What is the Worst Zodiac Sign?

I can already anticipate the amount of eye-rolling and skeptical head-shaking caused by the title. So right off the bat, here’s my little disclaimer for you. No, seriously choosing the worst zodiac sign for public shaming at a virtual whipping post isn’t what I’m going to do here. Everyone has flaws, okay? You can blame genes, upbringing, lack of education, or whatever else, but the fact remains obvious to anyone who’s older than six. People aren’t perfect.

Let’s admit it; more often than not we read horoscopes to get our little fix of self-gratification. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just human nature. It’s always nice to read about our strengths and feel better about ourselves. And you can be sure that the outlets that publish these “all-positive” horoscopes are very aware of this. They want their audience to enjoy their content so they keep it on the positive side.

But here’s the thing. Astrology isn’t exactly your band-aid you could apply any time you feel down. It’s not all about positivity, it’s all about balance and truth. That’s why it doesn’t have a goal of focusing on your strengths. It rather shows the light side and the dark side of your personality, in a manner of speaking. And tells you how to reach your inner balance. In the end, there’s no such thing as the top 5 worst zodiac signs, for example, because each person and each case is unique. This means that the question of what the worst star signs are is a matter of perspective.

You see, no personality can be just that – a personality – without darker traits. Astrology teaches you to face them, embrace them, and use them to your benefit. Yes, it’s possible if you know how to do it right. This is a chance to face your demons, recognize them for what they are, and do better. Grow into a better person.

The most important thing when it comes to treating your weak sides is to be able to take them honestly, not diminishing any negative effects they might bring to your life. The clearer your personality picture is to you, the more precise changes you can expect to create. The amount of energy required for that will also change accordingly.

Do you think you are ready to embrace your flaws and take constructive criticism? If you are, time to buckle up. You are about to learn more about your weaknesses and the worst sides of your personality.

What are the worst and the best traits of the character of each zodiac sign?

So how does it work? When looking at a zodiac wheel, can you really find the worst zodiac sign or the best one? The most talented one or the most mediocre? The bravest one or the most cowardly? Can you easily determine what is the evilest zodiac sign out there to avoid those people at all cost?

People are often tempted to resort to dualism. Good and Evil, Love and Hate, Good and Bad. But reducing the world around us to an overly simplified black and white model is a thankless job. Each “good” trait is relative, and so is each “bad” trait. And each of the zodiac signs has both. So please, don’t consider this text a rating, it’s nothing like “Best to worst zodiac signs”. We are not here to slam any specific zodiac signs as “the worst astrological sign ever”. Let’s see what dark sides each one’s got, shall we?

Aries ♈


“I am the boss and my orders are not up for discussion”

Aries is often extremely aggressive, primitive, a ruthless fighter. They are hot-tempered and domineering, sometimes to a point they frighten their family and friends by their tyranny. They can also be extremely vindictive. Aries would probably completely screw you over if they were not so busy locking horns with someone else.

Coarse and often blatantly straightforward, they are avid BS artists. You better watch your back with Aries: they can play a dirty trick on you before you know it.

If you know someone who enjoys picking fights with others, they are probably Aries. In a marriage, it would make sense to not give them free access to money: they’ll squander it in no time. Besides, they tend to be not too fun in a company either. They are just too much into talking about themselves with no regard for others. A drunk Aries is a creature prone to scandals who’ll always want to get the upper hand in whatever argument they might get themselves into.

  1. Too impatient. When Aries wants something, they want it here and now.
  2. Any idea that doesn’t belong to them is a bad idea. Because, you know, it’s only their head that’s capable of generating brilliant ideas. All the other people have little to no authority. Unfortunately, they only learn the hard way.
  3. Prone to childish behavior. This might be sweet when you are a teenager but looks a little odd in a 40-year-old person. Time to grow up!
Best traits:

  • proactive;
  • independent;
  • unpredictable;
  • brave;
  • determined;
  • strong;
  • motivating;
  • passionate;
  • honest;
  • energetic.
Worst traits:

  • arrogant;
  • ruthless;
  • demanding;
  • tyrannical;
  • aggressive.

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Taurus ♉


“Compromise is overrated”

Taurus is as flexible as a massive rock barring your way. They are firm, proud, and uncompromising. In their own mind, they are the center of the universe. They can be awfully nitpicking and uptight and you can be sure they won’t like any changes or novelties. Is there an incredibly headstrong person around you? Yep, chances are they are Taurus.

Taurus is someone who can be petty and cheap as hell. More often than not, a person at your office who’s known as a kiss-up and a whistleblower, they are probably a Taurus. They are certainly great at acting. Taurus men like to pretend they are great altruists and Taurus women love playing victims. In all likelihood, they despise everyone and see themselves as the center of everything.

Taurus can get really greedy and frugal when it comes to money. And you better not cross a Taurus; they might be quite ruthless when angry.

Taurus is an egotist, sometimes with sadistic inclinations that might come out in various situations. This kind of Taurus person can terrorize their family from childhood to the day they die, even though they might seem like a polite and compliant person. You can never know what’s on their mind: they are very cautious and don’t trust anyone.

  1. Possessive and materialistic. Let go of something or relent and back off? Impossible!
  2. Stubborn to a fault. Hear that a lot from others? Who cares, you know better.
  3. Taurus is so lazy they could spend a lifetime lying on a couch in front of a TV if you let them. But life’s hard and unfair, so they have to force themselves to go to work. But that’s okay because they have all the life’s pleasures to make up for that.
Best traits:

  • skillful;
  • prudent;
  • courteous;
  • authentic;
  • easy-going;
  • loyal;
  • reliable;
  • affectionate;
  • practical;
  • devoted;
  • sensible;
  • realistic;
  • strong;
  • patient;
  • hardworking;
  • honest;
  • sensual.
Worst traits:

  • melodramatic;
  • greedy;
  • lazy;
  • loves criticizing and reproaching.

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Gemini ♊


“I might be a hypocrite but I hate hypocrisy”

Gemini is a person you need to be very careful around. You’ll hardly notice a rapid change in their mood and won’t know when they decide to replace their rage with mercy. Trust issues are their constant problem. It’s because they know too well that their two-facedness makes people around them question their every word and action. This quality can sometimes make people treat Gemini as one of the most evil zodiac signs, however, there’s much more to them.

Gemini never grows up; they remain rather infantile both mentally and emotionally. Sometimes they just refuse to mature up and piggy-back off someone for as long as they can. The only thing they seem to really love is chatting and giving unsolicited advice wasting words. They are not too keen on self-education but this doesn’t keep them from having a valuable opinion on about every single thing in existence. At the same time, they can change opinions like socks. Talk about mercurial.

Gemini hates any kind of exertion, whether it’s mental or physical. They love partying, inviting guests but the best party treat is usually their chatter.

  1. So fickle and quirky people around them often find it hard to understand them. This, of course, is always their problem, not Gemini’s.
  2. Love the sound of their own voice. That’s why they’ll never let you voice your opinion.
  3. It has so many hobbies and passions they don’t have time for any of them. Which is not a reason to give something up.
Best traits:

  • fun;
  • lively;
  • eloquent;
  • outgoing;
  • adaptable;
  • logical;
  • inquisitive;
  • witty;
  • nimble;
  • romantic;
  • calm;
  • talented;
  • generous;
  • young at heart.
Worst traits:

  • vindictiveness;
  • hypocrisy;
  • chattiness;
  • selfishness;
  • fickleness;
  • mindlessness.

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Cancer ♋


“I can do mood swings like no other”

Cancer is that person who was laughing without a care in the world a moment ago but now they are angry and yelling over some irrelevant thing. They might be good at dealing with large-scale problems but everyday challenges render them helpless. It’s at moments like these that they get aggressive and completely unpredictable. More often than not, to people closest to them.

Cancer can be a complete loser. Conservative and opportunistic, they are constantly submerged into self-contemplation. No one is able to shake their strong opinions. They often like to argue and get some kind of pleasure out of it. To mock a partner in conversation and build their self-esteem at another’s expense is right up their alley. Sometimes they might attack first but if they see their opponent is stronger, they immediately make a safe getaway.

Cancer will gladly slander all and everyone while pompously pretending they are the master of the situation. They are rather good at pretending they are strong and self-confident, which they are not.

  1. Their mood might change several times a day. Why? It’s anybody’s guess.
  2. Very cautious and hesitant. They’ll think everything through carefully… and then some. They’ve got all the time in the world, right?
  3. Way too sensitive. Any little thing that will pass unnoticed by someone else will throw Cancer off their stride.
Best traits:

  • kind;
  • home-loving;
  • caring;
  • sincere;
  • affectionate;
  • understanding;
  • perceptive;
  • sentimental;
  • persistent;
  • generous.
Worst traits:

  • nervous;
  • lacking confidence;
  • petulant;
  • overly emotional;
  • spiteful.

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Leo ♌


“I’m terrible in anger”

Leo acts and reacts so fast they often do something they really regret afterward. When it comes to an open heated confrontation, Leo can definitely be close to the most violent zodiac sign. As a result, they are afraid to admit they’ve screwed up thinking they don’t owe any explanations to anyone. Even if they’ve made a qualified fool of themselves.

Sometimes Leo’s the overgrown sense of superiority, pride, and excessive vanity can seriously poison the lives of even the most compliant people. And their love to shine and to generously splurge can drain even the deepest pockets.

Leo lives being in the spotlight, to see the entire world revolving around them. So they always do their best to be on top. And they will use any means to achieve their goals. They like taking chances, they act without thinking. If they aren’t successful, their ego withers and deflates. And still, Leo always possesses an unwavering sense of superiority, value, and infallibility. This is where all the troubles grow.

  1. Terribly egotistical. Leo is incapable of thinking of anyone but themselves for long periods of time.
  2. When they are up to something, there can be no obstacles. They’ll raze everything to the ground just to get what they want.
  3. The desire to be in the spotlight brings a lot of issues. This is not the trait people are particularly happy with. Who wants to be around a person who thinks they are the center of the universe?
Best traits:

  • noble;
  • influential;
  • idealistic;
  • playful;
  • engaging;
  • loyal;
  • leader;
  • organized;
  • open-minded;
  • purposeful;
  • powerful;
  • confident;
  • ambitious;
  • generous.
Worst traits:

  • narcissistic;
  • extravagant;
  • outrageous;
  • prideful;
  • indifferent.

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Virgo ♍


“Impossibly stubborn”

Virgo will refuse to listen to any opinion that doesn’t match theirs. They are always ready to fight for their opinions and ideas even if it means scaring away all friends. Does that make Virgo the most ruthless zodiac sign? Not necessarily, but it gives them a lot of points in this direction. That’s why they prefer being in a very small group of like-minded people than in a larger company where someone might oppose them.

Virgo might sound kind of sophisticated but they usually possess all the grace of an elephant and resolve of a bunny. They can be terribly petty, nitpicky, and quarrelsome if something doesn’t go their way. Sometimes their excessive formalism makes them completely unbearable either in professional or family life. In case you really want someone who will drive you up the wall with continuous nitpicking, you should meet some Virgos.

Virgo will never improvise. They would rather make detailed, incredibly boring plans for themselves and their friends and family. Any protests will be ignored. They apply pragmatic planning in all areas of life. Everything they do is heavy-handed, solid, and incredibly boring to others. What’s more, Virgo is a master of under-the-carpet battles. If you are unfortunate enough to be one of their enemies, you can be sure they won’t stop until they destroy you.

  1. Everyone and everything around is wrong. They criticize people around them for every little thing. Unsurprisingly, they are not thrilled by it.
  2. Virgo is too petty and hangs on every word and detail. That’s not the way you make friends.
  3. Most of the time Virgo is pessimistic. And they have a special talent for spreading it to others.
Best traits:

  • analytical;
  • frugal;
  • thoughtful;
  • faithful;
  • responsible;
  • intelligent;
  • logical;
  • reliable;
  • discerning;
  • ethical;
  • rational;
  • sensible;
  • modest;
  • effective.
Worst traits

  • opinionated;
  • critical;
  • vitriolic;
  • demanding;
  • anxious.

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Libra ♎


“No one has any idea what’s on my mind”

Libra often acts selfishly being sincerely convinced they must always get what they want. They can be the sweetest, kindest people in the world when asking you about a favor. But they won’t raise a finger to do a little bit more for a person whose issue is a non-issue for them.

At the same time, they really don’t set the Thames on fire. Their sense of humor is mediocre at best, their ambitiousness is near to non-existent. More often than not, they struggle with money, they are not too lucky in love and don’t particularly stand out at work.

In many cases, Libra seems incapable of making independent, serious decisions and taking chances. As a rule, they delegate the honor of decision-making to others.

  1. If there’s hell on earth, it’s right there in the process of making plans with a Libra. They aren’t just hesitant. They can drive anyone insane with constant heel-dragging and excuses.
  2. Libra can completely give up their principles just to make someone happy.
  3. They really value beauty but it often doesn’t go any further than their own reflection in the mirror.
Best traits:

  • well-balanced;
  • diplomatic;
  • friendly;
  • fun;
  • shy;
  • cultured;
  • day-dreaming;
  • non-contentious;
  • well-educated;
  • charming;
  • nonpartisan;
  • polite.
Worst traits

  • boastful;
  • vain;
  • fickle;
  • insincere;
  • Infantile.

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Scorpio ♏


“I will not be silenced”

Scorpio’s behavior can be very out of place. At first, they might try to hold their tongue making others guess what they really think. But as soon as they lose their patience, they can do something truly shocking, especially to unsuspecting people.

Scorpio can be dangerous, even at distance. They are often unrestrained, cheat on their partners, lie and/or scheme just for the sake of it or to destroy an enemy. They won’t be above any means to achieve their goals, they are vindictive and spiteful. Scorpio will put every effort and resource into creating an appealing image of themselves, just to backstab you when you least suspect it.

Want to get into real trouble? Pick a fight with a Scorpio. Even if they can’t sting you immediately, they’ll do it later, no matter how long it takes. Even if they aren’t as openly violent as some other signs, Scorpios are still one of the worst zodiac signs to fight with. They are those people who won’t stop at anything to build a career. If a Scorpio told you they value your friendship, there’s something they want from you. Don’t get your hopes up: they’ll complain about you to your boss as soon as they get a chance.

  1. Extremely vindictive. Scorpio will turn your life into hell if you hurt them.
  2. Scorpio’s manipulative tactics can drive anyone insane.
  3. They’ll always pretend they are in the best of moods.
Best traits:

  • loyal;
  • enduring;
  • mysterious;
  • intriguing;
  • persistent;
  • charismatic;
  • courageous;
  • attractive;
  • sexy;
  • passionate;
  • emotional.
Worst traits:

  • cruel;
  • vindictive;
  • aggressive;
  • jealous;
  • oppressive.

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Sagittarius ♐


“Reckless is the way to live”

Recklessness doesn’t always give Sagittarius positive results they are expecting. They often make errors in judgment that in their cases is definitely extreme irresponsibility.

They are often inexplicably, even aggressively optimistic in their aspirations, even when common sense says they shouldn’t be. No matter what, they will keep moving toward their goal without stopping to think what this might cost them. Sometimes it’s very hard to talk to them without harboring a desire to hit them with something. Sagittarius just loves imposing their company and their ideas on others.

They are prone to lying and inventing things while thinking it’s all for the greater good (or at least their own). They like to be around a lot of people, they love having fun and any places and gatherings that offer free booze and food. Therefore, they are often perceived as not one of the baddest zodiac signs, but one of the most unnerving and annoying.

  1. So straightforward it scares people away. Not everyone like hearing the entire naked truth about themselves;
  2. Sagittarius likes pretending to be someone else to get to the truth. Cynical but effective; until they get caught and lose all trust of their friends.
  3. There seem to be only two options for Sagittarius: either do something super thrilling or die from boredom.
Best traits:

  • enthusiastic;
  • spirited;
  • caring;
  • adaptable;
  • courageous;
  • optimistic;
  • open;
  • progressive;
  • straightforward;
  • Freedom-loving;
  • just;
  • honest;
  • expressive.
Worst traits:

  • impatient;
  • stubborn;
  • hot-tempered;
  • self-centered;
  • unruly.

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Capricorn ♑


“Boldness isn’t for me”

Capricorn is completely satisfied with what they already have and think there’s no space to grow. They are totally happy with everything that’s going on in their life. That’s the kind of approach that often drives their partners mad. Even when a Capricorn admits there’s something that needs to be changed, they would never find enough courage in them to make this step.

Sometimes they can be rather cold and indifferent. They are strict with their family and demanding at work, often going as far as being tyrannical. They tend to be pedantic, nitpick about every little thing, and completely devoid of any sense of humor when it comes to jokes about them.

Capricorns are headstrong and will back down only before physical strength or psychological pressure. They don’t stand out intellectually but like to demand that from others. When you hear a Capricorn say that they are not spiteful, be cautious. They never forgive even the smallest offenses.

They often have this strange combination of delusions of grandeur and inferiority complex. That’s why Capricorns often strive to lead and control others, so many of them are very career-oriented.

  1. Capricorn tries to control everyone and everything around so much they seem to not be able to relax even for a minute. People around them think they are dealing with a robot and not a human being.
  2. They love talking about sad and negative things. They are the first to read the horrible news on disasters and crimes. They absorb negative energy like sponges.
  3. Capricorn will see nothing wrong in taking advantage of others.
Best traits:

  • ambitious;
  • loyal;
  • disciplined;
  • law-abiding;
  • shy;
  • mature;
  • wise;
  • reliable;
  • cautious;
  • responsible;
  • reserved;
  • patient.
Worst traits

  • calculating;
  • nitcpicky;
  • materialistic;
  • arrogant;
  • emotionally detached;
  • headstrong.

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Aquarius ♒


“I’m stubborn and I’m proud of it”

Aquarius is a person that takes pride even in their worst traits. Even when their ideas or actions affect other people in a negative way, Aquarius will be convinced they do everything right. They won’t back down.

They often live in their fantasies and dreams, say a lot about nothing. Sometimes they seem to be completely out of touch with reality. Their thoughts are soaring high above with their dreams, which they rarely can make come true.

Thinking of lending out money to an Aquarius? Don’t. You’ll have a hard time getting it back: they’ll spend it immediately and conveniently forget they owe you anything. They don’t keep their promises; they never have time for that. Aquarius is that person whose work ethics leaves much to be desired. As a result, they are constantly in need of money. And when they get some, they invest it in some “promising” project that’s unlikely to pay off.

Aquarius is a motive idea generator but hardly a contributor.

  1. They love telling everyone who listens to how rational and objective they are. But at the same time, they quickly jump to conclusions and easily label people left, right, and center.
  2. Aquarius loves dreaming and spending time in their imaginary worlds. Especially during work time. Nice pastime, if you don’t plan to build a career.
  3. They often tell others what they should do and how they should do it but never listen to any advice given by other people.
Best traits:

  • fun;
  • compassionate;
  • friendly;
  • idealistic;
  • inventive;
  • liberal;
  • inquisitive;
  • innovative;
  • quirky;
  • unique.
Worst traits:

  • confrontational;
  • straightforwardness bordering on rudeness;
  • pessimistic;
  • lacking confidence;
  • boastful.

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Pisces ♓


“Every joke will be taken personally”

Pisces are way too sensitive. Every small attack will be taken very seriously. By attaching significance to the most irrelevant circumstances, they often act thoughtlessly and immaturely. They are definitely the kind of people who can create problems for themselves out of thin air.

Pisces often tends to lie, and they lie a lot. Sometimes they lie so much they confuse themselves and can’t remember what’s true and what’s not. They are often there stirring up trouble but as soon as there’s any danger, they keep a low profile.

Pisces is a person with a unique talent to contradict themselves. At the same time, they constantly find a way out of complicated situations. Don’t trust them with any secrets; they will spill it all out rather sooner than later. Remarkably, they rarely have any hidden agenda that makes them do so. They just do it for the love of art.

These people enjoy delving into people’s dirty laundry and discuss someone else’s secrets and confessions with others. They seem to be incapable to work hard and productively. They dislike working a lot and forcing them is almost impossible.

  1. Pisces often lose control over their own life. To the point, it seems they don’t need to control it at all.
  2. They often are so absorbed in their own feelings they don’t notice other people’s needs.
  3. More often than not, Pisces are as naive as innocent children.
Best traits:

  • artsy;
  • impressionable;
  • self-giving;
  • caring;
  • spiritual;
  • idealistic;
  • gifted;
  • compassionate;
  • creative;
  • charismatic;
  • sensual.
Worst Traits:

  • emotionally unstable;
  • wayward;
  • inattentive;
  • irresponsible;
  • vulnerable.

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Are you the worst?

Well, what do you think? I bet you have a nice set of unsavory traits you don’t like to talk about. Just like all of us. How many times did you hurt the people closest to you by your harshness, inconsideration, or selfishness? How many times your stubbornness and inflexibility stood in your way to success? How many times have you lied, snapped at someone, or just did something that doesn’t make you proud?

But here’s the deal: you are not unique in that. All people you can see around you do something bad from time to time. They all get to regret their actions now and then. People, in general, tend to suck. So if you are on a quest to find out which zodiac sign has the worst attitude , good luck in that. They all are. Can you look back at the things you’ve done in the past and honestly say that there’s nothing to be sorry or ashamed about, ever? But there must also be a lot of good there, something that you can be proud of.

So the simple answer to the question above is no, I don’t think that you are the worst. Well, unless you purposely try hard to compete with the worst human beings in history. And after all, it’s not about the number and quality of the flaws you’ve got. It’s about how aware you are of them. It’s about how ready you are to admit them. And it’s about how prepared you are to grow and improve yourself. Maybe it’s true that there’s no perfection in this world but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying.


So who’s got the worst horoscope of the lot? Which of the sun signs is the worst? The thing is they all are. And they all are the best too at the same time. That’s what people actually are: a weird combination of contradictory traits and qualities that make us human.

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