22 Positive & Negative Taurus Personality Traits and Characteristics

Are you one of those who considers Taurus personalities stubborn? It is not a secret that one of the basic Taurus traits is standing his ground, however, it is not the only characteristic of people with this zodiac sign. You will agree that stars have granted representatives of this sign with different qualities and each of them is important for the development of character. What do you think: which traits dominate Taurus personalities – positive or negative ones?

Look: this article will focus on both types of traits and characteristics possessed by Taurus to understand people of this zodiac sign better.

Taurus Sign Overview


People who are born between April 21 and May 21 are called Taureans. The main element of this astrology sign is the Earth while the planet that rules representatives of this sign is Venus. Green and pink are colors and Friday and Monday are days of the week associated with this zodiac sign. People born in this period enjoy cooking, gardening, music. They are romantic and can’t stand insecurity and sudden changes.

Taurus Traits and Qualities

People born with the Sun in Taurus want to be surrounded by love and beauty, but what kind of people are they? Stars have provided them with a number of both positive and negative traits and both personalities born between dates of April 21 and May 21 and people who know these individuals should be aware of them. It will help to achieve success in building relationships with these people and contribute to their development as personalities.

Positive traits

It is very important to be aware of the strengths given by nature to people so that they could use them fully. Therefore, Taureans and people surrounding them should remember which traits are considered the best and benefit from them.

  1. Perseverance. If you want to get a result, it is worth asking Taurus about a request to do something for you. These people put so much effort and dedication to complete tasks successfully that group work with them can be a pleasure. They seem to have huge reserves of power and resilience, so there is no better assistant.
  2. Love for aesthetics. Taureans consider a luxury, beauty, comfort an indispensable part of a happy life so they do their best to have this good life. They pay attention to their appearance and clothes as well as their home interior and other trifles. Things you present Taureans with should not only look beautiful but also taste, feel and smell the same well.
  3. Patience. Taurus personalities do not hurry to live their lives. They take time to estimate every step and consider all the pros and cons before making any decisions. Their analytical approach almost to everything is also the cause why they are considered stubborn – they will never make any conclusion without a thorough analysis of the situation.
  4. Sensuality. People of this astrological sign are down-to-earth individuals – they do not waste their time for imagination. They enjoy physical pleasures offered so tasty food, exciting shopping and bright intimate life are very important for them. They please their feelings through physical senses, so a bar of sweet chocolate and sensuous music are more suitable for them than promises of a luxurious holiday.
  5. Common sense. Taureans are people who switch on logic in every situation, so they are often asked for advice. Not many people can boast such an approach to everything in life, so this quality makes people of this sign special.
  6. Reliability. It is great to have friends who are born between April 21 and May 21. They are generous and compassionate trying to help people almost in every difficult case. These are people to trust a secret and you can be confident that they will express opinion honestly and directly.
  7. Diligence. Taureans are great people to work with since they focus on the tasks and are determined to complete each of them successfully. Their consistency and possibility to dedicate long periods of time to one project make them A-grade students and top employees.
  8. Kindness. Why are people of this sign appreciated by others so much? It is very comfortable to be beside them since these individuals are caring and nurturing. Their endless kindness is a great advantage and many people make use of it, unfortunately.
  9. Being organized. Taureans manage to handle many tasks well thanks to being well organized by nature. They pay attention to details and manage to overcome obstacles successfully to cope with any difficulty. They are rooted and conscious, so they will never lose items shared or given by others.
  10. Understanding. No matter how overwhelming the situation is, Taurus will try to analyze it from all sides. His observational and team-leading skills allow them to understand other people’s behavior and accept it. They are great in building strategies, setting priorities, and solving problems because they understand every situation and offer realistic solutions.
  11. Intelligence. Diligence and analytical mind help Taureans to develop mentally. These people are ambitious and hard-working. They have a good memory and problem-solving skills, so it is not difficult for them to be intelligent.
  12. Value of honesty. Taurus is not a representative of liars. These personalities hate when people lie to them and therefore, express their feelings and opinions directly too. They consider honesty fundamental in any relations and remember very well if people have once cheated them.
  13. Hard-working. Despite the fact that Taureans are also called lazy, they are still not afraid of hard work. If they want to achieve a good result, it can be surprising to see how much effort they put for the task.

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Negative traits

Not all people believe in horoscope but it is enough to consider negative traits of Taurus and make a comparison of them with your own drawbacks if you belong to this astrological sign and you will see many matches there. Here are several negative features of Taureans given them by stars.

  1. Jealousy. When Taurus starts relationships with another person, he or she can’t get rid of possessiveness. They believe that people start belonging to them and it is unacceptable to notice anyone else except for them. Personalities of this sign burst with anger if there is anyone who threatens their relationships and it is not surprising, isn’t it?
  2. Laziness. People may wonder why Taureans who are called hard-working are also considered to be procrastinators. Unfortunately, Taureans take up only the activities they like or have to complete, but when there is a necessity to deal with household chores and other not that significant tasks, they would rather have a rest than wash the floor or wipe dust additionally to regular cleanings.
  3. Stubbornness. One of the key traits of Taurus is standing their position if they are confident to be right. This bully feature prevents them from accepting the viewpoints of other people even if their solutions are more interesting. Naturally, there is a possibility to overcome these people’s stubbornness if you provide indisputable evidence of your truth but it may take time, patience, and eloquence to do that.
  4. Dependence. Taureans only seem independent. In fact, they consider it is difficult to become autonomous and leave their parents’ home. They want to be a center of attention for others, but it is impossible to revolve around one person all the time.
  5. Imbalance. Taurus always has problems with finding a balance between work and rest. If this person starts working, he dives into this pool fully and can’t find time for leisure activities and vice versa. Long-term holidays kill any desire to work in these people and they need a lot of time to get back to their responsibilities.
  6. Materialism. Practical Taurus can often go too far in his wishes. A desire to live in comfort and even luxury makes these people spend a lot of time and effort earning money and they often lack time for taking care of themselves, their family, and other happy moments.
  7. Possessiveness. Taureans suffer from low esteem and this insecurity often makes people of this sign crave for possessing material things and never share them with others. This negative trait can be also spotted in romantic relationships when Taurus keeps his spouse close and giving freedom to this person can be challenging.
  8. Rebelliousness. People born with the Sun in Taurus admit authority only from those people who were selected by them for this role. Moreover, their team-leading nature will always push them to surpass their examples. However, if there is anyone who tries to impose a certain kind of impact on Taurus, there are very high chances that such efforts will be accepted as a struggle. The personalities are not ready to obey everyone.
  9. Perfectionism. Lovers of luxury could be called perfectionists, undoubtedly. Their desire of having everything the best drives these people throughout the whole life and if they are offered anything that does not meet their expectations, they can turn up their noses and leave.

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Characteristics of Taurus

This range of positive and negative qualities has a great impact on the way Taureans study, build relationships, careers, etc. Here are several examples of how people of this zodiac sign behave in different types of relations and they will be useful to learn both to representatives of this sign and people who surround them.



A person who has affection for Taurus should be very patient. They need time to build trustworthy relationships and let another person in their life. These are romantic personalities governed by Venus. They consider any bonds seriously and need that their life goals were shared by the partner. Otherwise, your love game will be lost.

Being sensual individuals, Taureans want their partners to take initiative in intimate life, but with time, they flourish and get more active in this field too.

The choice of a partner for Taurus is a very responsible task. They never choose occasional people and always check the person’s background such as family, education, interests to understand if this match is perfect.


When it comes to family, Taureans take this life aspect seriously and are very responsible parents. They love children and are fond of spending free time with them. Family holidays are very important for them so they always organize great parties and celebrations. These are affectionate and protective mothers and fathers with strict guidelines, so kids should understand what they can and can’t do to avoid punishment.


If you have Taurus friends, you are a lucky person. These are people who are always happy to give a helping hand, generous and trustworthy. It is not easy for them to make acquaintances so many of their friends are met in childhood and this friendship lasts for years. If they have already built long-lasting relationships with another person, they will do their best to maintain them even if there are any difficulties faced.


Taurus is a diligent student who strives to have only high grades and be praised. These people like working in the team and be leaders there. They always put effort to complete all tasks perfectly and contribute to the final result of the whole group. Naturally, there are periods when representatives of this sign face the fatigue period and get frustrated with studying doubting their abilities.


The pragmatic nature of Taureans makes them perfect fits for careers in the financial sector. These people are considered money managers and they prefer jobs that evolve and set challenges for them. Being emotionally closed-off, they are not suitable for jobs that involve socializing. However, they are punctual, disciplined, and practical employees that often complete tasks assigned and their quality is unquestioned.

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Knowing value for money Taureans work hard to earn it. Nevertheless, they do not understand the value of money if they can’t spend it. Therefore, their business ideas may face certain challenges because of that.

Taurus can be successful in many businesses. It can achieve heights in money investment as well as take up agriculture. Artistic professional and trading can be great choices. Taureans would be amazing educators, lawyers, and designers too.

Compatibility with other signs

Taurus can be a great spouse, but not for all signs of the zodiac. There are signs in the table that feature the highest compatibility and these examples are perfect for Taurus:

  • Scorpio;
  • Virgo;
  • Capricorn;
  • Cancer;
  • Pisces.

Advice for a Taurus

It may be difficult to read between the lines when you can’t understanding the meaning of the horoscope provided by experts. Therefore, we have compiled a list of pieces of advice for Taureans who want to change their negative qualities for their benefit:

  • Listen to the ideas of other people: some of them might be better than your own;
  • Being honest is great but sometimes direct words can be offending and hurtful, so find the right words to express your feelings and ideas;
  • Try to find a balance between work and rest to get the best results and feel relaxed;
  • Give your partner some freedom or your jealousy may kill relationships;
  • Admit that not all your achievements should be perfect, sometimes it is enough to achieve results;
  • Don’t focus on material things only, value emotions and feelings too.

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Tips for Relating to Taurus

When you read the Taurus description, it is not always possible to understand how to relate to these people. Here are several tips to consider:

  • Be ready to answer tricky questions to deserve the trust of Taurus;
  • Expect that your opinion can be not accepted, so be patient and try to provide clear evidence that you are right;
  • Listen to their point of view and only then explain what is wrong with it;
  • Learn Taurus tastes if you want to have permanent relationships with these people;
  • Avoid telling lies to Taurus or you may lose his faith in you.

Famous Taurus people

There are many famous people born with the Sun in Taurus.

Famous Taurus people

  • Queen Elizabeth II – UK monarch
  • Miranda Kerr – model
  • Meghan Fox – actress
  • Penelope Cruz – actress
  • Kelly Clarkson – musician
  • Barbra Streisand – singer
  • Renee Zellweger – actress
  • Jessica Alba – actress
  • Travis Scott – rapper
  • David Beckham – football player
  • Adele – singer
  • George Clooney – actor


Undoubtedly, Taureans are stubborn people and it is one of the worst qualities given to them by stars. But representatives of this sign also have many positive qualities and characteristics that make them good friends, reliable spouses, and prosperous workers. This article has shed light on how to relate to people who are Taurus and how these people should work on themselves to achieve success in all spheres of life.

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