25 Positive & Negative Leo Personality Traits and Characteristics

Lion is the king of animals, but what about a zodiac sign named after this animal? Similar to their wild relatives they like being in the center of attention and impress others by their creativity. However, despite many benefits, not all the Leo traits and characteristics are positive. You will agree that stars and planets have provided these personalities with inborn qualities and behavior patterns that constitute the basis of their character. What are they you may wonder?

Look: this article will give you a detailed answer to this question.

Leo Sign Overview

People who are called Leos by zodiac sign celebrate their birthdays between July 23 and August 23. This is the fifth astrological sign ruled by the Sun and being the element of Fire. It is predictable that its symbol is the Lion, while the ‘solar’ energy received from the ruling planet in the hot summer season makes these people strong and endure. This is a fixed sign with gold, yellow, orange, and purple colors associated with it. Moreover, a desire to be the center of the universe is perceived from the body part that represents this sign – it is the heart.

Leo Sign Traits and Qualities

Lion is a courageous and prideful animal, but does it mean that people who are Leos by horoscope possess similar qualities? In fact, Leo has a number of both positive and negative traits provided by stars since birth and some of them originate from the nature of the strong and measured creature. However, if you know a Leo person and want to understand what traits and qualities are hidden inside, this information will be interesting to you.

Positive traits

People of the Lion sign stand out among others and are considered to be ahead of the rest in all life situations. They can boast many positive qualities that will help to achieve success in life.

  1. StrengthLion is a physically strong and courageous creature and the same goes for people born in its Sun. They are full of endless energy and power. It is enough for them to look at their target to keep him ticking along and get ready for an escape.
  2. VivacityThough Lions can remind actors who play their role in every social interaction, in fact, it is their nature. They need to attract attention and take a central position so some drama and expression are not artificial. It runs in their blood to entertain the audience since they are bright and flamboyant personalities, so it is not surprising why Leos dominate in the circles of modern celebrities.
  3. LeadershipThis quality has been also inherited from the King that is in charge of not only the tribe but the whole animal world. They are inborn leaders who are never ready to sacrifice this power. They will try to take leadership positions in every situation no matter whether it is teamwork or family. However, you can hardly find a Leo who accepts another person’s viewpoint, and it can be another side of the medal too.
  4. ProtectionLike in the Animal world where Lions protect the members of their pride, humans born in the sun of this zodiac sign do the same with their near and dear. They feel great responsibility for people they love and value, especially if they are vulnerable ones. Moreover, they would rather punish offenders than join them.
  5. CreativityPersonalities born in the Sun of Leo are very artistic and often express their emotions through body movements. It means that they are inborn dancers though other spheres of art interest them too. They like bright shades, bold artistic forms, stimulating activities and can be excellent performers.
  6. AmbitionsLions do not admit staying in the shade of other people so they dream from their childhood about success and wealth. At the same time, they put much effort to achieve heights and always crave to have more than they possess.
  7. GenerosityLions are loyal friends who are very generous with others. They not only buy expensive gifts but also are not afraid to express their feelings providing their beloved people with attention and interesting experience.
  8. Sense of humorYou will never feel bored with Lions. These individuals always have a funny joke to laugh at and can represent the funny side of things to raise other people’s mood.
  9. PassionLeos are passionate lovers but it is not the only sphere where they show this trait. Any job or task they take and enjoy doing takes them fully leaving no space or time for anything else.
  10. DeterminationThe positive side of Leo’s stubbornness is being determined. They never give up things begun and pave their way to success confidently.
  11. FriendlinessDespite being a strong personality Lion is also a big kitten that is loyal and gentle to others. This is often a friendly and polite person to rely on and trust. However, avoid criticizing these kittens if you do not want to suffer from a flash of unexpected fury.
  12. FairnessLeo is a good friend who will protect people he loves and supports them in any life situation. Their attitude to friends is exceptional and they are not people to lie or hide anything from others. They will speak up their mind paying no attention to possible consequences.
  13. OptimismNo matter how difficult a situation is, Lions always see the light at the end of the tunnel. They would look for good rather than keep on dwelling around bad, so their support is very precious if you can’t see a way out.
  14. HonestyHonesty is the best policy according to Leos. These people do not keep secrets from others and are not afraid to tell the truth even if it is not the thing others want to hear. These are direct people whose straightforwardness may seem tactless at the very beginning.

Negative traits

Unfortunately, there are no perfect people and astrology signs, so people born at the end of July beginning of August are not an exception. Some of their qualities go beyond the frames and may impact their behavior negatively. If you want to know which traits are considered the worst in Leo horoscope, keep on reading.

  1. The constant desire for recognitionLions enjoy being popular. They are insatiable when it comes to attention from other people and words of gratitude. They need to be praised and often this desire goes out of the normal frames. It is exhausting to applause for every minor achievement but in the case of this zodiac, it seems to be a necessity. One more thing that makes this incessant recognition a trial is a necessity to do that even if none of the advice given to Leo is going to be ever followed. They simply ignore them being confident that they act in the only right way.
  2. Self-confidenceIt is good to be a confident person, but Lions do not feel the line between this good quality and self-confidence. Their belief in themselves is so big that it results in the difficulty to assess life situations with our prejudice. Being self-centered they never accept other people’s vision and are not ready even to listen to it.
  3. Easy targetDespite seeming strong and brave Lions can be an easy target. Their arrogance and bursts of anger make them more susceptible and they get more vulnerable too. As a result, they can be an easy target for offenders and competitors who never rest aside.
  4. ArroganceVanity is one of the dead points faced by Lions in search of popularity and success. They often cross the line of simple confidence that gradually transforms into conceit and arrogance.
  5. StubbornnessDespite being gentle cats Lions are as stubborn as bulls. It is real trouble for them to understand that they could be mistaken, so they would stand their mind till the end even understanding that they are wrong.
  6. Hate of being criticizedLions remind a match in the situation of criticism. They burst with anger and rage very quickly since it is unacceptable for them.
  7. InflexibilityStubbornness is also the main cause of the inflexibility of Leos. A person of this zodiac sign follows the itinerary no matter how bad it is. They are not ready to act flexibly even when it comes to themselves – their commitment to something will make them complete this task even if they hate it.
  8. LazinessLike most of the cats, personalities of Leo zodiac sign never hurry to work. They would rather spend time in silence procrastinating in the sun rays than put more effort. Lions always try to choose the easiest way and would try to avoid tasks that do not bring about joy and recognition to them.
  9. PrideLions are prideful enough to follow the wrong ideas and never admit their mistake. It is difficult for them to reflect on themselves and even listen to other people’s ideas if they contradict their own viewpoint.
  10. JealousyA desire to be the best and inability to achieve that in some situations makes Lions envy others. It is a tragedy for them to admit that someone has outperformed, so they may try to discredit an opponent in return.
  11. CompetitionLeos are risky and competitive people. Their goal to be at the top of all the ratings and succeed in everything encourages them to compete almost with everyone they meet on their way. Often, these contests may grow into a real war and only be detrimental.

Characteristics of Leo

All the traits and qualities mentioned above impact the behavior and character of Leos. Moreover, they reflect on the way how they build relationships with other people both in the family circle and outside it. Let’s find out what kind of people Lion personalities are with their relatives, friends, and colleagues too.


Leo appreciates the feeling of real love very much. Since it is a passionate and persistent person, he or she always finds time on romantic relationships. They fall in love very quickly though it may be hard for them to find a perfect match and build long-term relationships. However, flirts and dates are very important for these people who always look for new emotions. Lacking patience they often end up a romance because of some insignificant reasons and find true love with people they have once broken up.

Leos can’t be called shy. They are open to new experiences and would approve dirty talks, shooting videos of your intimate life, or doing that in extraordinary places. They are very playful and are happy to please a partner if he or she gets the same in return.


Leo individuals are not simple kids to raise since they never listen to the advice given by parents. They strive to become independent as fast as possible and leave their parents’ home quite early. They are trustworthy personalities that try to protect and support their families. They value family bonds very much though they do not make it a priority in their lives.


When it comes to making friends with Lions, many people would agree that they are happy to have such friends. They are faithful, loyal, generous, and honest, though look for praise and can’t stand criticism. They are always ready to give a helping hand and are very sociable. You can hardly ever meet Leos who are alone – they can find an interlocutor almost everywhere though making real friends is not easy for them.


Lions are diligent students if they learn things they are interested in. However, they are often distracted by other things and enjoy studying in a noisy company rather than alone. They also tend to absorb information more effectively if they repeat it orally or do some activities and movements. People of this zodiac sign tend to have a good understanding of subjects as a whole but may miss important details too.


The endless energy of Leos does not allow them to procrastinate. Being aware of the fact that they have a lot to do serves as a boost to stand up and start working. Their creativity and ambitions make them excellent employees, however, you should understand that their effort is appreciated and get praise for that. The best job for Lions is to be a boss of his or her own company or manage the work of others though with minimum control of their own performance.


Determined and passionate Leos are great entrepreneurs. Their ambitions and attention to detail allow being successful in business. They are not afraid to take risks and enjoy working independently being in charge of their creation. People of this sign do not waste money and think long-term when it comes to investments.

Compatibility with other signs

Who is a perfect match for Lions? Naturally, there are zodiac signs whose compatibility with the fifth sign is much better. Leos are more likely to build long-lasting relationships with:

  • Libra;
  • Aries;
  • Gemini;
  • Sagittarius.

There is hardly any compatibility with Taurus and Scorpio.

Advice for a Leo

What does it mean to be Leo? Are these people happy to have all those qualities given to them by stars? Even if some of them seem odd, it is possible to compensate on them following these tips:

  • Listen to other people who give you advice since it can be very useful;
  • Try to be consistent and patient in relations with other people;
  • Don’t treat criticism negatively: it can open your eyes to the things you can’t spot yourself;
  • Pay more attention to your family members: they need your attention;
  • Admit your mistakes no matter how difficult it is;
  • Don’t blame others in your problems: work harder and there will be no sense to envy others;
  • Let yourself have some rest but only in limited portions: procrastination is not the best idea.

Tips for Relating to Leo

People who know Leo’s personalities or even try to build romantic relationships with them should know how to find a key to their hearts and prevent splashes of this anger. Here are some points to remember:

  • Never criticize people born in the Sun of Lion: try to provide the reasons why you consider their actions and behavior inappropriate carefully;
  • Let Lions feel in charge of the situation;
  • Avoid lying since they sniff dishonesty immediately;
  • Act together with this natural performer to please him;
  • Praise and show your respect to Leos so that they could feel being needed;
  • Express your commitment and love and you will get that in return too;
  • Calm down his explosive temper if you see any sparks.

Famous Leo People

Famous Leo People
Since Leos feel the best being in the center of attention and on the stage, it is not surprising that a lot of Hollywood stars, models, sportsmen, and other famous people have been born in the Sun of Lion and these are several examples of them:

  • Daniel Radcliffe – actor
  • Jennifer Lopez – singer and actress
  • Sandra Bullock – actress
  • Mick Jagger – singer
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – actor
  • Lisa Kudrow – actress
  • Barack Obama – US president
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – actor, governor of California
  • Ben Affleck – actor
  • Kylie Jenner – model
  • Bill Clinton – US president
  • Whitney Houston – singer


Leo is a zodiac sign centered exclusively on itself. These are strong, courageous and passionate people but they need to be more flexible and less stubborn to live happily and achieve success. Naturally, stars have provided them with some negative traits but they can be improved with a little effort. However, the range of positive qualities and characteristics of Lions is very big so they have everything to make their dreams come true.

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