20 Positive & Negative Aries Personality Traits and Characteristics

Could you think that a zodiac sign plays such an important role in our life? In fact, it is a basement of our character, behavior, tastes and now it is clear why people who are Aries, for example, have so many common traits and qualities. Despite the fact that people are different and their characters are shaped by many people, situations, factors they face during their lives, there are still characteristics given to them by stars. You will agree that Aries belongs to one of the most controversial zodiac signs in the table and being aware of Aries sign traits is of utmost importance. Are you a representative or you know anyone of this sign? It is time to learn the nature of the first spring zodiac sign.

Look: this article will focus on both positive and negative Aries traits and help you build harmonious family, love, or friendship relationships with these people due to that.

Aries Sign Overview


Aries is the first zodiac sign in the table and this position has influenced the nature of these personalities significantly. Representatives of this sign are born between March 21 and April 19 and ruled by Mars. Its astrological symbol looks like the ram constellation and red is considered to be a traditional color for them. The basic quality for these people is Cardinal and numbers 1, 8, and 17 are considered lucky for them. In fact, the primary position makes people born in this period leaders full of energy and adventures, but let’s look at the traits and the way they impact their life and relationships a bit closer.

Aries Traits and Qualities

Who is Aries and what does it mean to be a representative of this sign? Why being the first in the table of signs is not always great? The answers to these questions can be perceived from both positive and negative traits and qualities possessed by people whose astrological symbol looks like the Ram. Moreover, being aware of them can help Aries personalities minimize their drawbacks and put more effort to achieve success in their lives, while people who surround them will be able to build a good rapport with the Ram too.

Positive traits

Aries has a lot of positive traits and qualities to be appreciated by everyone. Many people would envy representatives of this sign since these qualities are very important:

  1. Leadership. Being a pioneer is very important for the first zodiac sign, so they take charge of every situation and try to control others in order to achieve success. When they enter a company of other people, they do their best to unite others and attract attention to their personality, first of all.
  2. Courage. The Ram personalities never have doubts when they are asked to try something new. They take a risk and are open to new discoveries hardly ever thinking about possible consequences. Being ruled by such a dynamic planet as Mars, Aries are born to be fearless warriors who are ready to start a battle every minute.
  3. Energy. The beginning of the astrology year has filled people of this sign with endless energy. They never get tired and run out of strength if they enjoy what they are doing. Being universal soldiers they can’t stop doing their favorite activities and need to learn how to chill out.
  4. Passion. If Aries likes anything, it can easily become his passion. They easily get used to new activities and rarely give up things they like doing. Moreover, they are very passionate when it comes to romantic relationships, so you will never lack emotions next to representatives of this sign.
  5. Creativity. Don’t you know the solution to any life puzzle? Look for inspiration among the Ram people whose imagination and creativity seem to have no frames. Even if Aries faces some obstacles on the way, he will always find a creative approach to how to cope with one or another situation.
  6. Optimism. Why do so many people prefer to make friends with Aries personalities? The reason for that is the optimistic vision of the life they have. No matter how challenging the life situation is, these people never lose hope and keep on looking for solutions. You can hardly ever see people born at the end of March beginning of April who complains about anything – they believe only in positive things and never allow others to doubt.
  7. Generosity. Another reason why men of this zodiac sign are so appreciated by women is their generosity. Even if the amount earned by Aries is not that significant, they still give money freely without any hesitation. Moreover, not only money is shared by these people. They are ready to help others in difficult situations and express their kindness and understanding to other people.
  8. Ambitions. Being leaders by nature these personalities are not ready to take for granted everything that they manage to get. They set high goals and pave their way to them so intensively and persistently that it leads to missing little but not less significant things. Therefore, it can often be an obstacle on their way to success.
  9. Confidence. What makes Aries representatives gather people around them is their self-confidence. Their opinion is the only right so there is no sense to make an effort to change it. Moreover, they always do everything on their own rarely accepting the vision of other people. However, this confidence seems others so strong and persuasive that they would happily follow these people.
  10. Honesty. Aries is a person to trust. Despite the fact that these people seem so powerful and brave, they remind small babies that will tell everything – it is enough to ask what you are interested in. They will not hide their resentment and will express everything the way they see it. Moreover, they never do that with bad intentions – it is their nature.
  11. Organizational skills. The Ram personalities are excellent managers, directors, team leaders. They can easily find the necessary people and unite them around one goal. They got used to controlling the situation fully and find an approach to everyone to encourage people for productive cooperation.
  12. Independence. Aries personalities get grown-up very quickly. They do not like listening to tutorials, advice, comments since they get confident very early. These people want to show their independence not only in the vision of other things but also the way of life, so they leave their parents very early and try to make their ends meet living separately.

Negative traits

The Ram can’t be called a perfect sign since there are certain negative traits of Aries given to people by stars too. Usually, these are extremes that can be originally considered positive but transform into drawbacks when they get out of frames.

  1. Aggression. Powered by Mars, it is not surprising that Aries personalities are oriented on struggles and conflicts. However, when they no longer are able to control their behavior, it results in a burst of rage. In such a situation, it is better to leave people of this sign for some time and give them time to calm down. It often happens very quickly as well as these aggressive bursts do.
  2. Recklessness. A desire to be the best and first everywhere leads to quick and often foolish decisions. Aries can’t take a pause and think for a while – these individuals are always in a hurry and do not have time to assess the possible risks. Such reckless behavior is explained by the first position of this sign in the astrology table. These people simply have no previous sign to learn on the mistakes of, so they leap forward and only then start thinking if it was the right decision.
  3. Competitiveness. The Ram people often suffer from addiction to gambling since they simply can’t lose. They believe that every battle should be brought to the logical ending and it is better to die than to lose. As a result, these are not the best people to play within a noisy company of friends and colleagues. Their hidden insecurity will not let anyone enjoy the game unless the Ram wins it.
  4. Selfishness. The best way to explain how selfishness is expressed by people of the Ram zodiac sign is a game. These individuals approve any behavior if they believe that it will help them to win. They do not mind the opinion of other people if they have a goal and know how to achieve it. Even if Aries does anything wrong at this moment, it is not a reason to give up. As a result, such behavior may seem selfish when it comes to others since people of this sign think only about themselves and the result, first of all.
  5. Explosive temper. Being a short-tempered sign Aries explodes because of a spark. They can easily irritate others and burst with anger if there is anything they can’t accept. Fortunately, these anger bursts are short-term and it takes only several minutes for them to calm down.
  6. Impatience. Aries personalities are impatient. They can’t wait for the result long and make fast and often poor decisions because of that. They hate monotonous and slow work, so they would often leave it unfinished and switch to another activity instead of taking it to an end. They are not people to make plans – they realize their ideas without evaluating possible consequences.
  7. Impulsiveness. Aries does not consider it important to think about anything before making decisions. Their lack of experience from other signs results in multiple mistakes and difficulties they face. At the same time, even numerous underachievements do not serve as a good lesson for them and it leads to great disappointment for many people.
  8. Seeking attention. Aries people are like actors who need audience constantly. They struggle for the attention of other people and if they do not get it, they get very irritated and angry. They often put effort to look better than others so they complete tasks fast enough but never mind their quality. They need listeners and people to praise them, but it often turns out to be difficult to admit their superiority for others.

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Characteristics of Aries

The Ram’s range of positive and negative traits affects the way these people built relationships with others. They have their own peculiarities of making friends, building love relationships or career. If you are Aries representative or know people of this sign, it is important to understand what you can expect from them in different life situations.


Cancer man in love

Fire signs often take initiative when they start building romantic relationships. They are not afraid to express their feelings and are considered passionate and energetic lovers. Aries people prefer excitement and fun in relationships on a daily basis and if they lack it, this may lead to betrayals.

Many horoscopes mention that relationships with Aries often end up with crushes and they tend to have many of them during their life. They often flourish in the relationships that give freedom to them and are happy in romantic relationships only if they manage to control their temperament.


The Ram personalities tend to leave their parents’ houses rather early. When they are kids, usually, parents have a lot of trouble with them. They search for endless attention and lack of love in childhood may reflect on their adult intimate life too.

When Aries become parents, they are protective and too authoritative sometimes. They hurry to punish children because of their sudden bursts of anger but often forgive them fast enough too. Such parents often encourage kids to follow their leading positions and impose them their own unfulfilled wishes.



Aries are great friends thanks to their loyalty and faithfulness. They are optimistic and helpful as well as tolerant when it comes to new acquaintances. They make friends easily and their circle of socializing is incredibly various. Naturally, they often tell the truth and it can be offensive for some people, but still, these personalities manage to have a long-term friendship with active and energetic people.


The Ram students do not spend much time on learning facts. They absorb new information quickly and belong to enthusiastic learners who like to discover new things. At the same time, their constant hurry results in overlooking some details and it reflects on the grades too.

Being highly competitive, they are very active in the lessons and enjoy lessons where they can showcase their leadership skills.


Man and Woman working together

An incessant flow of the Ram’s energy results in great achievements at work but only if tasks are completed at high speed. Otherwise, they tend to look for new responsibilities never taking current projects to the end. They do not like working according to the standard schedule but are driven and efficient employees if they can work independently from others. They accept orders only from the exact people and consider themselves leaders who do not deserve to be criticized.

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Aries entrepreneurs are not afraid of task risks and it often brings about great rewards to them. They are good business partners and excellent delegators of tasks to complete. Their good organizational skills help them to fulfill their creative ideas but their impulsive purchases and passion for expensive things can be an obstacle to high earnings.

Compatibility with other signs

Romantic relationships with Aries can be very successful especially if to consider the best compatibility with other signs. They can be a perfect spouse for:

  • Gemini;
  • Leo;
  • Sagittarius;
  • Aquarius.

Advice for an Aries

How can the Ram people achieve goals in their lives? Here are several pieces of advice from horoscope experts:

  • Learn to control the temperament and irritation;
  • Develop patience and analytical skills;
  • Eliminate your self-confidence trying to compliment other people and listen to their opinions;
  • Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Teamwork can bring about decent results;
  • Value what others do for you instead of taking that for granted;
  • Control your impulsiveness and think twice before undertaking the next step.

Tips for Relating to Aries

It may be challenging to build long-term and smooth relationships with the Ram. However, there are tips that can help you to be more successful in relating to these people.

  • Show them trust, loyalty and support to eliminate their feeling of insecurity;
  • Give them more freedom to satisfy their feeling of independence;
  • Don’t force people of this sign wait: they want everything right now;
  • Keep them entertained and have fun together;
  • Support them when they try to reach another goal;
  • Leave them alone to calm down if they are angry;
  • Never waste their time on moaning and complaints.

Famous Aries people

Many celebrities have achieved success thanks to the traits of an Aries they have. Here are some of the famous people with an astrological symbol of the Ram.

Aries celebs

  • Lady Gaga – singer
  • Mariah Carey- singer
  • Robert Downey Jr. – actor
  • Elton John – singer
  • Keira Knightley – actress
  • Eeese Witherspoon – actress
  • Celine Dion – singer
  • Eddie Murphy – actor
  • Shannen Doherty – actress


Now you have learned a lot about the first zodiac sign called Aries and it has become clear why it is called one of the most controversial ones. It has a lot of positive traits and qualities, but there are also negative inborn features that serve as an obstacle on their way to success. At the same time, thanks to the tips for representatives of this sign and people relating to them, it is clear how they can achieve easier and how others should behave to get on well with these people.

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