Legendary Queen Elizabeth II. Was her fate Written in the Stars?

Queen Elizabeth lived her life as an outstanding example for the whole world. Therefore, meeting her was the highest honor for any president or celebrity. Needless to say, millions of people would kill for the opportunity of at least seeing her stateliness with one eye.

Today, I would like to honor the memory of her majesty and give you a few more facts about this exceptional woman: her fate, life, and hobbies.

Was her fate of being a queen destiny or just an accident?

As an astrologer, I will try to answer all questions with the help of the stars.

By the way, Queen Elizabeth II was well-known for her love for bright colors, so we’ve decided to dedicate the design of this letter to one of her outfits (from prince Harry’s wedding)

Initially, Elizabeth was in the third line to the throne, so no one really thought that she would ever be able to become a Queen. However, life had other plans, and tender Elizabeth had to take on a huge responsibility – to lead the whole kingdom at the young age of 27.



First of all, let’s talk about elements. Her elements are considered pretty well-balanced, meaning that the Queen was a harmonious person with a predominance of earthly energy, representing calmness, the ability to maintain harmony, & love for all living things.

Like a typical Solar Taurus, her greatness used to love animals, especially her corgis & horses.


The Queen’s decision-making strategy can be called “Fixed.” This factor demonstrates that Elizabeth was just in the right place as monarch, governing a country where everything is based on following old traditions and rules.



Indeed at first glance at Queen Elizabeth’s photo, you may feel her strength & some kind of coldness. This impression is created by her rising being in Capricorn. In astrology, the ascendant is responsible for how others perceive us, along with the image we create.

However, the moon reveals our comfort, way of life, emotions, and feelings. Unsurprisingly, Elizabeth has her moon in the sign of Leo. Being in the spotlight is the norm for such people, as they love attention and know how to act in front of a crowd.


Mercury in Aries gifts a person with a witty mind along with a desire to be first & always win. For example, on December 25, 1957, her greatness became the first British monarch to congratulate people on Christmas via television.


Venus is the planet responsible for good taste in a birth chart. Her royalty has her Venus in Pisces, in the 1st house, representing the ability to look appropriate and put together during any occasion.

Queen’s hats became iconic and truly legendary. But did you know that her collection contains more than 5,000 hats?

With the use of hats, the Queen could give her citizens various hidden signs. For example, the British could easily define the Queen’s mood & state depending on the color of her headdress. Bookmakers even used to bet on what shade of hat would be chosen for upcoming events.



Jupiter – the planet of growth, expansion & elaboration, is in the Queen’s 1st house (the house of personality), points that we have a solid and outstanding character in front of us. By the way, the birth chart also demonstrates the Queen’s life as one full of traveling. Elizabeth II became the first monarch to visit Australia & New Zealand. In addition, she visited such locations as Fiji, Tonga, Bermuda, Jamaica, Panama, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Ceylon, Yemen, Uganda, Libya, Malta, and Gibraltar, crossing more than 64,000 kilometers.

Elizabeth’s Saturn is connected to Midheaven. Such position can be witnessed in the natal charts of such people as John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Saturn also shows us a person’s potential life expectancy, which in Queen’s case, was pledged to be quite long.


She managed to encourage her family, Britain, and the whole world.

So, we analyzed the birth chart and discovered many fascinating facts about the Queen. She was able to win people’s hearts around the globe, becoming a true symbol of an era.

Of course, we will never know whether her royalty used astrology during her life or not. Still, it’s not a secret that every royal family always used to have private astrologers close to themselves.

Isn’t it impressive how much stars know about us? Sometimes even more than we do. You always know where to find me if you feel lost, unsure, or want to find answers to make your life more comfortable.

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Legendary Queen Elizabeth II. Was her fate Written in the Stars?

Queen Elizabeth lived her life as an outstanding example for the whole world. Therefore, meeting her was the highest honor Read more