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Exact birth time Rectification

What is horoscope Rectification?
The calculation of the natal chart depends on the accuracy of the person's birth time. This is especially important for building astrological forecasts, since even a 5 minute inaccuracy can be the cause of a very significant distortion.
Rectification is an algorithm for determining the exact time of birth based on important events that have occurred in the past.

Why knowing the exact time of birth is so important?
The fact is that the planets go through the natal circle at different speeds. The fastest planets are the Moon and Mercury, and during the day they can move from one zodiac sign to another.

But even more important is the position of the Ascendant (ASC). The location of astrological houses is calculated from it, which are extremely important in forecasting. The Ascendant is the top, border or cusp of the first house, it has an important significance in a person's life, and its sign can say a lot about a person. Its importance for understanding personality traits is as important as our sun sign.

On average, the Ascendant changes sign approximately every 2 hours, and this can show a large inaccuracy if you do not know the exact time.

How to determine your exact time of birth?
You can use our free horoscope Rectification service or consult a professional astrologer.

Knowing the exact time of birth is the key to successful astrological consultations and accurate forecasting.

How does our birth time rectification service work?

Step 1. Personal information

  • Fill in the data form
  • Specify the average value of the time and range (for example, if you were born between 9:00 and 10:00, enter a the average value of – 9:30 and the interval ± 30 minutes)

Step 2. Features of appearance, psychological qualities and interests
Choose from the description option which is closest to you from those offered by the program

Step 3. Predisposition
Fill in the questionnaire on the predisposition which is closest to you, be as honest as possible

Step 4. Important events in your life
Specify the month and date of any of the indicated events in the form that had an important role in your life

Шаг 5. Results
The program will calculate the most likely time of birth and will send it to your email


Which data should I indicate in the web app?

Indicate your name, time and place of birth. Set the search range for the time of birth. For example, if it is known that the person was born between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm, enter the average value - 2:30:00 pm, and set the interval to ± 30 minutes. However, it is better to indicate this value with a small margin in order to include all sorts of inaccuracies. In our case, you can choose ± 40 minutes. If the person does not know the time of his\her birth time at all, and only the date is known, enter 12:00:00 and specify an interval of ± 12 hours.

Does automatic rectification work for everyone?

Performing rectification using this web app only makes sense if the person's character is well known to you, and you can clearly and unequivocally answer the questions asked by the program. Therefore, for people under the age of 25, this method of rectification is hardly suitable. An exception is applicable only if at least three important events have occurred in the person’s life, such as marriage, divorce, birth of children, death of relatives, etc. You can perform rectification in this case provided that the information on the exact time of birth ( ± 1 hour) is available.

How does the automatic Rectification work? (instructions)

In order to use the automatic Rectification feature, follow these steps:
  • Fill in the form: date, time of birth, inaccurate time interval, place of birth
  • Take the Ascendant survey: choose the characteristic that suits you best
  • Complete the next 2 forms
  • As a result, the service will display the result of the most likely time of birth.

Does the service always calculate the right time of birth?

Since this is an automated algorithm, there is no possibility to ask clarifying questions within a session, the same goes during a consultation. Therefore, the data may not always be enough for an accurate determination; in this case, the algorithm will indicate that the rectification result could not be calculated.
And yet, we tried to take into account those factors in the algorithm as well, by which you can carry out online rectification as quickly and accurately as possible. In most cases, the algorithm shows a successful result.

If you know only the date of your birth

If a person doesn’t know the time of his birth at all, and only the date is know, enter 12:00:00 and indicate an interval ± 12 hours.

If you were not able to find your country

Select the person's place of birth from the list. If you cannot find the country you are looking for, remember the following. All countries are written in English; therefore the name of the country should be looked for in the English version. For example, Germany, not Deutschland; Ivory Coast, not Cote-d'Ivoire, etc.
Another possible case: a person was born in a state that does not currently exist - the USSR, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, etc. Look for the current name of the country in the list; it can be Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia or some other republic of the former union Republics.

If you were not able to find your city

If you did not find the city you need in the list, you can specify the nearest locality. It should be located at a distance of not more than 50 km and must be in the same region for the correct calculation of time parameters.