Which Ruling Planets Are Associated With the Zodiac Signs?

At a glance, astrology seems simple. But it’s not just about knowing what your zodiac sign is and reading your daily horoscope. You can go much deeper into astrology by discovering which ruling planets are associated with each zodiac sign. In this way, you could find out so much more about yourself.

Which Ruling Planets Are Associated With the Zodiac Signs?
The basics, that everyone should know, are which planets rule which zodiac signs; which planet is associated with your sign, what does it mean to you, and why? The study of the zodiac is concerned how the stars influence nearby planets and, therefore, affect us.

What is a Ruling Planet?

According to the planets’ positions at the time of your birth, astrology is defined by the planet associated with your sign. Each sign’s influence is manifested through a specific planet. This influence stays with you for your entire life. This is what we call a “ruling planet.” The significance of a planet itself (essentially a “characteristic” of the planet) is sometimes due to the constellation’s influence.

The 12 Zodiac Signs

Which Ruling Planets Are Associated With the Zodiac Signs?

The planets in astrology determine the zodiac sign you are born under. In essence, astrology is the study of the planets. Tracking the planets and analyzing how they interact is basically the gist of astrology. So, understanding the planets is essential. Knowing what your ruling planet is will help you understand why your sign behaves in certains ways and has specific characteristics.


Aries are known for their tremendous energy and passionate leadership skills. Their true warrior spirit urges Aries to charge forward. If you’re an Aries, you undoubtedly acknowledge these characteristics every time you do something quarrelsome or overly competitive.

Ruling Planet: Mars

Mars embodies passion and desire, but also fury and aggression, our most primal instincts. As a zodiac sign, typical Aries embody these qualities. Mars symbolizes intensity, drive, and animal instincts and naturally complements a pure fire sign.


Besides love, Venus rules over anything luxurious, pleasureful, and valuable. This makes Taurus feel at home in the realm of decadence.

Ruling Planet: Venus

Taurus is an earth sign, so it focuses on practicality and sensory experiences. Taurus is, of course, ruled by this tender and beautiful planet. Taureans are ruled by glamour, pleasure, and richness in accordance with Venus’ mythological attributes.


Gemini are easy and intellectual, and their inquiring nature unites excellently with the generous and curious attitude of Mercury. Gemini is a quick-thinking and quick-witted air sign, undoubtedly due to its ruling planet.

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and commerce. Mythological Mercury is the messenger that serves the gods. In Gemini, Mercury gets to show its most vivid qualities: connection and intellect.


The Moon governs our mood, emotions, and feelings. Astrology links the Moon to Cancer, the most protective, empathic, and nurturing sign of the zodiac.

Ruling Planet: The Moon

The Moon rules emotions and the irrational in astrology – mood and feelings, so Cancerians have the Moon to thank for their emotional demeanours.


Leos are zodiac royalty; they are ruled by the planet at the center of our whole system: The Sun. Leos are full of creative energy, spirit, and vitality.

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Like the Sun itself, Leos are daring and optimistic. Leos’ ruling planet governs their character as a whole, including their vigor and inherent personality. Leos can thank the Sun for their unending determination and courage.


Mercury has many different astrological jobs – such as ruling over two zodiac signs. Virgo is an earth sign, totally detail-oriented, and demanding that everything is well organized. Mercury’s analytical inner-thinker comes forward in Virgo.

Ruling Planet: Mercury

In mythology, Mercury is known for analysis, rationality, and technology. So if you’re a Virgo, you can see Mercury’s influence in your ability to keep your inbox relatively spam-free, literally and figuratively.


It’s no surprise that Venus has enough love to share with two zodiac signs. In addition to Taurus, Venus also governs the air sign, Libra, the sign of balance and relationships. Because of this, Libra is all about harmonious partnerships.

Ruling Planet: Venus

As mythological Venus is a goddess of aesthetics, harmony, and style, her children are dreamy and romantic. The influence of Venus goes beyond just love here.


Thanks to its ruling planet, Scorpios are preoccupied with the darker, more esoteric aspects of existence. Due to this influence, Scorpio is also known as the dark horse of the zodiac.

Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars

Mysterious and magnetic, Scorpio is ruled by two planets: Pluto and Mars. Pluto is the god that rules the underworld, while Mars is the god of war. Pluto rules over mysteries, the subconscious, transformation, death, and rebirth. Mars rules over aggression, vitality, desire, and energy. Together, these planets form the character of Scorpio.


Sagittarius is known for being endlessly optimistic and straightforward. They love to learn, travel, and broaden their horizons—and their hunger for knowledge is written all over their faces.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Philosophical and pointed, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of Zeus. Jupiter rules over knowledge, development, and greed, as well as encouragement and vigor.


Perhaps Capricorn is the only sign that’s disciplined and hardworking to the core. As the zodiac’s main earth sign, Capricorn is all about being diligent and thorough. Capricorns work in perfect symbiosis with the essence of Saturn.

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Strict, rule-oriented Saturn rules over Capricorn. While Saturn’s power can be prohibitive, it inspires Capricorns to not take any shortcuts and put all of themselves into whatever they do.


Open-minded and unconventional, Aquarius is also ruled by two planets: Uranus and Saturn. In astrology, Uranus rules over change, revolution, individuality, and radicalism. On the other hand, Saturn rules over time, wisdom, rules, and planning. So it makes perfect sense that these two planets have chosen Aquarius as their home sign.

Ruling Planets: Uranus and Saturn

Uranus is the oddity of the zodiac. The planet represents spontaneity, inspiration, and change. Aquarians are nothing but revolutionary, so they can thank Uranus for their rebellious streak, as well as their ability to think outside the box.


Pisces are highly emotional, poetic, and perhaps the most spiritual sign of the zodiac. They have Neptune to thank for this otherworldly influence. The Piscean reputation for living in a dreamlike fantasy world comes directly from Neptune’s touch.

Ruling Planets: Neptune and Jupiter

Dreamy and artistic, Pisces is ruled by two planets: Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the surreal planet of illusions and spiritual realms, so pairing with the sensitive Pisces feels just right. Pisces’ other planet, Jupiter, gives them a knack for risk-taking and curiosity.

In astrology, each planet’s meaning has developed over an extended period of time and is rooted in Babylonian, Roman, and Greek mythologies. And despite whatever strange or fantastical associations it might have, it could not have existed for such a long time if there wasn’t some truth to it.
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