How to Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse 2020: Self-Help Techniques During the Eclipse

We narrated the eclipse of the Sun as an astronomical phenomenon and its uniqueness as an astrological aspect in the article Solar Eclipse in the Modern World. You can read about the religious and mythological motives of the eclipse in the article Solar Eclipse as a Sign: What Did Our Ancestors Believe? It is worth remembering that the total solar eclipse will take place on December 14th, 2020, and in this article we want to describe what you need to do and what is better to avoid during the eclipse, and also offer you special practices with which the energy of the solar eclipse may be used for your own good.

Why the Power of a Solar Eclipse May Be Hostile and How to Protect Yourself

You should be very attentive during a solar eclipse because the chain of events that starts during this period may bring profound changes to your life. These changes may be both good and bad, but we will provide guidance on how to use these changes for the better.

A solar eclipse extends its influence long before and after the eclipse itself. If you are preparing for an eclipse early enough, you should highlight the period 10 days before and add another 10 days after the eclipse. If it is not possible to treat yourself more carefully for such a long period, you should still designate a peak time for yourself: 3 days before and 3 days after the eclipse.

An eclipse always affects a person’s physical and mental state. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to make important, fateful decisions, or start new projects during the eclipse if you play a key role in them. It is better to spend this time thinking about the details of such projects. Meanwhile, it is not a good idea to move home or make plans to do so. If you have already planned to move home, then you should either wait and arrange it later, or speed up the process so you enter the eclipse period in a comfortable new house. Postpone the conclusion of important agreements, significant financial transactions and big purchases. You should not go on long business trips, register a new business, get married or arrange magnificent celebrations on this occasion. Men need to refrain from marriage proposals to their chosen ones, and the latter should wait instead of responding hastily.

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During the period of eclipses, your feelings may seem to be accentuated to the limit, you may become more impulsive and unrestrained in your decisions, actions and statements. Emotions can spill out. In order to not mess things up and get in trouble with a relative or stranger, it is best to avoid organizing or attending events and places with large crowds of people. It can be better to sit at home during this period watching your favorite movie or reading an exciting book. Though it is not strictly necessary, those with sensitive natures should listen to this recommendation.

Beginning an argument or conflict during a solar eclipse, you risk cutting ties and losing contact with an opponent for a long time, if not forever. Therefore, if this is not a person you want to be rid of forever, it is better to avoid quarrels. And, even if there is a simmering conflict, hold your horses. Take the situation seriously, act consciously and postpone heart-to-heart talks for a week, even if it seems important and necessary.

During a solar eclipse, you should also take care of your health: take things easy, otherwise you may have a stronger headache than usual, or joint pain may seem more acute, or blood pressure indicators may show contradictory values. If you suffer from gastritis, don’t eat spicy dishes during this period, as this is a time when everything will have its consequences. It is better to avoid negative emotions and anything that may potentially upset you. Do not drink alcohol or any other drinks that may affect your mental health. Instead, drink plenty of plain water. Similarly, the solar eclipse has an unusual effect on animals and birds. They are restless and confuse day with night: nocturnal animals wake up, and diurnal go to bed. Take care of your pet as well as yourself.

Self-Help Practices: What to Do for a Solar Eclipse to Have a Positive Impact on Life

As a result of living through a solar eclipse, you may gain and lose something. For example, you may consciously push an old bad habit out of your life and acquire new useful habits. This period is suitable for planning and thinking. You may suddenly have an insight, and what seemed so complex and incomprehensible will take on structure and visible outlines.

This new stage is inextricably linked with getting rid of old unnecessary things and all sorts of junk. Cleaning during the solar eclipse will symbolize purification not only in the physical universe, but also clearing space for positive changes in your head and soul. It is absolutely true to say that you need to free up space for the new by getting rid of the old.

In addition to cleaning the house, apartment, garage, car, and so on, you may use this period of time to clear up any resentments, negative memories and experiences, and sense of guilt. The solar eclipse acts as a trigger that releases preserved feelings and emotions. You may discover cause-and-effect relationships, and now you know what causes the inner demons have. You need to pay attention to this! This release is halfway to solving the problem. You may knock on all doors for help. Talking to an astrologer, visiting a psychologist, or partaking in your own practices and making an appeal to the Universe for

Revision and Release Practices

In the evening before the solar eclipse, you may do the practice of recapitulation. Its essence is as follows: you need to take a sheet of paper and write down all and any unpleasant events, then you need to create images of these events in your head, view them in your imagination from the last to the first and throw them out of your memory one by one. You have looked through these events, learned their lessons, said goodbye to them, and imagined how you threw them away, or untied and pushed them away. There is no place for the future in those whose eyes are constantly turned to the past, because the past belongs to the past. When you do this practice, it is important to be sincere, not to hide or deceive yourself, and not to keep a grudge against the past.

Practice of Cleaning the House

Cleaning may also be done consciously and using some rituals. When washing floors, walls, furniture, etc., it is important to visualize that you are washing out all the negative. You may also use the cleansing energy of fire after cleaning. Light candles and fumigate the house with herbs. Pay special attention to the corners and the front door. While doing that, listen to your gut instinct: let the candle flame burn your inner negativity, fill you with strength, life, energy and love.

If you are a believer in folk traditions, we recommend that you do this practice in Slavic traditions with the candles and incense in the way we described in detail in the article Solar Eclipse as a Sign: What Did Our Ancestors Believe? This method is proven over time and tested by the generations. After practicing with candles, it is useful to take an invigorating cool shower, imagining how the flow of water washes away all the negativity and frees your body, mind and soul. In the morning or in the evening on the eve of the eclipse, such rituals may be performed regardless of fumigating the house and practice with candles. It bears reminding that the total solar eclipse for which we are preparing you in this article will take place in winter (December 14th, 2020), so we will not insist on a cool shower. Use your own judgment and do what your body suggests. You shouldn’t force yourself.

The Practice of Creating a Personal List of Joy

Another popular and harmless practice is making a personal “Joy List”. How do I do this? Take a blank piece of paper. Any. A lined or squared paper notebook will also do. Think about your daily activities. Make a list in your head and write it down in a column on a piece of paper. Write everything: any tasks that you do daily or with different regularity during the month. The idea is to use paper and pen to describe what your life consists of in a structured way. When the list is ready, put a mark next to each task: estimate from 1% to 100% how much joy and energy of happiness each of the listed tasks gives you. When evaluating, consider whether you like to perform a particular task. This will be your Joy Scale. When you finish assigning points, review and read your list again. Give your life a total percentage of Joy.

Now you may reflect on what is going on in your life, what percentage of valuable moments you waste, what you miss, what you do not need, and what you may need to abandon. If your list contains tasks with a high percentage of Joy and you are really happy to complete them and enjoy the result: write them out in a separate column. View the new list. Imagine yourself in 7 years, if you continue to follow the old list. After that, imagine your life in 7 years if you live according to the new list. What do you think now? Isn’t it time to help the present you for the sake of the future? After all, the future will soon become the present.

Don’t tell anyone about your practices or your feelings. This is exactly the personal thing that you should keep only for yourself. Let the energy of the solar eclipse be for your own good.

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