Which Zodiac Sign is the Smartest?

Let’s be honest. Each one of us wants to believe they are the smartest, the wittiest, and sometimes nothing short of brilliant. So when someone asks which zodiac sign is the smartest, many of us know what to answer. Does this mean that the majority of people are delusional?

Not really.

Here’s the thing. People tend to think that being smart and having a high IQ is the same thing. In reality, that’s not really the case. In fact, there are a few types of intellect and many of then cannot be measured by any IQ tests. Some of us are more about logic and analyzing and some are more about the emotional side of things.

There are three zodiac signs that are kinda good at both. And don’t get me wrong now. I don’t mean to say that the remaining nine are less talented or can’t be smart. Far from it.

It’s just that these three are the ones most affected by certain planets.

What is the smartest zodiac sign?

So what being the smartest zodiac sign actually means?

They react fast, whether it’s a witty response or a problem-solving strategy. Their intelligence makes them people of action. The ones who don’t have to think things over for too long before going for it. No, this doesn’t mean that they act mindlessly: they sure give some thought to it before springing into action. However, they are fast thinkers, and thanks to this quickness of response, they tend to be braver than the rest of us. When they want to do something, they’ll find a way to do it, and they’ll do it fast.

They always try to grab the best opportunity at hand. Otherwise, they might miss it and this would make them really unhappy. Do you know how it feels to try and think of a fast and clever response for an opponent in an argument? Then you know what I mean.

It’s all about that carpe diem mentality!

They always try to react as fast as possible but not a single smallest detail goes past their attention. And they use it to their advantage. They are clever and keen. They quickly put two and two together and puzzle things out even in the most confusing situations.

There’s an opinion that no one is born a genius but everyone has a chance to become one. Astrology might argue with that. Let’s see which zodiac signs are at the top of the intellectual ranking, shall we?

Gemini ♊︎ – Wisdom


They often call Gemini people wise, and there is a good reason for that. They start absorbing life experience from an early age and learn from the experience of others. This is probably thanks to Mercury, the planet that grants them perfect logical thinking. This thinking allows Gemini to break down even the most complex problems into simple details and provide clear answers.

The Gemini possesses impressive declamatory skills thanks to which they are able to attract a lot of attention. Add great memory, inquisitive mind, and the ability to single out the most important facts in a flood of information. Now you can understand why Gemini people are one of the smartest you have met or will ever meet.

Interestingly enough, this smartness shows regardless of how old they are and how much experience they’ve got. They analyze the information at hand before letting you know what they think. And when they do talk, they do it clearly, plainly, and to the point.

Apart from a highly developed logical and critical thinking, Mercury gives Gemini great communicative skills. During a conversation, they adapt on the fly and can contribute to any topic.

They are also very much into reflection. They are witty and quick-minded. They have the talent of explaining the most complex concept using simple language.

Most prominent traits:

  • quick thinkers;
  • great problem-solvers;
  • quickly adapt to new situations;
  • great at planning things ahead;
  • flexible;
  • highly developed communicative skills;
  • never boring;
  • curious;
  • love learning new things;
  • witty.

Famous Gemini:

Johnny Depp, Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Helena Bonham Carter, Natalie Portman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, John F. Kennedy.

Scorpio ♏︎ – Acumen

Scorpios have something to brag about in terms of intellect but in their case, it’s got an emphasis on an emotional component. They are incredibly perceptive. Unlike Gemini, Scorpios can sense the correct solution intuitively. Only after the problem is solved, they will try to confirm their actions using logic.

Scorpios always strain after something new and unknown. They set the hardest goals to achieve and work toward them. This is usually the way they gain valuable experience. Scorpios aren’t exactly big on reading but they certainly have a great memory. Thanks to it they can remember the information they’ve got before and put it to good use.

People often underestimate them because Scorpios are a secretive kind. They often hide their true potential. However, they don’t hesitate to use it to maximum effect when necessary.

Sometimes they can make irrational decisions. Who doesn’t? But it’s their ability to quickly find the right way that makes them stand out. Scorpios are sensitive and have powerful intuition, which boosts their emotional intellect level.

Scorpios are also very charismatic and attractive, which helps them to become a model for others and teach them through their actions. They are quite sharp-witted and it’s extremely hard to lie to a Scorpio and get away with it.

Most prominent traits:

  • reasonable;
  • practical;
  • realistic;
  • intuitive;
  • observant;
  • great memory;
  • thoughtful;
  • independent thinker;
  • determined.

Famous Scorpios:

Marie Skłodowska Curie, Vivien Leigh, Robert Kennedy, Voltaire, Pablo Picasso, Jodie Foster, Gordon Ramsey, Emilia Clarke, Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton, Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Aquarius ♒︎ – Ingenuity

People born under this sun sign stand out thanks to their lateral thinking. Sometimes it even seems like their actions run contrary to conventional logic. Maybe it’s for this reason that Aquarius kids often find it hard to fit into traditional education systems. Once they see a problem, they quickly find a solution. It’s just that their way to this solution might defy understanding.

But whatever is the case, the fact is their unconventional thinking makes them one of the smartest zodiac signs. It’s impossible to underestimate their inventiveness, ability to generate new ideas, and immediately bring them to life. No wonder Aquarius people are often successful in whatever they do.

Aquarius zodiac sign is affected by Uranus, a planet of freedom, changes, and the ability to see new opportunities. Aquarius would never go with the flow. Their independent spirit always inspires them to create something new and original. They have quite an inventive mind and they are capable of incredible achievements in whatever area they choose. Of course, their purposefulness helps a great deal.

Thanks to their unparalleled intellect, they can think several moves ahead, as if it’s all but a game of chess. It’s very easy for them to manipulate others. And they are exceptionally great at multi-tasking.

In stressful situations, their intelligence is often paired with patience and tranquility. Needless to say, it’s a great recipe for success.

Most prominent traits:

  • stress-resistant;
  • out-of-the-box thinkers;
  • creative;
  • inventive;
  • quick-thinking;
  • independent;
  • persistent.

Famous Aquarians:

Mozart, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Christian Bale, Paul Newman, Jennifer Aniston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

What is the smartest zodiac sign?

So what about all the other zodiac signs? Don’t worry. They all can be very, very intelligent. It’s just that the fact they can’t normally utilize multiple different types of intellect, unlike the above-mentioned top three. It doesn’t make them worse in any way. They just think differently.

Intuitive intellect

Aries ♈︎

Aries people are well-known for their quick wits. It’s all thanks to the Fire element that constantly motivates them to grow and improve. It’s vitally important to them to be better, smarter, more educated than others. Of course, that goal is hard to achieve without a certain intellectual basis. They would probably be up there among the leaders if it wasn’t for their hot temper. This vehemence of theirs makes them learn the hard way all the time. Their infamous stubbornness doesn’t help either.

Trusting and straightforward by nature, these people are guided by intuition and instinct. They are very good at channeling their leadership skills in the right direction.

Although it might be easy to think that their impulsiveness doesn’t get along well with high intelligence, Aries are not stupid. They just love action. They act and they think afterward so sometimes it might seem like they can’t evaluate a situation correctly. However, their strong will and persistence make up for that.

Sure, many of us might think that impulsive behavior isn’t very sensible. But it’s different for Aries. They are more than capable of quick problem-solving. They are very smart. And they rarely worry about small things and details. They just know that lengthy reflection might negatively affect the result.

Aries are often quite witty, even brilliant. But because of their habit to say what they think as it is, they often come across as rude. However, this often plays into their hands during arguments.

Most prominent traits:

  • passionate;
  • go-getting;
  • ambitious;
  • spontaneous;
  • straightforward;
  • convincing.

Famous Aries:

Charlie Chaplin, Rene Descartes, Vincent van Gogh, Robert Downey Jr., Jackie Chan, Gary Oldman, Sean Bean, Luke Evans, Eddie Murphy, James McEvoy, Ewan McGregor, Emma Watson.

Leo ♌︎

Leos love to show off, so of course, they would flaunt their intellectual skills too. They might not be geniuses per se. But a Leo will never miss an opportunity to give a demonstration of their knowledge and attract attention to things they are specifically good at. They like to showcase their strengths but in fact, they are usually good at one or two niche things. They prefer to avoid subjects they don’t know much about. And when they can’t avoid them, they would rather keep silent or change the subject.

Leos are brave and uncompromising. This helps them to overcome any obstacles on their way to their goals. The best motivation is a high bar that they set for themselves.

People born under this sign are quick on the uptake and have strongly pronounced creative skills. The only problem is that they want to get all at once. Multi-tasking isn’t exactly their forte, even though they might think otherwise.

Leos are almost always alert and full of energy. Thanks to their leadership skills, they can quickly solve problems by giving out clear instructions. Being watchful as they are, they understand the value of delegating responsibilities to others to avoid the danger of burning out.

Leos are proud but not as proud as not to realize that sometimes even they need help. And using their natural charisma, they can easily convince people to give them the assistance they need. They are always confident about their choices and so they don’t wait too long before making a decision.

Most prominent traits:

  • charismatic;
  • motivating;
  • natural leader;
  • passionate;
  • crafty;
  • spontaneous;
  • independent;
  • persevering.

Famous Leos:

Napoleon Bonaparte, Walter Scott, Carl Jung, Henry Ford, Bernard Shaw, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Hemsworth, Robert De Niro, Viola Davis, Halle Berry.

Sagittarius ♐︎

When it comes to smarts, Sagittarius people show a different approach. They don’t seem to have a great thirst for knowledge. They don’t try to impress others with their intelligence. Their mental capabilities are a combination of cunning, intuition, and life experience. Sagittarians move in various circles, they have many friends and they love socializing. Thanks to this they absorb valuable information day after day. But what’s even more important, they can take this information and use it to their benefit.

As a rule, Sagittarians are well-developed both spiritually and intellectually. They are not just intelligence but also wise and know their own potential well. These people can be great teachers and deep inside, they are philosophers.

Sometimes it seems like they could be true geniuses if it wasn’t for one significant flaw. Sagittarians are lazy and restless. Unfortunately, these traits become serious obstacles on their way to success. Their mental agility can be truly impressive. They can solve logical puzzles from an early age, they are great leaders. Finally, they have a great sense of humor, which is yet another sign of a highly developed intellect.

By the way, this sense of humor accompanied by their ability to adapt to any circumstances quickly are pronounced traits that make them stand out. They don’t even have to look for any adventures; they get attracted to clever Sagittarians of their own accord.

If they feel like something is missing, they will always find a solution.

Most prominent traits:

  • energetic;
  • industrious;
  • pressure-resistant;
  • driven;
  • flexible;
  • self-sufficient;
  • curious.

Famous Sagittarians:

Jonathan Swift, Mary, Queen of Scots, Mark Twain, Beethoven, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Alyssa Milano, Amanda Seyfried, Samuel L. Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lucy Liu.

Practical intellect

Taurus ♉︎

When you first meet a Taurus, they might strike you as a bit slow on the uptake. It would seem you just have to spoom-feed information to them. However, this impression is very deceiving. It’s just that they prefer to think every decision through before making a decisive step. Besides, Taurians are quite diligent and like to dig into all the subtleties of things. Of course, this cannot but enrich their intellectual baggage. There’s one problem, though. They seem to be incapable of putting their knowledge into practice and make it useful.

A Taurian’s intellect is based on their down-to-earth mentality. They are calm, disciplined, and know their capabilities well. They are extremely devoted people driven by perseverance and passion for knowledge.

On the other hand, they don’t like learning. They would much rather gain practical skills. That’s why they make great businessmen who have all they need to outplay their competitors.

Taurians lack the desire to increase their theoretical knowledge but what really prevents them from enjoying the results of their work is greed. On the flip side, this greed often becomes a great motivator. They have powerful intuition and the ability to convince others.

These people are realists. They won’t waste their time on idle chatter or pointless reflections. Discipline means a great deal to them. And they are capable of critically evaluating their own skills and abilities.

Most prominent traits:

  • devoted;
  • conscientious;
  • down-to-earth;
  • cautious;
  • patient;
  • reliable;
  • disciplined;
  • persistent;
  • thoughtful;
  • sensible;
  • realistic.

Famous Taurians:

William Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, Leonardo da Vinci, Harry S. Truman, Salvador Dali, Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum, Al Pacino, Henry Cavill, Rosario Dawson.

Virgo ♍︎

Virgos always stand out thanks to their agile mind. But what’s even more important, it’s their desire to learn and to improve. They have an analytical brain and pay attention to the smallest details. Even in their mind, they have everything sorted out into categories so they can always use the information they need when necessary. Thanks to their inquisitiveness and diligence they read lots of books on a great many subjects. Of course, this significantly increases their level of intelligence. Unfortunately, they have something in common with Taurians. And this something is the incapability of putting their theoretical knowledge to practical use.

And still, Virgos are extremely practical people, with well-developed logical thinking. Their thoughts are always in perfect order which helps them to think and to act rationally.

Virgos are wise beyond their years, their brain develops quite fast. If they feel inspired by something, it won’t be a problem for them to master a new craft or skill. On the other hand, there’s that pesky propensity for impulsiveness. Sometimes they just give up half-way and forget about it.

These people have unbeatable memory. Along with their fast problem-solving and decision-making abilities, it makes learning so much easier for them.

Well-developed empathy is yet another sign of their high intelligence. Virgos feel others pretty well, so it’s not easy to deceive them. They are good at predicting things, as well as evaluating chances for success. Despite having an aptitude for mathematics, Virgos are also good at solving creative problems.

Most prominent traits:

  • intelligent;
  • analytical thinkers;
  • precise;
  • reasonable;
  • practical;
  • careful;
  • patient;
  • disciplined;
  • quick to adapt.

Famous Virgos:

Agatha Christie, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Michael Jackson, Keanu Reeves, Chris Pine, Zendaya, Martin Freeman, Salma Hayek, Beyonce, Tim Burton, Idris Elba.

Capricorn ♑︎

Capricorns are similar to Gemini in that they stand out not just thanks to the powerful intellect but thanks to wisdom. It’s easy to see for anyone who knows a Capricorn. Sure, it doesn’t come easy. They have to put a great deal of time and effort into absorbing knowledge and experience of people with a lot of life wisdom.

But they don’t do it just for the pleasure of it. Capricorns are vain and ambitious and this only motivates them to broaden their horizon and gain new knowledge. They would be there among the three champions if it were not for their reserved nature and weak intuition.

Capricorns are hardworking to the point of becoming workaholics. It’s not easy to run them off the rails and their sober approach for pretty much everything in life makes them quite self-sufficient. No wonder they prefer to rely on themselves only.

These people develop the habit of hoarding knowledge from an early age. They are patient and diligent enough to learn everything they need. The problem is they are truly insatiable when it comes to collecting information. Sometimes it does them more bad than good.

They have lots of goals and an endless amount of patience, which helps them in learning.

Most prominent traits:

  • sober-minded;
  • practical;
  • serious;
  • down-to-earth;
  • patient;
  • motivated;
  • self-sufficient.

Famous Capricorns:

Isaac Newton, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Poe, Jared Leto, Maggie Smith, Jim Carrey, Orlando Bloom, Bradley Cooper, Taye Diggs, Naveen Andrews, Diane Keaton, Jude Law, Kit Harington.

Analytical intellect

Libra ♎︎

Libras are quite well-developed in terms of intelligence. It’s just that because they are constantly doubting and questioning themselves they tend to underestimate their own abilities and potential. Besides, by and large, Libras are very “quiet” intellectuals. Even though they often are well-rounded, well-educated people, their activity is hardly noticeable to others.

These people are extremely interesting to talk to about anything in the world, from art to the economy. Unfortunately, their knowledge baggage doesn’t give them much aside from satisfaction.

Libras are well-balanced and open-minded people capable of taking a sound look at any situation or a person. Their intelligence is driven by creativity and the desire to make something new.

They justifiably deserve a place among the smartest zodiac signs but their path is rather art than logic. This doesn’t mean they are bad at logic though – and their intuition is quite powerful as well.

Making decisions sometimes takes a lot of time and energy but they are quite fast with witty responses.

While others might be panicking and thinking there’s no way out of their situation, Libras will calmly find a solution. Effortlessly even. They’ve got their own unique kind of perceptiveness: Libras see the whole picture and can easily find the source of trouble.

Most prominent traits:

  • persuasive;
  • diplomatic;
  • resourceful;
  • clever;
  • charismatic;
  • objective;
  • self-sufficient.

Famous Libras:

Oscar Wilde, Dwight Eisenhower, Margaret Thatcher, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Eminem, Caleb McLaughlin, Lena Headey, Liev Schreiber, Matt Bomer.

Emotional intellect

Cancer ♋︎

Cancers are walking treasure trove of knowledge flavored with life’s wisdom. Unfortunately, they don’t show it to others all that often. Their inherent reservedness and shyness don’t let them do that. However, if you really need some sensible advice, Cancers will happily share thor wisdom with you.

These children of the Moon have a keen memory. It’s often surprising how they are even able to remember all the things and names, even of those they went to elementary school with. And as a cherry on top, there’s a powerful intuition usual for each water sign. They often use it to find their way out of complicated situations.

Highly intuitive and perceptive, Cancers possess a top-level emotional intellect. Thanks to it they can read people and situations easily, always making the correct conclusions. Their instincts are quite well-developed too.

Whatever they do, Cancers have to rely on their own experience and collective effort. They work much better as a part of a team than alone. If you are looking for a great leader, you’ll hardly find anyone better than a Cancer. They are more than capable of managing a large group of people.

Most prominent traits:

  • practical,
  • level-headed;
  • intuitive;
  • self-sufficient;
  • sensible;
  • reasonable;
  • ambitious;
  • great leader;
  • sensitive.

Famous Cancers:

Ernest Hemingway, Rembrandt, Jared Padalecki, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Ariana Grande, Omar Epps, Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, Danay García, Tom Cruise.

Pisces ♓︎

Unlike many other people on this list, Pisces are all about emotions. They are just incapable of accumulating life experience. What they do is just go with the flow and stick to people who have more of that life experience than they do. And you know what? They feel absolutely comfortable doing that.

And still, it would be very wrong to say that Pisces are not smart or unsuited for dealing with life. Their imagination is incredibly well-developed and it helps them to survive in this harsh world. What’s more, their powerful intuition helps them to avoid trouble. When they learn how to use their strengths they can stay in perfect harmony with the world around them. And people do see them as very smart.

Pisces are very sharp-sighted and observant and they can listen. They absorb information like sponges and no secret will go past them unnoticed. Sometimes they are way too much into self-analysis. That can lead to some erroneous decisions but their intuition can always set them on the right track.

These people can really surprise you. They can become experts in any area but more often than not, they are too lazy, and that sets them back. They often spend energy on things that are not worth it. They swim with the stream without listening to anyone’s advice, even though people around them often take note of their special kind of intelligence.

Most prominent traits:

  • creative;
  • lively imagination;
  • intuitive;
  • emotional;
  • flexible;
  • adaptive;
  • curious;
  • inquisitive.

Famous Pisces:

Victor Hugo, Elizabeth Taylor, Albert Einstein, John Steinbeck, Jensen Ackles, Sharon Stone, Alan Rickman, Rihanna, Rachel Weisz, Queen Latifa, Vanessa Williams, Sophie Turner.


We all get our own gifts when we are born. Some of us are resourceful, others are shrewd and cunning, still, others are extremely brainy.

Astrology believes that zodiac signs under which we were born to affect our disposition and character, and even intellect.

And while each of the zodiac signs has its own kind of intelligence, some of them show signs of outstanding brilliance more often than others. This doesn’t mean that if you didn’t find yourself among the top three smartest zodiac signs, you can’t outmatch them in terms of intelligence.

Try to create a comfortable atmosphere at home full of positive, supportive energy. It will help you and your children learn better, grow better, both intellectually and spiritually.

It would also help to tune yourself to positive vibes and stop doubting yourself. After all, each one of us has special talents.

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