Pisces Man Cancer Woman Compatibility. Does it work out?

Pisces and Cancer – both are the representatives of the Water Element. Does this mean that they are an undoubted perfect match or vice versa they find it difficult to get along because of their similarities? A Pisces Man is soft, reliable, dreamy, and a Cancer Woman is lyrical, calm, faithful. It seems they move through life with the same speed and are as if made for each other. Let’s shed some light upon the compatibility of Pisces Man and Cancer Woman, and find out how impeccable this union can actually be.

The Pisces Man

Pisces male

Sometimes it seems that a Pisces Man lives in some kind of a fantasy world and philosophical thoughts and does not care about reality at all. In fact, these men are striving to find the golden mean and achieve harmony between the inner and outer worlds. They are distinguished by their emotionalism, gentleness, sensitivity and mysterious charm. Therefore they often choose the professions which they can put their soul in such as psychology, art, sport or something connected with mystical teaching and spiritual search for the meaning of life. In addition, Pisces are idealists. They are characterized by the complex of Robin Hood, the protector of the poor and destitute.

At the same time, decisiveness and perseverance are not the strengths of this sign that’s why it is quite difficult for them to achieve goals and realize their potential to the fullest. A Pisces Man is used to go with the flow and live without strain. This often irritates the representatives of gentle sex and complicates the relationship as they assess this behaviour as an indifferent one.

As for the amorous affairs, a Pisces Man knows firsthand what it means to love disinterestedly, for real. However, in search of this sublime pure love, he can spend a large amount of time and often feel disappointed.

The Cancer Woman

Cancer woman

A Cancer Woman is incredibly tender and fair-spoken, always trying to avoid conflicts and solve all the problems in a quiet and peaceful manner. At the same time, she is not spineless, the Cancer woman has a solid inner core. Family and home for these women are always in the first place. There is nothing more valuable than family traditions and an atmosphere of love for them. Female Cancers possess super-precise intuition, which can often be classified as mysticism. These women are very pleasant interlocutors who can keep secrets and give practical advice.

Being really good wives and hostesses, Cancer Women also adore taking care of their appearance. They know a lot about beauty and fashion and always with sensible elegance.

When it comes to weak sides, women of this sign are subject to mood swings. Emotions overwhelm them, and at such moments they are deaf to the head and can even undergo a nervous breakdown. It happens very often that a Cancer Woman makes a mountain out of a molehill, spending a lot of energy on fears and phantoms that do not exist.

Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

couple near the river

These zodiac signs are focused on emotions and tend to romanticize life. They will remember their airy, light and sensual relationships for life. There will always be romance, attraction, and a strong spiritual connection. It seems this is that very perfect match that most lovers strive for. Their relationship flows smoothly, slowly. How Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said: “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” This couple always looks in the same direction – this is the secret of their successful relationship. A Pisces Male and Cancer Female understand each other very well, and both belong to that rare group of people who can predict, anticipate, and penetrate deep into the mysteries of the soul.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to call these partners exactly the same when it comes to the traits of character. As things turned out, they just know how to feel each other and get along without extra effort.

A problem may occur when a Pisces Man gets lost in his own world where there is usually no place for anyone besides him. In these situations, a Cancer Woman starts feeling unnecessary and is sure that the reason for his indifference is she. Such a classical example of misunderstanding may cause troubles, offenses, and fading of feelings.

In most cases, this tandem is quite strong and indestructible, if both of them act, develop, and grow together.

Let’s have a look at the table of compatibility between a Pisces Man and a Cancer Woman in various spheres of life:

SpherePercentage (out of 100%)
Working together65%
Relationship and marriage70%
Communication and intellect85%
Shared activities70%

Working Together

young couple-working together

They have common goals, plans, and projects that are full of creativity and originality. If work requires sacrifice, then this couple is ready to bring it. Cancer and Pisces highly appreciate everything connected with career, money and new offers. Both are quite hardworking and responsible workers. Nevertheless, a Cancer Woman is more family-oriented than a career-oriented, and personal problems may influence her productivity. A Pisces Man will treat it with understanding but will never feel it in full.

To cut a long story short, such a unity of soulmates works well in the office and brings good material benefits. When Pisces start getting lost in his fantasies, Cancer is always near to lower him to the ground. Or sit next to Pisces and dream together.


Pisces and Cancer_friendship

Pisces Men are able to empathize, feel someone else’s pain, listen and hear, so they are very cool friends. What is more, they are the most attached, loyal and sincere people in the entire zodiac circle. A Cancer Woman values friendship and prefers quality over quantity. These females are interested in the lives of others, including their ups and downs, and have the inner ability to make people feel good.

In the friendship of a Pisces Man and a Cancer woman, there is no place fo hypocrisy, small-mindedness, and insincerity. They are extremely honest and considerate towards each other.
Both Pisces and Cancer often hide their emotions for a long time, having a fear to be hurt. Cancer constantly crawls into the territory of others to fetch as much information as possible. However, when others start to pester Cancer with questions, he immediately retreats or hides in his shell. It is quite difficult to deal with such behaviour but feasible.

There is another nuance: Cancers do not know how to ask for help when Pisces is such a person that may just forget to offer it. Such cases cause misunderstandings and hidden grievances.

All in all, they will make up. A shared sense of humor and an intuitive approach to each other usually save their friendship.


cute couple in bed

The fantasies of a Pisces Man and a Cancer Woman are always very unusual. Their sexual desires are based on a strong sensual foundation and tenderness. Preliminary games can last for hours, and these enjoy it without intercourse.

A Cancer Woman will dominate in bed, but not overwhelm the partner. She will realize the fantasies of Pisces, who like to obey more experienced mentors.

A love affair is much more important for them than sexual. Therefore, mutual understanding in other areas of life is so important to be sexually satisfied. A Cancer woman should discuss sexual fantasies with her beloved, experiment, and think about the feelings of a partner. Sometimes she can become selfish in bed but it is quite a rare situation.

Sex without feelings always looks artificial and even awkward. This may cause discomfort for both. To improve sexual life, this couple needs patience, faith, and long-term communication. Without spiritual unity and intellectual interaction, lovers will not be able to enjoy themselves.

By the way, the bedroom is not a place for reconciliation for Pisces and Cancer when it comes to conflict resolution. They need to sort things out first and after to consolidate the peace in the bedroom.

Discuss sexual fantasies with your beloved, experiment, think about the feelings of a partner. Do not be selfish in bed; develop the ability to receive and give.

Relationship and Marriage

marriage - sea

Early marriages are typical for these zodiac signs. They literally dissolve in each other and are sure that there is no one better in the world than a current partner. They are so lost in the world of romance, fantasies, and harmony and do not believe that something may disturb their idealistic relationship. It happens that family life eats up romantic vibes, they start arguing, and then break up.

However, if they meet in adulthood, the chances to build up a long-term relationship are very high. Cancer and Pisces can be considered a pair created by fate itself. Cancer is a very emotional sign and very attached to a partner. Pisces accept such devotion with pleasure. In a word, when they are in love, the atmosphere is very comfortable and relationships can be long and strong enough.

Both of them love calm and silence, while a Cancer Woman is also a homebody. It is likely that they will have a high-profile wedding. It will be a celebration in the narrow circle of friends and relatives. Being the representatives of the Water Element, they might organize a wedding by the sea or in a marine style.

Break up

young couple-break up

Parting for this couple is a real disaster. They experience a break up much harder than other zodiac couples. They always do their best to turn back time and fix everything that has been broken. Quarrels usually occur on matters relating to everyday life and material valuables. Being quite private personalities, they do not reveal feelings until they completely trust a partner. It happens that this process drags on for a long time and one of them is simply not ready to wait any longer.

Both Cancer and Pisces and fish turn a blind eye to all signs of the coming separation. A Cancer Woman can never make a decision to part, and Pisces does not say the last, final word and always leaves the door open.

If they still decide to part and start new relationships, the memories of failed love will haunt these two for a long time.

Famous Pisces and Cancer Couples

The relationships of star couples are always a buzz topic. People are always interested in peeping and finding out more about media personalities’ relationships to introduce some kind of love techniques or approaches into their life. Here are several famous Pisces and Cancer couples (who are still together or already parted) to get acquainted with and quench your interest and curiosity. We know that astrology and zodiac compatibility is not the only guarantee of a successful relationship. Nevertheless, it really influences no matter what skeptics say.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

These two are very sensual, emotional and tender. Their relationship was full of love and they complemented each other well. At least that’s how the public saw it. The relationship between a Cancer-girl and a Pisces-boy lasted 8 years. Despite ups and downs, they managed to deal with misunderstandings and solve conflicts. Break up was very painful for both of them. Selena Gomez has recently released a song “Lose You to Love Me” to put a final dot in their romantic story. Justin, in his turn, also declared in numerous interviews that it was one of the most difficult decisions ever.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Tristan turned out a slippery fish and betrayed Khloe. Such Pisces also exist, and there is nothing to be done (here you should recall that the zodiac sign is not the only thing that affects relationships). A Cancer Woman Khloe Kardashian healed wounds for a very long time and did her best to recover from unfaithfulness.

They have a common child, and Tristan is allowed to call on her. Tristan tried to ask her beloved for a second chance sending her gifts and apologizes. Both of them were suffering so much but Khloe was and is unshakeable in her decision.

Louis Gasté and Line Renaud

Louis Gasté and Line Renaud

This is a beautiful love story between a radio journalist and actor, composer and musician. This French couple of female Cancer and male Pisces is an example of a happy alliance. Louis Gasté devoted a lot of songs to his beloved woman, calling her “his madness”, “his little fantasy”. Line Renaud was even ready to forget her career to follow her brilliant man anywhere. These soulmates were happy for almost forty-four years together. Such dedication is not often found in the modern world but this is an example of a relationship to strive for.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

This is the tragic story of true love. Cobain and Love lived only two years together but their romance was really hot and passionate. Kurt born under a Pisces sign was always gloomy, unsociable, and behaved like an alien in this world. Courtney – a female Cancer was brave and crazy. The behavior and character of these two are somehow not quite typical for representatives of these signs. However, the love story was. Despite all the troubles and quarrels, they had deep feelings for each other and a common daughter. Unfortunately, Courtney failed to save her husband from suicide but the world remembers this star couple and how cute it all began.


“Soul to soul” is the most accurate description of the alliance between a Cancer Woman and Pisces Man. People perceive them as a whole. Husband and wife in such unions become very similar to each other, adhere to common opinions on various issues and generally live on the same wavelength. Such an ideal story can provoke envy and malice if something goes wrong in your couple. You’d better take an example and try to become better and find a common language with your partner. This is the strategy of powerful people who value their beloved ones and are ready to invest in relationships.

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