Solar Eclipse in the Modern World

In 1851, the very first photograph of the solar eclipse was taken by Johann Julius Friedrich Berkowski, the Prussian photographer. Since then, technology has made a huge jump forward and now NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, an independent agency of the US Federal Government) presents high-quality photos and offers not only video recordings but live streams of eclipses to the modern world. In this article we will explain solar eclipse as an astronomical phenomenon, tell you when to expect the next total solar eclipse in 2020, and briefly explain it.

Why and How Does a Solar Eclipse Occur?

A solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Moon completely or partially obscures the Sun from an observer on Earth. We will further describe this process in layman terms.

These days, the time of a solar eclipse can be calculated with pinpoint accuracy, and with information about the movement of the planets, you can designate the exact location of the eclipse too. Every year and a half, you can observe a total solar eclipse somewhere on Earth, the time and place of which depends on the movement and rotation of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is exactly between Earth and the Sun, and casts its shadow on the Earth. A partial eclipse or eclipse with a luminous solar disk around the black spot of the Moon (annular eclipse) may be observed much more often than a total eclipse, when the solar disk is completely covered by the Moon, forming a black spot around which you may see a glow like a halo or corona.

Any eclipses, not just total solar eclipses. are the result of amazing celestial geometry. The diameter of the Sun is about 400 times bigger than the Moon, while the Moon is 400 times closer to the Earth. The ratio of 400 times farther, but 400 times bigger creates an ideal situation where the Moon completely hides the surface of the Sun from the inhabitants of Earth and allows us to observe a total eclipse. No other planet in the Solar System has this!

According to the astronomical classification, if a full eclipse can be observed in at least one place on the Earth’s surface, it is total. A total eclipse makes a strong impression. Knowing the place and time of a total eclipse, researchers or enthusiastic people strive to get to this part of the globe in time to see it with their own eyes.

Every Solar Eclipse is Unique

Now we know that an eclipse may not be seen by all the inhabitants of our planet at the same time, but only in the area where the corresponding shadow of the Moon falls, and we know that the eclipse may not be necessarily complete. Does this mean that the power of this natural phenomenon does not affect the inhabitants of regions where the eclipse cannot be observed and does not exist? We hasten to debunk this myth. There is an eclipse for everyone, even if you can’t observe it in a certain area or if it is only partial. That means that you will not be able to escape the eclipse physically, and we will explain further what energy it carries and how to use this period for your own good.

The solar eclipse on December 14th will take place under the sign of Gemini – Sagittarius. We suggest you prepare for this important astronomical and astrological event in advance. Usually, eclipses symbolize the end of one life cycle and the beginning of a new one, they contain the energy of rebirth and destruction at the same time. This may be expressed both on an internal level, when our personality may undergo changes, reject the old and rebuild a new system of values, and on an external level, which may be monitored by a chain of events, where we lose and gain something.

All energy processes are significantly enhanced during the period before and after the solar eclipse, reaching their peak during the eclipse itself. The most amazing thing is that having this knowledge and realizing its importance, each individual has the opportunity to adjust their processes. For example, you may discard something that seems outdated, completed and already learnt, or something that does not provide the energy required for the implementation of new ideas and plans. And in the same way, you may clear your environment and prepare for a new stage of life.

A solar eclipse is always more about the external, unlike a lunar one, which is about the deep inner world. However, this time you should take care of yourself as a whole, namely your spiritual world and personal growth, taking into account the uniqueness of any eclipse. You will benefit from new education, self-development, broadening your outlook, establishment of new contacts and strengthening of old ones. It is important that being open to the new information, you don’t get lost in it during this period. The recommendation is to check everything you listen to, read and watch, and filter out what is not necessary.

The December solar eclipse may provoke a crisis of faith and values. Many people will face the need to rethink their views on life, changing their guidelines, goals, values, and reset priorities. Read the article How to Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse 2020: Self-Help Techniques During the Eclipse to learn how to protect yourself and what practices you may use during the total solar eclipse, which will take place on December 14th, 2020.

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Solar Eclipse

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