Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility. Does it Work Out?

Have you heard an idea that opposites attract each other? This statement is confirmed by astrology because the best compatibility is usually between men and women of absolutely different signs. However, what should people do if they are both Cancerians by horoscope? Is there any sense to stop building relationships only because there is rarely perfect compatibility between people of one Zodiac sign? Naturally, astrology suggests a certain percentage of the match for different pairs of signs, so it means that Cancer man and cancer woman also have a chance to make a happy couple.

Look: this article will explain how successful and strong relations between two Cancerians can be and what chances they have to be together.

The Cancer Man

Cancer is a summer Zodiac sign of people born between June 20 and July 22. It is a water sign depicted by the Crab symbol and ruled by the Moon. It is natural that men and women born in the Sun of Cancer have similar qualities and characteristics, but the way they express and represent them differs due to gender too.

A Cancer man is gentle and emotional being often associated with feminine characteristics. He is nurturing in relationships and always takes care of the woman beside him. Naturally, men of this sign try to hide their sensitive nature in public and create a protective shell because of that, so many people consider them not easy to approach. On the other side, these men are quite shy and they find it challenging to make the first step towards a woman they like. They become faithful friends which can often be an obstacle for romantic relationships. One more feature of male Cancerians is endless love for their mothers. Not every woman will agree to be in the second place in man’s life. All these characteristics allow making a conclusion that there are three basic traits dominating male Cancers:

  1. Intelligence. A faithful and loyal Cancer man is also wise. He is always developing the brain and looks for the best solution for every problem. He can find the right words in every situation, but often suffers from sudden mood swings too.
  2. Possessiveness. Male Cancerians have a constant feeling of fear because of unknown things to them. They are not ready to be criticized and share their women with anyone else. This trait is also represented in their attitude to money: no matter how prosperous they are, they will keep funds in a secure place and complain about their constant lack.
  3. Devotion. Despite being flirty and somewhat sophisticated Cancer men who have found their matches never betray them. They adore kids and want to have a family with strong bonds as well as protect people they love.

The Cancer Woman

When it comes to women who are Cancer by zodiac, they are not less emotional than man and it is not surprising to see her crying or laughing because they are not afraid of expressing their emotions. These are humble and caring spouses who need to deliver sentiments to people they love. Female Crabs can also experience sudden mood swings and would not take initiative in relationships trying to be soft and dedicated to her family.

Usually, female Cancerians are modest and family-oriented ladies. They may seem cool during the daylight but the Moon makes them especially expressive at night. She will give all her love to a man beside her but looks for the same commitment in return too. The main traits given to Crab ladies by celestial bodies are the following ones:

  1. Sensitivity. Cancer girls are very sentimental and sensitive. You can see tears in her eyes even when she is watching a romantic movie. She can’t stand criticism and can hold a grudge for a long time if being offended.
  2. Compassion. Cancers can’t see how other people or even animals suffer, because they get frustrated and depressed too. They are ready to give a helping hand to everyone who needs that, but you should not take this help for granted – they understand this immediately and get disappointed in people.
  3. Self-protection. If men put a lot of effort to protect their families and women they love, representatives of the tender gender try to protect themselves from others. They hate when other people sympathize them and hide in the shell feeling any danger.

Cancer male and cancer female compatibility

Marriage and family90%
Working together50%



The intimate life of Cancers may start with a shell. They fear being rejected or disappoint their partners, so are very shy and closed at the very beginning. However, when they feel affection for each other, each of them will show new interesting aspects of a healthy sexual life. Sensitive and careful men will meet women’s expectations and it will bond them together tightly. Gradually, it will be sex that connects them both at the emotional and physical level. Cancer man and Cancer woman in bed satisfy each other, but none of them will admit their perfection in intimate life.

Relationship and marriage

marriage cancer

Both representatives of the Crab sign are very shy when they start dating each other. However, they have very high chances to build deep intimate relationships thanks to their sensitivity and sentimentalism. They prefer silent romantic dates to active leisure activities and do not need much time to understand if a person beside them can be a good spouse.

Both Cancers want to live a married life and have kids rather quickly. They support each other and try to achieve harmony in everything. Their marriage life is usually calm and measured, but only if they learn to accept each other’s mood swings patiently.


Men and women born in the Sun of the Crab do not have difficulties in socializing with each other. They are both intelligent and smart people who have a similar vision for life. They would discuss their family matters and upbringing of kids as well as look for more effective ways of earning together. Their vivid imagination can provide a lot of topics for interaction too, while a cooperative nature and a good level of understanding help them motivate each other and achieve common goals together.


Family is of utmost importance for all crabs, so it is not surprising why he tries to protect people he loves and she puts much effort to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere at home. Each of them also values some personal freedom and extensive possessiveness can ruin happiness.


It is exactly the thing that makes Cancers stand out among other signs. Both men and women are deeply emotional and sensitive people. And if a woman can express her emotions from time to time, men try to eke everything inside – no wonder that once they may burst with anger because of that.


Cancers are not jealous because it is not easy to get their trust from the very beginning. Each in the couple should prove to another person that he or she can be trusted. Only then the opposite gender will be a devoted and loyal partner.


Man and woman friends

Not only attraction but also friendship can be very strong between two Crabs. They understand each other and can easily spot if there is anything wrong with another person. They are faithful friends who can help in a tough minute and support each other. These are smart and vivacious people that can easily find common interests and values and never split up.

Working together

Even the working environment does not make Cancers less helpful and supportive. They are willing to be useful to others and work hard to cope with their responsibilities well. Being not ambitious people, their main goal is to complete the task no matter how difficult it is. This persistence and excellent productivity make Cancers great employees.

Relationship problems

It goes without saying that even soulmates face challenges in the relationships and need to solve them. The main obstacle in the everyday life of two Cancers is sudden changes in the mood – it is necessary to understand that they may happen without any apparent reasons and find the right words to support or leave this person alone sometimes. Another possible problem is excessive possessiveness from one of the spouses. Nobody likes being closed in the cage. Moreover, Cancerians are very likely to keep secrets from each other and it may add fuel to the fire.

Being calm and non-risky it is necessary to ensure that this couple has enough excitement in their relationships. Otherwise, one of them may feel bored and will look for fun with another person. They also treat financial stability very important and its lack may lead to stresses and disagreements.

Break up

It is clear that ending relationships is stressful for every person, but Cancerians experience that twice more difficult. They close in the shell and suffer hiding tears from others. Most representatives of this sign build plans far ahead and their ruining is a disaster for them. Naturally, male Crabs try not to show their grief to others and would dive into work to distract from negative feelings.

Are two Cancers a Good Match?

It is enough to look at the numbers in the table to see that a Crab matches another Crab very much. Naturally, it is not perfect compatibility since they both get moody and have to adapt to each other’s mood swings, but there are hardly any zodiac sign combinations that have 100% compatibility in all spheres. Therefore, it is clear that people of this sign can be happy together and their relationships can have the future, but it is necessary to work on them and yourself.

Famous Cancer+Cancer Couples

There are not many celebrities who are both Cancers in the couple, however, some examples of successful relationships and marriages are known to the public.

Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein

Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein

A famous actress born on June 25, 1979, and a writer and producer born on July 1, 1971, started dating and married in 2007 after she broke up with Colin Hanks. Busy emphasizes that her husband is very romantic and has even included their wedding vows in one of the films. The couple has experience working together in two projects and gave birth to two beautiful daughters.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Tom was born on July 13, 1962, and Nicole born on June 20, 1967, is both Cancer by zodiac.
One of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood met when they were starring in the film “Days of Thunder” and married in 1990. They have even adopted two kids and spent over 11 years in a happy marriage.


It is not easy for a Cancer personality to find the same sensitive and nurturing soulmate, but if to look among the representatives of the same zodiac sign, there are high chances for success. Male and female Crabs have very good compatibility, but they should learn to overcome certain difficulties and be patient in order to have a long-lasting and happy marriage life.

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