How to Find Your Soulmate Using Astrology

Astrology is capable of many things. It can tell a lot about a person, help set out on the right professional path, build strong relationships, and even slightly correct fates. We agree that a lot depends on the actions of the person himself, but astrology, in turn, can act as a guide and gently push to right decisions.

What about soulmates? Is it somehow related to stars and other celestial bodies? Can astrology assist in this vitally important question that arouses so much interest? Is the information stars provide really reliable, can it be used in your daily life?

People are crazy about finding a congenial person who will understand them without words. They strive for pulling the separated pieces of former souls together and, thus, restore intimate connections.

So, good news. There is nothing impossible. This is within the power of the science to help you find your soulmate using astrology, and there are several ways to make it. Read on and get closer to finding the person who you are connected with at the deepest spiritual level.

What is a soulmate according to astrology?


Not only inveterate romantics and zealots of snotty films believe in the soulmate phenomenon. Everyone deep down wants to meet a truly close-minded person who he is connected with by an invisible red thread.

It would sound a little bit trite but soulmate, first of all, is someone who you can be yourself with when you feel comfortable and safe. It also seems to you at very first contact that you have known each other for many years.

It is not like an electric current and has nothing to do with butterflies in the stomach. This kind of connection gives you a sense of stability, and you immediately feel the unity and kinship at the highest level.

They say that people meet their zodiac soulmates when they are ready to let them in their lives as well as ready for a transformation.

The connection with a soul mate leads to spiritual growth to make your best qualities more visible, to teach you to give and receive.

You should also keep in mind that soulmates are not for completing you but rather for revealing your inner gems to make you live your best life.

The major misconceptions are that a soul mate is definitely related to love affairs only. Listen, not always. It could be a friend, a teacher, or someone third.

One of the results of such a relationship between soul mates is the evolution of the spirit. This is a kind of close spiritual partnership when you constantly improve each other. And this process goes naturally, without strain.

You can’t confuse this with anything. So when you meet such a person you will definitely not be mistaken. “When will i meet my soulmate”, you ask? We’ll get to that eventually!

How can astrology help you find a soulmate?

We often come across on the Internet specially made tests and quizzes that promise to help you find a zodiac soulmate. When it comes to so-called serious astrology, it has nothing in common with entertainment. It demands deep immersion and a detailed study of the issue.

Soulmate by birthday wouldn’t necessarily become your best friend for life, or an ideal partner, however, it would be nice to know that the person you like has some sort for spiritual connection with you on a deeper level.

All you need is a belief in astrological methods described below, and desire to get to know your twin soul and not lose sight of it when the time comes.

Understanding zodiac signs


You are likely to know that astrology can provide you with information about zodiac signs compatibility. However, not only this.

Getting a closer look at zodiac signs is the easiest way to approach to the understanding of astrological soulmates.

Here it is necessary to mention Juno – the goddess of unions and marriage. Juno sign is an indicator of devotion, jealousy, affection. It expresses your expectations regarding a partner and relationships.

If you are not still familiar with your Juno sign, figure it out with the aid of a birth chart calculator.

So, what should each sign pay attention to recognize the One?


Your soulmate will not let you break his spirit, and will resist your pressure. This is an active, ambitious, and assertive person who makes the ground shrink beneath his feet. He will appear to fuel your life, and will never pull the rug out from your feet.


Your spiritual partner will come to embrace you and provide a sense of security. He will defend you from offenders and will protect your sensitive nature. In addition, this person will help you make important life decisions, and keep an eye on all the small details.


This person will enter your life to open your eyes wider as well as activate your better half. It is someone who can teach you a life vital lesson, become an example, and explain that you should take into account other people’s feelings not only yours. One of the frequently asked questions on the Internet is “Are Gemini and Sagittarius soulmates?” Draw a conclusion yourself based on a small description above.
Gemini soulmate should be a really clear picture for you at this point, based on qualities we’ve described.


Take your time to recognize the One among a lot of people who enter and go out of your life. The One will put your needs first despite his own. It will have the same big heart as yours, and be extremely sensitive and empathetic.


As soon as you meet someone who you would like to share your supremacy with, consider him your spiritual twin. It will be a prominent individual who will always keep a fire burning and will be on your side.


Your soulmate will come to teach you to live easier. It will be someone to motivate you and meet your requirements and high expectations. Virgo soulmate is a someone who can both take life seriously and give in to chill sometimes. He is likely to boost your self-confidence and switch off excessive criticism upon others and yourself.


It will be someone to bring more beauty, aesthetics, and taste into your life. This person will not alter your balance in any case but rather firmly set your scales. Your soul mate is a dreamer like you. Someone who is extremely romantic and with an eye to small and charming things.


The One of Scorpio is a combination of passion, adventures, and, of course, a backbone. Hiding in his rich inner world and considering it the best place on Earth, Scorpio has no desire to let someone else in. As soon as he sees potential and devotion in someone, he will open the doors and invite in. It will mean that two soulmates have finally found each other. The problem of “how to find the soulmate” will simply cease to exist at this point.


Sagittarius is always too busy traveling and looking for new adventures and has absolutely no time to look around. His soul mate is someone who will teach to slow down and balance between rushing and calm. This person will be your best companion and the gulp of fresh air that you are striving for getting throughout your life.


Capricorn’s soulmate is definitely someone with a strong spirit, tenacious and courageous. He will inspire you and will never let you give up. You will learn to loosen up together and not to treat life so seriously. At the same time, the inner strength of the Capricorn soulmate will give you additional motivation when it comes to fighting hard times.


The spiritual twin of Aquarius is someone unique with an analytical mind, and a philosophical vision. He must be educated and smart. This person should not be afraid of taking risks and facing challenges. Together, you are an explosive mixture, pushing each other to move forward and have no regrets.


The kindred soul of Pisces is a person who knows how not to let him lose himself in the world of fantasies. This person will protect his vulnerable nature, infuse confidence in him, and support everything he believes in. Pisces soulmate would be one the most generous givers when it comes to relationships, regardless of their nature: love or friendship.

Have a look at your natal chart

natal chart_example

A natal chart is a comprehensive picture of a person’s life. When it comes to soulmate astrology, a birth chart is focused more on you and explains your expectations regarding your spiritual twin. To be honest, it will not give you an accurate answer to the question “Who is my soulmate?” or “When will I find my soulmate?”. However, it can provide you with another data, very helpful, and necessary for the search for a soul mate. Is my natal chart is such a powerful tool, you ask? It is, we answer.

The Seventh House

It is usually compared with a mirror that we can see ourselves in. It is no coincidence that certain partners come to our life. This house characterizes the potential marriage partner and the type of relationship with him as well as a business partnership and a soul mate. Astrologers analyze the Planets that are in this House. A kind, essentially strong, and harmoniously aspected planet in a partnership House will attract a good partner to the native and set it up to create successful relationships.

Aspects between Mars and Venus

If these two Planets work in harmony, it means that there is a chance to build a happy couple. Pay attention to the aspects between the Planets: the sextile (60 degrees), the trine (120 degrees) are the most promising when the square (90 degrees), and the opposition (180 degrees) present some challenges for partners. Mars and Venus are also responsible for sexual relations between people. An excellent aspect of sexual compatibility is considered to be the Mars of a man in the aspect with Venus of a woman.

At first sight, this data might seem a little bit far from the topic. Nevertheless, when looking for a soulmate, you never know which method may be the most effective for you personally.

The Outer Planets

It’s necessary to take into account Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto when determining the quality of a relationship. Also, pay attention to the aspects between these planets as well as Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn between the charts.

The North Node of the Moon

It comes to action when the One enters your life. If your or your partner’s North Node intersects with one of the unique planets in the chart, it is a signal flag that a soulmate has been spotted.

There are other aspects to consider in your natal chart and compare the key factors with other people’s charts. Put on your hat of patience, and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

Create a synastry birth chart

Synastry or relationship astrology deals with issues of compatibility between people. Previously, it was customary to evaluate the compatibility of a couple based on temperaments, for example. However, with the development of this new section of astrology, it became clear that you need to look deeper.

Therefore, a synastry chart shows what kind of relationships people have or will have on an emotional, sexual, business, domestic, and even unconscious level.

Please note: the synastry helps to deal with an existing partner, as the charts of two people are taken into account. If you are looking for a soul mate and you still have no one in mind – turn to other astrological methods.

Looking at the maps of 2 people, it’s possible to clarify their main points of contact and describe all the interactions or inactions between them.

How to make a synastry chart?

To savor the privileges of synastry, you need to create or compare if you have already created two natal charts. Take your personal information (date of birth, time of birth, city of birth), and the data of your partner. Two natal charts are imposed on each other, by transferring elements of the natal chart of one person into the natal horoscope of another.

Based on the interactions of the elements of the so-called double map, you can draw a conclusion about a possible scenario of your relations.

There is also a so-called synastry chart calculator or soulmate astrology calculator. You need to input your name, date, time, and place of birth as well as do the same with your partner. Based on this data, the calculator gives you a report on your potential spiritual kinship.

One more way: first, the astrologer analyzes the natal charts of each partner individually. Considering one birth chart, you can understand what kind of relationship the person wants to get, assess his picture of the world, and expectations regarding a partner in general.

What should you pay attention to in the synastry?

It is important to understand that our attitude to people, in general, is initially determined by our natal chart. And our attitude to a specific person is determined by synastry, or how it is called in narrow circles soulmate synastry.

Ascendant and Descendant

It is believed that Ascendant shows you to the world when Descendant shows the world to you. Basically, there are 12 variants of the Ascendant in signs, and the same number of variants of the DS too. In short, the interaction between two AS denotes the harmony or potential conflicts. As for the DS, it hit into the partner’s houses matters. For example, DS in 5 or 11 houses is an excellent position for friendly participation in all matters.

To make any conclusions, one or two factors are not enough. In the synastry chart, there are bundles of planets, aspects, etc. However, the detailed study of AS and DS of both partners and their interaction is vital, and can’t be omitted.

The Nodes of the Moon

There is an opinion that the Nodes of the Moon are related to past lives and interactions. Here, the aspects of the nodes’ axes between themselves and aspects of planets to nodes are usually considered.

For example, such combination as North on North or South on South denotes that two people are brought together by a common task which each of them prepared for individually. At present, they have a chance to lead accumulated experience towards a common goal.

The Vertex and anti-Vertex

They are sometimes called an unconscious Descendant. These are the points of intersection with the ecliptic of the First Meridian. To be more precise, a circle passing through the points of the east, west at the time of birth (or event) at the geographical point of birth. The western intersection is Vertex, the eastern is anti-Vertex.

In the interpretation of any natal chart, the vertex and anti-vertex axis indicates events or people whose influence in life will be very strong. In synastry, if the partners’ vertices have major aspects (orb 1-3 degrees), then such a relationship is crucial for the life of those who meet. There are also other nuances to take into account: the House which the Vertex is located in, which Houses are the planets in that aspect Vertex, and which houses they control, etc.

Sun-Moon Connections

The connection of the Sun and the Moon in the horoscopes of two partners is the most important indicator of their psychological and emotional compatibility. And also both sextile and trine, formed by the Moon in the horoscope of one partner and the Sun of another can tell a lot. This issue needs a deep study to determine what exactly these heavenly bodies symbolize for you.

It is also advised to have a closer look at Neptune in any aspect with another person’s personal Planets, Sun-Sun connections, Sign interchanges, and lots more. Synastry is a big chapter of the overall astrology and can provide you with a lot of information regarding particular relations if you are ready to allow some time.

Delve deep into Karmic astrology

karmic astrology

Karmic astrology says that all souls are connected. However, there is a group of the most closely related characters – a cluster of souls. The participants in one cluster are called karmic partners. The path of karmic relationships began long before the present time. This type of relationship is designed to change something within you as well as for the mutual transformation of both partners.

When it comes to denoting soulmates, Karmic astrology focuses on the House of the lunar nodes, as well as the planets in conjunction with them.

For example, the South Node is in the 4th House and the North Node in the 10th – both parents and the boss are your karmic partners; Venus in conjunction with the South Node means that the karmic partner is your spouse, and in conjunction with the North Node – your daughter (if any).

What are some signs of soulmates?

As we have already mentioned several times, a soulmate is someone who motivates you to become better. No matter, whether with his actions, words, or just presence in your life. Here are some other signs to take into account:

  • You feel safe and comfortable when this person is near you. You are convinced of his good intentions to help you in becoming a better version.
  • It seems like you are tied up with something invisible. Whatever happens, you always come back to each other as if fate intentionally brings you together.
  • There is a persistent sensation that you have known each other for years. Usually, it appears out of nowhere. At some point, you start realizing that your life turned 180 degrees, and a particular person influenced your mind and perception of the world.
  • It happens that you unexpectedly predict the behavior of this person. Like you know in advance what he will say, in what position he will sit on a chair – a clear déjà vu).
  • Communication and interaction are easy. You don’t need to adjust, put on masks, and play roles.

If none of these tips hasn’t managed to persuade you, listen to your gut feeling. It is really powerful and rarely fails.

Is it possible to learn how and when will you find your soulmate?

“When will I find my soulmate?” is one of the most popular questions. Astrology is a really powerful science. However, it can’t tell you an accurate time, date, and place. What is more, it would be a little creepy if you know it cold.


The methods mentioned above can give you some directions and slightly push to follow them. Using astrology you can discover a lot of nuances about your personality as well as get a clear idea of a person you are spiritually related to.

All you need is to believe, have your eyes and heart open. Good luck finding a soulmate. May the celestial bodies be with you!

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