19 Positive & Negative Aquarius Personality Traits and Characteristics

You may know stars have awarded each of us with a number of traits and qualities depending on the time of our birth. It means that there are certain Aquarius traits too and not all of them are positive, unfortunately. You will agree that people of the same zodiac sign have similar characteristics and it is important to be aware of them to understand the nature of other people.

If you are Aquarius by zodiac sign or just want to learn more about people of this sign, this article will explain what positive and negative traits and characteristics people of the Aquarius sign have.

Aquarius Sign Overview


People born between January 18 (19) and February 19 (20) belong to the Aquarius sign and its symbol is Waterbearer. The planet associated with Aquarius zodiac is Uranus and light blue is its color. It is an air sign as well as Libra and Gemini and is considered to take the 11th place in the table.

Aquarius Traits and Qualities

It is clear that all people are different and if some Aquarius people are shy and calm, other representatives of this sign can be full of energy and exuberance. However, there are still traits of character and qualities that are given to people only of this sign and they are present in every person to a bigger or smaller extent. Not all of them are positive, of course, but they play an important role in the behavior and development of these people. Therefore, every representative of Aquarius sign, parents who have kids born in this period and people who are familiar with these airy personalities should know these peculiarities to build strong and long-lasting relationships with them.

Positive traits

People born at the end of January beginning of February can boast a number of positive traits given to them by nature. What are the personality traits of an Aquarius to envy? Here is the list.

  1. Open-mindedness. Almost every horoscope says that Aquarius personalities always try to consider new ideas. They are open to new information and will never judge a book by its cover. They never follow other people’s examples and always do their best to find a unique solution to the problem.
  2. Humanitarian. If to analyze what zodiac sign is inclined to humanitarian sciences most of all, it is undoubtedly Waterbearer. Languages, sociology, geography, history, literature are only some of the spheres of interest for these people. They easily remember a lot of information and enjoy learning.
  3. Creativity. One of the natural talents of these people is creativity beyond any frames. Their self-expression can be different in any situation, while their inquisitive mind will try to invent something exclusive instead of following the crowd.
  4. Free spirit. This is an air zodiac sign and it can be easily perceived from the way they behave. There is hardly anyone who can take Aquarius people from their way since they appreciate their freedom very much and would not admit another person’s viewpoint. Moreover, they often need space meant only for them to be able to think of the important points in silence.
  5. Intelligence. Intellect is a strong side of people born in January and February. Many of them have deserved the title of genius since their ideas are always exclusive and innovative. Their abstract thinking is developed at a very high level and it allows them to become professionals in many spheres.
  6. Originality. Many people consider being original and strange the same, but let’s remember famous developers and scientists – all of them look somehow eccentric. You will be surprised to learn that Aquarius people may look the same extraordinary and weird standing out from the crowd and the reason for that is a desire to be unique and non-standard.
  7. Easy-going nature. Representatives of this zodiac sign do not focus on troubles and inconveniences, they treat everything with a light heart. It is not a problem to gather for a long trip within a short period of time for them and enjoy the process despite any inconveniences.
  8. Ambitions. Speaking about Aquarians, it is worth mentioning that they build great plans not only for their own future but for the whole planet as well. They are focused on positive changes and have a strong feeling of justices, so any actions considered wrong by them disappoint representative of this sign and encourage them to undertake more actions to achieve success.
  9. Friendliness. Aquarius personalities have a lot of friends because their unique talents and skills serve as an attraction for others. They never refuse to help and appreciate friendship for it to last long.

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Negative traits

Naturally, not only positive traits of character are awarded by stars to people born at the end of January and beginning of February. Some of their qualities can be hardly called an engine for their success and would rather be an obstacle in their life. These are some of them.

  1. Impulsiveness. Being able to think quickly enough Waterbearers tend to make impulsive decisions too. They hate being limited and controlled, so their fast solutions can be not always the best ones.
  2. Unpredictability. Sometimes it can be very difficult to predict the behavior of Aquarians since they never act according to the widely accepted standards. Looking for interesting solutions they often surprise people who surround them.
  3. Inconsistency. The identity of Aquarius representatives is always changing and so their behavior can be inconsistent. Therefore, it is impossible to predict how they will act in one or another situation.
  4. Extremism. Aquarians do not accept any limits and it results in so-called extremist behavior. It is important to remember that their anger is endless and both their sadness and happiness will reach the maximum extent too.
  5. Stubbornness. Representatives of Aquarius are considered fixed and it means that these people are stubborn. When they have made a decision, it can be almost impossible to change their mind. Only their opinion is right and nothing else is admissible.
  6. Being detached. Waterbearers lack emotions and are very pragmatic people, so it makes them detached from the real world. When they start thinking about something, they seem to stop noticing everything around them.
  7. Independence. Aquarians can’t stand the situation when they depend on somebody. They prefer to solve all the problems alone and will never accept another person’s idea.
  8. Insensitivity. Representatives of this sign behave as if they are in the nutshell and avoid sharing emotions with anyone. Therefore, they seem insensitive even if there is a burst of emotions inside them.
  9. Idealism. Though it may be considered a positive trait, there is a certain negative aspect too. The perfectionism of Aquarius personalities makes them work very hard to achieve the ideal form and when they can’t do that in any way, they get frustrated and disappointed.
  10. Unpredictability. Ever-changing nature makes Waterbearers incredibly unpredictable. These people are known for sudden bursts of anger even if there were no reasons for that. Moreover, their mood is also constantly fluctuating and it is not easy to adapt to it.
  11. Modesty. Undoubtedly, Aquarians are shy people who feel uncomfortable among unfamiliar people and lack words to express their viewpoint if they do not feel confident. This modesty is often a great obstacle on their way to success.

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Characteristics of Aquarius

Aquarius girl

Not only traits of character play an important role for a person. Stars also impact the way Aquarians build relationships, study, work and it is reflected in their life. Let’s find out what peculiarities representatives of this zodiac sign have in different spheres of life.


Waterbearer looks for spouses who also feature a high intellectual level as well as people of this zodiac sign. Communication is a key component in the success of relationships with this air sign but they also appreciate open, sociable, and risky people with bright imagination. They look for honesty in long-term relations but let their partners feel independent and want to get this in return too.


People of this sign are very honorable to their families. They always visit family gatherings but are not suitable for sympathizing in a difficult situation. They encourage freedom and independence in their kids and their home life is more unconventional than a traditional one.



Aquarians are very sociable people who look for interesting interlocutors. They make friends with people whose intellect is of high level. At the same time, their sensitivity and modesty do not allow them to become initiators of this friendship, so they wait for another party to make the first step towards them.


Studying is easy for Waterbearer personalities since their intellect and creativity help them to cope with any difficulty. They prefer to study in open-source libraries or any other vast and open space. They always have their own opinion on any topic and prefer to study alone rather than in a company.


People of this air sign are flexible and adequate at work. They perform responsibilities on time and pay much attention to the success of their work. They are quite active and look for creative solutions too.

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Man and Woman working together

Aquarians are very disciplined in money making but they do not hurry for large amounts, they would rather prefer to complete useful work and volunteer. At the same time, they are quite thrifty when it comes to spendings.

There are many businesses headed by Aquarians that have achieved success. These are artistic, business-focused, legal, health and wellness and social service businesses.

Compatibility with other signs

The most compatible signs for Aquarius are:

  • Aries;
  • Gemini;
  • Libra;
  • Sagittarius.

The least compatible signs look as follows:

  • Taurus;
  • Scorpio.

Advice for an Aquarius

Young girl in the water

Waterbearer is a good sign but there is always space for perfection. Therefore, experts have prepared several pieces of advice for representatives of this sign:

  1. Avoid trying to copy other people’s behavior and success, it is better to be yourself.
  2. No need to worry about everything. It will help you to get rid of all the existing fears and live a happy life.
  3. Learn to be patient, inclusiveness is not the best feature.
  4. Schedule time for rest. Life is not only work and path to perfection.
  5. Continue dreaming and your dreams will come true if you put a little effort.

Tips for Relating to Aquarius

If you want to get along with people of this sign well and build strong friendly or love relations, there are several tips to consider.

  1. Let Waterbearer feel independent and avoid creating any frames for this person.
  2. Aquarians enjoy experiments and creativity, so switch on the imagination.
  3. Tell jokes and make communication funny to interest people of this sign.
  4. Don’t judge Aquarius personalities by their look – their eccentric look is only a mask.
  5. Be clear and real. Aquarians hate fake drama and acting.
  6. Deserve the trust of this person and only then expect him or her to open to you.
  7. Nerve push Aquarius into fights – they never solve conflicts in this way.

Famous Aquarians

Many celebrities, politicians, sportsmen and other famous people are Aquarius by zodiac sign. The most popular personalities born in this period are:

Famous aquarians

  • Neil Diamond (actor)
  • Alicia Keys (singer)
  • Christian Bale (actor)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (TV star)
  • Patton Oswalt (comedian)
  • Elijah Wood (actor)
  • Justin Timberlake (Singer, actor)
  • Ronda Rousey (sportsman)
  • Shakira (singer)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (football player)
  • Ashton Kutcher (actor)
  • Jennifer Aniston (actress)


Aquarius zodiac sign can be considered one of the best if to look at positive traits and characteristics it has, but the first impression can be mistaken. Water bearers are not simple people and it is important to find an approach to each of them to deserve their trust and interest. This list of both positive and negative traits and characteristics we can see in Aquarians will help representatives of this sign and people who know these people build relationships more efficiently and learn how to eliminate their negative side or change it for better.

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