Aquarius Man: Who is it According to Astrology?

Have you ever thought how great there is the impact of stars and planets on people? In fact, they play a significant role in shaping every person’s character, behavior, attitude to others. It is impossible to say that Aquarius man is the same as the female representatives of this sign. Naturally, despite the fact that stars impact men and women similarly, there is a big difference in how each gender represents its peculiarities in everyday life. If Aquarius males are captivating for one, they may seem very confusing to others. Who are they in reality and how does zodiac influence their nature?

Look: answers to these and other questions connected with Aquarius men traits and characteristics are provided in this article, so keep on reading and you will learn a lot of interesting about men who are Aquarians.

The Aquarius man

A fixed air sign of Aquarius represents people who mark their birthday in the calendar after January 20 till February 18. The zodiac sign is depicted with the Water Bearer symbol and ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Every child born in this period grows up a friendly and kind person, but when a boy gets older and becomes a man, many females admit that they have difficulty in communicating with Aquarians. These people never pay attention to the expectations of others and act in the way they want. Thanks to their huge heart these personalities are worried by the main humanity problems and look for ways out or best solutions.
Aquarian male personalities have received a number of traits from the universe that make them different from other people. They have a number of qualities that can be considered both positive and negative depending from what angle to analyze them. Their assertive nature to achieve everything themselves may seem obstinacy in other situations, while creativity and originality in solutions may look eccentric for practical and traditional people. However, these are not all traits possessed by Aquarius men. They are also intelligent, generous, easy-going, and analytical people who can be impulsive, inconsistent, and unpredictable too.

Positive and negative sides

Every boy born in the Sun of Aquarius has acquired both positive and negative sides from the stars, planets and constellations. When you meet a representative of the Water Bearer sign, you can immediately see the following strengths of his character:

  1. Intelligence. The analytical mind and humanitarian nature make Aquarian guys smart and wise. They are interested in the issues all around the world, read a lot and try to find the most accurate and suitable solution to every decision or problem.
  2. Talent. Creativity is one of the strengths when it comes to Aquarius men. They are talented and skillful people who are not satisfied with traditional approaches and enjoy expressing themselves through arts.
  3. Honesty. It is possible to trust the man if he is Aquarian by zodiac. These guys are fair people who would rather tell the truth than would suffer inside from hiding a secret.
  4. Loyalty. Friendly Aquarius males appreciate people next to them and are faithful and reliable partners in friendship. They are very generous and helpful people ready to support no matter what it will cost them.
  5. Communication. When you go out with Aquarius man, be ready to much attention to his personality. He will stop every minute to shake other men’s hands and it may seem that he knows everyone around.

Unfortunately, despite the domination of positive qualities male Aquarians may show negative traits of their character too. The ruling planets of this astrological sign have provided them with such negative sides as:

  1. Obstinacy. Persistence and desire to be unique in different situations may result in the fact that an Aquarius man does not listen and hear anyone else. They stick to their only right way and therefore seem stubborn to others.
  2. Quirkiness. It is not a rarity that the Water Bearer is often called strange, eccentric, extraordinary. They never admit other people’s plans until they invent their own genuine one.
  3. Independence. Aquarians hate being controlled. They need some freedom to implement their strange and creative ideas in reality.
  4. Impulsiveness. Guys born in the Sun of Aquarius thing very quickly and therefore, often make decisions that may be detrimental to them. Moreover, they ignite when someone tries to limit them or take their freedom.
  5. Extremism. Some of the Aquarian actions cross the limits or traditionally approved rules and go beyond any frames, so their nature can be called extremist to some extent.

Aquarius man characteristics

It is not a rarity that women ask about Aquarius men because they want to build relationships with this person or have difficulty in raising or relating to him. However, men of this zodiac sign are also interested in the characteristics and their behavior in different life situations trying to understand why they act in one or another way in every life situation. Naturally, astrology has an influence on the men born in late winter and they have general common behavioral patterns due to that, so their consideration can explain many misunderstandings and help to build relationships with others more efficiently.


What kind of lover is an Aquarius male? Lovemaking is considered to be a study that requires a scientific approach according to them. They do not hurry to fall in love and can be regarded as keen bachelors. Love is also a game for the Water Bearer and he does not hurry to take it seriously. They do not express their emotions in a conventional way but are very romantic people who do not save on flowers and gifts. Their creativity may take people they love to the clouds and back, but a little patience is a necessity too.


When you start dating Aquarian you will see that this romantic person expresses feelings not verbally but through some actions. They will prepare little surprises, try to make you smile, and tell exciting stories. These guys enjoy socializing so they often try to find their match on dating sites and befriend for the very beginning and only then start romantic relationships.


It takes time for people of this astrological sign to commit to another person. He should feel both mental and emotional connection as well as feel some kind of freedom to be next to the girl for a long time. They try to build satisfying and complimentary relationships as well as think with the head rather than the heart. They show interest in the partner’s ideas and dreams and help them to fulfill them.


When you marry an Aquarian male, you can be happy since you have found a reliable friend, interesting interlocutor and creative lover. He wants to share also chores and activities with his wife but needs some freedom or it will lead to conflicts. At the same time, being a practical person Aquarius man believes that people do not belong to each other fully and would marry a woman only if all the pros will dominate possible cons. They hate being forced to marry and are not demanding to people next to them too.


You can’t call Aquarius man the sexiest person since he considers intelligence the best aphrodisiac. However, despite some lack of passion, he is ready to satisfy a woman’s needs and does that very persistently in order to get the same in return. They need variety in bed and is happy to try new things. Men of this sign do not follow standard rules and have their own opinion which morals and standards to approve. They prefer sexual partners that differ from the norm and do not refuse from experiments too.

Home life

It may be quite challenging to live together with the male Water Bearer since it is the same as to live with a crazy professor. They like to experiment and might have strange hobbies that drive others mad. They enjoy collecting things and may talk for hours about their best souvenirs. They will help their spouses with everyday routine only if they like doing that too.


Aquarius males put great expectations on their families and children. Their extremist nature makes them outstanding among others and they give great pieces of advice to people they love. They honor their family commitments and traditions, but the inability to express emotions makes them good fathers only when kids grow up. When they see that they have a common ground on some topics, they become liberal and cool parents who do not limit their kids very much.


Aquarius men are appreciated by their professional and practical approach to everything. They are assertive and conscious at work as well as possess great problem-solving and analytical skills. They would enjoy working in museums and laboratories looking for self-isolation. It may be tiresome for them to complete tasks they do not like and challenging to follow the schedule since they do not like being limited. The best professions for Aquarians are teacher, researcher, engineer, trainer, electrician, scientist, data analyst, etc.


Earning money is important for Aquarians but they never refuse from thankless jobs if they can help others too. They know how to handle their money and do not waste or risk them. They are quite thrifty regarding spending funds and even if they earn much enough, they will not waste money on luxurious things. They can achieve success in artistic, health and wellness, legal, social service businesses, and others.


It is great to have an Aquarius man as a friend. This person will always support in a difficult situation with good advice, but it is not a person to cry on his shoulder. They are devoted, loyal, and faithful friends and get acquainted with other people easily. They look for friends with similar qualities and for their life because it takes time for them to start trusting another person fully.

Break up

It may be difficult to understand an Aquarian man when he decides to end up relationships. The light goes out of their eyes and they express their views clearly. They seem cold and emotionless when they speak but they can experience a volcano of emotions at this time too. He does need time to recover and analyze the situation if someone breaks up with him. However, they can’t be alone at this moment and look for communication too.

Understanding Aquarius man

It may be challenging to understand Aquarius men. Therefore, there are several tips on how to do that better:

  1. Be patient dating men of this sign. They are strange and can behave unpredictably, so their partners need much patience.
  2. Learn more about these personalities. Aquarians are difficult to understand if you do not know their nature. Therefore, it is important to learn more about the peculiarities of these people and it will be clear why they act in one or another way.
  3. Start with friendship. No matter how serious your intentions are regarding Aquarians, it is important to begin any relationships with friends.
  4. Learn to see everything from the perspective they do. Since guys born in late winter like freedom and intelligent people, it is important to meet their requirements. Don’t force them to express emotions and try to think logically too.
  5. Avoid control. Men born in the Sun of this zodiac are independent and require space and freedom. They hate any control and would definitely run away from the relationships that limit him.
  6. Don’t take everything they do or not do personally. It is not a rarity that Aquarians forget important dates and don’t give flowers. They may never say the words of affection and be cool with people they love. It does not mean that they no longer love you – it is simply their nature.

The woman he needs

Aquarians may be called picky when it comes to the choice of the female partner. Since they look for a woman similar to them by character, she must be independent and goal-oriented too. He does not want his spouse to revolve incessantly around him, it would be much better if she has some interests they share. Appearance is not as important to them as her smart brain. They look for inner beauty and would not appreciate only fit body, great makeup, and a nice haircut. She must be sociable and witty (laugh at his jokes) too.

Compatibility with other signs

It is not a secret that Aquarius men look for partners who are similar to them, so two people of this zodiac may have long and happy relationships. However, the best compatibility of men born in the Sun of this astrological sign is with the following personalities:

  • Aries;
  • Gemini;
  • Libra;
  • Sagittarius.

If to find out who is far from being a good spouse for Aquarians, the first place from the end will be shared by Taurus and Scorpio.


What qualities and characteristics has Aquarius zodiac given to men born in winter? These people despite being eccentric and impulsive are generous and intelligent personalities who need a special approach. However, when you learn more about their cool nature, you understand why they are considered strange but start appreciating them much more than before.

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