25 Positive & Negative Virgo Personality Traits and Characteristics


Do you know anyone whose zodiac sign is Virgo? Undoubtedly, every person has friends, relatives or acquaintances of this zodiac sign. In fact, we can meet Virgos every day but never know what to expect from them. It is not a secret that every zodiac sign has both positive and negative characteristics and Virgo is not an exception. What positive characteristics representatives of Virgo sign have? Which Virgo traits are impossible to stand?

Look: this article will explain what traits make Virgos great friends, reliable spouses, and persistent employees. Moreover, you will also learn which Virgo characteristics are the least appealing for people surrounding them.This way you can gain a double benefit, learning simultaneously of both your (or someone else’s) strong sides, which you can grow upon and weak sides too, learning to mitigate their influence over your life with time. We believe that knowledge is half of the equation for success, so why not give it a try?

Virgo Sign Overview


People who are born in the period between August 23 and September 22 belong to Virgos, the 6th sign. It is an Earth sign with the Mercury ruler. Brown and green are basic colors associated with Virgos, while their main quality is mutability. However, these basic characteristics do not make it clear what kind of people Virgos are, so let’s look at their main traits and characteristics closer.

Virgo Traits and Qualities

Every person has his own number of traits and qualities but not all of us realize that some of them have acquired them thanks to the zodiac sign they belong to. Personality traits of a virgo are no exception to this rule, and you will be able to see it clearly in this article. Representatives of the Virgo sign also have a number of common traits of character presented them by stars and not all of them are positive ones.

Positive traits

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When you make friendship or fall in love with Virgo, it is important to understand what kind of person he or she is. Moreover, if you are a Virgo who wants to learn more about yourself and feel more confident, you should be aware of your hidden talents. Virgo positive traits are numerous, however, some of them might look underdeveloped in certain cases when applied to a specific person. These are Virgo’s traits of character that are considered positive.

  1. Readiness to work hard. People born in September understand that there will always be a result of their work and they try hard to complete it well enough spending a lot of time and strength on it.
  2. Creativity. Ladies and men of this sign are artistic personalities who are always ready to invent something new instead of following popular paths. Moreover, dances, theater, singing, painting are only some of their favorite hobbies.
  3. Reliability. Do you need a person to rely on? Look for a representative of the Virgo sign since these people always keep their word. Moreover, they will never leave people in a tough situation.
  4. Patience. One of the greatest traits characterizing this sign is how patient its representatives are. They are always trying to see the best in every person and even if they face difficult situations, they never give up.
  5. Kindness. What is interesting about Virgos is their affection almost for everyone. Naturally, they do not express feelings to a lot of people, but they are very humble and kind to every person without an exception.
  6. Critical thinking. People of this Earth sign never hurry to make a decision since it is very important to analyze a lot of details and look at a problem from different angles. Therefore, they spend a lot of effort to solve every problem.
  7. Faithfulness. Romantic relationships with Virgos are very peaceful and long-lasting and the main reason for that is the fact that they are very faithful. They always express their emotions and admit their partner’s viewpoint without doubts. Betrayal is unacceptable for them and will hardly ever happen from their side.
  8. Responsibility. Virgos are great employees. When they are given tasks, they treat them with great responsibility and will never suggest a final result until they make it excellent. These people follow instructions accurately and look for praise for their great job.
  9. Modesty. Shy and humble, people of the Virgo sign believe that others consider them down to Earth individuals, so they never try to look outstanding among others. Usually, they stand other people in the first place and follow them behind.
  10. Excellent memory. People born at the end of August and beginning of September memorize events, names, poems easily and it helps them to grow professionally very rapidly. At the same time, they get focused on negative experiences too that may interfere with their success too.
  11. Helpfulness. Virgos love the feeling of being needed and getting gratitude from others, so they never refuse to assist others and are ready to cope with the situation of any difficulty. One of the forms of how they show their help is volunteering.
  12. Intelligence. Since Mercury is a planet associated with this sign, it is not surprising that Virgo people are very intelligent and smart. Excellent memory and responsibility contribute to their intellectual growth, so they always keep on developing and filling loopholes.
  13. Calmness. When you start communicating with a representative of this zodiac sign, you immediately spot a clam nature of this person. You will not experience any contradictions or misunderstandings because Virgo will not ever let you feel that – all corners get rounded thanks to these people.
  14. Analytical mind. It could be perceived from previous traits of a Virgo that these people enjoy analyzing information and distribution it by niches to get a perfect structure. No wonder that one of their characteristics is an analytical mindset.

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Negative traits

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Though people of this sign may look perfect if to consider all the positive traits they have, there is always another side of the medal too. Virgos do have negative traits and some of them can impact their everyday life and way to success significantly.

  1. Criticism. High standards followed by Virgos in their own lives make them be incredibly demanding to others. Therefore, they are not afraid to criticize other people’s work and achievements comparison them with their own.
  2. Stubbornness. Despite being patient, Virgos still have their own idea of every situation and it is almost impossible to change their mind. Based on their critical thinking, analytical mind, attention to detail, they are not ready to accept other people’s viewpoints and would rather shut down and stop listening than agree.
  3. Pickiness. Again, their intellect and desire to find the best solution to every problem leads to another negative trait such as being too picky. Not only accessories and furniture can be selected for weeks but also a spouse. It is not easy for Virgo to ale a decision if the number of pros and cons is similar, so it often leads to poor consequences.
  4. Being always worried. Virgo personality ignites as quickly as a match and the main problem of these people is an inability to chill down. They simply can’t let the situation go and sigh with relief – there are high chances that it will get stuck in their mind for ages.
  5. Trying to please everyone. If you are a representative of this sign, try to avoid pleasing everyone around. It is impossible to make everyone happy compensating for yourself. You should prioritize your health and take care of yourself first of all.
  6. Perfectionism. Virgos are after not satisfied with themselves. The reason for that is a desire to correspond with all the requirements issued and even a minor error can be a reason for a great disappointment. They can even get rid of the whole project prepared for months if they feel it is not perfect at the final stage.
  7. Excessive self-reliance. People born between August 23 and September 22 are unable to ask for help. It is a real challenge for them, so they would rather take all the responsibility and try all the ways alone before they come up with the idea to look for assistance.
  8. Annoyance. One of the worst Virgo qualities is being annoyed with everything, even the tiniest things. They hate when people disturb them taking them out of their peace of mind and it can even lead to anger.
  9. Being judgemental. What makes Virgos especially discouraging for others is a desire to judge other people. Among other virgo negative traits, this one can be particularly annoying. Nobody likes being compared to others and given labels, but personalities of this sign never lose an opportunity to judge others on the point of another person’s view and it causes many conflicts.
  10. Being conservative. Virgos tend to follow more conservative views almost on everything. They enjoy old trends and consider them an example. They like everything traditional and seem pedantic to some extent.
  11. Being slow. People of this Earth sign never hurry anywhere and they need a lot of time to get acquainted with people, learn more about them, make decisions, solving problems, etc. They always need no time for the same activities, but the results they show are usually better too.

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What are the Characteristics of a Virgo

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Not only the traits of character matter when it comes to the Virgo sign. Nature of virgo is pretty stable, and its characteristics can always be useful to an astrology enthusiast. One more important aspect to consider both for people of this zodiac sign and ones who know people born at the end of summer and beginning of fall is Virgo characteristics. How do they build relationships? What career opportunities there are? How do they behave in the family and at work? Answers to these and other important questions are below.


When it comes to love and building relationships, Virgo personalities are not very active in expressing their feelings, however, all the beauty of their self-expression can open up in intimate relations. Virgos prefer stability in relationships, but there are representatives of this sign who want to show off their charm and attract another gender for fun too. They would rather seduce anyone than get seduced. One more important aspect for people of this sign is trust. It is not easy to deserve their trust and it will take time and effort to get it.


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Virgo representatives are devoted to their families and are great parents for their kids. They are caring not only about their children but also elderly people they love. They provide their kids with protection but can be reserved sometimes keeping all their emotions inside. Being helpful and kind, they are ready to solve other people’s problems and value the traditional warmth of the family.


It is great to have friends with Virgo – the sign whose representatives are always ready to give a helping hand and help to get out of a difficult situation in life. They are trustworthy and reliable as well as treat friendship with great responsibility.


Virgos are characterized by independence. They are intelligent people with a good memory but they prefer to study in the silence as well as value orderly educational environment. They are very organized and diligent students as a rule, but there are exceptions too. <br>


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The analytical mind and critical thinking of Virgo personalities make them great workers. They arrive at work early in the morning and stay in the office till late. They are hard-working people who can easily overcome obstacles on their way and enjoy working in a structured manner. Their perfectionism is appreciated at work too but only when it is not connected with criticism and annoyance. The best careers for Virgos are accountants, scientific researchers, editors, teachers, and personal assistants.

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Virgo is a great money maker and saver. Hard work and creativity of these people bring about great monetary compensations but their practical nature keeps all the expenses consistent. They can be excellent long-term partners and develop great projects from scratch too.


Compatibility with other signs

Virgo has different compatibility with other signs. The best love matches for Virgo are Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Cancer. Qualities of a virgo can make these relationships really firm and stable. When it comes to the least compatible signs, these are Gemini and Sagittarius.

Advice for a Virgo

If you are a Virgo who wants to get only benefits from being this zodiac sign, it is worth listening to the advice from experts and follow them:

  • Think about yourself first instead of pleasing all others.
  • Schedule the time for relaxation or you will simply forget about it.
  • Surround yourself with people who will help you to support a balance between intelligence and emotions.
  • Try to accept other people’s point of view since it is impossible to be always right.
  • Turn to your emotional side from time to time and share this success with your near and dear.

How to Get Along With a Virgo

Sometimes it may be difficult to get along with Virgo personalities, but there are several tips on how to build relationships with them correctly:

  • Try to treat their criticism as a piece of advice. They like to dominate and being listened, so let them feel that utmost satisfaction.
  • When a desire for perfection leads to annoyance, it is important to calm a Virgo down.
  • They are shy only until they feel comfortable, so never try to push on them – it is better to create a situation of comfort.
  • Never show disrespect of Virgo’s opinion.
  • Flaws can be worked around or dealt with, if you spend enough time and spare no patience for that.
  • Provide details, examples, researches – exact data to be able to convince people of this sign.
  • Avoid offering Virgos casual relationships – it can lead to an explosion. They are committed to long-running marriages.

Famous Virgos

Do you want to see how these traits and characteristics have reflected on the lives of celebrities? Look through the list of famous people whose birthdays are celebrated between August 23 and September 22 and ensure how intelligence, hard work and creativity of Virgos has helped them to become known worldwide.

Famous Virgos

  • Cameron Diaz – Actress
  • Beyonce – Singer
  • Michael Jackson – Singer
  • Adam Sandler – Actor
  • Dylan O’Brien – Actor
  • Claudia Schiffer – Model
  • Blake Lively – Actress
  • Salma Hayek – Actress
  • Macaulay Culkin – Actor
  • Sean Connery – Actor
  • Richard Gere – Actor
  • Prince Harry – British Monarch
  • Keanu Reeves – Actor


Virgo is a unique sign where despite minor negative traits there is an abundance of powerful benefits that help people of this zodiac sign achieve success in spite of any obstacles. These are intelligent and artistic personalities who are great listeners and passionate employees. They are capable of building happy and strong families, achieve success at work and make their dreams come true – it is enough to wish!

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