Positive & Negative Sagittarius Personality Traits and Characteristics

What is this centaur with a bow and arrow? Where is he aiming? We are talking about Sagittarius – the 9th sign in the zodiac circle. Born in late autumn, almost in winter, this zodiac personage is influenced by the Fire element, and the ground always burns under his feet. In general, the representatives of this sign are very nice people, but they also have drawbacks, of course.

Let’s delve into details, and find out more about Sagittarius’ traits and characteristics as well as other things that make them who they are. No matter whether you were born under this sign yourself or want to get to know better someone close to you, this blog post will provide you with all the nuggets of truth.

Sagittarius Sign Overview

The period of the sign lasts from November 23 to December 22. Some other sources indicate other dates – from November 22 to December 21.

sagittarius sign

Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Quality: mutable
Symbol: archer, Centaurus, stars, thumb up
Talisman: horseshoe, salamander
Amulet: pet (Labrador or Golden Retriever)
Talisman birthstone: amethyst helps find harmony, happiness, and love; sapphire helps reach the goals and brings success in work and business; emerald strengthens health and calms the nervous system.
Flower: carnation, narcissus, cornflower
Plants / Aromas: marjoram, grapefruit, nutmeg, black pepper
Magic foods: olives, olive oil, walnuts, quinoa, and amaranth
Colour: blue, violet, purple
Metal: zinc, tinplate
Favourable day of the week: Thursday
Lucky numbers: 3 (all numbers that divide by three), 4, 7
Motto: I see
Alternative motto: Honesty is the best policy!

When it comes to physical appearance, it’s necessary to add that Sagittarians stand out for wide-open eyes, hips, and butt.

Sagittarius is a male sign that’s why people born under it are very strong-willed and courageous. These people are leaders in nature. They always rush somewhere and do not want to miss a thing. Being a child of the Fire Element, the glorious story of his life must be with a twinkle. The protective planet – Jupiter wants to be proud of those who are under its wardship. Sagittarians need to constantly expand their own boundaries, experiment, and aim for the great.

In general, these Centaurus are the embodiment of indomitable energy, full of cool brilliant ideas, and desire to become better every day.

Sagittarius Traits and Qualities

At first sight, it seems that there are no drawbacks to these people. They are so nice and attractive. Nothing foretells troubles. Is it really so?

Positive traits

cute guy

If you are at the party and see someone who is greeting everyone, chatting with enthusiasm, then making a speech on the stage, then singing, this is definitely Sagittarius. You couldn’t make a mistake.

Among the main positive traits of the representatives of this constellation are curiosity, activity, and the desire for new experiences. Sagittarius never sit still, they are active, crazy about adventures, and are prone to risk. These people are multifaceted and ambitious, trying to reach goals in any case. Give them an opportunity and they grab it with enthusiasm and full dedication. Everything that can broaden their horizons and make an outlook wider entices and captivates them.

Despite their tireless ardour and rebellious nature, they are deep thinkers. Crazy about philosophical ponderings, and try to intellectualize everything.

Sagittarius is very sociable and friendly. After communicating with these passionate people, there is always a very good feeling. People are infected with a little twinkle in Centaurus’ eyes. Excessively honest and straightforward. However, here is a double-edged sword: they can be both praised and scolded for these traits.

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Negative traits

bad guy

As we have just said, straightforwardness is not always a good thing. Sagittarius openly express his opinion without embellishment, and can offend others by chance. To be honest, they usually do not want to hurt anyone. They just can’t conceal the truth and feel it their duty to publicly express an honest point of view. Because of this manner of communication, Centaurus is often considered rude and ill-mannered.
Sagittarius is restless and unstable. He can be easily carried away and also quickly cool down to new things. Prone to professional burnout, because they take up 100 affairs at once and can not bring everything to the end. Energy is wasted, enthusiasm is dying away. Representatives of this sign may fall into melancholy or even depression if someone restricts their freedom.

These people tend to philosophize all the time and try to find an explanation for everything. In addition, they often idealize everything, and themselves too. Being so interested in conforming to their ideals, they sometimes become very disappointed because of the imperfection of the world.

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Characteristics of Sagittarius

We have just familiarized ourselves with the positive and negative traits of Sagittarius. Let’s move on to clarifying his patterns of behaviour in different life areas. What are Sagittarius like in love, family, friendship, career? Find out the answers.


lovely couple

People born under this zodiac sign are known for free spirit and thirst for travel. At first sight, it seems they are not made for long-term relationships and do not want to tie themselves with obligations. Basically, they really do not like to be attached to anyone, but still, try to find a soulmate.

As you see, they are full of contradictions, and there is an explanation for this. Their symbol is a centaur – a half-man and a half-horse, therefore, animal instincts and spirituality are in a constant fight.

Sagittarius rushes headlong in a relationship. Everything is needed at once. It is almost impossible to maintain such a crazy temper all the time. That is why he quickly “burns out”, and flees the relationship. They adore flirting, it boosts their inner power and inspires.

This fiery nature likes to play with fire. Someone who can cool them down, and show the other side of the relationship – a serious one, is the best partner. When it comes to real love, Sagittarius is usually dazzled and prone to idealize their soulmate. He tries to see the potential in him and help this potential come to light.

If someone wants to conquer this indefatigable seeker of adventures, it’s necessary to spiritually get closer to him. But do not forget: he prefers “life together”, but he must feel free and independent, at the same time.


To build a strong family with this fire child, you need to convince him that marriage does not mean giving up everything that he values. If you share his beliefs and aspirations, he will willingly connect his fate with yours.

Enthusiasm and optimism will be the basis of your family life. Staying in a constant search for new adventures, there is no time for boredom. A partner can completely trust his beloved Centaurus, although sometimes he can surprise with very extravagant actions.

Sagittarius does not cling to a particular place, and can even easily change cities and countries. At the same time, he adores comfort and home decorations. He loves to spend money, and marriage does not eradicate this habit. After making a relationship official, his priorities are aimed at home and family.

When it comes to kids, a female Sagittarius is a good mother. She is wise and understanding, therefore, children feel very comfortable with her. Meanwhile, such mothers can be very demanding, they always find a lot of activities for their children.

In a word, try to assure Centaurus that you will not change after the wedding, and he’s yours.


People adore Sagittarius, therefore, he has a lot of different friends. Some of them are for adventures, others for intellectual discussions, someone third is for intimate talks. He is endowed with the ability to find a common language with anyone he comes across, regardless of age, education, profession, or level of culture.

This fellow is always in the center of events, so you find him where a crowd of people gather. Having a cheerful temper, he chooses friends according to their attitude to entertainment and adventures but not according to their moral or intellectual qualities. However, it does not mean he accepts everyone to his social circle. He does not choose smart people only, the society of intellectuals makes him get bored. Therefore, his friendship is often superficial and does not withstand serious tests. He prefers precisely this kind of communication to closer and long ties. Nevertheless, he can find friends for life if they accept his changeable nature and do not tell him off for this. Today he is here, and tomorrow he is there. The main thing you need to take into account if you really want to keep friendship with Sagittarius – don’t press on him, and love him for who he is.

These zodiac energizers are very charming and draw inspiration from flirting. That’s why they often remain friends with former lovers and prefer male company.


It seems like this representative of a zodiac circle is the most curious one. He never ceases studying, broadening his outlook, and consolidating knowledge. You can’t force him to learn something, you just need to spark an interest or let him know what he can achieve with this knowledge. If Sagittarius is interested in something, then he will unearth everything that can only be found on this issue. Using methods and deep knowledge taken from one area, they easily transfer it to other ones.

They can be both straight-A students if they like the subject and slackers if it does not provoke any interest. Sagittarius is a virtuoso of a symbolic language. The eloquence is his strength. He can distract you with such a smooth talk so that you won’t understand that he has never the material discussed.

Parents must not impose university, courses, or faculty to Sagittarius, allow him to choose himself or just slightly push to the desirable decision.

They are good at learning foreign languages, so often study somewhere abroad.


man in front of the computer

The combination of intelligence and purposeful nature makes good leaders from these rebels. He appreciates freedom, therefore, he always tries to avoid being subordinate to anyone. As managers, they are quite fair but very exacting. As for the work itself, these people take it seriously and are very responsible and crazy about the result. You can charge them everything, and be sure that he will finish the task, the question is – when. This factor must be taken into account because Sagittarius does not like rushing but likes to bring everything to perfection.

Sagittarius seeks to choose such a profession that can bring him both a solid position and tangible earnings. Also, he wants to get reward for his efforts, at least verbal. Moreover, he always knows in advance how much he estimates his work.

To cut a long story short, Sagittarius should be entrusted with such a thing that lets them be autonomous, independent of others and make decisions individually.

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In general, this zodiac sign knows how to run a business if there is a big idea behind it. Sagittarius is always responsible for the mission, vision but he hates routine and small details. They need a business partner who will deal with all the details. A particularly valuable contribution to the development of their business will be made by a good finance specialist.

If Sagittarius really believes in the affair, his energy and enthusiasm are unstoppable. He is ready to work from morning till night, so as not to interrupt the process and not frighten off the “muse”. Creating a company, he must know exactly why and who needs his product or service. He constantly strives to make the world a better place, that’s why the types of businesses that correspond to this mission become successful.
These half-men and half-horses are happy while able to look for new business opportunities. However, if circumstances limit them, Sagittarius’s resources fade.

They can really do the impossible. Just let them take time and you will see how they flourish.

Compatibility with other signs

friends hands

Despite the fact that these sociable people can get along well with everyone, it does not mean everyone pleases them. No, this is not the hypocrisy case. There is just a difference between finding a common language and being compatible. Let’s have a look.


The strength of Aries, the energy of movement, and the steady striving forward entice Sagittarius. Cheerful and never bored, Aries is a good partner for him.

Two representatives of the Fire element can move mountains. Sometimes Aries presses upon this freedom-loving fellow but, in his turn, Sagittarius knows how to fight back.


The union is initially devoid of harmony, no matter how promising the first meeting is. Practicality and Taurus’ sober look at the world attract Sagittarius, and at the same time, his earthliness and attachment to the material side of life annoy him. A sexual attraction often arises between these signs. However, something bigger is pure science fiction.


Sagittarius and Gemini are two opposite signs. But does this not explain their attraction to each other? This union is not simple, but very exciting. Even if it does not go far, it often remains one of the most striking love affairs in the life of each of the partners. They both love freedom and therefore do not limit each other. Different points of view often provoke debates but all in all, this ends well.


The centaur is attracted by the deep emotionality and sensuality of Cancer, and Cancer is attracted by the life energy of Sagittarius. At first glance, they complement each other but later comes confrontation. The opposite elements will never understand each other to the fullest. No matter how hard they try.


This is the best partner for Centaurus. These two belong to the same element, therefore, they perfectly understand each other and get along so well. Leo’s self-confidence and the vivid character allure this archer when Leo adores his immediacy and optimism.


Fate itself brings these two together very often. Virgo is Sagittarius’ common sense, helper, and the right hand if you like. Virgo is always subordinate to Centaurus, but not every Virgo will tolerate his leadership. Complexity and misunderstanding do not allow this alliance to develop normally.


Libra is a non-conflict sign. They like warm, hassle-free relationships. In addition, representatives of related elements – Fire and Air – will always be able to understand each other. There is a chance to build a good relationship. Libra will bring balance to the life of this restless, and it is beneficial to him even if he does not notice tangible results.


This compatibility is explosive. Each of the partners will find here how to tickle the nerves: there will be plenty of emotions and passions. Sagittarius considers Scorpio too secretive, jealous, “on his mind.” Scorpio is annoyed by the Centaur’s desire to be everywhere and catch everything. However, this couple has a chance to get used to each other’s traits and settle down.


Two fire signs are equally ambitious and power-hungry. They feel it in each other, and, what is more, like the same things. Who can better understand and share the love of freedom if not the fellow? Soulmates to the core!


If desired, this compatibility can be realized in a very profitable business or creative spirit. The main thing is that partners are not competitors, but friends and associates. Capricorn is too serious compared to his crazy horoscope forerunner. However, something may turn out.


Aquarius brings sparks of inspiration to the life of this “always on-the-go”. Centaurs enjoy the openness of Aquarius and the desire for friendly communication. They have a lot of common interests and can discuss something for hours. There is a place for friendship with love carried through the years and long-lasting passion due to the interaction of the Fire and Air elements.


They are definitely from different planets. The compatibility of Sagittarius and Pisces can be more with business and creative bias than love and family. It is quite difficult for them to be together for a long time. However, they can be very productive and inspire each other in short periods.

Pieces of Advice for a Sagittarius

We are not sure that he will take any pieces of advice into account. He is used to making decisions himself no matter what it may concern. However, you’ll never know until you try. Astrology recommends:

  • Try to keep your mouth shut even if you desire to open someone’s eyes to the truth. Not all people need to know it.
  • Stop demonstrating your pathos, putting yourself above the rest.
  • Do you best not to play on people’s feelings. If you are going to set off on a new journey tomorrow, do not promise forever love to a new acquaintance.
  • Instead of endless self-analysis and desire to find an explanation for everything, you’d better enjoy life to the fullest as you can.
  • Being a know-it-all, it’s not necessary to constantly show off your knowledge.
  • Do not react to criticism like mad. It’s okay not to be always right, you know.

7 Tips for Relating to Sagittarius

Centaurus knows how to draw attention, captivate, and drive people crazy. If you have fallen under his spell, it is useful to know how not to frighten him away.

pen in the hand

  • Give him freedom of action and do not let him get bored. Otherwise, he will run away.
  • Be bold, optimistic, and strive for adventures, travels, and new experiences.
  • He especially appreciates the openness of character in people, even if they are supporters of opposing views. The ability to boldly and clearly express your opinion will increase your rating.
  • Do not be upset when his views and actions change every minute. His changeable nature does not allow him to sit still. They only thing you can do – accept it.
  • Allow them to flirt. Believe it, if everything is good between you two, flirting will never go further.
  • You should cultivate your mind and keep up with self-development. Centaurus is crazy about it himself, and would be content if his partner shares his thirst.
  • You should not only take part in the implementation of his crazy projects but also provide him with ideas. He appreciates when close people are interested in his affairs. And not just in words.

Famous Sagittarius people

Here are world-famous people born under this zodiac sign.


Females: Miley Cyrus, Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, Christina Aguilera, Milica Jovović, Zoe Kravitz

Males: Brad Pitt, Ridley Scott, Jay-Z, Bruce Lee, Sir Winston Churchill


The ninth representative of the zodiac circle is an independent, strong, and powerful person. Being always in action and without an ability to sit still, he’s difficult to catch. Having just found out all the necessary information about the archer, you can understand this person and play in accordance with his rules. Let no obstacles frighten you!

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