20 Positive & Negative Libra Personality Traits and Characteristics

What zodiac sign is the most charming? Undoubtedly, it is Libra, cool, sociable, and aesthetic by nature. It is difficult to believe that this perfect at first glance sign may have any negative features. However, you will agree that there are no ideal zodiac signs too. Libra traits and characteristics are not only positive and it is important for Libras and people who surround them to learn all the qualities given by nature to them.

Look: this article will focus on both positive and negative traits of Libra personalities and the way they build their relationships in the society and family.

Libra Sign Overview

People born in the sun of Libra celebrate their birthday between September 23 and October 22. It is the seventh sign in the zodiac table ruled by Venus. It is an Air sign associated with blue color and the attraction of rose flower, so no wonder that they are favorites for many people who surround them. Libra is represented by the scales symbol and is associated with the Roman deity Iustitia.

Libra Traits and Qualities

Libra is the most charming sign ruled by the planet of beauty, so it has many great traits to develop. However, there is a bad side in this astrological sign too. It is enough to consider the element and the ruling planet of Librans as well as look at their interactions with other people to see both advantageous traits and qualities for them and ones that leave a detrimental print on their lives. Both representatives of this zodiac sign and people who have Librans in their family or circle of communication should know which qualities they should develop and which ones should be corrected in order to achieve success and build good relationships with others.

Positive traits

What are Libras like? Many people would admit that these personalities are fair, calculated, and have many positive qualities. Moreover, their number of benefits is much higher in comparison with negative characteristics, so it is important to be aware of and develop them.

  1. Tact Libra is a diplomatic sign in astrology. These personalities always try to find the best words to express their opinion. Their main goal is to find a common ground with everyone and prevent any misunderstandings. People often call them peacemakers who try to weigh all the arguments and offer the best solution for both sides.
  2. Sense of justice The scales are very fair people. They can’t stand injustice and would put much effort to achieve balance letting everyone explain their vision of the situation. They will try to avoid taking one or another side but would rely on fair judgments and solutions. They switch on logic in almost every situation and act as great mediators.
  3. Perfectionism Idealism is a popular feature of the Scales. They often think about people on the bright side and have good hopes for the future. They prefer not to focus on negative emotions and look for the best experience though they always use logic and analytical skills to achieve success.
  4. Sociability Libra is an extrovert who can easily be in the limelight of every company. They are active and charming, so it does not take much effort for them to attract attention. They enjoy spending time with other people and always strive for socializing. These people try to be surrounded by interesting individuals and can offer some useful information to them in return.
  5. Intelligence Librans stand out thanks to their smart mind. They think logically and forces a bright imagination. Their problem-solving skills are excellent, so they are great to ask for advice. These are versatile personalities that easily join any communication too.
  6. Great listener Though gossiping can be hardly called a good trait, Librans discuss others with pleasure. At the same time, they can be perfect people to give a shoulder to cry on. They remind a sponge that soaks up everything said by others and will not interfere with other people’s words of grief. However, there are high chances that this information can be shared with others and the Scales will hardly ever lose this opportunity.
  7. Sense of humor One of the reasons why the Scales are charming is their ability to understand jokes and tell them. They can easily draw other people with witty stories and entertain a big number of people with minimum effort. It is one of the qualities that help them to be pro-diplomats.
  8. Romanticism Librans are people who value the feeling of love. Their adornment of beautiful things and people makes them very demanding to the way they build romantic relationships. They look for ideal dating and are very romantic so it is not easy to impress them.
  9. Charm It is one of the main qualities associated with Librans. They are tempting and flirty, so it is not surprising the people of the opposite gender catch the hook and fall in love with them easily. Moreover, they are friendly and talkative, so everyone can be easily attracted by them.
  10. Understanding/ pleasing Librans have a tendency to try to understand and please everyone they know. It is unacceptable for them to be bad for someone, so they easily admit other people’s positions even if they do not agree with them. This desire to please everyone results in the fact that the scales often can’t understand what they really need.
  11. Intuition What Librans can rely on is undoubtedly their intuition. They can predict the outcome of many situations and their well-developed sense helps them greatly. Moreover, when they combine intuition and analytical skills, they achieve better results too.
  12. Imagination Librans like to dream but they also put this trait to their benefit. Their imagination often helps them to find creative ways out in different life situations and pursue artistic professions.

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Negative traits

Libra horoscope is not always good even despite such a big number of positive qualities. The reason for that is not only combinations of planets and stars but also inborn negative traits they possess.

  1. Indecisiveness One of the main features of the Scales that can be both beneficial and detrimental for them is a necessity to weigh all the pros and cons. On one side, it is a great quality that helps them to get the only right solution. On the other hand, they can weigh as long as possible and never decide which side to admit. Their desire to please everyone may result in constant doubts, even if the division is minor.
  2. Self-pity The self-absorption of Librans is a great downfall. They find it difficult to survive tough periods and believe that everyone and everything are against them during this time. It is painstaking for them to see a full picture and focus on the solution to the problem. They would rather feel sorry for themselves than look for the way out.
  3. Unreliability The scales lack reliability due to their flighty nature. They can be late on important events and forget about important things being busy with all that fun taking place around them.
  4. Vanity Endless love for beauty and perfection makes them appreciate themselves too. They pay much attention to their appearance and pampering as well as enjoy taking selfies no matter where they are. They might also criticize the look of other people and would not agree to spend time with people they consider less good-looking.
  5. Laziness The scales always look for easier tasks to complete. They are not the best fit for hard work and would rather take a cup of coffee and rest in the cozy armchair than put extra effort to cope with the given job. Therefore, they often do not bring their responsibilities to the logical end.
  6. Superficiality Excellent intuition and affinity to natural beauty given by the ruling planet make Librans superficial. They believe in mysterious signs, legends, and myths as well as try not to violate the laws of nature to avoid any punishment or sacrifice.
  7. Manipulation Librans are very manipulative people. They attract others with their charm, learn other people’s weaknesses and benefit from this knowledge in the respective situation. Moreover, they can easily force others to do the things they want without much effort and rest on the laurels.
  8. Ambivalence The scales are detached personalities who experience a contradictory reaction to every situation, object or state. They can’t make up their mind which side they should adhere to and suffer from constant indecisiveness.

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Characteristics of Libra

All positive and negative qualities given to Libras by stars and planets impact the way they love, make friends, and work. In fact, they influence all spheres of life and it is not easy to predict how the Scales would act in one or another life situation. However, based on Libra qualities experts can explain tendencies in their behavior and here are some of them.


It has already been mentioned that the Scales admire the state of being loved and the feeling of love itself. When they fall in love with another person, they do that decisively and will not stand even assumptions about the possible greater sense in the future. At the same time, being rather pragmatic Librans would not wait long if they understand that there are some obstacles on their way and would rather cease these relationships at the very beginning.

When it comes to intimate life, every person will appreciate Librans as sex partners because they are creative and active in bed. Being oral-oriented they always speak up their mind about the way they want their partner to act. They are givers and erotic seducers, but they do have limits in their sex balance, so it is important not to go overboard.


Librans are very helpful people who never leave their near and dear in trouble. They are reasonable children, understanding and fair parents, and funny spouses. Being kids they try to avoid disagreements with their relatives and admit their viewpoint. When they grow up, they become nurturing parents who also prevent conflicts and trust their children.


Every person would be happy to have the Scales friend. He or she will always give a good and logical piece of advice, but it is better to avoid sharing weaknesses with Librans. They are very communicative and do not mind gossiping, so this information may go viral.
At the same time, Libra zodiac is proof that you make friends with a communicative and having a great taste person. He usually serves as a mediator in the group of friends and does not try to take the first leading position fully.


The natural intelligence of Librans makes studying a pleasure for them. They tend to choose multiple various courses to expand their worldview and horizons. They are more likely to achieve success in the humanitarian sciences such as languages, psychology, arts, and others.
Libra’s tendency to procrastinate makes it difficult for them to start studying, so they may need someone to push them. Moreover, they study better in social groups with people they consider harmonious and suitable for them.


It is the right choice to hire Librans as employees. They are generous, entertaining, cooperative, and can be excellent team leaders. Their patience and fairness make them a perfect fit for customer service jobs, while love for stunning objects and creativity may make them great designers, decorators, art critics, and stylists. They enjoy working with people and would be great employees in politics, sales, negotiations, or travel.

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Being good team leaders Librans can run a business successfully too, but their pleasing nature can become an obstacle to getting prosperous. They can succeed in arts and design, beauty and wellness, social service, and online businesses most of all. They prefer to run business in partnership rather than solely, as well as stick to their moral principles in it too.

Compatibility with other signs

Female Libras are especially interested in their compatibility with other zodiac signs. It is not a secret that stars and planets contribute to the way people build their Roman relationships and there are combinations of zodiac signs that are considered to be perfect matches for each other. When it comes to the Scales, represent at of this sign can build long-lasting and happy couples with:

  • Gemini;
  • Leo;
  • Sagittarius;
  • Aquarius.

Advice for a Libra

Are you Libra by horoscope and are not satisfied with all the attributes granite by stars? One of the ways to change the situation is to work on yourself. If you want to minimize your negative features and characteristics, consider these tips:

  • No matter how difficult it is, you should weigh all the pros and cons and accept only one side;
  • Create challenges for yourself in achieving the final goal or you may give up everything;
  • Remember that it is impossible to be good for everyone, set priorities;
  • Don’t let yourself get bored and manipulate others – spend this energy on volunteering or creative activities;
  • Stay honest with yourself and learn to admit your own faults;
  • Don’t give up immediately when someone confronts you: prepare your own arguments and stick to them;
  • Keep your mouth closed when someone starts discussing your friend with you: gossiping can ruin a friendship forever.

Tips for Relating to Libra

Every zodiac sign has its own peculiarities when it comes to relating to it. Do you know how to approach Librans and deserve their trust? Here are some pieces of advice to remember:

  • Tell compliments to the scales: it will sound soothing for these beauty connoisseurs;
  • Avoid confrontation and try to be open and fair with these people;
  • Let Librans feel leaders and help them to choose the best idea out of hundreds offered by them;
  • Show your passion for balance and they will appreciate that;
  • Encourage Librans to try something new together to get their trust;
  • Share their sphere of interests;
  • Please their romantic nature with extravagant solutions.

Famous Libra People

One of the most surprising things about Libras is the fact that many of them managed to get to the top of different industries despite their indecisiveness. Many celebrities and famous people who rocked the world are the Scales by zodiac.

Famous Libra People

  • Kim Kardashian – TV star
  • Bruce Springsteen – singer
  • Mark Hamill – actor
  • Will Smith – actor
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – actress
  • Michael Douglas – actor
  • Serena Williams – tennis star
  • Gwyneth Paltrow – actress
  • Lil Wayne – rapper
  • Hilary Duff – actress
  • Eminem – rapper


Now it is clear what it means to be Libra by horoscope. People born in the Sun of this zodiac sign have a lot of great features that make them a center of the universe. However, they do have qualities that should be leveled up or improved. Fortunately, this article has shed light not only on the traits and characteristics of Librans but also explained what they should do with their inborn drawbacks and how other people should relate to them.

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