What Zodiac Signs are Extroverts

All people are different, but there are groups of people with a number of common features and behavioral patterns granted by stars and represented by zodiac signs. Some of them prefer spending time solo while others will die of boredom being alone. Consequently, all people are intro- or extroverts to some extent, but how to define your type? It is enough to answer a simple question: when you are invited to a party with a lot of people, will you prefer to get acquainted and communicate with people actively or you would rather leave this overcrowded space and spend time in silence? Your answer to this question will say whether you are closer to extroverts on the scale or you are an introvert by nature.

Another way to define your temperament is to look at your zodiac sign. You will agree that some signs are more likely to spend time in calm, minimally stimulating environments, while others need activity as much as air to breathe. Would you like to find out if our simple test coincides with the zodiac description and which zodiac signs are extroverts?

Look: this article explains what temperament dominates in every zodiac sign and ranks them from the most extroverted to the most introverted ones.

Most extroverted zodiac signs

The first thing that may puzzle you when you hear such scientific terms as ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ is their meaning and the main difference between them. Both these words are used in psychology to describe people’s temperament and they are opposite by meaning. Introverts are people who prefer to spend time alone since it is the best way to regain energy for them. Extroverts feel drained being alone and need socializing and activities to be charged again. Naturally, it is possible to be only an intro- or extrovert, but usually, people have these features to some extent – more or less. There are also ambivert people who may possess features of both these types depending on the situation, mood, or other factors.

The same goes for zodiac signs: some of them are inborn introverts like Aquarians, for example, while others may only have a dominant temperament of an extrovert but still spend time alone sometimes too. This list of zodiac signs with descriptions is compiled in regard to the following rule: from the most extroverted at the top to the most introverted at the bottom, so don’t get surprised to learn something new about yourself or your surrounding.

Aries ♈


Who is an engine of all events? Undoubtedly, these are Aries personalities. Even small kids of this zodiac sign amaze parents with their endless energy, so when they grow up they need to be the center of the universe in every situation. These are dynamic and active personalities with excellent socializing skills. They often wear a clown mask to attract other people’s attention, but in fact, these are strong and dominant personalities that can make the crowd move. Their arrival at the party always makes people cheer since they are the best initiators!

Leo ♌


The king of all animals is in a constant search of attention so he can’t be alone for a long time. Aren’t they in the spotlight yet? They will put a lot of effort to achieve this goal or will seek another place if they can’t get that. These are creative personalities who can easily interest others and want to shine the whole planet with their warmth and fun like their ruling planet – the Sun. These are active people who never get tired of moving and attracting others, so sitting at home is not for them!

Gemini ♊


Is it unpredictable to see Gemini at the top of the most extrovert signs? These people need communication no matter where they are or what they are busy with. They can support any talk and you can hardly make them keep silent even if you put effort to do that. They enjoy being surrounded by people and express themselves, but being the Twins by nature, they may sometimes apply another face and stay solo away from the rat race of life. They can party all night long or even several days in a row without breaks, but once they feel the time to relax and you will not see them during this period.

Libra ♎


Venus, a ruling planet of Libras, makes these people social and communicative. They can easily join any conversation and can’t imagine their lives without going out and about. Meeting new people makes them flourish while their symbol the Scales means partnership they are always looking for. They look for balance and harmony and it is not easy to find them if you are alone.

Sagittarius ♐


Is it difficult to meet new people if you are bold and adventurous? Not, of course. These Sagittarius characteristics accompanied by excessive energy make them an engine that seems never to stop. Therefore, they enjoy spending time in a social environment and look for new experiences among other people. These are adventurous personalities who want to explore our colorful world but always need someone next to them to share expressions and memories. ︎

Scorpio ♏


Charisma and charm of Scorpions make them excellent interlocutors. They like to communicate with people and remind a match that sparkles very quickly and brightly but soon the fire burns out. Being emotional by nature they need time to recover and gain energy. Moreover, they keep their secrets and never share them with others due to their suspicious nature. So they are more likely to be called introverts with some exceptions.

Cancer ♋


Though it may sound confusing, Cancers are called ‘extroverted introverts’ very often. They can be friendly and active, visit different events with pleasure, can even show off themselves, but there are situations when they need to spend time in solitude. Since Cancer’s mood is influenced by the Moon, the time when it is not that good may last for weeks and it is not the best period to communicate with them. It is better to leave them for a while alone to be busy with their favorite activity and soon things will do well again.

Virgo ♍


Virgo is an earth sign as well as Gemini, but these personalities differ from the true extroverts greatly. In most situations, they are timid and shy. They will stay quiet no matter what is happening around but this silence is only the way to analyze every detail. Their main feature is the calculation of the next move since they are suspicious by nature. No wonder they belong to tough introverts!

Taurus ♉


If to say that Taureans are stubborn, that is nothing to say. They are headstrong with deep and excessive emotions which can be not easy to cope with. They like doing things without being hurried and interrupted. These people are not very outgoing and can seem a little detached from other people. People of this sign are known for being polite, quiet, and respective, however, they can surprise people they like with endless fun, witty jokes, and interesting discussions too.

Capricorn ♑


Another suspicious sign is Capricorn who lets only selected people into his life. They would rather have a couple of faithful friends than thousands of subscribers on Facebook. There are moments when Capricorns get moody and overwhelmed with emotions that they seem rude and unrecognizable. They are determined by nature so you will hardly ever see these people expressing emotions just for fun.

Pisces ♓


Different every second, Pisces personalities are known for their deep emotions and living in the dream world. It is difficult to understand them since they possess features of all other signs, so it may take time to learn them better for the surrounding. They are reflective which is often mistaken for snobbish, but in fact, Pisces prefer to spend more time in their dream world rather than in reality, so their introverted nature is needless to negotiate.

Aquarius ♒︎


The most introverted sign is Aquarius – a true intellectual who has come to this planet with the goal to change the world we live in. No wonder that representatives of this sign spend more time thinking and they can be busy if they are shut in a room alone. All this is possible due to their vivid imagination and ability to dream. If you think that they behave strangely in the company too, you are mistaken. These people can be friendly and warm-hearted with others, but they will never share their feelings with others. They choose their circle of communication very carefully and prefer to stay alone or in companionship with a couple of true friends than in a big noisy group of people. ︎


If you make a short analysis of all zodiac signs, you can see that there is an equal division into extroverts and introverts among them, but the extent of the temperament type can be different in every astrological sign. Two signs like Scorpio and Cancer can be referred to ambiverts since they possess features of both types and it depends on the situation or moon phase how they are going to behave. But if you remember representatives of the signs you know well and analyze their behavioral patterns in regard to the following descriptions, you will spot a lot of common sides and there is nothing surprising!

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