20 Positive & Negative Scorpio Personality Traits and Characteristics

Could you ever think that a Scorpio that often fights to death is an emotional and tender creature in reality? It is one of the reasons why representatives of this zodiac sign and people who surround them should be aware of Scorpio’s personality traits. In fact, these dangerous and dark personalities are tender deeply in their soul. You will agree that it is unpredictable information that must be considered and memorized.

Look: this article will focus on both positive and negative traits and characteristics of Scorpios as well as hint on how to relate to these unique people.

Scorpio Sign Overview

The eighth zodiac sign is called Scorpio. It is represented by the Scorpion symbol and unites all the people born in the period between October 23 and November 21. Despite being passionate and independent like other Fire signs, Scorpio belongs to Water signs. However, these characteristics can be explained by the ruling planets of this sign – Pluto and Mars (gods of Underworld and War respectively). The spirit color of this sign is black, and the main quality associated with it is fixed. All these and other features of this sign have left their print on traits and characteristics of Scorpio personalities, so it is time to have a closer look at them.

Scorpio Traits and Qualities

Courageous but at the same time tender, demanding but also emotional Scorpios combine such a variety of qualities that characterize absolutely different people it may seem. However, if to remember that these personalities experience inner conflict, it can explain why these deep and sensitive individuals become determined and persistent from time to time. Powered by such dark and mysterious planets representatives of this zodiac sign look outstanding among others, so even positive and negative qualities given to them by stars look confronting in some way.

Positive traits

Scorpio has united many positive traits of the Water signs with the power given by ruling planets, so it has features that seem impossible to combine in one person.

  1. Determination People born in the Sun of Scorpio are focused on their wishes. If they want something, nothing will be an obstacle on their way to the goal. Their intense inner power serves as an engine that drives them to the necessary destination. It is enough to make up their mind about anything and you will never hold them back in pursuit of their target.
  2. Courage Mars is a fearless god of War, so it is not surprising that this planet has provided these people with courage too. They are not afraid of dangerous situations and would be the first to agree on dealing with painstaking tasks.
  3. Loyalty Scorpio’s commitment to another person serves as a magnet. If they get accustomed to someone who gained their trust, they would stick to this person without any doubts and dedicate the whole self to him or her. They are faithful friends and reliable spouses who are not prone to betrayals.
  4. Honesty If you want to hear an honest response to your question, ask a person born in the middle of fall. Undoubtedly, Scorpios tell the truth even if it is not pleasant. They can stand cheating and remain honest both with themselves and the people who surround them.
  5. Ambitions If you are a Scorpio, you will never be satisfied with everything you possess. These individuals do not spot any limits and frames – they pave their ways to the goals set no matter how unbelievable they are. They are determined and single-minded, so there is no sense to doubt their possibilities.
  6. Passion If the Scorpion likes someone or something, it is almost impossible to ruin this passion. Moreover, this trait can be clearly seen in sexual relationships where these people look for physical pleasures and take control of everything.
  7. Persistence The relentless nature of the Scorpions helps them to knock the world if they wish. They move towards their goal step by step and never lose the belief to get to the top. Moreover, they are very intelligent people who always find flexible solutions on their way.
  8. Curiosity The impact of Pluto has reflected on such an interesting trait of the Scorpions like curiosity. They are never satisfied with the portion of the information they know or are shared. Being interested in anything they would look for more details no matter what it costs to them. They are highly attracted to mysteries, puzzles, secrets, and do not mind other people’s precautions trying to solve or learn more about them.
  9. Independence The Scorpion is not ready to obey for a long time, so they hurry to become independent very much. They do not need help from others and do their best to live separately as early as possible.
  10. Emotions Being a Water sign Scorpio is deeply sensitive. Though he or she will never show their emotions in the public, they might experience a lot but keep everything inside. They try to protect their feelings and prevent seeming vulnerable too.

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Negative traits

Not all qualities granted by stars and planets contribute to their success. Some of them can be devastating and influence their plans and life from the negative side.

  1. Jealousy Every feeling the Scorpion has is very intense. It means that an inability to achieve some goals as fast as others do makes them get jealous and envious. Moreover, this feeling gets so intense that it starts eating them from inside like a worm. Unfortunately, they treat many life situations as a competition and any loss impacts them significantly.
  2. Conceal Keeping much in secret is traditional for representatives of this sign. They keep their mouth shut if they plan anything and may share this information only when the goal is reached. Even their honesty does not allow them to show others possible vulnerability of theirs, so they keep all their plans and ideas behind closed doors. They build strategies and complete their awesome missions on their own.
  3. Resentment Their competitive nature makes every loss or underachievement real trouble. As a result, the Scorpions take any offense or betrayal personally and can hold a grudge for years, so any resentment towards others from them has a reason and basement, undoubtedly.
  4. Control Despite their hatred of being controlled by other people, Scorpios do not mind setting frames and keeping everyone under their thumb. They need to control everything and everyone making others rebel against this annoying trait.
  5. Stubbornness Determination is a good quality until it transforms into unbearable stubbornness. It is clear that Scorpios stick to their own principles but their inability to compromise and listen to advice is not that good. It is difficult for them to make themselves try something new or admit a viewpoint that is better or more reasonable than their own.
  6. Possessiveness This quality is especially clearly seen when the Scorpion has romantic relationships with someone. Any hint on more attention paid to another person starts another contest for Scorpio personality, while a person next to the representative of this sign has to experience excessive protection and control too.
  7. Domination The Scorpions are not ready to be in the second place, they need leading positions in everything. They disapprove of being controlled but try to dominate in different types of relationships no matter whether they are romantic or friendly. Consequently, such pressure may discourage other people from people of this astrological sign.
  8. Caution One of the main traits of a Scorpio is being cautious with other people. They never let new people very close to them and might test their reliability and honesty at the very beginning of relationships. If a person does not meet expectations, he or she will be probably crossed off their lives.
  9. Brusquerie Scorpion makes many actions suddenly. You may think that these actions are spontaneous, but in fact, he or she analyzes the situation very carefully before acting abruptly.
  10. Intimidation Another quality resulted from the impact of the Mars planet is keeping others in intimidation. It is the best way to regain control and prevent a sudden attack for Scorpio.

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Characteristics of Scorpio

The description of traits and qualities is not enough to understand what one or another person is like in different life situations. Therefore, it is difficult to guess how Scorpios behave in romantic relationships, with friends, at work, etc. considering only the pros and cons of their character. At the same time, years of analysis and observations helped to find out the most common characteristics of these people and here are some of them.


Passionate is the best word to describe the Scorpion in love. They stick to the traditional representation of relationships and express their love and feelings to their beloved with pleasure. If they get nothing in return, there are many chances that these relationships have no future.

When they fall in love with another person, they can sacrifice much and be devoted and faithful. These are honest people who protect people they appreciate and look for a smart partner to have common grounds for discussion.

When it comes to intimate life with the Scorpion, don’t be surprised that all the control is usually taken by representatives of this sign. They are very active in bed and would happily please their partners too.


Scorpios protect their family members and usually make strict parents for their kids. They are very concerned as to children’s upbringing and may set too strict limits sometimes. It may be difficult for them to express their love because of that too.

The description of kids born in the Sun of this zodiac sign would seem perfect for many parents. These are silent and obedient children who can’t stand out anger and harshness. They are often attached to their families and often take after their parents even choosing the profession.


As it was already mentioned, it is not easy to gain the trust of the Scorpions who offer many tests to people they want to let closer. However, when you pass through this challenge, you will get a loyal and faithful friend next to you. They are very helpful and sociable, so there are no chances to get bored with them. They appreciate authenticity and sense of humor in their friends as well as treat their friends as family members.


Studying does not appeal to the Scorpion if the topic is not close to him. There are high chances that this person will distract others and look for funnier activities at this time. However, the resourcefulness of these personalities allows them to remember new information easily and for long periods of time. They are full of energy and can study all night long if they need it. Being fond of puzzles and mysteries they enjoy looking for interesting solutions and would prefer studying alone in silence.


The competitive nature of Scorpios reflects on their career ladder too. They always struggle for promotion and are determined to achieve this goal in any possible way. It means that they put much effort to complete tasks well and want to be respected in return. They are very effective employees if they need to make service to others, but they hate supervision too.
They can build a great career path in non-profit and human services, medicine, organizational development, etc.

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If Scorpio runs a business, he is a strict boss who controls every aspect. He considers following the rules of utmost importance and demands excellent results from every subordinate. These people can succeed in businesses in the following spheres: restaurant, finance, health, investigation, social service, marketing, etc.

Compatibility with other signs

One of the main questions that interest Scorpios in their astrology sign is their compatibility with other signs. Despite being a fierce enemy of Aries, Scorpio can boast excellent relationships and understanding with:

  • Cancer;
  • Pisces;
  • Taurus;
  • Capricorn.

Advice for a Scorpio

The Scorpion is a versatile zodiac sign that might find it difficult to struggle with its negative side. However, it is possible to minimize the impact of the downfalls following these pieces of advice:

  • Try to control only those areas of people’s lives that are considered acceptable: like work, for example;
  • Express your emotions to the people you trust because it is impossible to keep everything inside;
  • Communicate with people who are witty and easy-going;
  • Learn to forgive and trust people;
  • Don’t consider every challenge in life competition and admit the possibility to lose sometimes;
  • Listen to other people and analyze their words – sometimes they can give you useful advice;
  • Pave your way to success with the help of someone else – it can be easier to share difficulties with another person.

Tips for Relating to Scorpio

Do you live with the Scorpion and experience difficulties in relating to him? Can’t you find a key to the heart of this sign representative? Consider the following tips to get a better understanding of Scorpio’s nature.

  • Stand your ground to get respect from the Scorpion;
  • Be patient being tested for reliability and trust;
  • Honesty is the best policy;
  • Calm down these people if they go harsh and critical;
  • Support Scorpio in his way to the goal – this person will appreciate that;
  • Remember that their emotional nature requires understanding and nurturing.

Famous Scorpios

Astrology is popular science that might tell many secrets about yourself and others, so many celebrities turn to professionals for their personal horoscopes. Let’s see who from famous people will prefer to read Scorpio horoscope first of all being a representative of this sign.

Famous Scorpios

  • Pablo Picasso – artist
  • Hillary Clinton – wife of the US president
  • Bill Gates – billionaire
  • Julia Roberts – actress
  • Matthew McConaughey – actor
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – actor
  • Whoopi Goldberg – actress
  • Marie Antoinette – queen
  • Katy Perry – singer
  • Anne Hathaway – actress
  • Emma Stone – actress


Often mistaken for being a Fire sign Scorpio zodiac turns out to be a highly sensitive and emotional one. Naturally, these people never show their emotions in public, so everyone considers them strong, confident, and determined. However, people who know representatives of this sign should remember that despite the rule of two powerful planets it remains a Water sign, so they can feel absolutely happy only when their senses are fully satisfied.

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