What are the 12 Astrology Signs? Dates and Characteristics Inside!

Long gone are the times when astrology was an arcane art that revealed its secrets to a few chosen people. What do you think they’ll answer If you ask any random person about astrology signs? They will probably be able to name them. They will most likely know what sign they were born under and what are the main characteristics of their sign too. Various surveys show that over 70% of people read the daily horoscopes they publish in both online and offline resources.

But here’s the thing. These fun short (and usually, quite vague) daily predictions have little to do with real astrology. Astrology is a complex instrument to analyze a person, their past, present, and future. An instrument necessary for anyone who wants to understand themselves better and improve their life.

Studying astrology might be a long and sometimes challenging undertaking. But cheer up, there’s good news. There’s a limitless treasure trove of knowledge easily available for anyone who wants to learn. And where should you start if not with the basics?

What is the zodiac? What are zodiac signs, what do they mean, how do they work? What are the different systems of zodiac signs? These are the questions I’ll try to answer in as much detail as I can. Buckle up; this is going to be interesting.

Four elements

According to the philosophical concepts underlying astrology, all physical phenomena and objects represent the four elements combined in different proportions. These elements are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.


The fire element is the driving force behind all physical phenomena in the world. After all, any action requires energy.

  1. Key characteristics: energy, activity, enthusiasm, idea.
  2. Key qualities: warmth and dryness.
  3. Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

A person can be a bright representative of the Fire element if fire signs are especially prominent in their horoscope. A Fire person is proactive and vigorous, they simply radiate energy. They strive for freedom of action and power. They are full of zeal and only truly serious obstacles and long periods of failure are capable of taking their optimism away. A Fire person is always glad to share their energy and their ideas with others.

They might like hot and spicy food and often get sick with acute inflammatory diseases. On an emotional level, these people are passionate, hotblooded. They are the kind of people who can keep you warm but can also burn you.

They are always in the center of the action. Their ideas and their energy won’t ever let them or those around them stay passive.

However, if the Fire element doesn’t have any strong representation in a horoscope, it means a lack of ideas or motivations. The activity of such people often depends on the ideas and motivations offered by others.



The Earth element is the flesh of the world. It’s everywhere and can be represented in the form of soil or stone or anything that has some density and weight to it. In a wider sense, it can be represented by the solid state of matter. Curiously enough, even fire has incandescent gas in it which has a certain amount of density and weight. This means that even the Fire element has a share of Earth energy.

  1. Key characteristics: reality, practicality, thrift, materiality.
  2. Key qualities: coldness and dryness.
  3. Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

A person strongly influenced by the Earth element is practical, thrifty, realistic. They prefer learning about things using their own experience, not just someone else’s words. They stand firmly on their feet and they are very hardworking.

Earth signs feel great need in physical comfort and financial security.

When the influence of the Earth element is weakened, people tend to be less practical. They might be great people all around but it’s hard to notice any real results of their actions. They also feel extremely uncomfortable in a materialistic environment. More often than not, they don’t know how much things cost and aren’t too good at making something with their hands.



In a manner of speaking, the role of the Air element in the world is much akin to the role of a nervous or blood circulation system in a human’s body. Air connects everything, communicates, shares information, energy. All kinds of gaseous matter represent the element of Air.

  1. Key characteristics: circulation, connection, communication, information.
  2. Key qualities: warmth and humidity.
  3. Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

People under the strong influence of the Air element are easy-going, sociable, curious, quick-thinking. They understand the true value of information and know how to manage it. Knowledge is of the greatest importance to them. The stronger is the Air element in their horoscope the more they feel the thirst for information. And they quench this thirst with the help of books, newspapers, the Internet, TV shows and just about any other sources. However, they don’t just accumulate the knowledge, they like sharing it as well. They are approachable and open-minded, prefer not to bother with the emotional minutiae, and try to keep detached.

All Air signs strive for the freedom of movement and travel and self-expression.

In case Air isn’t too strong, one tries to keep a distance and isn’t that good at communicating with others. These people tend to underrate the role of knowledge and information and usually aren’t too much interested in what’s going on in the world. Even if they are very smart and have extensive experience, it doesn’t show. After all, they are not the best talkers.



The water element is probably the most mysterious one. Water is all around us, even though more often than not it’s hidden from our eyes. Who would have thought that the human body consists of 90% water? Water is a unique liquid. It can imbibe solid mater, absorb gas and heat, and as such, acts as a uniting, integrating factor. Apart from water, all liquids represent the Water element.

  1. Key characteristics: emotions, secrets, unification, synthesis.
  2. Key qualities: cold and humidity.
  3. Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Water people have a rich, deep inner life hidden from view. They are thoughtful, romantic, emotional. They have a vivid imagination and strong intuition. They are interested in everything that’s mysterious and sense a hidden agenda in all events. These people possess strong visual thinking and the ideas they’ve got in their minds are not always easy to express in words. On the other hand, they can picture the most complex concepts in detail and living color. Even adult Water people are fond of fairy-tales and legends, as well as detective stories.

All people strongly influenced by the Water element feel the need for emotional comfort and protection.

People with weak Water element influence experience some lack of imagination. They speak in dry categories and terms. As a result, everything they do doesn’t touch the depths of the human soul. Their ability to synthesize is rather weak too; talk about not seeing the wood for the trees. These people are not too intuitive or emotional.

Astrological signs

There are twelve zodiac signs in Western astrology. Each one of them has its strengths and weaknesses, specific characteristics, desires, and attitude to life and other people. By analyzing the stars and the positions of the planets at the moment of birth, astrology can tell us a great deal. Basic traits, preferences, shortcomings, and fears, to name a few things. We can really learn more about ourselves and other people if we know the main characteristics of the zodiac signs.



Birth dates
March 21 – April 20

Best traits: passionate, brave, purposeful, strong-willed, generous.
Worst traits: vulnerable ego, lack of restraint, aggression, impulsiveness.
Best zodiac match: Libra, Sagittarius, Leo.
Element: Fire.
Planet ruler(s): Mars, Sun.
Symbol: ram.
Lucky numbers: 4, 7, 9 (all numbers divisible by 9), 11.
Lucky days: Tuesday, Sunday.
Unlucky days: Friday, Saturday.
Colors: scarlet, carmine, orange, light blue, lilac, raspberry.
Jewels: diamond, ruby, amethyst, bloodstone, moonstone, aquamarine, emerald.
Metal: iron, steel.
Famous Aries: Catherine de’ Medici, Vincent van Gogh, Steven Seagal, Johann Sebastian Bach, Descartes, Charles Chaplin, Francis Ford Coppola.

People born under the zodiac sign of Aries have an incredibly strong, uncompromising character and a great deal of stubbornness to achieve their goals. They are born to be fighters and have an increased ability for leadership. They always can see a bigger picture. Many company CEOs, politicians, and prominent activists are Aries.

Aries people are usually extremely independent in everything they do. It’s very important for them to do it their own way. If someone decides to interfere, an Aries person will just step aside and stand down. They are very vulnerable to any criticism and the only way to smooth things over is to give them hard evidence of them being wrong.

As a rule, Aries are not too happy when it comes to marriage. It’s difficult for them to meet a soulmate, someone who truly understands them and appreciates them for what they are. And yet, Aries are people, whether it’s a woman or a man, that crave romance and affection. A lack of a soulmate in adulthood can become a stumbling rock that shatters all their hopes.

In terms of financial success and social status, there are really no limits for Aries. They usually reach their goals easily, even the ones that might seem impossible to others. However, because they tend to get what they want with minimum effort, they often don’t feel happy.

Being very impulsive by nature, Aries tend to be reckless. They easily make enemies, they are extremely ambitious and as a rule, they get on in life. All Aries eagerly try to look forward to future events, maybe because they are very impatient.


♉ Taurus

Birth dates
April 21 – May 20

Best traits: sense of purpose, patience, steadfastness, self-assurance.
Worst traits: stubbornness, blind prejudice, lack of prudence.
Best zodiac match: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn.
Element: Earth.
Planet ruler(s): Venus, Moon.
Symbol: bull.
Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 16 (all numbers divisible by 6).
Lucky days: Monday, Friday.
Unlucky days: Tuesday.
Colors: yellow, bright blue, deep orange, slime green.
Jewels: turquoise, sapphire, agate, opal, jade.
Metal: copper.
Famous Taureans: Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, David Beckham, George Clooney.

Taurus is a sign pr practicality, possession, and financial security. People born under this sign tend to be very patient, practical people strongly dedicated to their own selves. These people are usually very cautious when dealing with other people, someone else’s life, or money. They have this curious specific trait: they like to dominate and take control. Sometimes it even means manipulating someone’s desires.

At the same time, Taurus people are extremely devoted to those they hold dear. They have this deep need for security, a firm basis, the family hearth. Even though others often see Taurians as very down-to-earth people, they can actually be quite romantic and sensitive when it comes to love and affection for family members.

Taureans are resilient, both physically and mentally, and can withstand a great deal of pressure and fatigue. They always make great homemakers, they have exquisite taste for food. When it comes to cooking, they can make a great meal almost out of nothing. Taureans often become great top managers thanks to excellent business intuition. More often than not, people might think they are more well-to-do than they actually are. It’s because Taureans have a habit of dressing well and looking flawless.

Taureans are often driven by their sensual experience but attachment to a specific person is much more important to them than fleeting passions and urges. They are just as discerning when it comes to beautiful things in life.

Taurus people have great business acumen, they are determined and quite creative. Moon in Taurus offers success in business. The passionate nature of Venus gives Taureans a clear purpose in life, strong loyalties, and devotion to loved ones.

If they love, they love unconditionally, passionately, and give their all to the person they care about. If there;’s something or someone standing on their way, Taureans will fight for their love stubbornly and without hesitation. However, if they fight, they always do it openly because they hate cunning, hypocrisy, and deceit.

Taurus people have an innate sense of harmony, rhythm, and color and often they are quite successful in music, poetry, or art. People born under this sign become the most devoted and loyal friends.


♊ Gemini

Birth dates
May 21 – June 21

Best traits: mental acumen, lively mind, quickness of perception, sensibleness, flexibility.
Worst traits: impatience, verboseness, shallowness, hypocrisy, unreliability, self-deceit.
Best zodiac match: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces.
Element: Air.
Planet ruler(s): Mercury.
Symbol: twins.
Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 12, 18.
Lucky days: Wednesday, Sunday.
Unlucky days: Thursday.
Colors: purple, gray, blue-gray.
Jewels: chrysoprase, beryl, garnet.
Metal: gold, amalgam, silver.
Famous Gemini: Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman.

People born under the Gemini sign are well known for their controversial nature and ability to change their mood in a moment. Although they don’t like the idea of living with strings attached, they can still be interesting, romantic, and loving partners. Even despite their fickleness.

The duality of their nature constantly drags them in opposite directions They mental capability is acute and brilliant but they usually lack a clear goal.

Of all people, Gemini are the hardest to understand. They can be hot and cold at the same time. One moment they can show you various signs of attention and the other they want to argue and split up. Their sharp wit and quick eye make them great storytellers but they’ve got a penchant for exaggeration that might cause a certain strain in relationships.

Being quite intellectual by nature, these people can’t stand stupidity. The first tithing they do after meeting someone is to assess who they are dealing with to understand if they are interesting enough to continue the acquaintance. Gemini people are usually great diplomats, people are blinded by their brilliance and wit. However, Gemini have some difficulty to use these advantages to maximum benefit.

Even they have a hard time understanding what it is they really want to achieve. Deep inside they are ambitious and want to get a high social status. But once they get there, they quickly lose the thrill, become melancholic, and start seeking new ways of applying their talents.

In terms of finances, Gemini often achieve good results but the best career they can choose must be about diplomacy, tact, and sophistication.

In all matters regarding human relations Gemini are quite mysterious. They can love ardently and at the same time be fickle. Only their innate sense of diplomacy and tact shields them from making a huge mess out of their lives.


♋ Cancer

Birth dates
June 22 – July 22

Best traits: vivid imagination, perseverance, affection, caring, caution.
Worst traits: snarkiness, irritability, melancholy, possessiveness, cowardice, mood swings.
Best zodiac match: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.
Element: Water.
Planet ruler(s): Moon.
Symbol: crawfish.
Lucky numbers: 2 (and all numbers divisible by 2), 4, 5, 8.
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday.
Unlucky days: Tuesday, Saturday.
Colors: white, light blue, blue, silver, green.
Jewels: moonstone, emerald, ruby.
Metal: silver.
Famous Cancers: Julius Caesar, Pierre Cardin, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Maryl Streep.

Cancer people are thin-skinned and have quite a complex inner world. Sometimes they seem to be as steadfast as a rock but in fact, they are as vulnerable as children.

Cancers are great homemakers, they are great at accumulating material comforts. In general, they can be strongly attached to things and feel quite passionate about their possessions. Typical Cancers always feel worried about their financial security and put great effort into accumulating and growing wealth.

As a rule, young Cancers have unusual ups and downs that often lead to substantial losses. Because of this, they have to work twice harder when they grow up to catch up. However, as soon as they get on their feet, nothing can move them from the position they’ve taken.

If a Cancer manages to direct their endless sensitivity and perceptiveness the right way it can become a great source of energy. As soon as they find out how to control their strong emotions and irritability, their intellect and imagination let them achieve success in everything they do.

The main problem for them is to keep their fleeting but powerful emotions from clouding their rational judgment. Cancers should trust their intuition more and never lose hope for better outcomes.

Cancers, in general, have a vivid imagination. They can easily become skillful artists, composers, musicians. Deep inside they are romantic, affectionate, and loving.

On the other hand, in case they feel they are unappreciated or if they get spurned by someone they love, they tend to go to extremes. This might lead them to depression and melancholy.

Cancers need support and praise from those around them. If they get that, they feel fulfilled as they love and care about their close people.


♌ Leo

Birth dates
July 23 – August 23

Best traits: kindness, generosity, nobleness, loyalty, affection, protectiveness.
Worst traits: false pride, arrogance, vanity, oppressiveness, promiscuity.
Best zodiac match: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius.
Element: Fire.
Planet ruler(s): Sun.
Symbol: lion.
Lucky numbers: 1, 5, 9.
Lucky days: Sunday.
Unlucky days: Saturday.
Colors: golden, scarlet, black.
Jewels: amber, topaz, onyx.
Metal: Gold.
Famous Leos: Jennifer Lopez, Coco Chanel, Charlize Theron, Henry Ford, Jacqueline Kennedy, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert De Niro.

The Fire element gives Leos energy and makes them one of the most enthusiastic and optimistic zodiac signs. Typical Leos are happy-go-lucky, stable, and successful. Leos don’t like big changes and prefer to be satisfied with the existing status quo. They just like to follow the plans they’ve made for themselves.

People born under the zodiac sign of Leo always try to come up in the world, strong-willed people attract them. As a rule, Leos are natural leaders.

They’ll forgive any mistake as long as it’s made by someone they love and as long as those people have a sense of purpose and bright individuality. Leos are usually generous, kind, sincere, they possess a huge amount of charm. These people just find it hard to see flaws in people. However, if someone tries to attack them they won’t think long before striking back. At the same time, they easily forgive and never hold grudges.

Normally, Leos are quite financially successful. They seem to always get a second chance when it comes to finances and sometimes they just receive income from unexpected sources.

But while this all is great, what they crave most of all is true love. Unfortunately, that is one thing they rarely get. Leos are extremely independent and can’t stand it when someone tries to control them. They are perseverant and move towards their goals at high speed.

Leos have power over others, they can inspire people around them, they have the ability to lead people through thick and thin. They often think that they have nothing to lose.

People born under this sign often feel lonely, as if they are isolated from the life around them. Unless they dedicate themselves to work or achieving a certain goal, they get depressed and sad.


♍ Virgo

Birth dates
August 24 – September 23

Best traits: clear thinking, perceptiveness, politeness, usefulness, practicality, honesty.
Worst traits: faultfinding, grumpiness, pessimism, insecurity, secretiveness.
Best zodiac match: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.
Element: Earth.
Planet ruler(s): Mercury.
Symbol: maiden.
Lucky numbers: 3, 5 (all numbers divisible by 5), 6, 12 (all numbers divisible by 12), 20, 27.
Lucky days: Wednesday.
Unlucky days: Thursday, Friday.
Colors: white, blue, violet, green.
Jewels: carnelian, malachite, marble.
Metal: tin, copper.
Famous Virgos: Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo, Sean Connery, Stephen King.

With Mercury as the ruler planet, people born under this sign have a sharp mind, they are attentive to detail and precise. They are the very epitome of modesty, reserve, and honesty. They can’t stand being patronized and would much rather take care of another person themselves.

Virgos are usually quite successful in life. They have a great intellectual capacity that often makes them stand out among others. They have clear opinions on every practical issue. Finally, they are successful as entrepreneurs and it’s extremely hard to fool them.

As a rule, Virgos have a materialistic outlook. They have a habit of analyzing things and questioning even their own ideas. They are only attracted to those novelties that have a practical application. And in case they are the source of innovative ideas, they will happily share them with anyone who’d confirm they are very valuable.

Virgos can become great literary critics. Being acute thinkers, they can easily see even the smallest weaknesses in others’ works. They love harmony in their own environment, they have sophisticated taste.

These people are usually very meticulous when it comes to the way they look. They respect the achievements of others and more often than not Virgos are upstanding citizens. At the same time, they can easily adapt to any situation and change their views when necessary.

When it comes to love and romance, Virgos are the hardest to figure out.


♎ Libra

Birth dates
September 24 – October 23

Best traits: fairness, intelligence, charm, nobleness, emotional stability.
Worst traits: procrastination, indecision, love for arguments, chasing pleasures.
Best zodiac match: Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius.
Element: Air.
Planet ruler(s): Venus, Saturn.
Symbol: scales.
Lucky numbers: 2, 5,(all numbers divisible by 6), 9, 15.
Lucky days: Friday, Saturday.
Unlucky days: Tuesday, Sunday.
Colors: dark blue, teal, pastel colors.
Jewels: opal, lapis lazuli, coral, pearl.
Metal: bronze.
Famous Libras: Kim Kardashian, Monica Belucci, Marion Cotillard, Michael Douglas, John Lennon, Dwight Eisenhower.

The symbol of this sign, the scales, is a symbol of valance and compromise. It says a lot about the nature of the people born under it. Libras have a natural love for justice, fairness, and objectiveness. Sometimes this makes it really hard for them in the moments of important decision-making.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find lazy people among Libras. They work hard and demand the same from their partners and co-workers. They also have a strong sense of justice and fair play. It’s quite unusual for a LIbra to show their anger but when push comes to shove, you better not stand on their way.

Libras are usually quite confident people, whether it’s about ideas or actions. Their intuition is so strong they can often predict future events.

They usually keep their fears under control. Typical Libra person almost always looks confident, self-collected and they are not afraid to take responsibility for everything that happens to them and people around them.

Being quite kind by nature, they love socializing and can be very attentive listeners. People born under the zodiac sign of Leo are well-balanced and it seems that they try to bring balance to the state of things and find the root of every problem.

Libras often find themselves in any occupation that has something to do with public life, thanks to their innate desire to change the world for the better. Libras accept praise with good grace and gladly praise others if they deserve it. Their energy is focused on uniting with others, they find their best self in personal relationships. People born under this sign are fighting for balance and harmony. The happiest of them are those whose environment remains undisturbed.

These people are good at science and often spend their entire life on research or development of some specific thing with utmost diligence. Because of this, it’s not surprising they often make great Doctors of Science. On the other hand, Libras aren’t the most eligible people in the world, whether it’s about something they have to do or their intentions. If you dig a little deeper than their charming appearance, you’ll reveal the true nature of these people. They are very self-focused and stubbornly insist on their own ideas and opinions, which they think are the only true ones.

Libras are really successful when it comes to connecting to people, they often find new friends and have a wide circle of acquaintances.

As lovers, Libras are the most romantic people out of all zodiac signs. The influence of Venus gives them a rather idealistic idea of love and intimacy. As soon as they fall in love, they start thinking of marriage and life together. On the other hand, Libras rarely remain complacent and find happiness in marriage. When it comes to personal attachment, they try to find that balance, weigh all pros and cons, and smooth out all the sharp corners.


♏ Scorpio

Birth dates
October 24 – November 22

Best traits: loyalty, strength of will, magnetism, self-control.
Worst traits: ruthlessness, bigotry, vengefulness, sadism, suspiciousness, self-castigation.
Best zodiac match: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces.
Element: Water.
Planet ruler(s): Pluto.
Symbol: Scorpion.
Lucky numbers: 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 21, 100.
Lucky days: Tuesday.
Unlucky days: Monday, Friday.
Colors: yellow, crimson, pink.
Jewels: aquamarine, coral, crystal.
Metal: iron, steel.
Famous Scorpios: Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Sally Field, Martin Scorsese.

People born under this sign seem to be full of controversies. Best and worst, good and evil seem to be fighting for this sign’s soul.

At a young age, Scorpios are very prone to reflections thanks to their strong intellect. They are often virtuous and religious but as soon as their true nature wakes up, they start going from one extreme to another. More often than not, their behavior doesn’t seem to follow any logic.

Scorpio people are often very attractive, they are great manipulators. When they try to convince someone, they often use emotional pressure.

Scorpios are seekers with an insatiable desire to explore everything that’s new and unknown. Spiritually and intellectually, they want to reach the very limit of their abilities and go beyond.

In any dangerous and critical situations, Scorpios always remain cold-headed and decisive. These people often become workaholics and often work themselves to the point of exhaustion. At the same time, they demand the same from others. Scorpio people can’t stand weakness, whether it’s their own or someone else’s.

Their sex life is an important part of their lifestyle. Men attract women and women attract men but when desire and ambition take over, they can use their powerful sexuality to their advantage. Relationships are kind of a mystery to Scorpios, so anyone who gets close with them must prepare for big changes. Their mysterious partner will definitely offer something new and unusual.

Scorpios are usually interested in marriage and long-term relationships. They can love only one partner. For them, love is a powerful, passionate, and persistent emotion that can be directed at one person only.

Sooner or later Scorpios start getting interested in occult science and gladly develop any unusual abilities. They often become famous as writers, artists, or poets. They are natural philosophers, deep thinkers, and observe and analyze characters of people around them better than any other sign.

Usually, people born under this zodiac sign have more than one source of income. They often have to overcome obstacles but sooner or later, success and recognition come to them.


♐ Sagittarius

Birth dates
November 23 – December 21

Best traits: optimism, politeness, logic, honesty, determination, enthusiasm.
Worst traits: recklessness, irresponsibility, tactlessness, rudeness, fickleness.
Best zodiac match: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius.
Element: Fire.
Planet ruler(s): Jupiter.
Symbol: archer.
Lucky numbers: 3 (all number divisible by 3), 4, 9.
Lucky days: Thursday.
Unlucky days: Wednesday.
Colors: blue, violet, deep red.
Jewels: amethyst, opal, red garnet, sapphire, emerald, agate.
Metal: Zinc, tin.
Famous Sagittarians: Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Bruce Lee, Kim Basinger.

Sagittarians prefer to be free and not burdened with any obligations. However, when they do fall in love and become really invested in a relationship, they make their life and life of their partner as good as possible. Usually, they are quite sociable but it doesn’t make their time spent one on one with their partner less enjoyable. They focus on what they are doing here and now and it seems like they don’t know how it can ever be different. Unless they make a great effort, of course.

These people are often great workers, it seems like they are tireless until you see them nearly exhausted. They prefer to learn by themselves, they love traveling to gain some life experience. Unfortunately, they can’t stand the stuffy air of classrooms and the tedious traditional learning process. They are usually successful when it comes to business but they never rest on their laurels.

Being a trusting, open-minded, intelligently curious kind of people, Sagittarians want to learn more about others to understand them better. With a great deal of positive energy, they are great to talk to and just as great to listen to. The life and soul of the party, as they say.

Almost all of them love music and often Sagittarians become good musicians.

And yet these people tend to go to extremes in all areas of life. Often they make unexpected decisions or change their mind abruptly about something. They always have an excuse ready though. Sagittarians are way too proud and don’t like acknowledging their own mistakes.

Intimacy is one of the most challenging areas of life for them. Sagittarius people can be devoted to more than one person at a time. Sagittarius men often marry circumstantially driven by passion. They have lots of regrets about it afterward but are too proud to show how they really feel. Sagittarius women are more decent in this regard. They want to make their husbands successful and will sacrifice everything on their way to this goal.

Sagittarians have a deep respect for public order and become great parents. People born under this zodiac sign must never stop. Standing still is self-defeating for them, even when there is nothing wrong in their life. Besides, there will always be issues only they can resolve.


♑ Capricorn

Birth dates
December 22 – January 20

Best traits: self-determination, stability, wisdom, affection, reliability, confidence, composure.
Worst traits: selfishness, narrow-mindedness, cruelty, snobbery, pessimism, aloofness.
Best zodiac match: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces.
Element: Earth.
Planet ruler(s): Saturn, Mars.
Symbol: goat.
Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 7, 8 (all number divisible by 8), 14.
Lucky days: Tuesday, Saturday.
Unlucky days: Monday, Thursday.
Colors: dark green, black, ashen gray, blue, pale yellow, dark brown, and all dark shades.
Jewels: ruby, onyx, moonstone.
Metal: lead.
Famous Capricorns: Amanda Seyfried, Nina Dobrev, Rosamund Pike, Elvis Presley, Anthony Hopkins, Al Capone.

These people are usually very ambitious. All Capricorns insist on pursuing their destiny and life’s mission. They have a clear vision of their goals and unwavering faith in their own abilities and immunity from mistakes.

Capricorns are usually quite self-confident and possess a strong spirit. However, other people might find it hard to understand them. They are thinkers, intellectual individuals, successful businessmen. More often than not, they become accomplished politicians or thrive at any other governmental position.

These people are independent and noble. If there’s anything they hate, it’s being under someone else’s control. They are able to overcome any challenges, sometimes by using destructive methods. This happens especially often to young Capricorns.

They just have to be leaders in whatever they do. Otherwise, they just lose any interest and motivation. They are serious and reserved people, but with those they love they can be sensitive and sympathetic and very supportive. Another amazing quality that they have is their great sense of humor that helps them cheer people up even in the most difficult situations.

Capricorns’ views regarding love, responsibility, and social status are somewhat unusual. Maybe that’s why they often don’t get along with their neighbors and colleagues.

Quite often they are great speakers but not just because they are eloquent. They just always know what they are talking about.

Sometimes it might seem like Capricorns have hearts of stone. However, they can sympathize and often they give a lot without counting on getting anything back.

Their personal life is usually quite troublesome. These people can create quite an opposition towards themselves and be absolutely nonchalant about it. They often feel like they are lonely and underappreciated, even if that’s not quite so. On the other hand, Capricorns are able to manage the family budget quite well. They are responsible parents because it gives them a feeling of self-fulfillment. They dedicate quite a lot of time to building their own happiness and as soon as they fall in love, nothing can break that relationship.


♒ Aquarius

Birth dates
January 21 – February 20

Best traits: perceptiveness, tolerance, friendliness, ingenuity, giftedness.
Worst traits: eccentricity, detachment, absent-mindedness.
Best zodiac match: Aries, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius.
Element: Air.
Planet ruler(s): Saturn.
Symbol: water carrier.
Lucky numbers: 2, 4, (all numbers divisible by 4), 8, 9, 11, 13.
Lucky days: Wednesday, Saturday.
Unlucky days: Sunday.
Colors: grey, mauve, teal, magenta.
Jewels: zircon, opal, amethyst.
Metal: pewter.
Famous Aquarians: Jennifer Aniston, Shakira, Chloë Grace Moretz, John Travolta, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens.

Aquarians have a great desire to reach success, financial benefit but no greed for gain. They are tireless workaholics. They are always ready to work hard for what they want in life. Interestingly, they don’t ask for anything in return but a fair reward.

They can instinctively read one’s character, intuitively see right through people. They often know what people are. Unfortunately, this ability doesn’t make them happier. Rather the opposite, many Aquarians get disappointed with people in general at some point in their lives.

They don’t like showing off their attachments and affections but they are capable of feeling deeply. All Aquarians are quite sensitive. More often than not their nerves can’t take the pressure and they say and do things they might regret later.

These people like an active lifestyle, they do a lot for the good of society. Some of them can even give everything they have to stop people from suffering. Aquarians are great thinkers and they are very good at convincing others. Thanks to this talent, they often get away with things other people wouldn’t.

Aquarians are also good at business and finances, especially when they are really hell-bent on getting to the top. At the same time, they can be truly altruistic and do more for others than they do for themselves. They are blessed with open-mindedness, thirst for knowledge, and a lack of prejudices.

If people born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius learn how to manage their sensitivity and become more strong-willed, they will have no obstacle they can’t overcome. They are usually successful at something they know would benefit many others. Being somewhat idealistic, they would like to know that they can make more people happy.


♓ Pisces

Birth dates
February 21 – March 20

Best traits: humility, sympathy, spirituality, philosophical insight.
Worst traits: shyness, melancholy, masochism, untruthfulness, weak will.
Best zodiac match: Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn.
Element: Water.
Planet ruler(s): Venus, Jupiter.
Symbol: fish.
Lucky numbers: 6, 7 (all numbers divisible by 7), 11.
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday, Friday.
Unlucky days: Wednesday.
Colors: purple, violet, teal, steel gray.
Jewels: pearl, amethyst, sapphire, moonstone.
Metal: zinc.
Famous Pisces: Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Eva Mendes, Albert Einstein, Elizabeth Taylor, Bruce Willis.

These sensitive people can’t do any direct harm to anyone. It’s their vulnerability and delicacy that drives everyone around them crazy. Their multiple weaknesses might paradoxically make them stronger in the view of circumstances. And yet the overwhelming majority of Pisces are kind and naive people.

At a young age, Pisces people are ambitious and adventurous. The whole world opens up in front of their eyes and they are ecstatic and full of energy. Pisces are trailblazers open to new ideas. They love the freedom of action and thought more than anything else. They easily absorb knowledge, especially concerning history, traveling, and exploration.

Generous by nature, Pisces give easily but sometimes they do worry about finances, future security, and their status. This happens mostly because of their fear to depend on other people more than on their love of money.

People who were born under the zodiac sign of Pisces sometimes fail to stand by their words and promises. This usually happens when they gave to face financial issues. They can easily promise something when they feel like it but they will easily break the promise once they realize they are close to being broke. And no, they won’t feel guilty about it or try to keep at least a part of their promise.

In their mind, Pisces are often quite ambitious. They sometimes tend to underestimate their own individuality. Often, they are prone to diving into reflection and getting all melancholic because of small things that are not really worth it. They can even invent a scenario where everyone is against them and they become martyrs who atone for the sins of others.

Depression easily takes over when nothing goes as planned. They blame themselves and see something mystical in the cause of their suffering.

Interestingly enough, you can find both the strongest and the weakest people among Pisces. Some of them like satisfying their need in a luxurious lifestyle and self-indulgence. If this trait becomes dominant, they’ll be much more indifferent to the issues of other people around them.

Pisces are extremely devoted to their friends and they are always ready to prove this devotion in practice. Sometimes this leads to unpleasant consequences. They can fall under the influence of false friends, scammers, or even drug dealers.

All people born under this sign are very emotional. Pisces with a weaker will fall under the sway of others and Pisces with a stronger will can get to the top using their emotional side correctly.

Pisces people will lie to protect their feelings and save their relationships. Or even to borrow some time. They just hate being alone for too long.

How does the zodiac work?

What is the zodiac?

past life through astrology

In ancient times when people looked up at the sky, they noticed that there is a certain order to how many bright stars are arranged. They formed groups that we now call constellations. People from different ancient civilizations gave them different names. The names of gods and heroes and animals and commonly used objects.

People studied constellations for years and noticed another curious pattern. They moved. Some of them would appear in spring, moved over the sky and vanished. They were followed by the summer constellations, then fall, then winter. As they observed the way constellations travel over the sky, they learned that twelve of them were standing out.

Sun and Moon rose and set in that part of the sky where the twelve constellations were. So this part of the sky that marked the way the Sun, the Moon, and the planets were moving was called the Zodiac. The word Zodiac comes from ancient Greek and means “a circle of creatures”. After all, the majority of the constellations bore the names of animals, both real and mythical. So the ancient observers divided the Zodiac into twelve sectors and named each of them after the twelve constellations.

We know these constellations as Aries (ram), Taurus (bull), Gemini (twins), Cancer (crawfish), Leo (lion), Virgo (maiden), Libra (scales), Scorpio (scorpion), Sagittarius (archer), Capricorn (goat), Aquarius (water carrier), and Pisces (fish). They correlate with zodiac signs. Every month a new zodiac sign rises in the East and it seems that Sun and Moon rise from it as well.

To sum it up, the Zodiac is a schematic of the starscape they use in Western horoscopic astrology. It’s based on the ecliptic. It serves as the axis for the zodiac and includes all areas of the sky adjacent to it. All planets move over the zodiac, along the ecliptic. Zodiac includes twelve 30-degree sectors they call zodiac signs.

How do stars affect us?

The zodiac signs theory says that every person is directly dependent on the positions of stars and planets. Their interactions at the moment of one’s birth help to form their personality, character, preferences, likes, and aspirations. It’s not surprising that a detailed study of personality and ability to predict changes in the key lines of one’s life lets astrologers read one’s destiny as an open book. But does this mean that everything in our lives is predetermined? Not al all.

There are twelve zodiac signs but it’s hard to believe that for billions of people living on Earth there are only 12 personality types. Personal horoscopes bring nuance into these characterizations. Usually, astrologers who build personal horoscopes take into account not just the date of birth but also the place and exact time of birth. As they construct the prediction charts they only use the information that a person has at the moment of their birth and disregard such factors as upbringing, education, social environment, etc. This, however, doesn’t mean that studying the detailed characteristics of zodiac signs isn’t useful.

Other zodiac sign profiles

There are lots of astrology systems in the world that can be roughly divided into two schools, Western and Eastern.

It’s worth noting that Western astrology originated with Eastern astrology schools. The Western tradition interpreted teachings and characterizations of Eastern astrologers by adapting it to Western culture. This is understandable because more often than not cultural, religious, and social specifics make ideas expressed by an Indian, Japanese, or Chinese people quintessentially different from those of Westerners.

But when Western culture started eradicating and actively fighting against any cults that didn’t belong to Christian tradition, it caused the divide. Many works and traditions, as well as prominent authors, were destroyed or prohibited. This led to the loss of knowledge that only restored a couple of centuries ago. At the same time, Eastern astrology has been thriving for over 5000 years now and during all this time it has been honing its millennia-long experience in practice.

Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology

The difference between Chinese and Western astrology isn’t only about the methods of calculation. It’s also about the methods of interpreting the results and the emphasis each one of the schools wants to place on various aspects. The first difference is so obvious you can’t help but noticing it as soon as you decide to familiarize yourself with Chinese astrology. People raised in Western culture and unfamiliar with the Chinese astrological tradition will ask questions like “I was born in July, what zodiac sign is that?” While a Chinese person would simply ask “I am 45, what sign is that?”

In Western astrology, which is quite popular, one’s connection to a zodiac sign depends on which month they were born in. In Chinese astrology, one’s sign is determined by the year they were born and subsequently, by their age. Does this mean that people born in the same year are destined for the same successes and failures? Not really.

In Chinese astrology, a personal horoscope is considered as a combination of the year of birth, the month of birth, day of birth, and time of birth. These four aspects are called the Four Pillars of Destiny.

What’s more, the difference between Western astrology and Chinese astrology is not just about the signs themselves but what they symbolize. Signs in traditional Western astrology are the names of actual constellations you can see in the sky at night. Chinese signs bear the names of animals and they are nothing more but labels They are images given to abstract mathematical ideas to give them shape and make them easier to understand.

Again, each one of the Chinese zodiac signs acts as a patron not only for the year of birth but also for a time period of thirty/thirty-one days. Besides, each sacred animal controls two hours of each day. However, it should be noted that the correlation between signs and months in Chinese astrology is a relative value. The reason for this is according to Chinese tradition, every new year starts with the second new moon after the winter solstice. And dawn never comes at the same time.

Chinese signMonthPeriod of peak activityWestern counterpart
RatNovember 23 – December 2223:00 – 1:00 Sagittarius
OxDecember 23 – January 201:00 – 3:00Capricorn
TigerJanuary 21 – February 193:00 – 5:00Aquarius
Rabbit February 20 –
March 20
5:00 – 07:00Pisces
DragonMarch 21 – April 207:00 – 9:00Aries
Snake April 21 – May 209:00 – 11:00Taurus
HorseMay 21 – June 2011:00 – 13:00Gemini
Goat June 21 – July 2213:00 – 15:00Cancer
MonkeyJuly 23 – August 2215:00 – 17:00Leo
RoosterAugust 23 – September 2317:00 – 19:00Virgo
DogSeptember 24 – October 2319:00 – 21:00Libra
PigOctober 24 – November 2221:00 – 23:00Scorpio

Indian (Vedic) astrology

indian astrology

There are many differences between the Indian school of astrology they also call Vedic or Jyotisha and Western astrology, both in terms of practical application and philosophy.

Practical differences

The first thing you notice is the 20-degree difference in planet positions. The Western astrology system assumes that on the day of the vernal equinox Sun arrives in the same place on the zodiac. But the Universe is constantly expanding, stars move back from their positions and Sun always comes back with a tiny but very real delay of 50.3 seconds of arc. Over the last millennia and a half, this delay resulted in a 24-degree shift which is almost an entire zodiac sign. In Vedic astrology, this value is ever-changing and they call it Ayanamsa.

Zodiac signs and Nakshatras

Vedis astrology divides the 360-degree zodiac wheel not only into twelve 30-degree signs but also into twenty-seven Nakshatras with a little over 13 degrees in each one. When a planet comes into each of the Nakshatras, it assumes special characteristics.

The position of the Moon in a Nakshatra is especially important. After all, there is a reason why Nakshatras are also called lunar mansions. By looking at a lunar Nakshatra, one can determine the psychophysical constitution of a person, their vocation, or assess their compatibility with a partner.

Zodiac signs and their classification in Jyotisha

1. Ruling planets.

In both Western and Indian astrology, each sign has its planet ruler (sometimes, even two of them). In Vedic astrology, all planets fall into one of the three categories:

  1. Stars (Sun and Moon);
  2. Planets (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn);
  3. Lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu).

Each star rules only one zodiac sign, each planet – two and the lunar nodes rule none. In Vedic tradition, Sun and Moon are one planet. Moon is a female half of the Sun and is closer to the Earth to support and nurture it. If you follow this logic, you can assume that this two-faced planet also rules two signs. The Moon half rules Cancer and the Sun rules Leo.

2. Odd and even signs.

In Jyotisha, some signs are odd (negative) and some are even (positive). Even signs are also considered feminine and passive, while odd ones are masculine and active.

The order of zodiac signs starts with Aries. It’s the first sign, so it’s odd. Then follows Taurus, it’s the second sign, it’s an even one. Gemini is an odd sign, Cancer is an even sign and so on.

3. Movable, fixed, and dual signs.

Movable signs are ever-changing and fickle, fixed signs are conservative and enduring, dual signs are ambiguous, flexible, adaptable. The movable signs are also called Chara, fixed signs are called Sthira, and dual signs are called Dvisvabhava.

Just as it was in the previous example, Aries is the starting point and a movable sign. Taurus is a fixed sign, Gemini is a dual sign. Cancer is a movable sign, Leo fixed, Virgo dual, and so on.

4. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water signs.

Aries is a Fire sign, Taurus is an Earth sign, Gemini is an Air sign, Cancer is a Water sign, and so on.

  • Fire (Agni) gives its signs energy, resolve, ambition, and strength of will.
  • Earth (Prithvi) is about stability, practicality, materialism and following traditions.
  • Air (Vayu) gives sociability, artistic talent, idealism, intellect.
  • Water (Ap) is about sensitivity, intuition, attachment, sympathy.
AriesFire (Agni)MarsOdd, negative, masculine. Movable.
TaurusEarth (Prithvi)VenusEven, positive, feminine. Fixed.
GeminiAir (Vayu)MercuryOdd, negative, masculine. Dual.
Cancer Water (Ap)MoonEven, positive, feminine. Movable.
LeoFire (Agni)SunOdd, negative, masculine. Fixed.
VirgoEarth (Prithvi)MercuryEven, positive, feminine. Dual.
LibraAir (Vayu)VenusOdd, negative, masculine. Movable.
Scorpio Water (Ap)MarsEven, positive, feminine. Fixed.
SagittariusFire (Agni)JupiterOdd, negative, masculine. Dual.
CapricornEarth (Prithvi)SaturnEven, positive, feminine. Movable.
AquariusAir (Vayu)SaturnOdd, negative, masculine. Fixed.
PiscesWater (Ap)JupiterEven, positive, feminine. Dual.

Mayan astrology

mayan astrology

Mayan astrology is a unique system quite different both from Western and Eastern schools. Astrology was an essential everyday part of the life of the ancient Maya people. Unlike in the case with Western and Eastern astrology, Mayan horoscope was based not on the movement of the planets but energy rhythms of the Universe. That’s why the signs of Mayan horoscope replace each other not once in a month and not once in a year but daily.

What makes Mayan horoscope stand out is that it represents a 260-day cycle. This cycle is divided into twenty 13-day periods. In accordance with the daily motion of our planet, each day of Mayan horoscope has its own name and sign which determine all events that take place at this time.

Because Mayan horoscope includes a 260-day cycle, it determines its another unique difference. People born on the same day will have different signs. This is why it’s particularly difficult to figure out what Mayan sign one is to any person who is used to the 365-day year cycle.

Imix – Crocodile March 16, 21
April 10, 30
May 20
June 9, 29
July 19
August 8, 28
September 17
October 7, 27
November 16
December 6, 26
January 15
February 24
Water, rainEarth
Ik – Wind March 17, 22
April 11
May 1, 21
June 10, 30
July 20
August 9, 29
September 18
October 8, 28
November 17
December 7, 27
January 16
February 5, 25
Air, Wind, Soul, SpiritAir
Akbal – Night March 18, 23
April 12
May 2, 22
June 11
July 1, 21
August 10, 30
September 19
October 9, 29
November 18
December 8, 28
January 17
February: 6, 26
Night, Darkness, House, DreamWater
Kan – Lizard March 19, 24
April 13
May 3, 23
June 12
July 2, 22
August 11, 31
September 20
October 10, 30
November 19
December 9, 29
January 18
February 7, 27
Lizard, Seed, IguanaFire
Chicchan – Serpent March 20, 25
April 14
May 4, 24
June 13
July 23, 3
August 12
September 1, 21
October 11, 31
November 20
December 10, 30
January 19
February 8, 28
Snake, HeavensEarth
Cimi – Death March 1, 26
April 15
May 5, 25
June 14
July 4, 24
August 13
September 2, 22
Оctober 12
November 1, 21
December 11, 31
January 20
February 9, 29
Death, Skull, WandererAir
Manik – Deer March 2, 27
April 16
May 6, 26
June 15
July 5, 25
August 14
September 3, 23
October 13
November 2, 22
December 12
January 1, 21
February 10
Deer, HandWater
Lamat – Star March 3, 28
April 17
May 7, 27
June 16
July 6, 26
August 15
September 4, 24
October 14
November 23
December 13
January 2, 22
February 11
Star, Moon, RabbitFire
Muluc – Water March 4, 29
April 18
May 8, 28
June 17
July 7, 27
August 16
September 5, 25
October 15
November 4, 24
December 14
January 3, 23
February 12
Water, Rain, FishEarth
Oc – Dog March 5, 30
April 19
May 9, 29
June 18
July 8, 28
August 17
September 6, 26
October 16
November 5, 25
December 15
January 4, 24
February 13
Dog, FootAir
Chuen – Monkey March 6, 31
April 20
May 10, 30
June 19
July 9, 29
August 18
September 7, 27
October 17
November 6, 26
December 16
January 5, 25
February 14
Monkey, MasterWater
Eb – Road March 7
April 1, 21
May 11, 31
June 20
July 10, 30
August 19
September 8, 28
October 18
November 7, 27
December 17
January 6, 26
February 15
Road, Grass, SkullFire
Ben – Reed March 8
April 2, 22
May 12
June 1, 21
July 11, 31
August 20
September 9, 29
October 19
November 8, 28
December 18
January 7, 27
February 16
Reed, MaizeEarth
Ix – Jaguar March 9
April 3, 23
May 13
June 2, 22
July 12
August 1, 21
September 10, 30
October 20
November 9, 29
December 19
January 8, 28
February 17
Jaguar, WizardAir
Men – Eagle March 10
April 4, 24
May 14
June 3, 23
July 13
August 2, 22
September 11
October 1, 21
November 10, 30
December 20
January 9, 29
February 18
Eagle, BirdWater
Cib – Vulture March 11
April 5, 25
May 15
June 4, 24
July 14
August 3, 23
September 12
October 2, 22
November 11
December 1, 21
January 10, 30
February 19
Vulture, Owl, WaxFire
Caban – Earth March 12
April 6, 26
May 16
June 5, 25
July 15
August 4, 24
September 13
October 3, 23
November 12
December 2, 22
January 11, 31
February 20
Earth, Movement, EarthquakeEarth
Etznab – Flint March 13
April 7, 27
May 17
June 6, 26
July 16
August 25, 5
September 14
October 4, 24
November 13
December 3, 23
January 12
February 1, 21
Flint, Knife, Dagger, MirrorAir
Cauac – Storm March 14
April 8, 28
May 18
June 7, 27
July 17
August 6, 26
September 15
October 5, 25
November 14
December 4, 24
January 13
February 2, 22
Storm, Thunder, RainWater
Ahau – Sun March 15
April 9, 29
May 29
June 28, 8
July 18
August 27, 7
September 16
October 6, 26
November 15
December 5, 25
January 14
February 3, 23
Sun, FlowerFire


Knowledge about astrology signs, their meanings, and their characteristics have come to us from the depth of the centuries, but they are still as relevant as ever. Studying and comparing different systems of zodiac signs gives you a better perspective, allows you to explore your personality and learn a lot about your destiny. And besides, it’s a lot of fun!

As we go through some trying times or face challenges, how often do we think “If only I’ve known this or that before”? Astrology offers priceless knowledge. It helps us to figure out human nature, know details of one’s personality, and build relationships.

Use the advice it offers and the Universe will help you become a little more wise and successful.

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