20 Positive & Negative Pisces Personality Traits and Characteristics

The last but not the least. This quote describes the Pisces zodiac sign as accurately as possible. These sensitive and compassionate people belong to the twelfth zodiac sign – the last in the table, but they can boast a very big number of great features too. You will agree that Pisces personality traits are both positive and negative ones, but it is undoubtedly a unique sign that looks outstanding among others. What exactly makes Pisces so special?

Look: this article will explain which traits and qualities have been received by Pisces representatives from stars and planets as well as explain how these people build different types of relationships and how to relate to them too.

Pisces Sign Overview

Despite the fact that Pisces ends up the zodiac table, it is a full-fledged sign of people who were born between February 19 and March 20. Its symbol is two fish swimming in different directions and it is quite predictable that it belongs to water signs together with Cancer and Scorpio.
The Two Fish are ruled by Jupiter that is responsible for vivid imagination and spiritual tendencies in their nature as well as by Neptune, the God of the sea. The colors associated with this sign are purple and white.

Pisces Traits and Qualities

Being greatly influenced by the previous sign Pisces has a wide range of qualities and characteristics from Aquarius but it has learned to keep most of them under wraps. Moreover, both the element and ruling planets have left their print on the way these personalities behave, so they have united a lot of traits to be aware of. Here are both positive and negative traits and qualities of the Two Fish to consider and remember either for representatives of this sign or for people who surround and communicate with them.

Positive traits

The main feature of this March zodiac is its complex character. It means that these individuals have combined a lot of traits from other astrological signs due to its last position in the table. However, the number of good traits and qualities is really amazing and must be considered by people born in the Sun of the Two Fish.

  1. Creativity. There is hardly more artistic sign than Pisceans. These personalities are not satisfied with the traditional solution of the problems and would rather look for an unpredictable alternative than stick to the rules. They have a vivid imagination and like dreaming very much. Their hobbies are very creative as well and they are open to fresh ideas never minding how practical they are.
  2. Empathy. Other people’s emotions are even more important for the Two Fish than their own ones. These are empathetic people who will always offer a shoulder to cry on and give a helping hand despite how difficult it is for them. Their desire to support and sympathize is applicable even to foreigners they see crying, so do not get surprised that grief of others always becomes a reason for Pisces tears too.
  3. Generosity. Would you meet a selfless person to rely on? Pisceans are perfect matches for this description. Their generosity is so big that they put other people’s needs before their own ones. They want to make people they appreciate happy even if they have to pay their own happiness for the sake of theirs.
  4. Intuition. The impact of two planets and interest in everything mysterious makes Pisces very intuitive. They rely on their inner senses in making decisions and are quite successful in that.
  5. Sensitivity. It is impossible to imagine Pisces description without sensitivity characteristic of them. They feel things quite deeply and react to everything emotionally.
  6. Devotion. If you look for a devoted sign in astrology, there is hardly any other sign than the Two Fish that meets this requirement. These are people to trust and rely on, so building relationships with them is a pleasure.
  7. Compassion. Pisces happily demonstrate sympathy and concern towards the sufferings of others. They never leave others in need and are people to head for if you are sad.
  8. Inspiration. Pisces can inspire others and it is a great benefit of theirs. Their wonderful intuition and support can help to subdue the highest peaks. They help others due to their creativity and encourage to dream as they do.
  9. Forgiveness. Pisceans never hold a grudge for a long time. These are people who try to let the problem away and forgive others. Since they get moody even without reasons, they need to adapt to other unpleasant situations easier.
  10. Romanticism. If you learn Pisces closer, you will see that they seem to be from previous centuries. They like everything traditional and natural as well as enjoy to love and be loved. Their sensitive nature makes them wine when they are moved too.
  11. Natural healer. One of the greatest features of Pisces is their ability to heal the wounds of others. They are excellent supporters and can treat both physical and emotional traumas. Moreover, they never leave people in need alone and are ready to help others without any rewards.
  12. Strength. Despite being sensitive and emotional Pisces personalities are very enduring. They can withstand difficulties and help others too.

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Negative traits

Positive traits of a Pisces dominate in its astrological description. However, many of these positive qualities go beyond the limits and become downfalls of these personalities. This list of qualities serve as a challenge for representatives of this astrological sign and requires work on themselves, first of all.

  1. Too many emotions. You may wonder that being emotional is a benefit rather than a drawback for Pisces, but it is true if to have certain limits and frames. However, humans born in the Sun of the Two Fish are not able to control their abundance of emotions and often get moody because of that. When they get negative because of some reasons, it may take a lot of time for them to get out of this state.
  2. Ease of being cheated. A desire to see the best things in other people makes the Two Fish very impressionable individuals. They trust others without any suspicions and often suffer from their frivolity. Any pressure of stronger people is accepted as a command for them and they easily agree with them without any doubts.
  3. Closing off. Giving care to others is much easier for Pisceans than getting it. They feel discouraged by the desire of other people to help them. The main reason for that is no desire of other people to understand the real wishes of the Two Fish and the last ones decide to separate from everyone in the world and close off from others to protect themselves.
  4. Wilderness. Being influenced by Jupiter the Two Fish like everything mystical and spiritual. They are interested in mysterious things and seem strange for others. There are even people who consider these personalities wild to some extent and believe it not easy to find an approach to them.
  5. Moodiness. One of the negative Pisces zodiac traits is their tendency to have a bad mood. They are influenced easily and need time to calm down. Moreover, these sudden changes in mood can be absolutely without reasons for that, so people who surrounding them should be rather patient and understanding.
  6. Laziness. It is very important to motivate Pisceans or they lose the desire to do anything. They can complete some work and tick it done, but it does not mean that the quality of this work is high. If the Two Fish feel unable to complete the task, they can easily withdraw it.
  7. Idealism. A desire for idealism and strict requirements to others make representatives of this sign vulnerable. They often feel betrayed or hurt if someone does not meet their expectations.
  8. Escapism. It often happens that Pisces is called escapist. They can travel in their dreams endlessly paying no attention to the surrounding. Even if you manage to focus them on the problem, they can easily slip away in a matter of seconds.

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Characteristics of Pisces

Such a variety of benefits and drawbacks characterizing one person makes building any type of relationship with them challenging. Whether you want to get a new friend or attract the Two Fish personality as a spouse or employee, it may be not easy to do that. Being unaware of Pisces characteristics it is impossible to understand how to do that in the best way and prevent misunderstandings. These are some peculiarities to consider.


Being a romantic personality a representative of the Two Fish loves to feel butterflies in the stomach and are not greedy on emotions towards their passion too. They fall in love rather quickly and hard enough to be devoted to this person until the end. They do not waste their time flirting and look for long-term and serious relationships. They satisfy their partners with pleasure and always keep small surprises for them. Pisces can’t stand being neglected and want to feel loved too.


Pisces does not have any hint of egoism so the family takes the first place for them. If their family members feel happy, representatives of this sign do that too. They are always ready to defend their beloved or to give good and priceless advice. They enjoy traditional family meetings and make up loving and attentive parents when they get kids.


Friends are as important for Pisceans as their family members. They put them before themselves and value long-term friendship very much. It is not easy for them to get acquainted with people and they do not usually have many friends, but they a devoted and faithful friends who will share the last thing they have.


When Pisceans are made to study, they often get distracted and start daydreaming on the lessons. They are less organized and are always puzzled with something in their thoughts. They do not like accurate signs and rely greatly on their intuition in tests. They prefer to study independently and in the fresh air as well as are not afraid to ask questions that might seem unsuitable for others.


It is clear that the imaginative nature of Pisceans reflects on the way they work too. They often get distracted and can be caught flying somewhere in the clouds, but their desire for perfectionism makes them complete tasks well and on time. In fact, they need motivation and their creativity and intuition will help them shine. Since this is a caring and compassionate sign, these personalities will make excellent nurses, writers, teachers, doctors, designers, and photographers.

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Pisces representatives are not the best entrepreneurs since they lack an analytical mindset and can be easily cheated. They can spend money impulsively and are not prone to savings or investing.

Compatibility with other signs

Who is the best match for these sensitive and romantic people? According to the Pisces horoscope and compatibility table, they will feel the most comfortable with:

  • Taurus;
  • Cancer;
  • Scorpio;
  • Capricorn.

The least compatible signs for the Two Fish are Gemini and Sagittarius.

Advice for a Pisces

Despite being one of the best astrological signs in the table, they still have space to work on. Pisces have a range of traits and qualities that need extra control and impact their life and behavior negatively. Therefore, there are certain pieces of advice of the Two Fish to be considered:

  • Don’t trust people fully from the very beginning: it is one of the reasons why you get cheated and betrayed so often;
  • Try to control mood swings;
  • Avoid people who take advantage of you;
  • Put your own and other people’s needs on the same scale;
  • Find time to take a pause and recharge as well as regain control of your emotions;
  • Switch on logic and problem-solving skills in addition to intuition;
  • Put your creativity and imagination to your benefit.

Tips for Relating to Pisces

Tender and hurtful Pisces always seem strange for such practical signs as Libras and Capricorns. The Two Fish may also react to other people in a special way, but in fact, they are the easiest sign to get along with. At the same time, there are tips on how to relate to Pisceans and get the most of socializing with them.

  • Ask them for advice before undertaking any actions;
  • Be patient since they do not hurry to open up;
  • Don’t percept their tears as your fault: they often get overwhelmed with emotions;
  • Stay calm when they experience mood swings and leave them for a while to regain control;
  • Attract their attention when they start daydreaming more actively;
  • Keep them busy and motivated to avoid procrastination.

Famous Pisces

Many Pisces personalities have received the status of the celebrity and become famous all over the world. These are some of the most prominent Pisceans:

Famous Pisces

  • Smokey Robinson – singer
  • Cindy Crawford – supermodel
  • Kelsey Grammer – actor
  • Drew Barrymore – actress
  • Emily Blunt – actress
  • Steve Jobs – billionaire
  • George Harrison – singer
  • Erykah Badu – singer
  • Elizabeth Taylor – actress
  • Justin Bieber – singer
  • Jessica Biel – actress


Now it is clear what is hidden behind the symbol of Two Fish used to depict Pisces zodiac sign. It has united a lot of qualities from other signs but it is still unique and different from others. People of this astrological sign are great friends, family members, and partners. They are not only sensitive and compassionate but also generous and caring let alone many other great features they do possess.

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