traits are usually easy to notice because they shine quite brightly and form the front basis of a person’s individuality. They appreciate their families, traditions, music, and craftsmanship, though their range of good qualities hints on another direction in their character and these are some of them.

  1. Ambitions. Though it may be compared with obsession, the Goat likes to show others their exceptional determination. These guys set clear goals and pave their path to them until they reach the desired success. They are calm and measured but never miss an opportunity to move forward.
  2. Persistency. No matter how hard it is for Capricorn, this person never gives up. If they decided to complete anything, nothing can change their mind and intention. They will move gradually to their goal overcoming all the obstacles.
  3. Realism. The Goat is a down-to-earth creature and its representatives are the same too. They do not waste their time daydreaming or making plans for the future – it is better to act for them. Being very skeptical they believe only in facts and evidence.
  4. Resourcefulness. Caps are very practical people. They can easily tackle any problem that seems insoluble for others. These individuals have a unique skill to find real solutions even with the minimum of resources and help.
  5. Discipline. You will not find a more patient, organized, and disciplined person than Capricorn. These personalities prefer to follow the rules and receive great results due to that. They appreciate set ways to do things and traditional approaches as well as stick to the strict boundaries.
  6. Diligence. Caps treat every task they are given seriously and perform it with great diligence. Being not afraid of hard work they try hard to get the results they want. These are not people to leave their work half done who are always open to new knowledge and skills.
  7. Responsibility. If you wish to have a reliable employee, there is no better alternative than Capricorns. They always keep track of the news, important data, and documents, so you will never lose anything.
  8. Loyalty. Undoubtedly, the Goat is kind. His heart made of gold is always ready to give a helping hand to others. These are loyal and faithful friends that are next to you if you lack anything and can protect you if you require that.
  9. Team player. Capricorns are sociable personalities who easily merge into different groups and feel as if they used to be there before. They enjoy working in the team and do that ever effectively. Employers who have Caps in their personnel are lucky!
  10. Reliability. Caps can be trusted fully. They are personalities you can rely on and they will never leave you in grief. You can tell them a secret and be confident that it will not be shared with anyone else.
  11. Intelligence. Another great feature of Capricorn is their wisdom. They have excellent analytical skills and treat every situation seriously. Getting new experience they grow mentally and acquire new knowledge.

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Negative traits

Many people are aware of stubbornness as the main negative quality of Capricorns. However, it is not the only downfall given to them by stars and planets. There are several more traits that need correction and extra control from the Goat. These so called “bad traits” shouldn’t be perceived as unchangeable mark on personality, they can be effectively worked with.

  1. Pessimism. Being so realistic the Goat often turns its sight towards the ground and notices only negative things. They never represent things better than they are – probably, vice versa. They never forget betrayals and will keep a grudge until the rest of their life.
  2. Sensitivity. It is better not to offend Capricorns who are very sensitive people. They can’t stand being laughed at and remain serious in public but feel badly deeply in their souls. Even a minor joke can result in resentment from their side!
  3. Stubbornness. Being determined and ambitious themselves the Goat often sets very high standards for other people too. It is almost impossible to make them change their mind, especially if they have made up their mind about anything. They always stick to their ground and do not allow others to interfere with their thoughts.
  4. Seriousness. Pink’s ‘Sober’ song might have been written about Capricorns in particular. They may seem too serious at first glance. Their inner sense of responsibility is very strong and it may be one of the reasons why they hate being made fun of.
  5. Criticism. Their desire for perfection makes them very demanding to others. As a result, they treat others critically and want them to live by their own rules. It can discourage others and make them feel pressure from Caps.
  6. Unforgiving. If you offended the Goat, be ready that this grudge can be kept for a long time. Caps do not forgive others even minor offense and therefore, it may be difficult to build relationships with them.
  7. Suspicion. If the Goat sees that everything goes well, it is difficult for them to simply enjoy the process – they start suspecting that something is wrong. Even if a person gained the trust of Cap, the last one will be suspicious though still will trust this person until he loses this trustfully.
  8. Pickiness. It is not easy to meet the requirements of Capricorn. Their desire for perfection and high standards for everything do not allow them to take things for granted. They look for everything best no matter what it is.
  9. Reservation. It takes more time for the Goat to open up to new people. They choose friends cautiously and need time to get used to and trust them fully.

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Characteristics of Capricorn

What is a Capricorn by nature? Now it is more clear which traits and qualities drive them in real life, but how do they impact the way they build relationships with others? What people Caps are in romance and at work? Do they like studying and have many friends? Attributes of a capricorn can be a tricky thing to grasp, but we will help you with that. Get answers to these questions based on the basic traits of a Capricorn lower.


Romantic relationships of Caps can be characterized as ideal but they do lack emotions. These people are devoted to their beloved but they are a bit reserved and unable to express their feelings. It is enough to learn them deeper to understand that these are loyal and protective people.

Caps are a little practice to building their relationships and treat this process as a job. They may seem unnatural to some extent, but not for the spouse, of course. Moreover, Caps look for long-lasting relationships and will easily surprise their partners if they want too.


What family it is with the Goat as a member? It is a personality that protects and values family bonds as well as sticks to the traditions from the past. He will care about the family and be attentive to everyone he loves. They would lighten up their kids with pleasure but can also be short on expressing their affection. These individuals always keep their promises and become an authority for their kids until the end of their lives.


It is a pleasure to have Cap as a friend but it is not easy to get it. A person should be patient and honest to get their trust but when it happens, this individual will obtain a reliable and helpful friend for years. These people do not have many friends and would rather communicate with people who will not try to dominate them. They can also give decent advice and prefer to make friends with smart people too. Respecting Capricorn’s intellectual capabilities — a true understanding of what is a capricorn’s personality.


Capricorn is an inborn team leader who enjoys studying and networking simultaneously. They would happily take charge of a group of people and try to succeed in education getting the best grades. They become excellent scholars who cope with following rules and instructions easily, but they also get moody after a night-long cram. It is better for them to study orderly and at a small pace not to get confused.


The sea goat is a sign with great ambitions and the ability to work hard. These people are determined to get to heights in their career and driven by the desire of the best. Being determined they will look for the way out even if it seems impossible. Being oriented to details they can see long-term projects through the end and easily accomplish them. When it comes to professions, they can achieve success in the financial sphere, politics, real estate, etc.

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Caps are great entrepreneurs who analyze every step they make and climb the ladder to success. They are leaders who can be loyal and friendly on one hand and demanding and serious on the other hand. They are excellent money makers who save a lot and are not afraid of investing it. Being not risky so they spend money carefully and after a detailed analysis.

Compatibility with other signs

Capricorn zodiac representatives look for long-term and happy relationships, but not everyone is able to find true love. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the compatibility which signs are the best for Caps to see if romantic relationships may transform into anything more serious. Stars say that the best match for the Goat is:

  • Taurus;
  • Virgo;
  • Scorpio;
  • Pisces.

There is also the least compatible astrological sign: in fact, two of them have received this title and these are Aries and Libra.

Advice for a Capricorn

Astrology as science has provided a detailed description of the Capricorn zodiac sign and its representatives should pay attention to their downfalls first of all. They can have a detrimental impact on the Goat’s life and relationships, so it is necessary to put effort and struggle with negative qualities. Here are some pieces of advice for Caps who want to change cons for pros:

  • Learn to take pauses even doing very important tasks or you will feel like a squeezed lemon all the time;
  • Try to be patient and listen to the advice of other people because you can’t know everything in this life;
  • Focus on good things: look for positive features in everything;
  • Avoid criticizing others: try to understand and accept;
  • Make friends with optimistic people and enjoy life together with them;
  • Teach yourself to forgive or you will suffer from your own worm-eating you from inside;
  • Do not apply your personal high standards to everyone and everything.

Tips for Relating to Capricorn

If you want to improve your relationships with people of this sign or do not know how to treat them in different life situations, there is no sense in reading Capricorn horoscope. You should learn how to relate to these personalities according to their behavioral peculiarities, so why not consider these tips?

  • Be patient when you meet Cap and start building relationships with this person since he or she requires time to get used to you;
  • Offer the Goat to try a new activity or learn something interesting together to gain its trust;
  • Honor Caps’ love of traditions and help them organize celebrations according to their vision;
  • Try to avoid making fun of these people who seem unforgiving;
  • Inspire Caps for positive emotions no matter how sober they are;
  • Don’t accept their criticism close to heart: it is their perfectionism speaks for them;
  • Help the Goat on the way to its goal instead of trying to stop.

Famous Capricorns

Ambitious and determined Capricorns manage to achieve their goals if they set them, so it is not surprising that many celebrities are of this zodiac sign.

Famous Capricorns

  • Muhammad Ali – boxer
  • Ricky Martin – singer
  • Jared Leto – actor
  • Kit Harington – actor
  • Gayle King – TV star
  • LeBron James – basketball player
  • Diane Keaton – actress
  • Kate Middleton – British royal family member
  • Mary J. Blige – musician
  • Orlando Bloom – actor


Many people call Capricorn the best zodiac sign and it is clear why it happens if to look at all those benefits they have. These are persistent and disciplined personalities who are appreciated in the family, at work, by friends, etc. Even despite their negative features they can achieve success and live happily, though some work on themselves is still needed.

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