Astrology Planets and Their Meanings, Explained

People looked at the skies and watched planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies for millennia. Sure, one can hardly tell when and how the satisfying habit of stargazing became the science of astrology. But that’s when people started to realize the oneness of all that’s around them and all that’s above. There’s this principle of similarity astrology is based on: all that is above mirrors everything that happens below. All that happens in the skies helps us to understand ourselves better. That’s how horoscopes can tell you about your past, present, and future. That’s how the planets in your birth chart can affect your life in a major way.

“How does that even work?”, you might ask.

Well, what’s the first thing you see when you look up at the sky? Sun and Moon, depending on the time of the day. What else is there? Stars, so many of them.

Here’s the thing: people who lived thousands of years ago were not less smart than we are now. They’ve noticed that some stars move in unison over the visible sky, while others move independently. The latter ones turned out to be planets.

A modern person might get surprised and confused when looking at astrology planets. The thing is astrologers identify the Sun and the Moon as planets too. Even though their role has always been special: they shine down at us by day and by night, after all. As a result, there are seven astrology planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Astrologers call them traditional because astrology has used them since ancient times. As soon as people invented telescopes, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto joined their company.

As people gained better knowledge about space and with the birth of the science of astronomy a more detailed classification of heavenly bodies became necessary. The way people saw planets changes substantially. However, it didn’t change for astrology, so astrologers still use the terms of old.

What does astrology have to do with the planets?

In astrology, planets embody the most important impulses and motivations a person has. Something that’s behind this person’s every action. The eight astrology planets plus the Sun and the Moon are the basic elements of astrological knowledge. For ancient people they were gods and modern astrology sees them as archetypes. They bear connection with psychic energy and motivations we express in this way or another.

Planetary influence

Planetary influence

Traditional astrology interpreted the influence of the planets as “beneficial” or “malicious”. Modern astrology doesn’t have that black-and-white approach. Instead of that, the planets reflect a human’s soul in all its facets. For example, Saturn might have a negative influence on your natal chart and manifest itself in the fork of doubts or an inferiority complex. But it can also mean a firm resolve to reach one’s goals. It depends on a person how they use this energy offered by this planet or other. At some points in life, they can feel the negative influence of the planets and at others their positive side.

Each planet on an astrology chart has its own dynamic. Planetary influence can be strong, weak, complex, controversial, insubstantial. Some of them will be in dominating positions while others will be manifested in a much subtler way.

In space, everything is connected. If something happens in the Universe, it will be reflected here, on Earth. And so the planetary influence doesn’t just affect personality traits. It manifests in all areas of life. This influence can be noticed everywhere: in people around you and the events you attract.

Personal, social and transpersonal planets

  • The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are personal planets because all motivations they are connected to will be felt directly and are specific for each person;
  • Saturn and Jupiter are called social planets because they are related to one’s social status and affect one’s life expectations;
  • Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are transpersonal planets. Ancient astrologers didn’t know about them because they are invisible to the naked eye. These planets will make one act outside their self-serving interests and see a broader picture. Their influence is like an external challenge that motivates one to accept changes. These planets show one’s participation in the processes common to the entire humanity.

Apart from that, there are also so-called Septener planets: The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. They are the planets that were used in astrology long before Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered. They are related to one’s individuality. Their influence can be felt in one’s everyday life.

Planet cycles

Each one of the eight planets of the solar system, the Sun, and the Moon have their own cycles and orbits and play a significant role in astrology. Each of them needs a certain period of time to complete its cycle in the Zodiac. Fast planets (the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) move relatively quickly. The Moon orbits the Earth in 28 days, Mercury orbits the Sun in 88 days, Venus in 225 days, mars in 687 days. Jupiter and Saturn have slower cycles. Jupiter orbits the Sun in 11. 86 years, Saturn in 29. 46 years. At the same time, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto take 84, 165, and 248 years respectively to orbit the Sun.

What each planet means in astrology

sunThe Sun

In astrology, the Sun is about will, integrity, self-actualization. The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo and the fifth astrology house.

The Sun embodies one’s personality core and inherent potential. It’s the center of the solar system and the source of life on Earth. It’s the god’s sparkle in one’s soul, the essence of life that motivates you to keep looking for new ways of self-expression.


The Sun reflects that part of our personality that wants to shine and show its true self. It represents the sense of uniqueness, significance, confidence. It’s the part of your personality that’s always growing.

Solar energy is the driving force of life. There would be no light and warmth on earth without it. No life, no growth. Being the embodiment of resilience and filling our lives with special meaning, it teaches us to control our will. It motivates all conscious intent, makes you express your creativity.

In Astrology, the Sun is connected with active creativity and masculinity both women and men possess. From the astrological perspective, the Sun represents the archetype of a Hero that symbolizes the ability to bravely face any challenges. It also represents the archetype of the Father. It’s about the perception of paternal or predominantly masculine influence during childhood and its effect on future manifestations of masculine energy. Apart from that, it also symbolizes all experience related to your father/a father figure in your life.

Traditionally, men manifest the Sun energy more often than women. After all, they are more focused on the search for their own individuality while women tend to focus on caring about others. But although the Sun in a woman’s natal chart would normally show the qualities she would like to see in a man, gender roles are more dynamic now. Today, a woman has every right to experiment with her Sun energy however she pleases. If for some reason a woman refuses to assume an active role in life, she will inevitably project her Sun energy on her partners.

moonThe Moon

The Moon is all about emotions, sense of self-preservation, nurturing, motherhood, instinct. This astrology planet rules the sign of Cancer and the fourth astrology house.

There was a Moon goddess in almost every ancient culture. There was an advantageous moon phase for every activity. Without the Moon, there would be no tides and no other natural cycles. Its phases are in unison with the biorhythms of plants, animals, and humans. In the eyes of our ancient ancestors, lunar phases symbolized the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. This endless circle of life has always amazed people.


Being the Earth’s satellite, the Moon doesn’t shine its own light but it reflects that of the Sun.

The Moon is responsible for one’s emotional state and the way one reacts to what’s around them. It embodies the human need in safety, security, protection, giving and taking, nurturing. It’s about a sense of belonging and identity.

When you are just an infant, you need warmth, love, and nurturing to survive. The energy of the Moon pulls you back into the past, to that connection between a child and its mother. After all, our basic needs never change. It represents your very fundamental, instinctive need in protection and security. If this need isn’t satisfied, you feel anxious and insecure. The zodiac sign and the house that accommodate the Moon on a natal chart will give a more detailed description of what gives you that sense of confidence.

The way we perceived the maternal of predominantly feminine influence during early childhood helps to shape our emotional security in a major way. In the future, this will be reflected in how we treat our own physical needs. The need for food, in particular. The Moon shows how the earliest life’s experience defines your reactions to ups and downs in your everyday life.

The emotional state is strongly connected to the sense of your own body because this body is the sphere of influence of the Moon. The ability to take care of yourself is instinctive even though you don’t always show it. Once you lose your connection to the Moon, you lose the connection with your body.

The Moon is also traditionally associated with memory. Everything you’ve ever experienced gets stored in your mind and in some way keeps affecting your life. This means that the Moon is like a book on your previous emotional and physical experience. The one that reflects every detail of your life, including your mood swings.


The astrology planet of Mercury rules the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo, as well as the third astrology house. Mercury is about relationships.

It’s the smallest planet in the solar system and the one that’s closest to the Sun. Mercury’s astrological role is about mind, cognition, and consciousness. It’s responsible for the ability to understand, the urge to learn about the world around you. As well as for gaining knowledge and skills, and communicating your ideas to others.


In Roman mythology, Mercury was the winged messenger of gods. So the planet embodies the ability to establish relationships and learn about connections between objects, events, and personality and the world around it.

From an astrological standpoint, this planet represents the longing for communication and understanding in this form or another. The longing that’s natural for any human being. It defines how you think and how you systemize your previous experience. How your mind works, what it’s occupied with, what it’s focused on. What we strive for, how we perceive information, and how we digest it.

Mercury is also about agility and quickness of movement. It affects a person the most during infancy when a child is learning to walk and communicate with others. So it’s connected with childhood and curiosity. However, if its influence grows weaker it can manifest itself in the form of the inability to grow intellectually.

No matter where Mercury is positioned on a natal chart, it always says about curiosity, resourcefulness, flexibility, and readiness to try something new. Its purpose is to keep the child deep inside us alive.


Venus is about harmony, beauty, love, marriage, partnership, relationships, choice, art, values, and money. It rules the signs of Taurus and Libra, as well as the second and seventh houses.

Venus, the second planet from the Sun, is almost as large as the Earth. It’s also known as the morning star or the evening star because it’s the most visible at dawn or at dusk.


In astrology, Venus is tied to romantic relationships and aesthetic sensitivity. When influenced by Venus, one strives for harmony in relationships with others, to enjoy life. It makes you want to express love, to give and take love, to feel you are valued by others. Its position on the natal chart shows the object of your love, whether it’s a person, a thing, or an idea.

Venus is in charge of the right choices; it brings stability to one’s life. The more you value something the more you are ready to give for it. The position of the planet shows just how easy or hard it is for us to dedicate sacrifice ourselves to something. Its connection to values defines the planet’s affiliation to money and material assets. So its position on a natal chart can also tell how good you are at attracting finances and managing them.

If you project the energy of Venus on others, it will show your inability to love yourself and feel that you deserve love. It embodies the traits and qualities you value about yourself and want others to value too. In a woman’s natal chart Venus will tell about the signs of love and eroticism. In a man’s natal chart it’s about women they are attracted to, as well as a female part of their self. The influence of this planet’s energy brings harmony, the sense of intimacy, sensuality, and desire for love and relationship. It also means approval from others necessary for you to love yourself.

The qualities Venus offers are important for any close relationship. If you love, value, and enjoy someone you live for then you realized the potential of Venus.


Planet Mars rules zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio, as well as the first and eighth houses. Astrologers used to call Mars “the planet of minor misfortune” and associated it with wars, fire, and destruction. However, the planet also embodies the self-preservation instinct inherent to all people. It’s about the desire to protect yourself, your home, and your views. One can feel its influence when they defend their point of view, compete with others, or fight criticism. Mars is an incentive to action and desire to survive: something we need to achieve all our goals.


Apart from that, the astrology planet of Mars is related to physical attraction, strength, and regeneration. It embodies the need to test your own strength and bravery. In terms of romantic relationships, it’s about masculinity and masculine eroticism.

Mars is vital energy, motivations, and urges. On a very basic level, it’s pure physical strength. It’s in charge of all driving forces that help you accept any challenge and mobilize yourself in the face of danger. It’s your “inner warrior”, competitive spirit, the Hero archetype. Mars likes testing your strengths, your courage by putting all kinds of challenges in your way.

The position of this planet in your natal chart can show if you can impose your will on others. Whether you have the physical and mental endurance it takes to overcome all the obstacles. In the best-case scenario, it gives you courage and the urge to be the first, to act bravely and decisively. In the worst case, it makes you act recklessly without thinking of consequences. The energy it offers is rather fickle. But it brings the best results if you use it consciously.

In terms of interactions, especially when it comes to personal relationships, Mars is controversial. Since it’s the embodiment of masculinity, it shows how a man feels and shows it. In a female natal chart, it means the traits a woman values most of all in men and shows how she uses the energy of Mars.

Additionally, Mars symbolizes courage one needs to become independent. To discover your potential, you’ll need enthusiasm and confidence in the fact that what you want is obtainable. Mars assists the Sun in terms of developing healthy selfishness one needs to achieve their goals. When you use the planet’s energy to its full extent, you become more active and feel more complete.


Jupiter is about enhancement, development, generosity, optimism, traveling, science, philosophy, and religion. The planet rules two zodiac signs: Sagittarius and Pisces, as well as the ninth and twelfth houses.

The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is commonly known as “the great benefactor”. The ancients worshipped Jupiter for bringing well-being and luck. Besides, he was also in charge of clergy and religious rituals. The astrological role of this planet is to strengthen, enhance, make something productive and profitable. It offers a sense of confidence in your capabilities, the spirit of hope and optimism.


In astrology, Jupiter is about the principle of enhancement that is the opposite of its eternal antagonist, Saturn. In terms of psychology, Jupiter embodies the archetype of fatherly generosity. That’s where your confidence, ability to open new doors and take life as it is, and desire to grow both physically and spiritually come from.

Jupiter is often associated with good luck and is in charge of the material, spiritual, and intellectual growth. It multiplies everything it touches. And that, of course, is a great thing. But when it becomes excessive, it leads to immoderacy, the propensity to risk everything because of ill-grounded optimism, or wastefulness. The lack of Jupiter energy can lead to misguided ideas of superiority.

Jupiter’s influence extends the borders of one’s personal space to make room for something bigger. It gives you the key to your own destiny and fortune but only if you are ready to take action. “Action is life” is its motto. It distracts you from worrying about yourself and gives you a bigger picture. Like a magical mirror, Jupiter reflects life as it is and shows it to you as an endless number of opportunities.


Saturn is about self-discipline, order, restriction, conscience, hardship, diminution, state, power, time, and old age. The planet rules the zodiac sign of Capricorn and the tenth house.

Astrology interprets this planet as a karmic law and the “you reap what you saw” principle. The ancients saw Saturn as a ruler and a mentor. Traditional astrology called it the planet of “major misfortune” and associated Jupiter with loss, hardship, adversity, decline, loneliness, and death.


Modern astrology presents Saturn in a different light. Saturn, the second biggest planet in the solar system, is a great teacher, the voice of reason connected to the archetype of the old sage. It embodies the innate need for order, predictability, and security. Saturn is about the sense of duty and responsibility, it impels one to self-discipline and self-improvement. This, however, doesn’t go without consequences and might provoke an internal conflict.

Saturn imposes certain restrictions without which our life would be chaotic. It shows its constructive energy by giving one wisdom. It helps one to find their place in life and work on achieving long-term goals. It makes you understand the value of planning ahead, organizing, discipline, and perseverance. Jupiter helps one to become a committed-minded, socially responsible adult. Its position in a natal chart shows where and how you can learn how to be tenacious, disciplined, and modest.

It also shows your fears and misgivings that give birth to your sense of insecurity. More often than not, it shows which areas of life will make you struggle. But it will also tell about perseverance, sense of purpose, and help to spend your resources reasonably.

Saturn might symbolize the elders. It’s usually associated with a father figure in one’s life or any adult who demanded discipline from you as a child. Children need order and discipline for their own good and safety. But if there’s too much of it in their life, they lose the strength of will and confidence and can become close-minded and cowardly. Saturn can become your conscience or even your sense of guilt if there are too many internal taboos.


Uranus is about change, innovation, foresight, future, inner voice. The planet rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the eleventh house.

The seventh planet from the Sun, Uranus sends you enlightenment and discovers God’s design. It offers a distinct sense of insight and the ability to have a glimpse of future events.

Uranus is a great enlightener that sends visions and omens and bestows the gift of clairvoyance. He is perceptive but completely impartial and free from the restrictions of ethics. It’s up to you how to use this perceptiveness. This planet symbolizes the desire for rebelling and freeing oneself from the shackles the circumstances put on us. The desire for creating a new order that reflects progressive thinking.


The influence of Uranus is about breaking free from the limitations and convention of everyday life. From an astrological viewpoint, Uranus is a driving force that motivates one to protest against the established order of things. It’s the need for independence and playing by your own rules.

But even though Uranus states the necessity of radical changes, they are rarely welcome. After all, they are the kind that turns everything upside down. The planet insists that one must forget about aspiring for financial success and stability. Because love for material assets prevents you from becoming truly free and feeling that zest for life. The energy of Uranus gives one a chance to understand themselves better, unlock their potential, and break free from all prejudices.

Uranus is like the highest expression of the energy that Mercury offers. It brings intellect to a whole new level, into the realm of pure reason and gives you the ability to create something new. Without this energy, there is no progress but the necessity of change might be painful.

The position of Uranus on a natal chart shows the level of one’s desire for changes. It can also point out the areas of life that require adapting to changes and tell you how to do this correctly.


The astrology planet of Neptune is about intuition, inspiration, religion, mysticism, illusions, dreams, fantasies, and ideals. Neptune rules the zodiac signs of Pisces and the twelfth house.

The eighth planet from the Sun, Neptune is related to all the things you can’t measure or perceive: spiritual world and mysticism. It’s about everything that’s out of this world, what dreams are made of. The purpose of Neptune is to break the bonds of the physical world and combine the material and the ideal. Thanks to this planet’s energy, one can have a glimpse of other dimensions, other levels of consciousness. Get access to a magical world that’s beyond any explanation.


Neptune inspires poets, artists, and musicians, mentalists, mystics, and humanists. Neptune is the highest expression of the energy of Venus. It turns personal love into transpersonal.

This planet destroys the boundaries of ego and brings you to a higher, collective form of existence. Neptune calls for breaking limitations of the hard reality but in a way different from Uranus. It’s not so much about harsh actions as about smooth and subtle change. Sensitivity and susceptibility grow stronger under its influence. Neptune leads you to the world of fantasies and unlimited opportunities.

In terms of astrology, Neptune symbolizes one’s perception of perfection and ideals. After all, for many people, the world of illusion saves from reality. You can find it in your dreams, alcohol, movies. Some people find their haven in religion. Astrology connects all this to the influence of Neptune.

This planet defines one’s aspiration for something bigger and gives hunger for the unknown and mysterious. The planet reminds you that in order to get out of the vicious circle of doubts and perplexity, you need faith.

Just as Saturn, Neptune is also about fears. When under its influence, one can be overly sensitive, detached from reality. Such people might find it hard to adapt to the stringent limitations of reality.

Besides all that, Neptune is also in charge of empathy and heightened susceptibility. People under the strong influence of Neptune often have a gift for healing and traditional medicine.


Planet Pluto is about the subconscious, instinct, transformation, purification. Pluto rules the zodiac sign of Scorpio and the eighth house.

Pluto is the smallest planet in the solar system. In fact, in 2006 astronomers decided it doesn’t deserve the name of the planet. However, it’s still a planet as far as astrology is concerned. It’s related to the least conscious part of one’s personality: the subconscious and unconscious motivations. It can transform and give birth to new forms akin to metamorphoses a butterfly goes through. Astrology connects Pluto with dark subconscious instincts, physical and spiritual birth, death and resurrection.


Pluto destroys everything that’s unnecessary and that hinders development. It can be personality traits like greed, jealousy, envy, hate. It motivates you to come to an agreement with the darker, instinctive side of your personality. It brings change by destroying the qualities we grew out of like old clothes. Whenever one tries to find this kind of change, they might face painful consequences.

The energy of Pluto might be even dangerous. That’s why many people tend to suppress it. But no matter how much you try, the harder you resist the greater becomes the emptiness inside you. No matter how much you try to run away from some things, they will sooner or later force you to face them.

Astrology also relates Pluto to the physical side of love and to death. One might think there’s nothing in common between these two things. However, both make us lose all control over events. Because Pluto’s influence mostly shows on the subconscious level, one can find themselves under the influence of compulsive desires that are hard to explain.

The purpose of Pluto is to give strength to your aspirations. It makes you realize the motivations behind your actions and explore hidden depths of your personality to be able to come up and see the light. The planet symbolizes the necessity to work with what bothers you on the subconscious level. It urges you to bring the subconscious into the conscious.

How they affect you?


Zodiac signs are also called sun signs for a reason. It’s the Sun that defines what sign you were born under. For example, if the Sun was in the constellation of Taurus at the moment of your birth, your zodiac sign is Taurus.

Being the planet ruler of Leo, the Sun is the strongest when it’s visiting this sign. In this case, it bestows many talents, creative skills, and the ability to discover them easily. People who have strong Sun on their natal chart like being in the spotlight and do their best to be noticed and admired by others. They often take leading positions as well.

“I” and “me” are the words they used quite often. Sometimes they tend to be dramatic just to attract more attention to their person. These might not seem like the best traits but these people are also great at charging everyone around them with positive energy.

Sun is exalted in Aries. This means that its influence manifests itself in a much harsher way than in Leo. That’s when individualism turns into maximalism and takes the shape of the extremely loud desire to assert oneself.

In Aquarius, Sun is in detriment, and in Libra, it’s in the fall. People born under these signs will have issues with manifesting the Sun qualities openly. They often say that people like that have the light that shines from within. They might influence others in no small way but they always have a hard time self-advertising. It’s just not how they do things. Showing their feelings and emotions in public isn’t their cup of tea.

Just like any other astrology planet, Sun influences people in both positive and negative ways. The latter becomes more pronounced when the astrology planet is weakened by a negative aspect.

Strong Sun helps one to show qualities like honor, generosity, patronage, leadership. Malicious Sun makes people superficial; they try to attract attention no matter what it takes. Such people are vain, proud, arrogant, and want to take control of others.

Weak Sun often translates as a blow to one’s personality and ego. Sometimes it might even mean physical deformities. Along with that, it points out personal issues, problems with self-actualization, insecurities, even psychological blocks. More often than not people with a weak Sun on their natal chart have communication problems with people in superior positions.

In case the Sun is influenced by positive aspects, people can easily put their creative skills to use, prove themselves, and easily reach all kinds of achievements.


People with a strong Moon in their horoscopes are susceptible to its fickle nature. This planet gives them petulancy and frequent mood swings. Depending on its position, people might experience the entire spectrum of emotions, from depression to enthusiasm. The reasons are, as always, deep inside one’s subconscious.

The position of the Moon in a horoscope is especially important to women. The planet endows them with the desire to create a family, love for housekeeping, or heightened maternity instinct.

Capriciousness, mood swings, vulnerability, mildness, sensitivity, empathy are just a few traits that a strong Moon can give a person. But apart from that, it can also give you strong intuition and a sense of premonition. It’s your subconscious trying to let you know about the events of the nearest future.

The Moon is not as influential in male horoscopes. More often than not it points out the type of women this or other man likes. And in transits, it represents a middle-aged woman, a mother.

The Moon is the strongest in Cancer. It’s exalted in Taurus and manifests itself strongly as well. Its detriment is in Capricorn and fall in Scorpio. Now it’s worth noting that it doesn’t mean that Capricorn and Scorpio women are bad mothers. It’s just that they find it hard to express the Moon qualities openly. Capricorns are reserved and seemingly cold and insensitive. Scorpios don’t let themselves and others throw tantrums and whine.

Under the influence of positive aspects, Moon in a personal horoscope gives internal strength, confidence, peace of mind, positive emotions, help from women, strong reflexes and instincts, and intuition.

Negative aspects make the Moon even more petulant, whiny, and nitpicky. People with the Moon in this position tend to be emotionally unstable, quick-tempered. They develop various phobias and tend to get into conflicts with women.


People with strong Mercury in their horoscopes are very curious and inquisitive and love getting the news. They have a hunger for knowledge and are always ready to learn something new and interesting.

These people learn easily and digest new information quickly. Along with that, they tend to be superficial about it. They would rather skim the cream than bother delving deeper. They have a fast, grasping memory but it’s rather fleeting. These people won’t keep any unnecessary information in their minds. They’ll just forget everything that’s not interesting to them quickly.

Strong Mercury people are talkative and love chatting just about anything. They speak correctly, choose words easily, and always use the right tone. They are quick thinkers, they are active and just can’t sit in one place for a long time. In short, words are their main weapon and they can use them skillfully.

Mercury is the strongest in Gemini and Virgo, where it rules and is exalted respectively. Mercury in Gemini makes prominent speakers, journalists, mediators. Here, in the Air sign, the tendency for sociability, intelligence, and extensive knowledge is at its brightest.

On the other hand, Mercury in Virgo is much more pragmatic. Here we can see great business skills, practicality, earthiness, ability to find rare things. Using intellect for one’s enrichment and building a substantial capital can be noticed here as well. By the way, according to statistics, the majority of millionaires are Virgos.

Mercury is weak in Sagittarius and Pisces. It’s these signs that have the biggest problems with speech. They don’t tend to have this great hunger for knowledge or new information. They do, however, try their best to take leading positions and teach others what to do. That’s the paradox of life: you don’t have to be very smart to be a boss. You just have to be good at managing and organizing things.

Under the influence of positive aspects, Mercury offers the ability to communicate, start new relationships. It increases the ability to think quickly and facilitates successful trips and quick learning.

Weakened by negative aspects, Mercury translates into gossip, verbal fights, false information. It sparkles conflicts, destroys relationships, and provides for unsuccessful trips.

In transits, it often symbolizes siblings, neighbors, classmates, or just acquaintances. Mercury is a fast planet and as such, it helps to form rapidly developing events.

There’s an exception to this rule. It’s connected with Mercury in retrograde. It happens when the planet starts moving backward over the Zodiac. Of course, the planet itself doesn’t suddenly start moving in the reverse direction, but it’s what any observer on Earth would see it like.

This retrograde will cause delays and form drawn-out situations. Many astrologers believe that a retrograde weakens the planetary influence.


How planets affect you

People with strong Venus in their horoscope love comfort, romance, food, and try to enjoy life as much as possible.

Its influence is especially strong with women. The position of Venus in a horoscope shows what kind of tastes and appearance a woman has. In a man’s horoscope, Venus will show the type of women this man likes to spend time with.

However, there’s another important area of Venus’ influence. It’s your body’s energy resources and the property you own. Money plays a special role here.

Another important area of influence for this planet is diplomacy, the ability to reach an agreement, compromise, find a mutual benefit. Again, these abilities are more common with women. Venus people can’t stand rudeness and try to solve all problems in the smoothest way possible.

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra but its influence on these signs is different. Venus in Taurus manifests itself in a more spontaneous, chaotic way. Taurus is an Earth sign and so it reveals qualities first of all connected with the material world. For example, the accumulation of material assets like money and property, love for sensuous pleasures, and delicious food. Venus in Taurus shows the love for money and luxury.

Venus in Libra is more intellectually oriented. It often deals with art, fashion, or advertising.

This planet is exalted in Pisces. As a result, Pisces have strong business skills and financial acumen. They often deal with art sales and even black marketing. Venus in Pisces is also connected with a sense of sympathy. People born under this sign often fall in love with those they help or patronize.

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio and Aries and in fall in Virgo. All people born under these signs try not to show their Venus qualities in public. They are always reserved when it comes to expressing mildness or sensitivity. They also have a secret need to be loved and noticed.

The influence of positive aspects results in great aesthetic taste, money-managing skills, material gains, and lucrative deals. They also show that a person is tactful and diplomatic.

Negative aspects cause material losses, arguments, and communication issues, especially with women. They often strengthen the tendency for excessive consumption of food and sweets, weight gain, avarice, and greed.

It’s worth noting that in transit aspects Venus often symbolizes a young girl or a young woman, as well as bankers or artists.


This planet rules active sexual instincts and is directly connected to masculine sexuality. In its highest expression, Mars is a planet of heroes, knights, driven people capable of great acts of bravery. But there’s a flip side to this coin which is a great deal less savory. Mars also deals with predator instinct, aggression, rudeness, violence, and cruelty. In its most negative form, the influence of Mars causes love for blood and sadism.

People with strong Mars in their horoscope tend to categorize all things around them as good or bad, without seeing any gray areas or nuances. They are decisive and quick to act, ruthless to their enemies, unappeasable and headstrong. At the same time, they are noble, fair, and have a strong desire to protect the weak and to sacrifice themselves to protect others.

A person like that is capable of assessing their strength in battle. They show mercy to fallen enemies and have distinct ideas of honor and dignity. It’s worth mentioning that this planet has the greatest importance for men. In a woman’s horoscope march points out what type of men this woman usually finds attractive.

Mars is the strongest in Aries and Scorpio and its influence manifests itself especially strongly in Aries. Here it indicates powerful perseverance, tendency to act bald-headedly, total implacability on any issue. Such people are born warriors. They are pioneers who fearlessly find new ways.

Mars in Scorpio, on the other hand, is more rational and less impulsive. Here its influence falls on the intellect and offers the ability to restrain oneself, wait for the right moment for action. Scorpios study their enemies and try to hit where it hurts the most.

Mars is quite strong in Capricorn where it’s exalted. Here it reveals qualities like tenacity, unbreakable will, and ability to achieve goals at any cost. People with this type of Mars influence can pace themselves quite reasonably.

Mars is in detriment in Libra and Taurus and in fall in Cancer. If these signs have any Mars qualities, they keep them to themselves. And when they show them, they might do it in somewhat unusual ways. Mars in Libra makes one quite a drama queen. People like that quickly lose their temper when trying to prove they are right. They always try to present themselves as strong-willed but they quickly lose interest in whatever it is they start.

Someone who’s got Mars in Taurus in their horoscope separates all people into two categories: useful and bad. They try to get rid of the latter ones as best as they can. These people are often mistrustful and bothered with their own safety. Sometimes they can be rude or even cruel, especially to those close to them.

People who have Mars in Cancer on their natal chart try to seem strong and sometimes even do their best to get jacked to impress others. These people like to pick at someone who is weaker and suck up to those who are stronger. They’ve got a well-developed social instinct and they see their own place in the social hierarchy pretty well.

The influence of positive aspects makes Mars offer qualities like confidence, decisiveness, energy, and ability to act fast. It facilitates a great ability to focus. People with this type of Mars influence are strong both physically and mentally.

Negative aspects define a person who is irritable and quarrelsome.

It is believed that a horoscope that has the Sun and Mars with no negative aspects, indicates a very non-confrontational person.


planets in our life

People strongly influenced by Jupiter are active and restless. They want to be well-respected, be in the center of all attention, and they have great organizing skills. They love bringing knowledge to others; many of them are wonderful teachers. More often than not they are also religious and great preachers. This, however, doesn’t keep them from being pragmatic and practical. Someone under the strong influence of Jupiter will always aspire for expansion. They never get enough, they are truly insatiable.

Jupiter is the strongest in Sagittarius and Pisces. It’s also strong in Cancer where it’s exalted. Jupiter in Sagittarius indicates the desire to obtain high social status, to be a leader.

It’s somewhat different in Pisces. People with this type of Jupiter influence possess some kind of hidden secret power and often try to use others to do their work.

Jupiter in Cancer reveals love for tradition, patriotism, and reliance on authority. Cancers are great organizers by nature. They always feel how they can influence people in the best way possible. They can find an approach to any person, they act quietly and calmly but confidently and persistently.

Jupiter is weak in Gemini and Virgo where it’s in detriment. Its influence is also weak Capricorn where Jupiter is in the fall. People who experience weak Jupiter influence find it hard to find their own place in society. They always feel like fish out of water in a big company and would much rather prefer being in a small circle of friends and familiar places.

The influence of positive aspects offers an improvement of social status, popularity, an increase in authority, and better opportunities. The influence of negative aspects is believed to be rather weak since Jupiter is a “beneficial” planet.

In the worst-case scenario, Jupiter predisposes people to excess in various respects, from food and alcohol to gaining material assets. In transits, Jupiter might generate dragged out situations that can last for months. It’s possible that they will be recurring.


People strongly influenced by Saturn are loners. They are very independent, suspicious of others, and don’t like it when others meddle in their business. Saturn gives one the desire to stand out in their social environment.

These people tend to have a serious, sensible view of things. They don’t like turning communication into a joke and prefer specificity and conciseness. They always want to assert their views, they are steadfast and headstrong but never actually aggressive or too emotional. More often than not, it’s hard to tell how they feel just by their facial expression.

Saturn makes people reserved, restrained, patient. It bestows the ability for systematic and strategic thinking. In the worst-case scenario, Saturn makes one offish, grim, and melancholic. It’s an unpleasant type that’s hard to talk to, they always keep their distance. In the best-case scenario, a person influenced by Saturn radiates confidence, perseverance, toughness. They are independent, unaffected by the influence of the society around them. Everyone might fail from time to time, but these people will get what they want no matter what.

Saturn is the strongest in Capricorn, Aquarius where it’s the ruler, and in Libra where it’s exalted. Saturn in Capricorn offers one the ability to overcome obstacles and move towards their goals whatever the cost. These people are cool-headed in any circumstances, they are clear thinkers and have a deep understanding of things.

Saturn in Aquarius is more about intellectual growth. This position offers decent talent for various sciences and a desire to improve technology. These people are sociable, they easily find something in common with others and never lose their vivid individuality.

Saturn in Libra offers great strategic skills and the ability to take responsibility.

Saturn is weak in Cancer and Leo where it’s in detriment and in Aries where the planet is in the fall. People with weakened Saturn don’t have any concrete criteria for assessing the world around them. Their opinions and views usually depend on their emotional state.

Influenced by positive aspects, Saturn makes one self-confident, persuasive, a born winner, and conqueror. These people are quite judicious enough not to be misled by bad advisers. They easily cut off unnecessary ties or get rid of bad habits.

Negative aspects account for destruction, unforeseen delays, all kinds of obstacles, lack of energy, or confidence.

Transit aspects can last for quite a long time.


planets and emotions

People marked by the influence of Uranus possess an independent spirit and way of thinking. They tend to not recognize any ideals or authorities and sometimes even try to destroy them and challenge traditional views. Uranus people are intellectuals who always rely on their sober mind and logic.

There is always a potential rebel or revolutionary inside every person influenced by Uranus. Curiously enough, they can seem quite friendly and amiable on the outside. It’s impossible to control them or force them to do something. They live by their own rules and just don’t understand why they must defer to others. Along with that, Uranus people have a sensitive nervous system and more often than not, they are incurable optimists.

They can change their views if they see the flaws in them. They like new things, can’t stand conservatism. They are inquisitive and often motivated by interesting ideas and can always find out-of-the-box approaches to problem-solving.

Uranus is the strongest in Aquarius and Capricorn. It’s also quite strong in Scorpio where it’s in exaltation. When in Aquarius, Uranus manifests its qualities in the most harmonious way and unlocks its entire potential in full measure. Uranus in Capricorn gives the need to change the system. Uranus in Scorpio helps to act in extreme situations and find new innovative ways and technologies.

Uranus is the weakest in Leo and Cancer where the planet is in detriment. It’s also weakened in Taurus where Uranus is in the fall. Here its influence is twisted and only has a surface effect at the most.

Positive aspects of Uranus offer good luck, happy eventualities, the ability to positively transform on the inside. They are all about establishing friendly relationships and predicting future events.

Negative aspects generate accidents, nervous breakdowns, and disorders, some unexpected sudden events.

Transit aspects remain active for up to two years, sometimes with recurring circumstances.


People under the strong influence of Neptune feel the influence of the social environment with particular acuteness. They are very sensitive and quite vulnerable, capable of experiencing deep emotion. Hence the keen perception of someone’s grief, empathy, and sympathy.

This kind of sensitivity often leads to susceptibility to suggestion or mentalistic skills. Those who are marked by strong Neptune can be roughly divided into two categories. The first, numerous category, are people being dragged along by the planet’s influence. As a rule, they are people who lack willpower who just prefer to go with the flow. This category often includes the lovers of uncontrollable kicks: alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, and just cowards and generally weak-willed people.

The second category which is less numerous includes people who are highly advanced in terms of intellect. They can use the planet’s influence for their personal purposes. Neptune gives these people faith, the ability to overcome any obstacles, and great willpower. In the best-case scenario, these people turn out to be great spiritual mentors, priests, saints, and just people who believe in themselves. In the worst case, they are liars, swindlers, false prophets that easily manipulate others.

However, there are also people who can from time to time go from one category to another.

Neptune is the strongest in Pisces and Sagittarius. The planet is exalted in Aquarius which allows for quite strong planetary influence as well.

Neptune is weakened in Virgo and Gemini being in detriment in these signs. It’s also rather weak in Leo where it’s in the fall. People who were born under these signs are always much more interested in specificity and find it hard to adapt to the abstractness and vagueness of Neptune’s influence.

In positive aspects, Neptune offers great intuition, confidence in your own self, and the ability to see a bigger picture. It allows you to be cunning, to overcome obstacles smoothly and tells about sensitivity and romanticism.

In negative aspects, the planet can be quite nasty. It causes alcoholism and drug addiction, getting into bad companies hard to get out of.


People strongly influenced by Pluto often have their destinies strongly tied to destinies of large social groups or organizations (mafia, military, secret services, etc.) These people are natural-born leaders but their abilities are often unwanted in regular everyday life. Their true potential can only be unlocked in extreme situations.

They can’t live a peaceful life and deep inside they are always looking for extreme circumstances. In a normal, quiet situation they are usually not too sociable and sometimes quite prickly and snarky. More often than not, they just don’t fit into conventional social stereotypes. These people, however, have a very rich inner world with passions boiling and burning constantly, but they can control them well.

People with strong Pluto in the horoscope are usually very standoffish and don’t let others come into their personal space. At the same time, they keenly feel the emotions and feelings of others around them and use them to their advantage. In extreme situations, they transform completely. Where others get lost, they start acting and taking control, assuming leadership. They are confident in themselves and can share that confidence with others.

People marked by strong Pluto have tremendous willpower. No challenge can break them. They go towards their goals without any regard for anything including their own lives. They can become stronger than their instincts and outdo their own achievements.

Pluto is the strongest in Scorpio. It’s also quite strong in Aries and in Leo where the planet’s in exaltation.

Pluto is in detriment in Taurus and Libra and in fall in Aquarius. When in Taurus and Libra, Pluto’s influence comes into conflict with the constructive nature of these signs. These people often rebel against the system or become prominent revolutionaries. They aspire to make this world a better place but often bring destruction and chaos instead.

Pluto in Aquarius indicates people who like to manipulate others and take pleasure in power and destruction. But sooner or later, this leads them to an internal conflict. After all, their democratic nature doesn’t go anywhere and it comes into conflict with the desire to bring others under their control.

The influence of positive aspects offers decent physical strength, steel willpower, the ability to act decisively. They often indicate powerful personal energy and the ability to influence others.

Negative aspects may lead to clashes and conflicts with others, increase the danger of trauma, accidents, or catastrophes. These people can often be susceptible to external pressure and get into conflict with various groups of people.

Transit aspects of Pluto can be quite lengthy and last for up to three years.

How do I find out where my planets are located in astrology

How do I find out where my planets are located in astrology

The first thing you have to do is get a natal chart. And while it’s far from being impossible to build one yourself, it’s better to entrust it to a professional astrologer. Only an experienced astrologer can make a detailed and accurate natal chart. Thankfully, it’s usually not a problem to find one: online services like Astromix offer their expertise to those who want to know more about themselves and their destiny.

Once you have your natal chart before you, you’ll see 10 planets, 12 astrology houses, and 12 zodiac signs arranged in a certain order. Now all you have to do is interpret the positions of planets according to your personal horoscope. What you need to do that is know the meaning of the zodiac signs, planets, and houses and their specifics.

For the majority of people who try to analyze their personal horoscope, it’s very important to know which planets on your natal chart are in strong positions and which ones are weak. Successes and failures, leadership and inaction, wealth, and poverty – all these things depend on the position of the planets.

The assessment of these positions is the key task for anyone who tries to read a natal chart. It’s extremely important to figure out the relationships between planets and other horoscope elements are formed. Only after you do that you’ll have detailed guidance on how you can change your life for better.

So why do you need to learn which planet is strong and which one is weak?

You see, a natal chart is your very own personal horoscope built based on the time, place, and date of your birth. In astrology, each planet correlates with certain traits while each house correlates with an area of life. By figuring out your strengths and weaknesses with the help of your natal chart you’ll be able to learn what you need to change to increase your life’s quality. This is why it’s so important to use services like Astromix. You don’t want to leave your destiny in the hands of someone who’s incompetent, right?

Here’s a simple example. Let’s say there’s a woman called Linda who struggles to build a meaningful romantic relationship and create a family. Whenever she is around men she does her best not to attract any attention. If there are any female friends or acquaintances with her, she just prefers not to stand out in their company. It upsets her that she is still single and alone while all her friends got married and have kids. After all, she always dreamt about a cozy home, a loving husband, and a few beautiful children.

Linda ordered a natal chart on Astromix and it turned out that Venus is a weak planet in her horoscope. Venus is in charge of partnership, marriage, sensuality, and fertility. Weak Venus was positioned in the seventh house, the house of home, family, and relationships. This explains the issues with her love life.

However, it would be wrong to see the information offered by your natal chart as a sentence. The most important thing is to figure out what the issue is and then work on eliminating it.

Four principles of interaction between planets and signs

interaction between planets and signs

Planets and signs on your natal chart are there for a reason. They interact with each other. Planets move over the Zodiac and at the moment of your birth, they can be located in this sign or another. The type of planetary influence depends on what sign it’s in at that moment. The positions in which planets are the strongest are called domicile.

In terms of their characteristics, zodiac signs are more complex than planets. That’s why combinations of planets and signs might have varying levels of strength. Combinations that find this strength on the highest level are called a ruling. It means that this particular sign and this particular planet suit each other best. Planets in this type of combinations are always the strongest.

There are four principles planetary relationships are based on:

1. Rulership or Domicile

A planet positioned in the sign of its rulership manifests its influence freely, fully, and to the maximum of its potential. All its qualities are unlocked in their true natural form and there’s nothing that keeps them from doing so. A planet is at its peak in its ruling position. It affects all events with maximum force. If a planet on your natal chart is positioned in the sign of its rulership, it will affect both your character and your destiny. You will always feel its presence stronger than other planets’.

There’s a traditional chart for the ruling planets of the Septener. In this chart, each planet rules two zodiac signs. The Sun and the Moon rule one sign each.

MercuryGemini, Virgo
VenusTaurus, Libra
MarsAries, Scorpio
JupiterSagittarius, Pisces
SaturnCapricorn, Aquarius
The SunLeo
The Moon Cancer

This chart, however, doesn’t take into account all planets. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered later, so appropriate corrections were introduced. Each one of the “new” planets got its domicile sign too:


The Septener planets that ruled these signs earlier have received the title of the planets of minor rulership. Zodiac signs under the planet rulership are also identified as diurnal and nocturnal.

2. Detriment or exile

There are planet positions opposite to the rulership. They are called signs of exile or detriment. Planets in this position all but stop exercising influence. Here’s the list of planet positions in detriment:

  • Sun in Aquarius. When in Aquarius, the Sun loses its active position and decisiveness. The reason for this is Aquarius doesn’t like making independent decisions. It does best when in a group.
  • Moon in Capricorn. In this position, the Moon loses its flexibility, sensibility, and neutrality and becomes reserved and melancholic.
  • Venus in Aries. The weak planet becomes impulsive, active, emotional, pushy. Any stability, smoothness, delicacy, tenderness one can notice in a ruling position vanish without a trace.
  • Venus in Scorpio. Once again, Venus loses its tenderness and smoothness. Its warmth becomes heat, which is great for Mars but not so good for Venus. Tenderness becomes a passion and the planet loses its natural feminine traits.
  • Mercury in Pisces. In this case, the planet loses its precision, sociability, and the ability to see details. Focusing on intuition, the planet becomes more subjective in situations when it’s necessary to make an important choice.
  • Mercury in Sagittarius. Excessive talkativeness, inattention to detail, and numbers.
  • Mars in Libra. The planet loses its aggressiveness, independence, resolve, initiative, and leadership skills.
  • Jupiter in Gemini. The planet loses its wholesomeness and starts frittering away its energy, loses the bigger picture. Gemini find it hard to separate the important from the immaterial.
  • Saturn in Cancer. The planet loses its flexibility, discipline, sense of responsibility. However, all qualities remain the same when it comes to family.
  • Uranus in Leo. Leo is the king. IT’s the leader, an individualist that takes strength from its own energy. Uranus is democratic. Its role is to unite people with its creative impulse.
  • Neptune in Virgo. The sign is all about love for precision, the desire to differentiate between forms and qualities, practicality, and purposefulness. These qualities are completely opposite to those of Neptune. The planet likes contemplation, to smooth out differences and contradictions and to stay true to oneself.
  • Pluto in Taurus. The sign creates material values and produces them and Pluto destroys everything. Besides, Taurus’ individualism comes into conflict with the planet’s collectivism.

3. Exaltation

The zodiac signs in which planetary influence manifests itself strongly on external levels are called exaltation signs. It’s the second position after rulership that makes this influence open up in full measure. However, exalted signs are not always in sync with the planets. Exaltation strengthens only one certain trait but weakens others.

Each planet has only one exaltation sign:

  • Sun – Aries. In this case, only proactivity, impulsiveness, strength get enhanced. Aries weakens the Sun’s propensity for internal stability. Aries is all about impulsiveness and teeming activity.
  • Moon – Taurus. The Moon’s fertility, care, constructiveness, and desire for parenthood open up in full measure in this sign. However, the seeming softness of Taurus is deceiving. Taurus lacks internal flexibility, malleability that the Moon has in abundance. So these are the qualities that get weakened.
  • Mercury – Virgo. In this combination, the signs of rulership and exaltation coincide. Virgo gets strengthened analytical skills of Mercury and weakened traits like interaction and ease.
  • Venus – Pisces. In this combination, the planet is the most vulnerable, emotional, affectionate, romantic. But Pisces destroy the internal stability of Venus. Pisces don’t have the internal ramrod the planet possesses so the sign gets weakened ability for making conscious choices and precise statements. Emotionality, on the other hand, becomes stronger.
  • Mars – Capricorn. Business acumen, the practical activity of the planet becomes stronger. However, its ambitiousness, readiness to take chances, impulsiveness, innovativeness get weaker.
  • Jupiter – Cancer. In this combination, the ability to grow, extend, patronize, self-assert become stronger. At the same time, purposefulness suffers.
  • Saturn – Libra. The sense of justice and desire for equality become brighter. Reservedness and logical thinking become less pronounced.

It’s worth noting that there is still a lot of arguing about the signs of exaltation. The reason is the three planets that were discovered much later than the planets of the Septener. However, the majority of astrologers agree that the sign of exaltation for Uranus is Scorpio. In this combination, the planet’s traits like constructiveness, ability to change, desire for independence and freedom become stronger.

But if everything is clear about the strong and the weak planets in rulership positions, the exaltation of Neptune and Pluto is still a subject of many arguments. Some astrologers believe that the exaltation sign for Neptune is Leo and for Pluto Aquarius. Other ones insist that Neptune exalts in Cancer. There is no single opinion on that so far.

4. Fall

Fall is a phenomenon opposite to exaltation. In this position, planetary influence becomes stronger on the internal level and weaker on the external. Each planet has the following signs of Fall:

  • Sun in Libra. Indecisiveness, duality, hesitation appear.
  • Moon in Scorpio. In this position, the planet is changeable, susceptible, vulnerable but practically without any caring fertility. The Moon strives to bound one to itself but suppresses their willpower at the same time.
  • Mercury in Scorpio. The planet loses its analytical skills, precision, ability to circumstantiate. Mercury becomes dreamy, indefinite, but still sees the true essence of things clearly.
  • Venus in Virgo. The planet becomes very mobile and full of love but at the same time, the feelings are very superficial. It takes its time to make a choice and hesitates before becoming close with someone and falling in love. Venus becomes excessively rational and fears deep and serious feelings.
  • Mars in Cancer. In this position, all activity and perseverance of Mars evaporate. Mars becomes weak, slow, and sluggish.
  • Jupiter in Capricorn. In this position, the planet becomes reserved, insecure. It sets short-term, easily attained goals and sets its bars too low. Jupiter sinks into numerous small momentary concerns and ignores the perspective.
  • Saturn in Aries. The desire to impose one’s opinion on others gets stronger. At the same time, inner discipline, self-organization, punctuality weaken. Saturn starts substituting real action with mindless activity and loses stability and the sense of wholeness.
  • Uranus in Taurus. The sign desires material values and possesses a powerful vital force. This takes the spirituality and elevation of Uranus away from it. However, resourcefulness remains the same, especially when it comes to the creation of new tools and devices.

Assessment of Ascendant power of the planets in astrology houses

astrology houses

When it comes to Ascendant power, there is something worth remembering. Angular houses give maximum strength, Succedent houses give medium strength, and Cadent houses give minimum strength.

Angular houses

1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are Angular houses. They allow the planets to manifest their traits and qualities with maximum strength. When a planet is in an Angular house, it will be especially prominent in the areas of life that are under these houses’ competence. If there are multiple planets in Angular houses on a natal chart, one’s life will be bright, vivid, and rich.

If, for example, a planet is in rulership and in an Angular house, this will bring one harmony, satisfaction, and achievement of all goals.

But if a planet is in the Fall and in an Angular house (gets additional Ascendant power), this horoscope owner will achieve their goals by any means possible.

Astrologers believe that Angular houses are especially powerful because all planets positioned in them can see the Ascendant. Based on the level of their power, the Angular houses go in this order: 1st, 10th, 7th, 4th.

Succedent houses

2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th houses are Succedent houses. All planets positioned in these houses have half the strength of the Angular houses. This means that a person will have to spend twice more resources and energy to achieve their goals.

Based on the level of their power, the Succedent houses go in this order: 11th, 2nd, 5th, 8th.

Cadent houses

3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses are Cadent houses. They are the least effective. In case if the majority of planets in one’s horoscope are in Cadent houses, they will have to spend a great deal of effort and energy to get what they want.

Traditional astrology believes that Cadent houses do not see the Ascendant. This means that a horoscope owner has little control over the areas of their life. All planets in Cadent houses manifest their influence only at 25% of their full potential.

Based on their power, the Cadent houses go in this order: 9th, 3rd, 6th, 12th.


In order to really understand the influence of the planets on your life journey, you need to have a personal natal chart. An experienced astrologer can not just build a detailed personal horoscope but also interpret and explain it. They will tell you about all the specifics of your life and help you to find the problem that should be addressed first and foremost. After all, you can improve any negative planetary influence, decrease its intensity, and this way, make your life so much better.

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