Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility and Characteristics

Have you met a person who is also Aquarius and are not sure if you can build long-lasting and strong relationships? In fact, zodiac sign can tell much about a person and there are even pairs in astrology that are considered to be perfect matches. However, the percentage of compatibility can differ depending on the type of relationships people have. You might think that Aquarius can be a good friend, lover, or interlocutor for another Aquarius because these people are similar in qualities and characteristics, but is it really so?

Look: this article will explain how good Aquarius man Aquarius woman compatibility is and if these people can be happy next to each other at all.

Aquarian and Aquarian Compatibility

Though it may seem that there is no other sign that can understand Aquarius as well as representatives of this sign, they can be hardly considered the best matches when it comes to compatibility. At the same time, people of this sign can get along well with each other and achieve success in different types of relationships. In fact, Aquarius compatibility with Aquarius in different aspects of life can be estimated at the following rates:

Communication and interests75%
Shared activities99%


Aquarius personalities are eccentric, creative, and intelligent. They enjoy the freedom and would happily share their knowledge with each other. When people of this sign start dating, they immediately pay attention to the existential characteristics of another person. These people have many common topics which they never get tired of discussing and want to spend much time together wandering in the stars. They enjoy romantic evenings together and often start relationships as friends at the beginning. Only in time, they transform into romantic ones.

Unfortunately, Aquarians tend to hide their emotions and are not ready to give other people freedom which they value so much. It leads to possible misunderstandings in the new relationships.


As it was mentioned, Aquarius man starts dating a woman of the same sign only after having built friendly relationships with her. Therefore, these pairs often bathe in love with each other due to strong bonds that connect them. This couple can’t be called emotional but they understand each other very well and care about their second half. These people are far from being possessive and they tend to support each other with their strength to achieve success. They look for spouses that never break promises and in fact, fall in love with people who correspond with their picture of the ideal match.


Couple in bed

Sex is an important part of all romantic relationships and Aquarians can enjoy it too. Their intimate life is rather various and they understand each other’s preferences in bed without extra words. They are not afraid of experiments and can easily fulfill their partner’s fantasies without paying attention to stereotypes and restrictions adopted by the society.

On the other side, pairs with this zodiac sign may experience some lack of sexual relationships. It is caused by their detached nature which prevents them from expressing their emotions, sharing warmth, and taking initiative. Therefore, it often happens that a bright and exciting intimate life they have at the beginning of the relationships may fade in some time and lead to troubles.

In fact, Aquarians are perfect for each other in bed if they want to have an occasional fling, but they have to work on themselves hard to enjoy sex for years.

Relationship and Marriage

Experts say that not many couples who are both Aquarians marry. They can enjoy friendly and intimate relationships without thinking that there is a necessity to make their bonds legal. However, if they do have a long-term relationship, men get more responsible in them and women tend to opt for stability, first of all. This couple sets common goals and achieves them together too.

Aquarius man does not want to live with a wife who deals with household chores only. She should be a partner, friend, person to share interests, and unique experience with. The female spouse would like her partner to be a good father, companion, leader as well as keep that atmosphere of charm and spirituality that dominates the beginning of relationships between these people.


Though stars have not provided Aquarians with great verbal communication skills, they still have a lot of topics to discuss with each other. Aquarius personalities are intelligent and creative, so they struggle for peace in the world and look for life-changing solutions together. They usually have common goals and it serves as a theme for productive talks. Moreover, people of this zodiac sign are sociable and despite the fact that their speeches seem boring to others, their zodiac copies will listen to them with pleasure. The only thing that can lead to conflicts in this couple is intellect: they need to show up their own ego and high self-esteem without noticing the same qualities in their partners.

One more way of communication for Aquarius man and woman is silence. They understand each other without words and it is enough for them to sit in silence together and enjoy the moment to get closer to each other.


Naturally, like many other common grounds in all Aquarians, their values are similar too. They value their families very much and therefore, they put much effort to save them no matter how difficult it is. However, if two Aquarians have been raised differently, it may be challenging for them to value the same things. Both of them value freedom, of course, and any efforts to set frames or restrictions cause indignation.


Pisces and Cancer_friendship

Representatives of this zodiac sign can’t be called emotional since they keep everything inside, so it is difficult to say about any emotional contact between them. They often mix love with friends and treat this feeling the same. Being detached by nature they start expressing emotions to their second-half only in some time when they deserve the trust of each other.


Naturally, Aquarians need time to start trusting their spouses fully. However, from the very beginning of relationships, they still have that unique mental connection that allows them to understand each other without pronouncing a sound. It means that their level of understanding of each other is very high even at the initial stage of dating, so it does not take much time to deserve it fully. One more thing to consider is the fact that Aquarians are reliable and honest people who value a good attitude, so they are not ones to betray their spouses.


When it comes to a friendship between male and female Aquarius, there are high chances to have constructive and long-lasting relationships. These people have many common topics and interests. Their energy and outgoing nature contribute to their common leisure activities, though they can’t stand dull and ordinary people despite being so to some extent too.

Aquarians value intellect in other people, but can be obstinate and opinionated. They are not ready to admit other people’s viewpoints, so one of the persons in this pair should support another one or share his or her opinion – otherwise, friendship is impossible.

Working Together

It may be challenging to have to Aquarius personalities in one team. These individuals are full of creativity, follow the latest technology trends, and can’t stop on their way to the result. Each of them wants to show off his or her talents and be the only one of this kind in the working team, so there are high chances of conflicts between these people.

They will be able to maintain good professional relationships only if they meet early in the morning at a brainstorming session and then go to different departments to work on their own. Their independence and endless ideas would contradict each other since Aquarius is a fixed sign, so it is better to separate such colleagues.

Break up

young couple-break up

Ending relationships is unpleasant for any sign, but Aquarians consider this experience emotionally hard. If a person wants to leave his or her spouse, he will do everything to complete this task as gently as possible. They do not want to hurt other people’s feelings but are not ready to stay friends after the sting too. When they say goodbye, they seem unemotional and stiff. However, there is still a storm inside of them though they hide it from their partner’s eyes. People of this zodiac sign do not spend long in grieve and start socializing with others to forget about their breakup. They think logically having exact reasons why these relationships could not last anymore and build plans for the future instead of crying long sleepless nights.

Is two Aquarius a Good Match?

Undoubtedly, there are pairs of zodiac signs with perfect and worst compatibility. Relationships between people who are both Aquarius are not doomed to failure from the very beginning. Moreover, they can be successful and happy because these people have a very good level of understanding, trust, and of course, excellent intimate life. There is hardly any other zodiac sign that will satisfy Aquarius sexually better than another Sunsign. It means that this couple is a good match with quite high chances for building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships, but not at work, of course.

Famous Aquarius&Aquarius Couples

Though it may seem that it is not easy to find an Aquarius love match, some celebrities managed to build perfect family relationships with spouses of the same zodiac sign. These are examples of famous couples who are both Aquarians and managed to maintain excellent relationships with each other.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué

Shakira and Gerard Piqué

Shakira: February 2, 1977
Gerard Piqué: February 2, 1987

This couple is not only Aquarians by zodiac sign, but they were also born the same day through 10 years apart. They have been together for over 10 years and gave birth to two kids. They keep their relationships private but there is no sense in doubting their love and support for each other.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres: January 26, 1958
Portia de Rossi: January 31, 1976

Despite being a traditional couple this Aquarius family registered their marriage over a decade ago. They are one of the most-watched couples in Hollywood that began their relationships in 2000. They met at the party and it was love at first sight.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo: February 5, 1985
Georgina Rodriguez: January 27, 1994

Juventus star fell in love with the Spanish model after he broke up with Irina Shayk. He calls Georgina Rodriguez his true friend who gave birth to their daughter Alana Martina in 2017. He once has admitted that sex with Georgina is much more exciting than his best goal.


Could you build relationships with a person who understands you very well, has shared activities and vision of the world, and acts similarly in different life situations? You will agree that there are fewer chances to have quarrels with your spouse and more opportunities to spend time together which are keys to successful relationships. This is exactly the description of compatibility of people who are both Aquarians and this viewpoint is supported by numbers – the total compatibility is 74% which very high, to tell the truth. It means that people who have been born at the end of January, the beginning, and the middle of February can match each other well without any doubts.

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