All you Need to Know About the Pisces Woman

Floating in the world of fantasies and illusions, Pisces woman is a quiet calm, dreamy, and fragile soul. Her strength is in her weakness. However, do not let yourself fall under a delusion. Despite her graceful appearance, Pisces woman often has a very strong inner core.

She may appear before you in the guise of a mythical mermaid or a magical goldfish if you manage to find the right approach namely to this unearthly nature. This charming female is an interesting riddle, and we are going to get down to solving it.

I will lead you through all characteristics, personality traits of Pisces woman as well as share the tips and tricks on how to win her favor and become an integral part of her wondrous world.

The Pisces Woman

lady smelling flowers

The Water element determines the variability and instability of the Pisces zodiac sign. The constellation of Pisces is controlled by Jupiter and Neptune, and therefore the duality of their character is ensured from birth. This inscrutable lady is out of this world that’s why she prefers a real one to her own, fantasy world. She can feel secure and at ease only there. They say: “She is not a human being, flesh and blood! She is a magical piece of art!” I have nothing against it. The Piscean female is multilayer. When it seems that you finally know the representatives of this sign inside out, it just seems. Get ready for surprises.

All in all, let’s try to put the behavior of this mystical priestess into words, sorting out her positive and negative sides.

Positive and negative sides

So, what are her angels and devils?

Positive traits of the Pisces woman:

  • Inner depth
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Excessive sensitivity
  • Charm
  • Politeness
  • Delicacy
  • Suppleness
  • Vivid imagination
  • Feminity

As far as you, Pisces woman is the embodiment of female energy and a source of inspiration. To imagine such a lady, remember the type from the historical novels of the last centuries. Noble knights were fighting for the heart and favor of such a woman – touching vulnerability in the flesh.

Negative traits of the Pisces woman:

  • Indecisiveness
  • Changeability
  • Closed nature
  • Helplessness
  • Acceptance of conformism
  • Apathy
  • Vulnerability
  • Dependence
  • Excessive indulging in fantasies
  • Idealism

Despite 10 bullet points with so-called negative traits, the female Pisces knows how to make a whole performance out of her shortcomings. Closed nature pushes men to explore and tirelessly discover her personality to get to the bottom of her essence. Vulnerability prompts the representatives of strong sex to take care of their fragile princesses. The helplessness of the Pisces woman awakens the instincts of a protector.

In addition, Pisces, like no other sign, are divided into two types – bright and convinced idealists, sensitive and dreamy people who are ready for real deeds, when another type – parasitic time-servers who speculate on their apparent weakness.

Pisces woman characteristics

Here we will walk through different areas of life and find out typical patterns of behavior of Pisces woman.


couple near the river

Love and romantic relationship is the basis in the life of the Pisces woman. Most of her life is inextricably linked with feelings or their absence. Love gives her strength and desire to move further. The partner she adores and his good attitude help her feel complete and happy. Female Pisces is prone to idealize her hero and endows him with a superpower. She admires him, praises in public, and gladly caters to all his whims.

You should know: she is ready to full-heartedly devote herself to her chosen one if he has earned her trust. Just give what she needs, feel her, and this charming spirit will exceed your expectations.

Pisces woman in love honestly believes that deep affection is the main engine to make life a pleasant adventure. Who am I to contradict?


Pisces woman has an incredible effect on men. She literally lures them into her ocean. Usually, she is very modest, calm, and speaks little. Men are eager to look deeper into her soul and solve all her mysteries. Her charm is in naturalness, the desire to be led, dependent, and supple. I can boldly call Pisces the most romantic sign of the zodiac circle. Therefore, she adores all these sensitive dates on the roof, parties with jazz live music, dances in the moonlight, candlelit dinners, and so on. Small gestures matter that’s why take your time and find our about her favorite flowers, poetry, chocolate flavor that make her heart melt.

Keep in mind that Pisces Woman is a water sign. So, walks on the beach, breakfast overlooking the river, and all the activities near the water resonate with her.


couple in the kitchen

It is very necessary for this zodiacal fish not only to get love but also to give it in response. She knows well what she can offer, and it’s quite a lot. Now it’s man’s turn to prove that he is worthy of her. The relationship with Pisces woman is very emotional, sensitive and full of feelings. If she is already pretty close with her partner, this lady will never keep all her discontent inside. When she is not satisfied, a man should get ready for an emotional outburst. To avoid sharp edges, a partner in a relationship with Pisces woman should be calm enough, restrained, and moderately emotional, so as not to give in to constant challenges from his woman.

All in all, she is an adept of a long-lasting relationship. A one-night stand is not her story.


All in her life is tied up on emotions. Sex is not an exception. The sexual act is something more elevated for her than just meeting the physical needs. Her tendency to fantasize is expressed in creating fantastical settings in the bedroom for carnal pleasures: outer space, enchanted forest, blooming meadow, etc. The ambiance helps unleash her imagination and feel completely at ease. Being quite submissive, Pisces woman tries to please her partner in every way possible. When she sees that he is satisfied, it lifts her up, and she easily reaches an orgasm.

Courtship and compliments whet her appetite and make her too excited. She is capable of giving you slices of heaven in bed if you learn to tickle her ear. Literally and figuratively.



Despite fragility and naivety, Pisces woman is crazy about control. Not because she does not trust you, it is simply very important for her to know that she is the only one. As soon as her chosen one manages to prove that he is credible, she will be ready to get married. This girl will try very hard to make her wedding the way she painted in her fantasies. You remember that we are dealing with an extremely romantic nature, don’t you? She will soar in a delicate wedding dress like a fairy, charming her husband more and more. It’s obvious that the marriage of convenience is not the option here, only unearthly love can prompt her to make such an important decision – to join together forever and ever.

Home life

It happens quite often that she lays all responsibility for solving family and domestic problems on her husband. Just because he is a man so he must be the chief. Her task as mistress to create a home, pleasing with warmth and comfort, and she successfully makes it. She genuinely loves her house but will never give herself completely to day-to-day stuff. If she wants to float in her made-up world now, she will. Unwashed dishes and dirty clothes can wait while she is ready to get down to them. By the way, other people will never even think that she can let herself neglect housework now and again. Pisces woman is an excellent hostess. She is pleased to invite and feed guests, rather than direct all her culinary fervor exclusively to her family members. In her case, it’s not a performance to show off. Cozy gatherings in a circle of nice people in her nest give her energy and inspiration.


Her mission in the family is to enrich the life of a man, give wise pieces of advice, cook deliciously, and live beautifully. Everything else is a man’s concern. As for family values, Pisces take them seriously. However, it turns out very often that these women build their families according to the established model based on how they were brought up.

She unconsciously copies her parents’ behavior patterns and wants them to work in her own family. All you need to know about Pisces woman is that this is a very caring person, therefore, she is endowed with a colossal maternal instinct by nature. Pisces do not force their children to anything, often giving them complete freedom

Mom-Fish is a bosom friend for children, and they, in turn, trust her all the secrets, even in adult life.


guys in the office

She uses an intuitive approach more often than rational when it comes to career. Work for money is not for her. She needs to feel comfortable and tasks should correspond to her internal rhythm.

Subtle, talented natures can realize themselves in creative professions. It is the sign of poets, artists, and musicians. This lady can also realize herself well in teaching and charity. It should be borne in mind that the representatives of this sign find inspiration in serving people. Therefore, you can often meet nurses, astrologers, yogis among them. Anyway, when she truly enjoys the activity, she will be devoted to it to the fullest.

Pisces woman doesn’t strive for assuming the executive position. They are diligent and responsible performers, and it meets their internal needs.


In spite of being well-known as a soft-bodied person, Pisces woman may succeed in creating her own business. Provided that the idea of it really kindles her, and she will be able to delegate operational activities to someone else. She dreams and generates ideas. Her partner should be more down to earth and take over the realization and implementation of her inventions.
This lady with fins has well-developed intuition, and it will help her not to make disastrous steps.

Partnering with the signs of the Fire element, she can achieve massive success. They will not let her give up and keep a fire burning.


Pisces is a friend for life. As soon as she opens before someone, she will be a faithful and reliable friend. Being very emotional and compassionate, she is always ready to listen to you, support, and help by any means. Pisces woman is a lifesaver who usually pulls her friends out of the mud. This female is a happy person at heart and wishes everyone around her to be as lucky and satisfied.

Now and again she prefers to spend time isolated and away from people. Do not try to get her to talk or drag her out. She will decide when appropriate and get out herself.

Usually, she has few friends, but these people are 100% trustworthy. A zodiac fish likes to be in the company with bright and energetic ladies. She becomes infected with their optimism and zeal. Her inherent phlegmatic mood vanishes into thin air immediately.

Break up

Parting for Pisces is a huge problem. They may feel uncomfortable in this relationship, understanding that something is going wrong, but they are silent. They wait until the last minute, avoiding an unpleasant conversation. The first reason is they are never sure whether they have made the right decision. The second reason is the Piscean does not want to hurt anyone.

By the way, divorces occur also quite often in the couple with Pisces woman. She had idealized her man, and in family life, he turned out to be totally different.

Astrology says that after the break up, Pisces tend to return to their ex in emergency situations.

Understanding Pisces woman

dreamy girl

Understanding Pisces woman equals to pure science fiction. Nevertheless, it’s possible. To deserve her favor is not an easy task but it is worth it.

Here are some secret recipes to help you in this tough affair:

  • You can seduce the Pisces girl by attention and gentleness. She demands a careful and filigree attitude towards herself. To push or force is absolutely contraindicated.
  • Do you remember that she is crazy about giving love and serving? Allow her to cajole you, and let this female know that her point of view is taken into account and she is being listened to.
  • Avoid nagging at her for being up in the clouds. Pisces woman is very vulnerable and touchy. Any minor detail can upset her. For example, your jibes regarding her lust for fantasies and total immersion into her thoughts.
  • Romantic surprises win her over. Such gestures from a man’s side mean a lot for Pisces woman. Surprise, conquer, pamper, and she will reward you with a calm, comfortable, joyful life.
  • One day you can deal with fury instead of a quiet, submissive, non-conflict woman. Try to be more attentive to her words, small grievances, and remarks to prevent yourself from a scandal and unpleasant scenario.

No matter whether you’re her friend, husband, or child, be caring, support, and appreciate her. What is more, make her believe that she’s not alone in this turbulent world, and there is always a broad shoulder at her disposal to cry or lean on.

The man she needs

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Lady Pisces is one of the most faithful and devoted in the zodiac circle. She can turn mountains for the sake of the person who she adores. This woman falls in love easily and is often torn between two men.

A vulnerable, sensual person consistently seeks prince through life. A romantic attitude to the search for the chosen one often leads to drama and parting with men who are not as noble as she was dreaming of.

The hero of the Pisces woman is too attentive and caring. He needs to give his words and deeds more romance and even mysticism. In addition, he should does his best not to disappoint his girlfriend or wife.

Maintain trepidation and tenderness of the first dates as long as possible. They have a magical appeal for Pisces woman.

The ideal man for this lady is someone who does not put pressure on her but, at the same time, guides her and periodically takes from the world of illusions and reveries.

Piscean woman strives for a complete merger with a loved one. Remember, guys, do not step back from her in any case. She will immediately start feeling abandoned and unnecessary. And this, you know, is fraught with consequences

Compatibility with other signs

zodiac signs bricks


Aries and Pisces have a huge number of differences – from temperaments to life goals. The male Aries will drag her off to the places she doesn’t want and need to go at all. Such situations will lead to misunderstandings and frequent conflicts. The compatibility of these signs is from the realm of fantasy.


Taurus is a pretty generous man. Horoscope says that it is within his grasp to provide the kind of life the Pisces woman needs. Taurus also enjoys the company of Pisces and is ready to endlessly comprehend their rich inner world.


According to statistics, the alliance of Pisces and Gemini is fragile and does not exist for a long time. While Pisces woman lives with deep feelings, the frivolous Gemini relies on facts and reality. Gemini’s pace of life is too fast for Pisces who needs time to stand still a little bit more.


Both signs are emotional and prone to feel more often than reasonably assume control of life. Therefore, Cancer and Pisces understand each other perfectly. At the same time, Cancer is more practical and down to earth, and Pisces is more dreamy. All in all, they harmoniously complement each other, though everyone has to make certain concessions.


To create a harmonious and happy alliance, people who represent two diametrically opposite elements will have to work hard. Pisces lives within themselves, while Leo trusts external manifestations more. Nevertheless, these two counterbalance each other. Self-confident Leos bring passion and power into the relationship, and Pisces do not allow the intensity of emotions to destroy it.


Pisces is certain that everything in the world is inextricably linked and intertwined, and Virgo lives in a clear reality. They perceive life differently, and this might be a stumbling point on the way to a harmonious relationship.


They are both time-servers. Neither Pisces nor Libra will take the initiative to change something around. Both of them are constantly waiting for decisiveness from each other, but neither one nor the other has it.


At first sight, it seems that Pisces and Scorpio are very different. They are! However, their differences are rather harmonious supplements than contradictions. This is an extraordinary alliance where the connection resembles mystical coincidence. And I will say more. Scorpio is an excellent lover who can help the Piscean woman reveal.


Pisces woman will irritate active Sag with her passive approach to life. He has no time to wait until she is ready for taking actions. He flees headlong through life, leaving perplexed Pisces behind. These two can effectively collaborate in business but both will have a hard time in the family, despite chemistry and sexual attraction.


Capricorn is an excellent protector for Pisces woman. She needs someone to treat her exactly this way. The feelings and thoughts of Pisces and Capricorns are largely the same. Thanks to this, it is easy for them to maintain a relationship, it does not require excessive effort.


Aquarius is too cool and detached for sensual Pisces. Aquarians also deeply feel the nature of things, but their restless spirit does not allow them to bear silent judgments. Sooner or later, the interaction will turn into torment.


They can easily agree, make mutual concessions, and will not notice minor insults. However, there is a lot of chaos in their relationship, and someone third is needed to put everything in place. The realities of life are the main difficulties of this union.


In the right hands, the Pisces woman soars like a bird through heaven. Even though she used to float in the ocean made of her illusions. Surround her with warmth and care, and she, in turn, will do everything possible to make you the happiest person on the planet.

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